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Adolf Hitler

By: Elizabeth Webb

• On April 20, 1889 Adolf Hitler
was born in a small village in
Braunau Am Inn, Austria.
• At the age of six he started
primary school.
• He led the life of a typical
Austrian boy, going to school
by day, and helping around the
farm and playing in the
evening hours.
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At the age of nine, Adolf Hitler discovered his love of drawing. He wanted to
attend classical school when it came time to choose secondary schools, but his
father would not allow it. His father forced him to attend technical school so he
could become a civil servant like himself.

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At technical school, Hitler did very poorly his first year and was held back. At
the age of sixteen, he left home and moved to Vienna, where he lived as a
vagabond. Then, in May of 1913, he joined the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment,
where he served for 5 years.

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• It was after the defeat of
Germany in World War I when
Hitler became fully convinced it
was his duty to rescue the
Aryan race from the Jews.
• Later that year, Hitler became
involved with the German
Workers’ Party. Within just
years later, Hitler changed the
name to the Nationalist
Socialist German Workers’
Party, and was announced

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• On February 6, 1924,
Hitler was tried and
convicted of treason for
his role in the Munich
Beer Hall Putsch. He was
sentenced for 5 years in
• While in prison Hitler
reflected on his views of
the future of the German
people. He put these
thoughts into he dictation
of the writing of his book
Mein Kampf.
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• Once released from
prison, Hitler’s popularity
quickly grew. He began
publicly speaking for the
Nazi party.
• The Nazis soon began to
gain election seats in the
German government and
on January 30, 1930
Hitler was named
Chancellor of Germany
• Once in charge, Hitler instantly began
making changes within the German