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Why Have Population Pyramids?

Course: Canadian Geography CGC 1D1 Lesson Topic: Population Pyramids Learning Expectations/ Objectives: Global Connections: Developing and Practising Skills: Students will compare Canadas Approaches and development in terms of population growth with other nations. Understanding and Managing Change Building Knowledge and Understanding: Students will identify and explain the factors influencing demographics and migration in Canada Teaching Activities/Strategies
Inquiry Independent Study Simulation Lg. Grp. Discussion Seminar Questioning Role-Play Pass-the-Paper Jigsaw

Unit: Four Cultural Connections Time Frame: 75 Minutes Materials/Resources: Worksheets Making Connections Canadas Geography textbook SmartBoard

Presentations PMI Analysis Computer Lab

X Think-Pair-Share
Four Corners

Video/Film Sm. Grp. Discussion

X Brainstorming
Round-Robin Learning Centers Debate

X Textbook
Library Workshop Other

X Socratic
Case Study Conference

Lesson Organization Time Frame 10 minutes 30 minutes 25 minutes Specifics Take up last weeks worksheets on Demographics chart (while reviewing definitions) Population Pyramids lesson Population Pyramids Handout this will be marked as a mini-assignment (I will come around and do a completion check on previous worksheets and the creative unit title page) Discuss next weeks lesson

5 minutes

Assessment and Evaluation

Assignment Portfolio Presentation Worksheet Self-assessment Peer-assessment Participation Homework Observation Journal Oral questioning Debate Test/Quiz Checklist Discussion Other:

Modifications A timeline will be provided on the board that will list what the students will be focusing on for that day. Worksheets are provided for students to record information regarding the topic of demographics. Extra handouts of the population pyramid (blank chart) will be provided for students who may require them. The Smart board lesson will have all of the information displayed that is discussed. Additional Comments/Expectations

****Population Pyramids Lesson will be displayed on the Smart Board**** Discussion questions as the presentation takes place: 1. Why might population pyramids be useful for demographers and Canada in general? 2. What issues might arise with countries with a large percentage of people who are 65 years and over? What services would need to be put into place to meet the needs of the population? 3. What may be the reason for this increased rate in the over 65 years old population category for Canada? Discuss the BABY BOOM. 4. Why might the average family size decrease in Canada over time? 1950s 3-4 children to 1997 1.6 children 5. In the future, how many children would you want to have? Why did you arrive at this number? 6. What factors may encourage you to have a larger family? What may cause you to have fewer children?