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Unit 5: Advances in Science and Technology

Insights Into English 84/74 -1 We all live in a culture that is shaped by science and technology. Therefore, education should prepare us to understand how the world works and to think critically and independently 1 We should all be scientifically literate 2 . Scientifically literate students can -2 understand the science stories they read about in the news and can have wellreasoned 3 views on the basic issues in science that affect their lives. They can have enough scientific knowledge to identify pseudo 4 -scientific claims, too. In my view, education should be science-oriented Humanities and arts students should be scientifically literate, too. Morocco needs -3 scientifically literate citizens. I dont mean they should be scientists. Some basic science knowledge is beneficial in our world, though. Even in our language classes .we should think critically about what we do One of the benefits 5 of being scientifically literate is that you can ask and find -4 answers to questions derived from curiosity about everyday happenings 6 . Scientifically literate students are positively curious Common sense tells us that we all must be scientifically literate. Scientific literacy -5 .allows us, together, to create a better world for all of us If you are scientifically illiterate, you will believe anything. Scientifically literate -6 students can make informed 7 decisions about what they believe Independently = on your own Education should prepare us to think independently Literate = well-informed .We should all be literate Reasoned = logical .Students should have reasoned views about science issues Pseudo = false .We should not be misled by pseudo-scientific claims Benefits = advantages .The benefits of science on humanity are innumerable Happenings : events We should be well-informed about everyday happenings / Informed = based on reliable information Literate students can make informed decisions about what they believe

Advances in Science and Technology 05 Advances in technology have changed the way we live and communicate, but no breakthrough has revolutionized life as the advent of the wireless . In the 1980s,

telephones were stuck to walls. , facts were found in books and people had to browse shelves in a record store if they wanted to buy the latest music. Now, access to all of that and more is found by just reaching into our pockets. With new mobile technology and wireless technologies, information has become easily accessible. In the Information Age having immediate access to data is fundamental to progress. In some cases the advances are serving to overhaul industries at a very fast pace. The internet has allowed music lovers to change the way music industry does business. Text messaging over cell phones has made written communication more immediate. How many text messages have you sent today? Having a computer in almost every home was instrumental to this massive technology change. Now, having computer access is available everywhere- well, almost everywhere. And just as computer use worldwide is exploding, the brains behind them the processors- are getting smaller. Today, a tiny computer chip can hold huge amounts of data. We can now store tons of information in a cell phone a digital camera and have them at our disposal everywhere. When the internet age dawned, the World Wide Web looked entirely unproblematic. Today however, we face online scams and viruses Scripting your entertainment experience Technological advances have also transformed the entertainment industry. Satellite television and radio give us more choices. The development of the remote control allows us to access our preferred channels. Video game technology has made great strides, too

Breakthrough = an important discovery or event The wireless was an important breakthrough in science Fundamental = Important -2 Scientific research is fundamental to progress


Online scams : online fraud -3 Online scam is a major problem for internet for online shoppers To make strides = to make headways/ to make progress -4

2 Looking into the future Many life-changing innovations have been made in scientific laboratories. Researchers have decoded the genetic make-up of many organisms, which led to advances in biotechnology, the science of manipulating and organisms genetic material. DNA testing and forensic science has made it extremely possible to reunite an unidentified baby with his parents after a natural disaster, for example. Amazing new technologies are changing the way crimes are investigated and solved. Scientists are making headways in biometrics, which is the science of digitizing information such as fingerprints or facial features for accurate identification Making advances

Hybrid vehicles

those vehicles that use at least two power sources, typically gasoline and electricity will soon be on the market everywhere. The compact fluorescent light bulb is low -tech. Yet, it has revolutionized the quality of life. It is one of the most successful energy- saving devices developed to date. There are advances in everything. From banking to shopping to investing, technology and the internet are transforming the way we conduct our global banking and financing. Bank customers can see everything from their checking account and savings account to home mortgages and credit cards. Now they can do all of that 24 hours a day, seven days a week from their own homes. Breakthroughs in defence technology changed the face of warfare. Smart bombs are guided to their targets by satellites. Robots are used to disarm bombs. Laser technology is applied in medicine and CD and DVD recording and playback. In space exploration, unmanned spacecraft have landed on Mars. The skys the limit for new !!technology industries

For instance = for example To make headways = to make progress Biometrics = science of digitizing information Hybrid vehicles = a vehicle that uses two sources of power; gasoline and electricity Home mortgages = agreement that allows you to borrow money from a bank to buy a house