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I.B.P.S Specialist Officer Examination conducted on 11-03-2012 Following questions are asked (based on memory) Q1.

Human Resource Mgmt is improving quality of employees as well as a. performance b. effectiveness c. efficiency d. outputs Q2. Organizational change should be managed by a. Top mgmt b. Employees c. All mangers d. Consultants Q3. Among of following which is a hygiene factor a. Salary b. Reorganization c. Growth d. Self actualization Q4. Competency theory is given by a. Maslow b. McClendon c. Mc duologues Q5. Study of organization culture is Called a. O.B b. O.D c. Social Psychology d. Anthropology Q6. A interview process must be a. Direct questions b. Open Ended c. FAQ d. Personal Questions Q7. What are benefits of external recruitment? a. Easy and heap method b. Acquiring new skills and talent Q.8 People of Theory of Y belongs to a. They are self motivated b. They are lazy c. Work oriented & Dedicated d. Need close supervision Q.9 If a employees have given letters, memos and documents to study the organization policy is called a. Business games b. Role play c. In tray activity d. Case studies Q.10 Sensitivity Training is a. Sensitization of employee for org. b. Kind of group for discussing the interpersonal behavior c. Related with organization change d. Induction training Q.11 To have survey ,polls etc are example of which type of communication a. Upward b. Lateral c. Downward d. Departmental Q.12 Excess & Deficiency of employees is generally observed in which of following a. Recruitment b. Selection c. H.R.P d. Wages and admin Q.13 Org. culture mostly effected by

a. technology b. Market place c. employees d. top mgmt

Q.14 Which term is not used in transactional analysis a. Ego states b. Life position c. Child states d. Stroking Q.15 Organizational culture change due to a. Org. is large b. Different people in org. c. Org has different values and culture d. Org is old