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CASTS IN THE UPPER EXTREMITY NAME OF CAST Short Arm Circular Cast Long Arm Circular Cast Hanging

Cast Functional Cast INDICATIONS Wrist, fingers & lower 3rd of radius & ulna Middle & upper 3rd of the radius & ulna Shaft of the humerus shaft of the humerus w/c allows flexion & extension of the humerus w/ callus formation

Fuenster or Munster Cast

Radius and ulna w/ callus formation

Airlane or Abduction Cast

Neck of the humerus

Shoulder or Spica Cast Sugar Tong

Shoulder joints & upper portion of humerus Shoulder joints & upper portion of humerus with open wound , swelling or infection cervical affectation

Collar Cast

CAST IN THE LOWER EXTREMITY Short Leg Circular Cast Ankles & toes lower 3rd of tibia & fibula

Long Leg Circular Test

m/3rd & lower 3rd tibia & fibula

Walking Cast

Ankles & toes w/ heel

Patellar Tendon Bearing Cast ( Pro)

Tibia Fibula w/ callus formation

Quadrilateral/ Ischial Weight Bearing Cast

Affection of femur w/ callus formation

Cylinder Cast

Fx patella

Brace Casket

D/3rs femur &P/3rd of tibia w/c allows flexion & extension of lower extremity D/3rd tibia-fibula w/ callus formation

Delvit Cast

Basket Cast

for massive bone injury ; to facilitate dressing of wounds Post polio w/ residual paralysis

Boot Casket

CAST IN THE TRUNK & NECK Collar Cast Cervical spine

Minervas Cast

Cervical spine & upper dorsol

Rizzers Jacket


Body Cast

Lower dorso-lumbar spine

Shoulder Spica Cast

Shoulder joints & upper part of the humerus

CAST IN THE HIP Single Hip Spica Cast Hip & femur

1 Hip Spica Cast

Both hips and 1 femur

Double Hip Spica Cast

Both hips and both femur

Pantalon Cast

For pelvis

Frog Cast

For congetal hip dislocation

Night Splint

For post polio w/ contractures of hip & knee ; applied @HS For post hip surgery , to maintain knee abduction

Internal Rotator Splint

CASTS AND MOLDS 1. Hanging Casts - Shaft of the humerus 2. Functional Arm Cast - Humerus (allows abduction and adduction) with callus formation 3. Shoulder Spica - Humerus and shoulder joint 4. Airplane - Humerus and shoulder joint with compound affection (with open wound, infection or swelling) 5. Short Arm (Circular) Cast - Wrist and fingers 6. Short Arm Posterior Mold - Wrist and fingers with compound affection 7. Long Arm (Circular) Cast - Radius/Ulna 8. Fuensters Cast (Munster Cast) - Radius/Ulna with callus formation 9. Long Arm Posterior Mold - Fracture of the radius and ulna with compound affection 10. Collar Cast - Cervical affection 11. Minerva - Upper dorsal cervical spine 12. Body Cast - Lower dorso-lumbar spine 13. Double Hip Spica - Hip and femur 14. Rizzers Jacket - Scoliosis 15. Single Hip Spica - Hip and one femur 16. Single Hip Spica Posterior Mold - Pelvic bone fracture with callus formation 17. 1 Hip Spica - Hip and femur 18. 1 Hip Spica Posterior Mold - Hip and femur with compound affection 19. Double Hip Spica Posterior Mold - Pelvic Affectation with CF plus 2 femur 20. Pantalon Cast - Pelvic bone fracture 21. Frog Cast - Congenital Hip Dislocation 22. Basket Cast - Severe leg trauma with open wound 23. Long Leg Cast - Tibia/Fibula 24. Long Leg Posterior Mold - Fracture of the tibia and fibula with compound affectation 25. Quadrilateral/Ischial Bearing Cast - Shaft of femur with CF 26. Cylindrical Leg Cast - Patella

27. Cast Brace - Fracture of the femur distal 3rd femur 28. Short Leg Cast - Ankle and foot 29. PTB (Patellar-Tendon Bearing) - Tibia/Fibula with CF 30. Delbit Cast - Tibia/Fibula 31. Short Leg Posterior Mold - Ankle and foot with compound affectation 32. Boot Leg - Hip and femoral fracture (for traction only) 33. Internal Rotator Splint - Post hip operation 34. Night Splint - Post Polio