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The Book of Five Strings

centered warrior

Last revised: 11 September 2010

Daily Practice Routine:

Strength/Dexterity/Timing: Practice the standard 1-2-3-4 fingering exercises up and down the neck, and across all strings. Should include both single- and cross-string patterns, played ascending and descending. Work with a metronome regularly, but not religiously; 3x-4x/week is probably appropriate if practicing daily. It is also important to develop an internal rhythm, without aide of the metronome. Scales/Modes: Pick a different scale and key daily one scale, one key, played in each mode and in each position on the neck. Play each ascending and descending, twice and without error. Genres: One lesson in a specific genre each practice. Song: New song at least weekly. Prior to playing, find notation/tab or at least chord progression for the song. Listen the first time without playing or reading notation; the second time through, listen while following the notation. Play next without the music, then play the song twice through along with the song. Stick with the same song at least three practice sessions before moving on to a new song.

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Sheet Music:


Business and Recording

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