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se cverevo Per FOREWORD Eric Basaldua or Ebas of Brotha Bas or whatever | cail him when | see him (Bassmaster?) Is one of those guys who was born to do one thing and do it better than most. For some it's writing music or designing homes and office spaces or knowing the Inner workings of these computers that Vex us. For Bric, it's drawing. Most of us know someone that for some reason can do something complex and mysterious with little apparent effort. For me, when | meet someone who can acid more than three numbers to equal something, | am awestruck and mystified at their gertius. | am alco awestruck by people In my own field that can just flat-out draw. And Bric can Just flat-out draw. lm not going to do the usual bit and throw out a list of luminaries that drift in the same artistic orplt as Ebas because all | really reed to say is | love his work and the passion he throws into It. He just loves to draw. Drawing for Eric will never be what most of us would call a job. He will always, | believe, draw solely for the pure pleasure of tt. It makes him feet good. He was born to do this andl It makes him happy. Not a lot of people can say that. ‘Some of my favorite Work of his can be found In his sketchbook; the doodles, squiggles, and full-on renderings that artists do when they aren't trying to impress anyone but their own creative self. In this collection you'll find a fraction of these little exercises in creativity, and like mer enjoy them immensely. ‘So check out the following pages ard bask in the works of someone who just loves to do what he does and does it spectacularly well. ‘Thanks and have fur. La Mare Silvestri