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Richard and Vickie Baker 6380 Oxford Milford Rd. Oxford, OH 45056 : (513) 617-2008 March 10, 2009 Dear Butler County Commissioners: Butler County has long been a community of people with conservative values, morals and principles. The time has come for us to take a stand for our beliefs. Our federal government is slowly chipping away at our rights and freedoms. We refuse to allow these things to happen here without a battle to preserve them. Mike Fox is to be commended for his stance to allow traditional families preference to adopt or foster parent the children of Butler county, rather than to single parents or homosexual couples. Single parents struggle, especially in this economy, without someone to share the family responsibilities. Conservatives, particularly Christian conservatives, know that homosexuality is morally wrong according to God’s word. Many have distorted the facts and portrayed us as bigots filled with hatred toward homosexuals. Christians don’t hate homosexuals; they detest their lifestyle. Our intention is to speak out for the children who can’t speak for themselves. The children can't choose their homes. It is our duty to protect them now and to give them opportunities to make principled choices in their futures. We implore:you to continue with the policy to give preference to place children in traditional families which might provide our future generations with hope. Sincerely, Richard and Vi