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Art & Humanities

New titles for your fall 2013 classes

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Unless otherwise noted, the ISBN listed is a package that includes both the textbook and the corresponding MyLab product.

Art Appreciation
Sayre A World of Art, 7/e
2013, 9780205901340

Basic Design/Two Dimensional Design

Bleicher Basic Design o
2014, 9780205959457

Introduction to the Humanities

Benton & DiYanni Handbook for the Humanities o
2014, 9780205949786 2013, 9780205883684

Art History Survey

Davies et al. Jansons Basic History of Western Art, 9/e o
2014, 9780205925926 2014, 9780205949489

Koenig Color Workbook, 4/e
2013, 9780205877119

Sayre Discovering The Humanities, 2/e Bishop Adventures in the Human Spirit, 7/e o
2014, 9780205955190 2013, 9780205861149

Stokstad & Cothren Art History, 5/e o Stokstad & Cothren Art History, Volume I, 5/e o
2014, 9780205949465

Eighteenth Century Art

Neuman Baroque and Rococo Art and Architecture
2013, 9780205949519

Sporre Reality Through the Arts, 8/e

Modern Art Survey

Arnason & Mansfield History of Modern Art, 7/e
2013, 9780205955510

Stokstad & Cothren Art History, Volume II, 5/e o

2014, 9780205949472

History of Graphic Design

Drucker & McVarish Graphic Design History, 2/e
2013, 9780205867714

Stokstad & Cothern Art History, Portable Edition, 5/e o

2014 Book 1: 9780205949328 Book 2: 9780205949335 Book 3: 9780205949342 Book 4: 9780205949359 Book 5: 9780205949366 Book 6: 9780205949373

Introduction to Graphic Design

Santoro Guide to Graphic Design o
2014, 9780205959228

Arnason & Mansfield History of Modern Art, Volume I, 7/e

2013, 9780205955503

Arnason & Mansfield History of Modern Art, Volume II, 7/e

2013, 9780205955480

Non-Western Art Survey

Kampen-ORiley Art Beyond the West, 3/e o
2014, 9780205950805

Art Theory & Criticism

Houston An Introduction to Art Criticism: Histories, Strategies, Voices
2013, 9780205900770

London, Stone & Upton Photography, 11/e o
2014, 9780205960088

o Indicates new title publishing between 1/1/13 and 8/1/13

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