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Marys Technical Campus Kolkata

Software Project Management Lab (MCA-491)

An established company has decided to add a new product to its line. It will buy the product from a manufacturing concern, package it, and sell it to a number of distributors selected on a geographical basis. Market research has indicated the volume expected and the size of sales force required. The steps shown in the following table are to be planned. Activity A B C D E F G H I J K L M Description Organize sales office Hire salesmen Train salesmen Select advertising agency Plan advertising campaign Conduct advertising campaign Design package Set up packaging facilities Package initial stocks Order stock from manufacturer Select distributors Sell to distributors Ship stocks to distributors Predecessors Durations(days) 6 A 4 B 7 A 2 D 4 E 10 2 G 10 J,H 6 13 A 9 C,K 3 I,L 5

Using Ms- Project Software: 1) Draw the Gnatt chart 2) Draw the Critical path and Critical activities 3) Report the following: i) Project Summary ii) Critical Tasks iii) Who does what when iv) Resource usage v) Tasks starting soon vi) Working days vii) Top levels tasks.