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Curriculum Vitae


To be a part of a dynamic and energetic organization to serve the

organization with the best of my ability.

Personal Information

Name : XYZ
Father’s Name :
Date of Birth :
N.I.C. # :
Mailing Address :

Residence # :

Academic Details

Degree Board/University Year


Intermediate )



 Worked as an employee in “xyz ” in abc for three months.

 Worked as Sales Representative assistant for firm “xyz”.

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 Worked in recognized Computer Market in XYZ for three months.

1. Operating System Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista...
2. Application Packages MS Office, ADOBE, Software’s.
3. Internet Can Handle Internet Tools.
4. Hardware Computer Assembling, Binding, Installation,

• Reading computer related books
• Web surfing and searching,
• Playing and Watching Cricket
• Attending Seminars & Exhibitions
• Traveling & Tourism

Languages: English, xyz and XYZ.

Major Strength: Honest, Dedicated, Position, Outlook, Energetic,

Ready for challenges.

• Available if required.

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