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Alfred's Basic Piano Library

Bastien Piano Basics The Music Tree

Piano Adventures

Hal Leonard Student Piano Library Hal Leonard Corp 1996 Barbara Kreader Fred Kern Phillip Keveren Mona Rejino Homepage Link


Alfred Publishing Kjos Publishing 1985 Co., Inc. 1981 James & Jane Smisor Willard A. Palmer, Bastien Morton Manus, Amanda Vick Lethco Homepage Link All-in-One Course 1994 (Combines Lesson, Theory and Recital into 1 book)

Warner Bros. Published 1993; Publications, 2000. Distributed by Hal Frances Clark, Louise Leonard Corp. Goss, and Sam Holland Nancy & Randall Faber Homepage Link #1 Homepage Link #2

Also Accelerated Course for the Older Beginner Books 1 & 2 Music Tree Levels: Time to Begin (primer, $7.95), Parts 1, 2A, 2B available now. Parts 3 and 4 to be available in 2001 and 2002, respectively. Each book contains repertoire, technic, composing/ improvising, practice skills. Faber Levels: Primer, 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4, 5 Lesson Book $6.50 Other: ( all levels) Piano Practice Games L 1-4 Piano Solos Piano Technique Piano Theory Supplemental Books L 1-5 Popular Piano Solos Christmas Solos Piano Ensembles CD and GM Disk orchestrated accompaniments (all books) with Practice and Performance tempos for Lesson/Solos (Books 1-3). Hal Leonard Levels: Book 1-5 Piano Lessons $5.95 Other:

Component & Alfred Supplementary Levels: Lesson 1A Books Overview ($6.95) through 6 (All-in-One Bks. 1-5 = Basic Bks. 1-2) Other: Theory Books Technic Books Recital Books Top Hits! Solo Books and Duet Books (popular music) Ear Training Books Theory Software Duet Books Merry Christmas Books Classic Themes Books Composition Books Ensemble Books Flash Cards Fun Books Group Piano Course Hymn Books Notespeller Books Repertoire Books Sight Reading Books Sheet Music CD and General MIDI Disk accompaniments Reading Approach

Bastien Levels: Primer ($6.45) & 1-4 (Primer A-B for younger beginner) Other:

Technic Theory (writing, sightTheory reading, ear training) Performance Performance Sight Reading Technique & Artistry (Level 1- 4) Popular Repertoire Other: Solos Christmas Christmas Classics Hymns Activities for Time Favorites Sonatinas to Begin, 1, 2A, 2B. Hymns Boogie/Rock & (3 and 4 as above). Jazz & Blues Country Each book includes Rock 'N Roll Notespeller skills, drills, theory, More Popular Sheets Pencil work sight playing, music Flash cards notespeller, Flashcards-in-a-Box Assignment book games, puzzles for Developing Artist General MIDI Disk CD each level. Literature Series accompaniments Literature, duet, PracticeTime supplementary and Assignment Book technic collections CD and MIDI Disk available in 6 accompaniments intermediate and lower advanced levels to follow the Music Tree. General MIDI diskettes and CDs for each level

Alfred's Bastien Music Tree Eclectic (combines Multi key - Intervallic Classic landmark and elements of intervallic, interval approach. multi-key and middle Sequence: C), (7 keys in Level Sequence: 1A) line/space notes off-staff to partial G-clef/F clef Sequence: staff to grand staff 2nds through 5ths over 9 units. sharps/ flats Pre-reading Directional reading through measure (black keys in 2-4 octave black Pre-reading key pieces. (letter names) CDE groups Bass F FGAB groups Treble G 8va. Intervals Intervals 2nd (2nds-5ths) through 5th in Sharps and flats sequence with staff throughout lines added as measure needed.

Piano Adventures Note recognition Intervallic Multi key Sequence: Pre-reading by direction Pre-reading by letter name Treble G/Bass F Middle D-E-F Staff reading by step Bass C-B-A-G-F Staff reading by skip (3rd)

Hall Leonard Multi key - Intervallic, Sequence: two blacks/three blacks C-D-E Mixed black key-white key patterns (whole tone) F-G-A-B FGAB/CDE using various finger sets Bass F Guide Treble G Guide Interval reading by step from guides Grand Staff -Middle C Guide/ steps and skips Use of alternative fingerings for different note groups.

Rhythm Approach, Counting

Alfred Durational "1 1 1-2" or Chanting: "quarter, quarter, half note" Sequencing:

Bastien Chanting "quarter, quarter, half note" or Durational "one, one, one-two"

Theory Elements & Sequence

Quarter note Half note Whole note Dotted half note (3/4 time) Tied notes Quarter rest Whole rest Incomplete measure (upbeat) Half rest Bastien Melodic & Harmonic Intervals-C chord

Music Tree Piano Adventures Awareness of pulse and Durational "1 1 1-2" durational counting through swinging, Sequence: stepping, chanting, etc. Sequence: Rhythmic grouping Eighthnotes later Quarter Half Dotted half Whole.

Hal Leonard Durational "1 1 1-2", Feeling pulse at different speeds, Experiential: "clap-hold" and "clap-open palms" (rests) Sequence: Quarter Quarter rest Whole Half note Half rest 4/4 meter Dotted half note 3/4 meter Tie


Music Tree Piano Adventures Hal Leonard Form: sameness (Practice Games Book) Theory Book: and difference Theory books: among groups Listen & Discover Directional reading Identify keys Theory Book: Read & Discover Measure/bar lines by interval Spell words from Imagine & Create Writing notes & rests Intervals on notes Puzzles Writing note Recognizing aural keyboard and staff Write rhythms Musical maps stems patterns (identifying, writing, Match terms Flash cards Rhythms Drawing notes etc.). Draw notes, use Games Key names Steps intervals, ties, (Theory Book) Treble/bass clefs Skips slurs, rests, Dynamics Clefs sharps, flats Drawing intervals Ties Pulse Games and Notespell words Puzzles Pitch ( high & low) puzzles Symbols Ear training Finger numbers Eye training Writing notes (sightreading) Rests Key name identification Musical alphabet Completing 4/4 meter measures Dynamics Rhythms Step, Skip, Repeat, Line / Space notes Drawing clefs, Note puzzles Treble G, Bass F & Middle C guides Interval note writing Dynamics: p-mp-mf-f Tempos: Adagio, Andante, Allegro Meter recognition Ties Alfred Black Keys Fingers 2-3-4 Middle C Position C Position RH melody/LH intervals and vice versa G Position Music Tree Piano Adventures All black keys at first Black Keys Posture/seating Fingers 2 and 3 Fingers 2-3-4 position alternatinghands C position Arm weight moving across 4 All fingers used Range of the octaves Middle C thumbs keyboard 3-2 slur, 4-3-2 slur, D major position Rounded hand then various G major position position/firm combinations. fingertips Technic Book: Dynamic contrasts Technic Book: "Artistry Hints" Intervals 2-5 Warm ups Blocked and Repeated notes broken chords Two- and three Phrasing note slurs Parallel motion Harmonic and melodic intervals Balance between hands Staccato and legato Hand over hand patterns Bastien Hal Leonard Finger 3 supported by thumb Black keys-mixed black/ white keys - white keys 234/432 Blocked clusters Middle C thumbs or middle B,C thumbs Alternative fingers on same note positions (e.g. 123 CDE or DEF)

Technique Sequence 1st Book

Technic Book: Hand position Black key- clusters Single notes Beautiful tone, attention to silence Non-legato Thumb placement Legato Varying dynamics Staccato Legato between hands Non-legato between hands

Layout/Format Alfred Bastien Music Tree Full color Full color Large notes Child-centered Full color New elements in illustrations Humorous figures shaded boxes Sidebars highlight Large notes Teacher duet discoveries and New elements parts at bottom practice skills shown at top of page. Teacher duets at Focus on music bottom of page Teacher duet part Larger notes with at bottom of focus on music. pages

Piano Adventures Full color Lesson Books and Popular Repertoire Books Others 3-color Non-childish art

Hal Leonard Full color original illustrations Large notes Focus on music New elements in shaded focus box Teacher duet parts at bottom of page Keyboard graphics for finger placement


Alfred Bastien Music Tree Piano Adventures Hal Leonard Supplementary Separate 64-page Books correlated teacher handbooks Supplementary Varied fingerings; Method components page by page for Time to Begin/ lessons Sequential fingerings coordinated page by with Lesson Part 1 and Parts correlated page Student finds starting page with technique and Books 2A/2B by page key and finger theory. Separate Emphasis on Teacher duet "Discovery" activity Separate Teacher guide Teacher's Guide complete parts-several with piece Teacher Duet parts Teacher duet musicianship, Words for songs "Creative" activity words to many songs parts for many understanding, for many pieces with each unit Student improvisation on pieces projection of artistic Practice Teacher duet parts FGAB and CDE Words for all performance directions Printed practice steps Magnifying glass symbol songs in early Activity books highlighted Certificate of for Student reminders levels correlated by page Written work/tests Achievement Characters Spike and Some creative and unit Final test Blends discreet note Party Cat used suggestions Cartoon characters Certificate of reading and throughout included Chip and Bobo Achievement intervallic reading; Lessons divided into Some practice highlight visual and multi-key at level 2A Introductory unit and 5 steps included aural awareness teaching units Written review Avoids position Award Certificate test at end of based reading Lesson Book Emphasis on Certificate of independent Promotion learning. Alfred Dynamics p, f, mf Legato and staccato Crescendo and diminuendo Repeat sign Bastien Dynamics f, p Legato and staccato Music Tree Piano Adventures Pieces describe experiences of "Artistry Hints" and childhood. "Artistry Magic" Singable tunes and pieces many well-known "Technique Secrets" folk/popular applied toward melodies musical expression f,p (sometimes to Use of pedal be chosen by student to fit) Non-legato/ legato Emphasis on phrasing. Hall Leonard p-f-mf-mp Adagio, Andante, Allegro Use of damper pedal D.C. al Fine Repeat symbol Detached / connected tones

Musicality Elements & Sequence

General Comments

Alfred Bastien Music Tree Piano Adventures Hal Leonard Avoids finger Emphasis on 12 years of prenumber communicating release testing and Includes some Test- marketed to 1000+ association with through music development familiar tunes teacher/ students specific keys Emphasis on Avoids finger number I, IV, V Teacher Lyrics that often creativity through association with accompaniment accompaniments reinforce musical composing, specific keys chords throughout concepts improvising, and Songs have words Practice Creative Overlapping rearranging, Pianistic gestures directions improvisation throughout concepts with Independent encouraged included Songs have words/ much practice skills Teacher All major and variety of moods. reinforcement developed accompaniments minor keys Research and covered by Level testing over 5 4 decades by thousands of teachers and students (previous editions in 1955, 1960, 1970, 1993) For use in private, group, or combination of both.