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DHL SWOT Analysis: Strengths Effective communication Innovation Online growth Loyal customers Market share leadership Strong

management team Strong brand equity Supply chain Reputation management Excellent Inhouse Consultancy Weaknesses Large operations means standardized operations even in need of customized environment Dependence on external agencies, ministries and other regualtory bodies Not enough indicators suggesting performance with respect to getting regulatory permissions

Threats Competition Opportunities Emerging markets used as hub and Economic slowdown expansion abroad External changes (government, Product and services expansion politics, taxes, etc) Takeovers Price wars More package service due to Declination of traditional services electronic shopping and globalization (Letters) due to electronic Efficient and effective inherent communication systems to comply with regulatory Massively increasing e-commerce bodies can create a niche presence

1. Deutsche Post DHL to step up communications infrastructure with BT Logistics firm Deutsche Post DHL is set to upgrade its communications infrastructure by utilizing a managed services solution by BT, affecting over 1,000 sites in 15 countries across Asia Pacific. This includes the regional operations of the DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Express, DHL Supply Chain, Global Mail and Global Business Services divisions. BT will upgrade current capabilities and operate the network over a single integrated IP platform with common standards, strict service level agreements and processes. This will enable Deutsche Post DHL to get full end to end network visibility in Asia Pacific, higher levels of service and overall efficiency gains across their networked IT infrastructure. BT presented us with a strong business case, showing they understood our requirements and pointing effectively to what touch points in our network would benefit from this services agreement, said Ralf Weissbeck, Managing Director of IT Services at Deutsche Post DHL. A key element of our requirements was for service management transparency to provide us with a more accurate operational data and commercial billing infrastructure. With its track record in managed services, BT demonstrated that they are in the best position to deliver such a large and complex project for DPDHL throughout Asia Pacific in a cost-effective way. Deutsche Post DHLs network estate will be transformed into a fully managed network with central helpdesk, third party vendor management, managed security services, fixed voice and data services, and end to end service level agreements operating across multiple domestic networks all inter-connected via BT's MPLS backbone. This contract forms of an overall package involving other strategic partners and third parties.

INNOVATION CENTER With the DHL Innovation Center, which is unique in the logistics field, a place has been created where DSI's combined capacity for innovation is made tangible and brought to life for visitors. In the DHL Innovation Center, specialists from the academic, industrial and technological fields exchange their knowledge and talk about advanced new logistics solutions to be used globally. We offer space for new ideas, for forming innovative networks and developing solutions, from prototype to market launch. The DHL Innovation Center not only fosters development and communication, it is also a conference platform from which visitors gain stunning glimpses of the future of logistics. As an international forum, the center creates a space for exchanging information and discussing the latest developments. We're looking forward to glimpsing the future with you. Discover the logistics world of tomorrow. DHL develops customer loyalty programme DHL has enhanced its customer loyalty programme in the Middle East, allowing clients to receive award points for every dirham spent on the logistics company's products and services. With Altitude all our loyal customers will now be rewarded for every dirham they spend on DHL's products and services. Previously, customers who registered under the programme were rewarded on parcel shipments only. It will now be across the complete DHL product range."