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For que stions about e nrollm e nt, se le ct a colle ge be low:

MEID Account Wizard (MAW)

Your Account Information
You have succe ssfully se tup the challe nge que stions and answe rs for password re trie val. To complete the admissions process, you must use your MEID as your username along with your password to log on at Ple ase m ak e note of your MEID (on pape r if ne ce ssary) displayed below. It is your use rnam e and is re quire d to log on to various Maricopa applications.

to acce ss online syste m s

MGA2120964 35849748



Official Student ID
for on cam pus transactions

Next Steps
1. Wait 20 Minutes You m ay be unable to acce ss our online syste m s for the ne x t 20 m inute s while your account is be ing activate d. 2. Use Your MEID and Password to: Complete the College A dmissions Process Visit m y.m aricopa.e du and click Student Center to log in and com ple te the adm issions proce ss. Edit Your Profile Visit the Stude nt Pe rsonal Adm inistration Tool (SPAT) to cre ate your challe nge que stions, change your password, look up your MEID, e tc.

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