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Hello folks I'm Html Rell a site owner and affiliate marketer and this is my 1 st ebook.

Now quick a few reason why you should keep reading or even listen to what I have to say. I been in the online world 5 years now and since I have made a big splash in my early years and died down in the past 2 years not because of buzz loss just seen some mistakes in my craft and needed to fix them a key thing people don't do take time to really look at there self. I was sitting at home looking over my views and seen my top site go from 5 million monthly views to 100000 views yea a big drop and going from 5k a month in income to 300 bucks. Now that cause for reality check right I had just turn gold to silver in a snap and I no y'all waiting to hear how I was making good money and figured the users would do the work and it didn't play out like that I moved onto another project which is my biggest now and stop doing my webmaster duties people start uploading crazy out of pocket videos my inbox was filling with user not liking the newly added content.

So some just emailed me others blogged and some just left now from a site owners words that term is letting your site run wild and will kill you fast so make sure you take a daily look over all your user added content sites. The key things you need to do before diving in the online world is research research research if you find some great looking video tryna get you to buy there tips or software go research is there a market in what there selling and go read forum and blogs and see how many people are on it cause if you buy a something 6 month after it came out it a 60% chance your to late people then burned it out and the site owner has got someway to block what there program is doing I have had some luck with the programs I have used I'll list at the end but a key example of being to late. The new hot thing online is Pinterest now everybody is running there posting affiliate link thinking its great not knowing that site has a secret!!!!

When you post affiliate links from places like click bank or amazon they have a great little robot that scans your affiliate link and goes and grab a link from there personal affiliate account and replace it lmao took me 2 days to find out so now yes I have just told people why there site is worth so much so fast and exploded around the world when I 1st singed up you had to be invited ether you had to no someone with a account or go on fiverr and pay for a invite I just emailed the webmaster and got a invite in hours lol just 1 of the days I had luck now back then it was a gold mind now its so so you can still post affiliate link but they get low traffic or you keep getting a email saying bad image why we can't get paid thur this image smdh but I no a few ways around if anyone wanted to try ill put in the end. Now of course me just keep posting it on Facebook,twitter,IG and Etc.....

But now you have our next topic to worry about. Your following the most important part of making that 5,10,20 k a month like the guys in the videos and you read about Ill walk with you in there shoes for a sec sure they do make some great product but just concept the power is having the money to make you this software for that runs a tab of maybe 5k or better thats why they have to sell them. That's just part of the biz you could always do the same but me I look for the secret inside the software because the sole purpose of software is to automate from 1 to 30 tasks so yes they do help.

Now what I do I buy a software thats not a quick come up software but a it's gone work years later software lol cause alot of them will not I have some I have paid for and quit working in a few days and a few some months but the ones that's never gave me a problem is the ones with a big price tags so just like the rest of the world the good stuff cost and also not going to dirt any names with the software because they gave me my money back with no hassle just sucked thinking you had a edge on the comp lol. But the key way how to do thing is to gather all the emails names you can people you no even the people how send you spam because say you get 5 to 10k email addresses now say you blast a email to them 3 times a week and let say 20% open and viewed it that's 1500 to 3k that had open your email.

Now the great part 1 to 3k opened now let's say 20% of them acted of the offer That's a 150 to 300 sales or leads whatever your doing and just think if the lead or sale pay $10 to $60 bucks that's the basic concept of affiliate email marketing. Now if when you get some money up and wanna go advanced then you go ppc pay-per-click ppv pay-per- view I use here and there but lose to much money testing so I stick to seo and other free traffic sources. I have just broke down the whole affiliate marketing thing in and out.

So you ask what's next remember affiliate income is powerful but only one of many now here the other side the side is owning your own website/blog I have both for what you say huh because a website is like fb,yt and etc.... And blog is my like a news site like ap,tmz and etc...... Blogs are very easy to set up and can be built and designed in a day and some hosting companies can do it in seconds with some great tools they offer to newbies of the online world and some oldies that want a break from building.

Now more into detail of a website and blog when I started out I didn't no much about blogs till the past 2 years and I can't lie they are great light weight sites and great for hosting and storage I have many server accounts only because I have a few tube sites like YouTube and another adult tube site and let me tell you server fees are killer dealing in tube site if you really want to go for it I wouldn't push you there in the least you got a very good name for one then run with it other then that try the blogs out first at least to your feet get wet and you learn how to control traffic.

Now for another key breakdown while we on the site building topic if you really got your hopes up on making the next big thing I no how you fill so here's the details you don't have to pay tons of many to build a big mainstream site lol you can go buy a clone of a big mainstream site for a 3rd of what they paid. When years back you was still pay people 5k just to clone a site now you can get clone scripts for as low as fifty bucks. See how the Internet change me myself some of my best sites are a great clone script with a aftermarket custom design template to make it stand out and the others I dug so deep to find them it's not many people using them so they stand out with less work but if you a want a tube site info at the end.

Now back to blogs and a new thing forums now in my eye there the same you sit you read you comment here's the breakdown a blog people read and comment on what you post where a forum people read and comment on what the members of the forum post and yes you can sign up to any forum and share also where the blog only the admin can post that's why blogs are tailored to one topic where a forum has tons of different topics to talk about and comment on. Now to the next task at hand picking a good domain name a domain name is like the address to your house where you want people to come visit I prefer exact spellings and longer the three words and also key thing get a .com .net is ok but 95% of the people will visit a .com before anything so keep that in mind.

Now on to servers its almost like car shopping lol not easy at all you need to look into is ram speed,downtime and storage the key 3 things and of course price I still switch all the time but I found a great home for now fast ram great storage and great prices which I also say I put it at the end with all links to the things I use and been talking about thur this ebook but if you made it this far thanks for reading I ll be doing 1 of these every 2 months next ill be telling how to get free great software to help you out.

Here's the list of link's Now this list of link's are all stuff that i use myself or there would be more links lol so enjoy free software in part 2. Scripts: Adult video script Clipshare Youtube clone Cam site jobsite and others code canyon Hot Script Script Copy

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