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Lesson Plan

Grade/Subject: Grade 4 Art Unit: Winter Birch Trees Lesson Duration: 100 min. **Verbal instructions are highlighted in Blue/Green** OUTCOMES FROM ALBERTA PROGRAM OF STUDIES
General Learning Outcomes: Emphasis: Students will create emphasis by the treatment of forms and qualities. Specific Learning Outcomes: Apply washes, using tempera or watercolor. The center of interest can be made prominent by contrasting its size, shape, color or texture from the other parts of the composition. Details, accents and outlines will enhance the dominant area or thing.

Students will: 1. Create an original winter scene. 2. Use watercolors and texture to create a background. 3. Add details to enhance a work of art.

Observations: Key Questions: Are the students completing each step Do you understand the instructions? correctly? Are you done each of the steps? Are the students working independently? Did you complete your work of art? Do the students take pride in their work? Written/Performance Assessments: Objective #1: The students will finish their work of art. Objective #2: Students will use watercolor paints and salt to create a textured background. Objective #3: Students will add lines and touch up the birch trees. They will also add snowflakes to the background.


Resource #1: Alberta Art Program of Studies retrieved from Resource #2: Idea for project retrieved from


Notebook file with step-by-step instructions Masking tape Cardstock for each student Table salt Watercolor blue paint White tempera paint Scissors

PROCEDURE Introduction (20 min.):

Hook/Attention Grabber: Get to know you game Say: Good Morning class! My name is Mrs. Gough and I will be teaching you art for the next month. We are going to do a get to know you activity before we start art today. This will allow me to get to know you and it will allow you to get to know me. Make sure students know the expectations before you begin the detective game. Say: First you will fill out this form (hold up the form and read each questions). Make sure you do not put your name on it. Then you will give your form to me and have a seat quietly. Hand out the forms. Once all the forms are handed in say: now I will hand out the forms randomly and you will act as detectives to try and find out who the person on your form is. You do not need to talk with your neighbor, think to yourself. I will give you 5 minutes. After the five minutes we will move around the room and each of you will say who you think your person is and introduce them by reading their answers. Complete the introduction game. Expectations for Learning and Behaviour: Point out to the students that the regular expectations for art class still apply. Advance Organizer/Transition to Body:

Say: Today and next class we are going to work on a new art project. The finished project will look like this (show the students the first slide on the notebook file).

Body (80 min.):

Step #1: Tape the Trees (15 min.) Demonstrate to the students at the front of the room. (Tape your page to the board) Tape the edges of your page to create a border. Make sure to press down the edges of the tape so that the paint will not bleed underneath. You can cut the tape so that the trees are not all uniform and to add branches. Once you have demonstrated and checked for understanding hand out two rolls of tape, paper, and scissors to each table. Give the students 10 minutes to tape their pages. Make sure to circulate around the room while the students are working and give pointers to students who are struggling. Step #2: Paint the Background (15 min.) Demonstrate to students on your page. Cover the whole page with paint. You dont have to make the paint uniform, this will add texture. Sprinkle the wet paint with salt to add more texture. Have two students from each table retrieve two paint sets each and brushes for each student at their table. Give the students 10 minutes to paint. Have students raise their hands once they are done painting and go to sprinkle the salt for them. Clean up** (Allow paint to dry between classes) (10 min.) Make sure all the projects are laid out to dry on one table. (Go back at the end of day to get the projects.) Ask two students to wipe down the tables. Ask a few students to be in charge of the paints. Ask two students to clean and put away the brushes. Ask one student to collect scissors and another to collect tape. If students finish early put them in charge of one of the above activities. Intro to Class #2: Before class, mix paints for each table and lay out each of the students paintings in the seating plan. Put the paint and brushes at each table. Go to the students homeroom and get them. Before you leave the room, explain the agenda for the class. Outline the expectations for the art room. Say: When we get to the art room, find your painting and sit in front of it. Do not move. There will be paint and brushes at each table. Do not touch any of the supplies. Please line up at the back of the room quietly and we will go to the art room. Once in the art room, help the students find their seats. Walk the students through each of the remaining slides on the smart board. Step #3: Peal the Tape and Rub off the salt. (10 min.) Demonstrate pealing the tape off for the students. Say: Make sure that you do not rush as you peel the tape off. You may now take the tape off your painting. This does not require any discussion and so lets keep the noise to a minimum. If you need any help raise your hand and I will come over as soon as I can. Circulate the room and help the students who are having trouble. Allow students to touch up the blue paint if they need to. After the class is done taking the tape off their painting have one student gather the tape from the table and take it the garbage. Step #4: Details (20 min.) Demonstrate how to touch up the trees and describe what you are doing. Give the students 10mins to touch up trees with white paint. Demonstrate how to add snowflakes and other details and describe what you are doing. Show the finished product so that the students understand why they are doing each of the steps.

Give the students the rest of class to finish painting. Announce when there is 10mins left and 5mins left in the work time. Once there is 10mins left in class have the students stop painting. Have two students at each table put away their paints and paint brushes. Have two other students at each table clean the paint off the tables with paper towels.

Sponge Activity: Art free time to finish other projects. (Possibly start next project)

Closure (10 min.):

Consolidation: Help students clean up as they complete their projects. Assign tasks for students. Let students know that they can pick up their pictures next class when they are dry. Transition To Next Lesson: Say: Next class we will begin out next project.

Lesson Reflection:
What were strengths of the lesson?

What revisions would you make?

What can you learn from this experience?