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The Summary 1-18

In the beginning it starts with Harry waking up with his scar hurting. Later on in the morning he gets a letter from Ron Weasly his best friend inviting him to come and watch the Quidditch World Cup and so he does. While at the world cup a riot happens. After that they go to Hogwarts where they are told about a tournament called the triwizard tournament which three wizarding schools compete in the three champions are chosen but behold there are four champions Harry being the fourth.


In Harry's first task he had to get a golden egg from a mother dragon that was guarding its eggs. Harry's second task was to rescue his friend Ron from the lake where there were many dangers. His third task was to make his way through a maze filled with beasts the first one to touch the cup at the end is the winner. But unknown to everyone the cup is a transport when Harry touched the cup he is transported to lord Voldemort.