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PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF SHIZOPHRENIA (PT) Precipitating Factors: ETIOLOGY Predisposing Factors: Genetic Factors (UNKNOWN ) Ineffective coping Noncompliance with

ith drug regimen

Neurologic Theory Alteration in the function of the neurotransmitter s

Psychosexual Theory Oral Stage (Birth to 18 months) Breastfed Thumb sucking

Psychosocial Theory Trust VS Mistrust (018 months) Planned birth Suspiciousnes s of others

Cognitive Theory Sensorimotor (Birth to 2 years old) Develops a sense of self as separate from environment and the concept of permanence Preoperational (2-6 years old) Can express self in language

Spiritual/Moral Development Theory Pre-conventional Level (2 to 7 years old) Obey rules She was always scolded by her mother Punished by her mother Conventional Level (7-12 years old) Being a nice girl when authority is present

Increased serotonin level Labile mood Depressed mood Difficulty in making decisions Feeling of hopelessnes s

Increased dopamine level

Positive or Hard Symptoms: Delusions Flight of Ideas Negative or Soft Symptoms: Flat affect

Autonomy VS Shame/Doubt (18 months-3 years) Grandiosity Reckless disregard for safety of self Simple cooperativeness Initiative VS Guilt (3-5 years) Excessive expression of emotion

Blunted affect


Able to Post conventional Level (12 years old understand Concrete Opeartions (6-12 andC above C meaning of years old) symbolic gestures concrete Thinking is Follows standards of society Begins to apply logic to thinking Understands reversibility

Anal Stage (18-36 months) History of bedwetting

Phallic/Oedipal Stage (3-5 years old) Latency Stage (5-11 years old) Good in class discussion and involvement Fond of joining coGenital Stage (11-13 years old) Identified self as

Industry VS Inferiority (6-12 years) Ability to cooperate Inadequate problem solving skills Identity VS Role Confusion (12-18 years) Identified herself as female Feelings of alienation Intimacy VS Isolation (Early Adult) Had no children Diagnosed with schizophrenia paranoid type Formal Operations (12-15 years old and above) Finished third year college Lack of abstract thinking