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Walk off the Wait December 11 Ala Moana Shopping Center Join us for a special Spouses in the City

y edition of Walk off the Wait on Tuesday, December 11, at Ala Moana Shopping Center! Shop till you drop without the hassle of parking! Limited transportation is available and will leave from the Schofield Barracks Bowling Center at 8:30 am. We will leave Ala Moana Shopping Center at 1:00 pm. For more information or to reserve your space please call 655-0002 or email Amanda.P.Montgomery.naf@


Ugly Holiday Sweater Party December 18 ACS Training Center

Pull grandmas Christmas sweater out of the closet and countdown another month of deployment with Blue Star Card at our second annual Big R: Ugly Holiday Sweater Party on Wednesday, December 19 from 6:30 pm 8:30 pm at the ACS Training Center (next to SGT Smith Theatre). This adult only event will feature all of the signs of a classic holiday party including music, food and games. And dont forget your Dirty Santa Gift worth $5.00 or less! Limited childcare is available, simply call 655-0002 or email to register.

Whats coming up in the months of December Walk off the Wait: Big R January 8 January 29 Blue Star Card Social Media For more info, please vist us at: Facebook: Bluestarcard Hawaii Twitter: BlueStarCardHI Pinterest: Bluestarcard Hawaii

New Blue Star Card Eligibility Families of Army Soldiers and DA Civilians on deployments, unaccompanied PCS and TDY orders to an overseas location for an extended period of time are now eligible for Blue Star Card as well as Families of combat deployed Soldiers. For more information call 655-0002 or visit www.*Childcare benefits may vary depending on length and type of mission. Schofield Barracks ACS, BLDG 2091 M - F: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Phone: 655 - 4227 Fort Shafter ACS, BLDG 330 M - F: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Phone: 438 - 4227

Blue Star Card Email List Are you a Blue Star Card holder but not receiving Family and MWR email updates? If so please email so we can register your email address for Blue Star Card updates.