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oe Name - = es Prairie Scene Choose the word from the vocabulary list that makes the most sense in the sentence. Write the word on the line provided. 1. Among the animals on the Great Plains, the dog protects itself by burrowing in the ground. 2. When no rain falls for a long time, the land suffers from a 2 Sometimes people get so hot in the summer they faint and_____________ tothe ground. = Horses on a farm often are kept from wandering by enclosing them ina = Acone time, the only way people could hear music that wasn’t live was to play records on a 6A isa kind of wolf that lives on the prairie. fiend and Foe Skylark Key Vocabulary - , eee Law Lan ny Ry wai i gs a a Nh eee 4 iy a de 384 Theme 6: Nature: eee corral coyote drought phonograph prairie slump x wail i wi slay ;