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SUBJECT : Science (2012- 2013) Chapter : Movement in Plants and Animals

Worksheet : 1

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1. What is the response of the plant to light called? 2. Which parts of the plant show positive and which show negative response to light? 3. Which parts of the plants show some kind of movement? 4. Which stimuli make the plants move? 5. What is the response to these stimuli accompanied by growth called? 6. What is the response to gravity called? 7. Which parts of plant are positive and which are negatively geotropic? 8. Can we say ligaments are muscles? 9. What is the difference between exoskeleton and endoskeleton? 10. Snail 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Do all animals have bones? Justify. ___________________ is the shock absorber at joints. Explain the structure of ball and socket joint. Give two examples of Name two types skeletons that living organisms have along with an Muscles in animals expand and contract for _________________. Complete the analogy Vertebrates: ______________ ; Invertebrates :

two such joints in the body. example associated with each.