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Arthur Heard

Secret Security Clearance

SS: 215-56-9876
67 Union Way, Washington, DC 34433 | (301) 454-5098 |

QUALIFICATION Security Survey and Assessment Experience

HIGHLIGHTS • As Protection Detail Leader and Chief of Operations, tasked with protecting
Ambassadors and Presidents, possess deep expertise in all aspects of physical and
electronic security operations, performing vehicle and building security assessments,
and coordination with military, local and federal law enforcement, and civilian

Operations & Management Experience

• Deep operations experience, assuming responsibility for all operations of seven man
U.S. Embassy Protection detail.
• As Regional Chief of Operations for UN’s International Police Mission located in
Kosovo, led daily operations of five police Stations and two substations; directly
supervised eight station commanders and eight deputy commanders.
• As Shift Lead/Firearms Instructor in Sierra Leon, planned and conducted security
operations in motorcade and air operations.

Protection Detail Experience

• Served as Detail Lead/Agent in Charge in Sierra Leon, Iraq, Haiti, and Lebanon
Protection details.
• Shift Leader/Intelligence officer Haitian Presidential Protection Detail.
• Planned and conducted Personal Security operations in high threat theatres.
• Ability to lead others and to manage a diverse workforce during period in Kosovo
with the International Police Mission/U.N.

Instruction/Training Experience
• Seasoned Department of State Firearms Instructor.
• Experience in planning, and conducting Basic/Special Police training.
• High risk entry/ special teams trainer.
• US Army Drill instructor and advanced instructor course.

Law Enforcement Experience

• As a Federal Air Marshal, skilled in observation, evaluation and interaction with the
general traveling public in maintaining a secure environment and counter potential
terrorist threats; planned and executed counter terrorist missions.
• As a Sheriff’s Department Deputy/Police Officer, experience preserving the peace,
preventing crimes, and arresting offenders.
• Knowledge of rules of criminal procedures, precedent court decisions concerning
admissibility of evidence and Constitutional rights, search and seizure, arrest
authority and related issues during law enforcement positions.
• Experience in applying techniques such as maintaining surveillance performing
gathering intelligence, undercover work, recognizing, developing and presenting
evidence that reconstructs events in a manner that meets requirements for presenting
in various legal hearings and court proceedings during law enforcement positions.

AREAS OF • Intelligence gathering, and dissemination

EXPERTISE • Security survey and analysis
• Police command/Special police protective security, training, planning and operations
• Terrorist/counter terrorist training
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• Advanced firearms techniques
• Close quarter combat
• Law enforcement
• High Risk Entry
• Hostage Rescue
• Basic/Special Police training.
• Personal Security operations
• Investigative techniques, rules of evidence and interviewing suspects

PROFESSIONAL US Department of State, Sierra Leon

EXPERIENCE Team member – Personal Protection Detail, 2008 – Present
• Responsible for the security of the Program Commander during all facets of
operations, including counter terrorist operations while operating in the Drug
eradication theatre.

FEX International, Baghdad, Iraq

Detail Member, 2007 – 2008
• Member of the U.S. Embassy Protection Detail responsible for all operations of a
seven man detail.
• Conducted daily Security survey and analysis.
• Planned and executed motorcade and air operations involving coordination with
military, law enforcement and US Embassy personnel.

FEX International, Lebanon

Detail Lead/Agent-In-Charge (AIC), 2006 – 2007
• Served as Shift Lead/Detail Lead on all three of the Ambassadors detail in Lebanon.
• Responsible for insuring that all personnel to include 24 foreign nationals were
properly trained on motorcade operations and qualified on all weapons systems.
• Planned and executed daily operations for a three team, eight man detail.
• Served as primary trainer and firearms instructor for all three teams.

FEX International, Sierra Leon

Shift Lead/Firearms Instructor, 2005 – 2006
• Planned and conducted security operations in motorcade and air operations.
• Supervised 18 operators per range iteration.
• Trained the 74-man detail how to operate 6 separate weapon systems.
• Responsible for planning and executing all weapons qualification for the detail to
include movement to and from the range facility.

Rock International, Columbia

Detail Leader/Team Intelligence Officer, 2004 – 2005
• Served as Team Leader/Intelligence Officer for a 12 man section of the Columbian
Presidential Protection Detail.
• Responsible for gathering relevant intelligence, security survey, and analysis for all
presidential venues and operations; included coordination with the U.S.
Embassy/United Nations Intelligence officers and Columbian police.
• Planned and executed motorcade and air operations for the Columbian President.

Transportation Security Administration, San Diego, CA

U.S. Federal Air Marshal, 2002 – 2003
• Conducted counter terrorist operations on US flagged air craft, protecting between 70
and 240 passengers at any given time.
• Served as a team leader during international flights, supervising five to seven

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FEX International, Haiti
Regional Chief of Operations – International Police Mission/UN, 2003 – 2004
• Assisted in rebuilding the local law enforcement community and helped to provide
security for political and democratic development.
• Responsible for the daily operations of five police Stations and two substations;
directly supervised eight station commanders and eight deputy commanders.
• Provided personal protection for two international Judges and five International

FEX International, Haiti

Chief of Operations – International Police Mission/UN, 2000 – 2002
• Served as Chief of Operations and Station Liaison Officer; the station consisted of 85
officers from 16 countries.
• Managed the training and operations of the patrol division and assisting the
commander in daily functions.
• Planned special police operations for the area and coordinated joint operations
between the peace keeping forces within Haiti.
• Served as police liaison for local political parties.
• Received a U.N. letter of recognition.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, San Diego, CA

Deputyl/K-9 Officer, 1996 – 2000
• Responsible for enforcing state/local laws and providing public security; supervised
nine deputies during swing shift.
• Handled the department’s dual purpose K-9 for a five county task force.

MILITARY U S Army Airborne Infantry School, Fort Bragg, VA

EXPERIENCE US Army Airborne Instructor, 1990 – 1992
• Trained a 30 man chalk in the use of the parachute as a means of combat deployment
and developed leadership, self-confidence, and an aggressive spirit through mental
and physical conditioning.
• Trained and qualified each soldier on 14 separate training systems and safely guided
them thru five qualifying jumps.

First Battalion 44 Infantry, Fort Bragg, VA

Senior Infantry Platoon Drill Sergeant, 1988 – 1990
• Responsible for training a 60 man Infantry Platoon.
• Instructed newly recruited civilians in basic Combat Infantry tasks, trained recruits in
the fundamentals of service life and developed discipline, physical fitness, pride, team
work and motivation.
• Trained recruits in close order drill and ceremony and fundamentals of basic
marksmanship, through qualification on all Infantry weapons systems.
• Maintained all necessary training records and prepared reports; conducted counseling
as needed.
• Planned and organized training outlines and recourses needed to conduct training.

First Battalion 67 Infantry, Fort Bragg, VA

Infantry Platoon Sergeant, 1986 – 1988
• Responsible for training a 36 man Infantry Platoon in basic Infantry.
• Planned and conducted Mechanized Combat Infantry operations for a 36 man infantry

Infantry Squad leader, 1984 – 1986

• Planned and conducted Mechanized Combat Infantry operations for a nine man
infantry squad.
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First Battalion 55 Infantry, Fort Bragg, VA
Infantry Recon Team Leader, 1982 – 1984
• Conducted route reconnaissance and gathering intelligence with a three man team
while deployed behind enemy lines.

44 Infantry, Fort Bragg, VA

Team Leader/Radio Operator, 1980 – 1982
• Responsible for the company Radio shop and the Command vehicle, including
supervising three drivers.

MILITARY • K-9 Handler Course, US K-9, Kaplan, LA, 1997

TRAINING • Senior Instructor Trainer Course, 1990
• Pathfinder School, U.S. Army, Fort Benning, GA, 1989
• Master Fitness Course, 1989
• Pathfinder School, 1989
• Drill Sergeant School, 1998
• Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare School, 1985
• Advanced Non Commissioned Officers Course, 1985
• Air Assault School, U.S. Army, Fort Campbell, KY, 1984
• Basic Non Commissioned Officers Course, 1983
• Primary Leadership Course, 1982
• Basic Infantry Course – U.S. Army Airborne School, 1981
• Airborne School, U.S. Army, Fort Benning, GA, 1981
• Tactical Radio Communication Course, 1980

LAW • High Threat Security Operations Course (WPPS 2), DynCorp International, VA,
TRAINING • Advanced Firearms Instructor, WPPS, DynCorp International, Lebanon, 2006
• Firearms Instructor, WPPS, US Department of State (Crucible) VA, 2006
• High Threat Security Operations Course (WPPS 1), DynCorp International VA,
• Federal Law Enforcement Officer Course, 2002
• Basic and Advanced International Law Enforcement Instructor Course, US
Department of State Kosovo, 2001
• U.N. International Police Orientation Course, US Department of State Kosovo,
• International Police Training Program, DynCorp International, VA, 2000
• Basic Narcotics Course M.B.N., 1998
• Gang Violence Course, Grenada P.D, 1996
• DUI Basic/Train the Trainer Course, 1994
• Basic Law Enforcement Training, State of MS Police Academy, Pearl, MS, 1992

COUNTER • Crucible Counter Terrorist/Drug Eradication Course, US Department of State,

TRAINING • United Nations Global Terrorism Course, United nations Kosovo, 2004

OTHER TRAINING • Federal Air Marshal Course, Transportation Security Administration, New Mexico,

EDUCATION George Washington University, Washington, DC

AS in Criminal Justice

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