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Taare Zameen Par Cast & Crew:

PVR Pictures Aamir Khan Productions

Release Date
21 Dec 2007

Aamir Khan

Star Cast
Aamir Khan.... Ram Shankar Nikumbh Tanay Chheda.... Rajan Damodaran Darsheel Safary.... Ishaan Awasthi Tisca Chopra.... Maya Awasthi - Mama Sachet Engineer.... Yohaan Awasthi - Dada Vipin Sharma.... Mr. Awasthi - Papa Lalitha Lajmi.... Special appearance as Chief Guest Ravi Khanwilkar.... Arts teacher Bugs Bhargava.... English teacher Shankar Sachdev.... Hindi teacher M K Raina.... Principal of Boarding School Pratima Kulkarni.... Principal of Bombay School

Story / Writers
Amole Gupte

Shiamak Davar

Costume Designers
Priyanjali Lahiri

Ex. Co Producers
Ajay Bijli Sanjeev K Bijli Kiran Rao B. Shrinivas Rao

Publicity Pro
Spice Nabeel Abbas Epigram

Censor Details:
Censor Dates
Not Available.

Not Available.

Length in metres

Music Director
Shankar MahadevanEhsaan NooraniLoy MendoncaShailendra Barve



Aamir Khan

Shankar MahadevanBugs BhargavaVivinenne PochaRaman MahadevanShaanAamir KhanVishal DadlaniAdnan SamiAuriel CordoAnanya WadkarShankar SachdevRaaj Gopal IyerRavi KhanwilkarLoy Mendonca

Prasoon Joshi

Deepa Bhatia


Publicity Designers
Sukanya Ghosh

Mehboob Studio Filmcity

Nakul Kamte

Music Company

Main character ishaan awasti his information

Taare Zameen Par is the debut movie of Darsheel Safary and he proved himself as one of the promising and upcoming child artists of Bollywood film industry. His outstanding performance in the movie Taare Zameen Par brought him the prestigious Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance. He played as Ishaan Awasthi, a dyslexic child. Taare Zameen Par is a landmark movie of Bollywood film industry. A different story, unique plot and outstanding performances of actors.define this movie. The main character Ishaan Awasthi is a Dyslexia affected child. As the

effect of the disease, the child suffers from learning and writing disabilities. The victims of this disease are unable to read and spell. The world of Ishaan Awasthi is full of colors. Painting is his first love. But he can not express himself properly because of his disease. Being unaware about his disease, his parents and teachers rebuke him. His academic reports frustrate his parents and teachers. He is exiled to boarding school for a better academic result. But there also, he is unable to satisfy his family and teachers. He is punished by his teachers on a daily basis.

Joining of Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) as a temporary art teacher brings changes to Ishaan Awasthi`s life. Ishaan draws the attention of Nikumbh sir who is well aware of this disease. He understands the problem and tragic condition of the desolate child. He contacts his parents and tries to make them aware of the child`s problem. Even he tries to make the principal of the school aware about Ishaan`s problem. But neither the principal nor the parents agree to him about the child`s problem. Nikumbh takes this as a challenge and request the principal to grant him the teaching responsibility of Ishaan. His unique style of teaching, love, affection and care helps the child to overcome the problem and join normal life. The movie starts with a pessimist note, the problem of the child which is not very unusual and can happen to any one of us and ends with an optimistic note. Darsheel Safary as Ishaan Awasthi in Taare Zameen Par is truly mind blowing. This nine year old boy mesmerizes the viewers with his outstanding performance. His acting will make you start believing that he is very much Ishaan Awasthi, the ailing boy. He turns into the character of Ishaan Awasthi. He is awarded by the Star Screen Awards as Best Actor (Jury) and Best Child Artist. He is one of the The Unforgettable Characters in Bollywood.

Value of ishaan awsti in tare zameen par

Taare Zameen Par (English: Stars on Earth) is a 2007 Indian drama film directed by Aamir Khan, written by Amole Gupte, and produced by Aamir Khan Productions. Gupte initially developed the idea with his wife Deepa Bhatia, who served as the film's editor. Visual effects were created by Tata Elxsi's Visual Computing Labs, and the title animationthe first use of claymation in a Bollywood filmwas created by Dhimant Vyas. ShankarEhsaanLoy composed the film's score, and Prasoon Joshi wrote the lyrics for many of the songs. Principal photography took place in Mumbai and in Panchgani's New Era High School, and some of the school's students make appearances. The film explores the life and imagination of eight-year-old Ishaan (Darsheel Safary). Although he excels in art, his poor academic performance leads his parents to send him to a boarding school. Ishaan's new art teacher (Aamir Khan) suspects that he is dyslexic, and helps him to overcome his disability. The film made its theatrical debut in India on 21 December 2007, and UTV Home Entertainment released a DVD for Indian audiences in 2008. Less than two years later Walt Disney Home Entertainment released an international edition DVD titled Like Stars on Earth, marking the first purchase of distribution rights for an Indian film by a global company. Taare Zameen Par has received numerous awards, including the Filmfare Best Film Award for 2008 and the 2008 National Film Award for Best Film on Family Welfare. It was India's official entry for the 2009 Academy Awards Best Foreign Film, and the film's failure to progress to the nominations short list sparked a debate about why no Indian film has ever won an Oscar. Media outlets made comparisons between Taare Zameen Par and the British drama Slumdog Millionaire, which won several Oscars that same year.

Parent's attitudes: As told by Bollywood, in the washington post is a mother's experience of the Pain of Dyslexia, where her son is dyslexic and how she ignored the tell tale signs. However, after watching Taare Zameen Par, she has now taken action.

Our Analysis

It was highlighted in the first study that teacher attitude is crucial in the education of children with disabilities. The researchers found that teacher attitude, overall, was neutral towards the inclusion of students with learning disabilities. We can see in the movie that teacher attitude does play a significant role in the daily interactions, and these are often problematic, as the real issue with Ishaan is not recognized or addressed. Although most teachers reflected a negative attitude towards Ishaan, there was one teacher with a unique attitude, that made the difference to Ishaans life. The researchers considered various aspects such as age, gender, income level, education levels, years of teaching experience, acquaintance with a person with a disability, having a family member with a disability, frequency of contact and closeness to a person with disability affect the attitudes of teachers towards people with disabilities and towards inclusion of students with disabilities into regular schools (Parasuram, 2006).

The common notion with parental attitudes is their unawareness of learning disabilities along with their reluctance in accepting it. This can also be due to the teachers common assumption of student failure replacing the evidence of a learning disability. This was seen in the parent-teacher meeting, where the teacher and principal voiced criticism of Ishaans low academic achievements. Another commonality here, is the parents lack of acceptance in their attitude towards their child having a learning disability. A number of times in the movie we can see Ishaans father displayed strong objections to the idea of Ishaan having a learning disability.












In the midst of the eternal rat race, long working hours, increasing salaries and ever increasing expendituresand the never ending fight to make both ends meet were sacrificing the most important gift we could give our children ..time truly spent with them without the worries of the upcoming deadlines, office politics, or the next EMI repayment bothering ustime spent with them understanding what theyre telling us...time spent really being children with them. Probably few of us even give it a thought before we decide to have children and fewer realize the responsibility that goes with raising and nurturing children even after having them. For most

of us it just happens as a matter of course that after wedding having children is the natural next step. Nuclear families and both parents working being the norm and with the safety net of the grandparents increasingly disappearing, those that directly suffer are the children. Children end up in dubious day cares or with nannies often hardly out of their teens.We try to compensate the lost time with our children by buying them more and more expensive gifts. Ourselves in the rat race, we want our children also to be super-achievers. Be the best in studies, acting, dancing, singing, swimming, cricket, tennis and what not else. Often we will impose on the child what we were not able to achieve making them pawns in the story of our success. Salaries have grown for sure but we always need bigger houses, newer cars, kids in named schools and of course more and more shopping at the malls for the fanciest brands to drain anything that could be saved. Living more and more on the mercy of credit cards we get entangled in the web of increasing debts that only adds to our miserywithout the peace of mind to enjoy time with our loved ones. Were not satisfied with what we get paid since our needs keep mounting and this leads to more dissatisfaction you take back home. Do we give a thought where were heading.

Parents are not able to deal with the increasing work pressures leading to problems in their relationship. The children are naturally so sensitive to pick up even smallest of the friction between the parents which if serious would lead to developmental problems in the child. Result, inability to cope with relationship with siblings, peers and adults, deviant behavior, bad performance in schools. As the kids grow up to be this could develop into rebellious behavior with parents, bullying peers and smaller children, and yes, in rarest cases turn to criminal tendencies. I personally regard all the money and comforts that development brings us is meaningless if we first do not ensure that our children would have our time, will be protected and brought up with care so that they blossom into loving and caring individuals whore capable of coping with lifes myriad twists and turns and themselves be good parents. Probably it is a good time to spend some time in the family discussing these issues looking if youre spending quality time with kids and family, if your spending is under control and youre not pressed under debt, seeking guidance from the elders in the family or even professionals to sort out any issues that you might have pushed under the carpet. all because this is the greatest responsibility of all youll ever have in your lives.

Infinite perceptions
"Because our entire universe is made up of consciousness, we never really experience the universe directly we just experience our consciousness of the universe, our perception of it, so right, our only universe is perception." -Alan Moore
This is yet another review..of the most wonderful film that I saw this year...a perfect christmas gift for any movie aficionado..Taare Zameen Par...the directorial debut of MY favorite actor Aamir absolutely mind blowing movie to just brings out all the deepest emotions in ur heart..even without u getting to know..Truly saying..this must be the first ever movie during which i actually CRIED...and i thinkanyone else would surely do...some of the scenes are just soo touching...but the magic isthat u wont realise u r getting emotional until those tears roll down..u'll know y i said this...jus check out this film...u wont sure of that.. The plot is simple though..a normal 9 year old child named ISHAAN..who sees the world throughhis own eyes...and it doesnt consist of any school or any text book or anything else...but his imagination is miles longer than any other child of his age...Suffering from DYSLEXIA..he has severe learning and writing disablities..and no one understands this fault in him..making him just a lazy couch who's just born for failures... Fed up with frequent complaints from teachers and some threat of him being expelled from his school...ISHAAN's parents have no alternative but to send him to a boarding is where the film actually picks up from an ordinary movie...the boy begins to feel the lackor parental love...his depression takes him too far to be an angry young boy who is not interested into anything in life...till..... a man arrives to change his life and the way the others look at it...forever... Here enters the character of Ram Chandra Nikumbh...a newly appointed art teacher in ISHAAN's school(played by Aamir Khan)...being a dyslexic himself in his childhood...Nikumbh really understands the emotions going inside Ishaan'sinnocent mind...he visits his house one day...and after having talks with his parents...he makes himunderstand why Ishaan is the way he is..and also unearthes an extraordinary talent in this boy...PAINTING... His pictures are made of imagination that cannot be found in any normal child of his age...They are astonishingly creative and massively deep in emotions... the teacher takes these pictures to the principal of the boarding school...and convinces him abt this superior talent Ishan has...the head seems confused enough but then finally gives nikumbh to give the child a time of six months to pass his 3rd grade...without any intermediate exams or classes...Nikumbh takes this time to make Ishan rediscover himself..understand what he's got in him..and teacheshim language in a disctinctively artistic way... The end result....Ishan becomes hero from zero...he wins the painting competition held in school forall the students and teachers...with a picture that looks quite BRILLIANT on screen(wonder who drew itactually)..And the scene where this boy slowly comes down the steps to take his prize and cries out to hug his an absolute tear dropper...the film ends with Ishan's parents

finally coming to know their brilliant childand get surprised by the way he improved his grade in all the subjects...they come to take him back home..getting inside the car...he cudnt hide his love for his art teacher....he runs out frm the car to Aamir...and...that's the final end to a movie i wudn't regret watching 10 timess..... The best thing of this film is by..far...the 8 year old ISHAN (played by Darsheel Safary)...all his mannerisms and way of talking...jus takes us bak to those lovely times...and although suffering all his scenes v wud jus love him more n more for his sweeeet behaviour...DARSHEEL HAS JUST DONE A BLINDING JOB!!Morover...AAMIR KHAN has proved his versatility...this is jus an unbelievable debut film from one cud have expected more.... hmm...well....this film may jus put together the brains of all those parents..who just bully their young kids forexcelling in academics....forgetting that life is not about learning things by is by exploring the opening one's mind to the world of dreams... AND FOR DYSLEXIA..i THink the film portrays the disorder's jus something kids suffer in their early's not at all an indicator of their capabilities...and all those names said in the movie..ALBERT EINSTEIN,ABHISHEK BACHCHAN,THOMAS EDISON....all these are REAL examples of dyslexic people..althougha stupid crowd in the theatre cudn't stop laughing at 'wat they thought were' jus silly lies! SO dont keep waiting...jus go to d theatre..or get da DVD..or watevr else..jus make sure u dont miss out on this one...and dont hold up ur tears...jus let them go...cuz always listen to wat ur heart says...

Taare Zameen Par Role of academic institutions, Role of a teacher, Power of creativity, Coaching leadership, Role of parents in their childrens lives, Creative visualization, Out-of-box thinking, Effects of comparison and Value addition to the education system.