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Sunday March 10, 2013

LESSON OBJECTIVE Topics: Noah, Animals, Obedience After completing this lesson, the children will understand that it is important for us to obey God. Read Genesis 6:9-14 Discussion Questions: 1. In our story today who was following God? (Noah.) 2. What did God tell Noah to build? (An Ark.) 3. What is an Ark? (A boat that was very big.) 4. Why did God tell Noah to build the Ark? (God was going to cause a flood of water to cover the earth.)

"Noah walked with God." Genesis 6:9b Explain to the children that Noah loved and obeyed God even when no one else would. Gen 6:1-14 Noah obedience, Protection, Promises (Sun 3/10/13) Discussion Questions: 1. In our story today what did God tell Noah to build? (An ark.) 2. What did God tell Noah to put inside the ark? (Two kind of each animals, male and female.) 3. Did the ark have any windows? (Yes, Noah was to make a window. To make a roof for it and finish the ark to within 18 inches of the top.) 4. How many floors or decks did the ark have? (Three.) 5. What did Noah bring on the ark besides the animals and his family? (Food.) 6. Was building the ark a big job? (Yes, it was a very big boat.)

Read Genesis 7:12-20, 8:1-19, 9:8-17 Discussion Questions: 1. In our story today how long did it rain? (Forty days and forty nights.) 2. Who shut the Ark's door once Noah, his family and all the animals where inside the Ark? (God.) 3. How deep was the flood? Did it cover the mountains? (Yes, it was very deep, it even covered the mountains.) 4. Once it stopped raining what types of birds did Noah send out? (A raven and a dove.) 5 . The dove came back the first time because it couldn't find dry ground. Noah waited seven days and sent the dove out again. What did the Dove bring back? (A fresh olive branch.) 6. What did Noah do once the flood waters receded and the Ark rested on dry ground? (Noah let all the animals out of the ark.) 7. God promised never to flood the entire earth again. What does God put in the sky to remind us of this promise? (A rainbow.)