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Description: 1. Maria Clara She is seen as the daughter of Capitan Tiago and Doa Pia Alba. The poor child only grew under the guidance and supervision of Tia Isabel, Capitan Tiago's cousin. Maria Clara is known to be Ibarra's lover since childhood. Maria Clara discovers that her biological father is not Capitan Tiago, but the San Diego's former curate and her known godfather Padre Damaso instead.

2. Capitan Tiago Capitn Tiago managed boarding houses along Daang Anloague and San Diego and had contracts for opening an opium business. He is with the priests because he gave lump of money during ecclesiastical donations and always invited the parish curate every dinner. He was also with the government because he always supported tax increase whenever the local officials wished. That was the reason he obtained the title of gobernadorcillo.

3. Doa Victorina de los Reyes de Espadaa She is an ambitious Filipina who classifies herself as Spanish and mimics Spanish ladies by putting on heavy make-up. She had lots of admirers, but she did not choose any of them because nobody was a Spaniard. Later on, she met and married Don Tiburcio de Espadaa. 4. Pilosopo Tasyo In one side, he is referred to as philosopher or sage hence, Pilosopo Tasyo because his ideas were accurate with the minds of townspeople. On the other hand, if his ideas were

against what the majority thought of, he is considered to be Imbecile Tacio or Tasyong Sintu-sinto or Lunatic Tacio or Tasyong Baliw. 5. Sisa Sisa is the deranged mother of Basilio and Crispn. Described as beautiful and young, although she loves her children very much, she cannot protect them from the beatings of her husband, Pedro. Relation in todays society 1. Maria Clara She is the most dominant yet weakest representation of women in the setting in todays modern age. Maria Clara can be seen predominantly as image of ideal Filipina women. She can be compared to the Filipino children who obey their authoritative parents even if its not really what they wanted to do. 2. Capitan Tiago Capitan Tiago can be compared to the influential rich people in our country because of their strong hold to the authorities. He can also be likened to some Filipinos who were imaged as a good person but deep inside hes doing something behind the peoples knowledge like being an opium dealer. 3. Doa Victorina de los Reyes de Espadaa Doa Victorina is very comparable to the social climbers of our society. Their fanatical adulation of the different famous people in other countries leads them to imitate the very actions and attitudes of the foreigners. Moreover, shes like the Filipinos who can do everything just to be rich. She looks at the people around her as someone who are very inferior to her. And also she symbolizes the Filipinos in our society who are ashamed of their own race and nationality. 4. Pilisopo Tasyo He embodies the intelligent people, who never left the country but instead educated themselves in a religious institution. Nowadays, there were still some people in country, no matter how poor the standard of living in the Philippines remains here to share their talents to their co-Filipinos. 5. Sisa Sisa is the face of Filipinas who are submissive to their husband. Just like her there are still Filipinas who accept the violence against them by their husband for the sake of their children. Theyre the modern martyrs of todays generation for staying their husbands arms even if its already hurting them too much.


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