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ee USE Ct CAMBRIDGE Business Fd Advanced meat Student’s Book hE Cy Sees Ta Advanced Student’s Book OSes Guy Brook-Hart ‘CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, Séo Paulo, Delhi Cambridge University Press The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 8RU, UK ‘www Information on this tile: www cambridge.orp/9780521672948 ‘© Cambridge University Press 2007 ‘This publication is in copyright. Subject to statutory exception and tothe provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, ‘no reproduction of any part may take place without the writen ‘permission of Cambridge University Press. First published 2007 Reprinted 2007 Printed in Dubai by Oriental Press A catalogue recor for this publication is available from the British Library ISBN 978-0-521-67294-8 Student's Book BULATS Edition Advanced with CD-ROM ISBN 978.0 521 67205-5 Student's Book BEC Higher Baition ISBN 978.0-521-67297-9 Personal Study Book Advanced/Higher ISBN 978 0.521-67296-2 Teacher's Resource Book Advanced/Iligher ISBN 978-0-521-67661-8 Audio Cassette BULATS Edition Advanced ISBN 978-0-521-67662-5 Audio CD BULATS Edition Advanced ISBN 978-0-521-67298-6 Audio Cassette BEC Higher Edition ISBN 978.0-521-67299-3 Audio CD BEC Higher Edition Introduction Who this book is for This book is intended to be an interesting and stimulating course tor Advanced students of Business English (Common European Framework Level C1). It provides a general Business English course for students who have not yet worked in business and for people who are working and have experience of business environments. 1 provides the practical reading, speaking, listening and. \riting skills necessary for people who need English for working in business. It also contains a wide range of essential business vocabulary and grammar. For students who want to study for a Business English qualification, this book gives you a complete preparation for the Cambridge Business Language Testing Service {BULATS) test. [Lis accompanied by a CD-ROM containing, 4a complete past BULATS test supplied by Cambridge ESOL. What the book contains “The book contains the following elements: 24 units for classroom study. These unis ate organised imgroupsof four around a theme: managemen competitive advantage, et. While each unt ees iraining and practic na variety of sk, the fst unit in each group mainly concentrates on reading skis the second on listening, the third on writing and the fourth on speaking, Bach unt contans essential vocabulary input for business students. Many ofthe activities inthe tnits ae similar to those found in the BULATS tes + Grammar workshops For each yroup of four unis, there ia two-page Grammar workshop section. These ‘explain and extend grammar work introduced in the nts, Inthe unit, you wil from time to time see a croseeference. eg. € page 20 (Future simple or future continuous?), which indicates that there is supplementary material in the Grammar workshop. ‘+ Exam skills and Exam practice section. This section, ‘which starts on page 121, gives you detailed guidance on how to approach BULATS test tasks at your level, the sills required and what the task is testing, The Ex. skills pages contain exercises to build up your skills for the test. The Exam practice pages contain ‘questions/tasks from a past BULATS test for your level*, supplied by Cambridge ESOL. ‘+ Full answer keys for all the exercises in this book Sample answers to writing activities have not been included at this level because the range of possible answers is too great for this to be useful. However ‘models’ are provided forall writing tasks. ‘+ Transcripts for all the listening activities in the book ‘+ CD-ROM with a complete BULATS test. Also available are: * 3 audio CDs/cassettes, containing a variety of recorded ‘material, including interviews with business people and BULATS listening tasks. + Teacher's Resource Book, containing guidance and suggestions on how to approach activites inthe book plus extra photocopiable activities and case studies 10 supplement the units in the Student's Book. + Personal Study Book, containing activities and exercises based on the vocabulary, grammar and skills covered in each unit. Itis intended as reinforcement of material you have studied in class, The Personal Study ‘Book contains keys to al is exercises, so you willbe able o check your answers yourself It also contains a Word list of vocabulary from the Student's Book. + Website, containing additional resources and information. Goto businessbenchmark + The BULATS testis designed to assess learners’ level of Business English from beginners to advanced, s0 this book does not contain advice on how to approach BULATS tasks which are too easy for your level. See the information about the test on page 122, Introduction 3 Map of the book Brook-Hert on winning contracts Unit Reading Listening ae wom ic eer me | Saree ee Seed onesies enthancoe i] “= maton i cao 2 Internal Internal messages (memo, ‘Adige for communicating Replying tomessages communications | email, note, notice) effectively with colleagues: ‘Whiting and replying toe memo, on es tating ewinas, | Avon ae Fayette Aer eeig tn ae esis i rama worshn Ws -920-27_Debingrdrovdnr ev cans Sane rao cas ari a Soe 5 Cater, | Sianarmnacneen | Be rn Ono Stamnes Fuca” | Acwolaan a Pre arn 6 cereaime | eonrewornaeines | vans ex Sioa 3) 6 cree | Spare coeho on i| / #3 Ss emesis ‘expands ice-cream ines in China ‘ 7 Aoroposa Proposalforackingtoour | Extending the product range ‘A proposal fr investigating 36-39 product range new markets ‘Anema requesting a proposal G Cremtnast "Nestlé in Traland The Presentation on the Chinese ‘A proposal for breaking nto the ‘meetings: Philipine market; Nestle ice-cream market (Chinese markt 40-43 Grammar workshop 2 (Units 5-8) 44-45. Speaking hypothetically, Compound nouns, Embedded questions pitch Advertising and | Theetlectveness ofadvertsng | Nellvey MedaCom, onthe customers: Five extracts on measuring the | effectiveness of advertising ee tfectveness of ecvertsng £140 scrertsingara | eon inert sales ‘Areport on acverteers and the internat Net ey, MesaCom, on target auionoes ai) ase cre ae the tenet a 41 ‘Sales reports Abriet sales report ‘Mahtar Tilak on sales activities Asales report based on a chart oar Report on Sere Stee Ere Report ona sais event ora prosuctiasies 42 Reserpten | Gasinonebaconpany | Ronn OSS cd-caings seer market hort Rota Lowy making sales Grammar workshop 3 (Units 9-12) 62-63 Position of adverts, Present perfect simple and continuous, Cieft sentences ‘Map of the book ‘Speaking ‘Vocabulary Language work Describing company culture ‘Company cuture Defring and non-detning relative \Why’sit important to have astrong corporate cuture? | ‘Phrasal eros clauses ‘Board, bottom line, revenues, et. Talking about good leaders Leadership skits: founder, ete. Asorine? Getting the most fom statt Types of management Producing a more effective workforoe “The best way of communicating diferent things ‘Abbreviations: Future empl or future continuous? ‘Must'a manager be a good communicator? “The function ofthe chai Evaluating meetings Language functions for chairs Holding meatings, ‘or future continuous? Discussing customer-suppiir relationships Helodest, etc. Discussing the &0-20 rue, et. ‘The shortcomings of CRM, etc: ARM strategy How does your company achieve a compattive ‘ements that give a company an ‘Speaking hypothetically ‘advantage? ‘advantage: Submiting tenders; Pricing ‘Decicated, resources, etc. Phrasal verbs; Verb-noun colocations Linking words and phrases Compound nouns Existing, nity, etc. ‘The passive “The ice-cream market in your country Embedded questions resenting formation from charts Presenting froma text How does your company advertise? Brand-buiding, etc. Adverbs Cost-ttectve advertising Types of acvertising How to advartise sofware Households, etc. ‘How you use the Internet to buy things ‘Straightfonward, etc. ‘Athough, however, despite. ot. How couid your compary use the methods ofthe car industry?; Using the Internet for avertsing “The best medium for seling dfierant products an ‘Synonyms forincrease and decrease | Present perect simple or continuous? ‘Structure of report How do you react toa cold-cal?: Finding out about work| Solo, isk-averse, etc (Glet sentences ‘probiems; Role-play 1: Cold-caling; Advising on broaking | into anew market; Role-play 2: Meking a sales pitch Map ofthe book Reading Unit Listening Writing 43 ferccessant | Fooasingdinte Forecasting sales results seer 4q Einmeinatnearts | Acropsartestval Brio Franks onthe theatre business | proposal or sponscxing i ert sponsorship PaulKeeneonarts sponsorship | anarts or sports event . Late payers ‘Theimpactotlate payments | Conversation witalstepayer | Letter complaining about ate 15 2 cramal busresoe WamBeactarenitepayers | payment &t Gifford Enginesring Consultancy 1G Nesstiatnaatease| neootingouroicolese | Negotiating busnessaqeoments | Ema sunmarsing resus 76-79 Condens forleasing ofce spaco | negotiaion Grammar workshop 4 (Units 13-16) 80-81 Conditional sentences, Infinitive and vero + ~ing, Complex sentences Horee-tracing at Travelsae Insurance 47 Wortolace Giving employees whet they | Mariela Kinsky onwork-rlated | Short report on stress and atmosphere want:theretuns arehuge | stress absentesisn 52-85 ‘Stessin the workplace B] 418 Tewerttoreot | themiteriomasnetion | sco shang the future How peooie fea about ther jobs le #119 Proauesw Megro Toys ~ report on Interview with three production | Report on changes to company i 90-93 Productivity managers organisation Staff negotiations | Memo from CEO about Staff complaints and demands at | Memo summarising agteement 94-97 expansion plans “Travelsate insurance Grammar workshop 5 (Units 17-20) 96-99 Reference devices, Moda verbs to express degrees of certainty, Variations on condtionals D4 corporate (CSR -worthy cause? Professor Bernard Hil on far trade | Proposal to give your company ethics: ‘amore ethical image 100-103, $ | Expenaing abroad | wcisooy'sstaegy Richard Coates on how Wolseley 104-107 Wolseleys Chief Executve | expands into new markets Fictard Coates on supervising 2 subsidiaries z i 93 sncverseas Letterto apotentialpariner | Finding an overseas partner Latter to prospective partnership LLterrepiing toabusiness | Reasons and problems with moving | customers; Letter expressing 108-111 approach into anew market interestin business approach D4 Aplensioa isk management Fedor Brodsky on how to protect ‘conference your branat’s reputation 112415 Nicole Frere on riskin business Grammar workshop 6 (Units 21-24) 116-117 Aricles, Future time clauses, Concession Communication activities 118 | EXAM SKILLS AND EXAM PRACTICE, 2-15 121 ‘Answer keys 146 Transcripts 160 Map ofthe book ‘Speaking | Vocabulary Language work How diferent elerants help to make forecasts Phrasal verbs and expressions: Conditional sentences ‘What makes forecasts inaccurate? Go bust, stockperice, ete. How to prepare a sales forecast, etc ‘Vocabulary from profit-and-loss account ‘What type of forecaster do you think you are? and balance shoot ‘Should the ars be subsicised? ‘Theatre vocabulary Infirtve and verb + ing How sponsorship can promote a company's mage, etc, | Break down, running costs, etc. Fole-play: Continental lank ang Tate Modern How late payers affect a business Bank charges, bookkeeping, ec. Complex sentences Discussion: How should you deal with late payers? Formal expressions. PPresontation: How to deal with lato payor, tc. \What you need to know before negotiating Negotiation, problems and adiice Compromise, the bottom ine, etc. Conditional sentences: alternatives to RRole-p'gy: Negotiating an office laaso What makes people work harder Trends, pronounced, ec. Reference devices ‘Types of management-employee relationship: Tends in accidents and stress, ec. Our aiudes towards stress Workers ofthe futur: Working practicesin the future | Types of worker: Ways of working Talk: toewarking, et, Stuckin aut, going rato, ec. ‘Talking about your present job What factors affect productity?; Describing charts: | Assembly ne, churn out, tc. Expressing causes and results [brocuctvty at Magro Toys; Presentations on productivity Raising productiviy ‘Company reorganisation; Would you be prepared to | Phrasal verbs and expressions ‘Variations on conditional sentences ‘elocate?; Thinking about an ofer Phrases tor negotiating Role-play: Negotiating an agreement Corporate responsibilty Benefits, premise, et. ‘Aticles CSR and corporate culture; Fak trade ‘Adverbil phrases, ‘Whats the connection betwoen fa trade and CSR, etc. ‘Expanding int foreign markets ‘Acquistions, year on year, et. Describing the company you work for ‘Surged, FISE 100, et. Wolseley’ expansion strategy; Supervising subsidiaries | Adjectives and adverbs of frequency ‘The achantages of making acquisitions ‘The problems of expanding nto a new market Complex sentences Replying to letter ‘Tenses in fature te clauses set hints for making presentations Making a presentation; Business risks Discussion: Staff retention, market share Diccourse markers for shor take ‘Map of the book 7 Acknowledgements Practice test material supplied by Cambridge ESOL. ‘The author and publishers are gael othe following for persion o produce copight mate. 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