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Affected by European crisis , rupiah got pressure continuously The Finance Minister considers that the recent weakness

of the rupiah is caused by the uncertainties in the global economy due to the European crisis. The Finance Minister also said that conditions in Europe are a bit worrisome, as a lot of foreign capital has started moving to United States. This causes nearly all currencies of the region to weaken. He also said the government will improve the quality of the bureaucracy and infrastructure to keep capital within Indonesia. This will attract foreign investors into investing in Indonesia, and Indonesia's economy will thus be better in the next decade.

Dear Boss , Thank you for the invitation to Marchiano Pattola and Sodania Telambanua 's wedding on next week. Unfortunately, I will go to Thailand to take some surgery to change my gender on Friday, and this process will take about 2 weeks or more . Nevertheless, thank you for inviting me and Iam sure that their special day will be a happy and joyous occasion for them both and for all of their family and friends. Please pass on my apologies to them for not being able to come and share their wedding celebrations and send them my love and best wishes for the future. And Also I wish nothing but the best for Sodania , because he is my ex-boyfriend . Your friend, Made Oka Jaya