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Skylark Spelling Silent Consonant: Name Proofreading and Writing Proofreading Circle the five misspelled Spelling Words in this journal entry. Then write each word correctly. | May 9 —I love to lisen to the birds at dawn. Their songs are so happy. They make me hopeful that rain is on the . way. As I lay in bed J thought about the new caff born last ff night. It’s strong like its mother, I have the honer of owning not one but three baby animals! ‘This spring a tiny wrinkle lame was born to my sheep, and Star’ colt gets friskier - limb . handsome | 9. answer 10. calf 11. listen i 12. calm 13. knit 2 14. offen gy 15. palm 4. 16. thumb 17. wrist d “| 18. lamb - Write a Weather Report Prairie families were 19. knob dependent on the weather for their livelihood. Too little 20. honest rain would cause the crops to die, but too much rain could result in flash floods. Blizzards and tornadoes were also common on the prairies. On a separate sheet of paper, write a weather report for a family living on the prairie in the 1800s. Be sure to include details that you think would be useful for a family back then to know. Use Spelling Words from the list. opeiix © Fnupne Mts Eagan: ie sane 392 ‘Theme 6: Nature: Friend and Foe | cement re eee et