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I.V. THERAPY HISTORY I. Origin of Intravenous Injection 1. 1628 - Wm. Harvey - discovery of circulation of blood led to further experimentation.

. 2. 1656 - Sr. Christopher Wren - used a quill and bladder; injected opium into drops. 3. 1662 J.D. Major made first successful injection in man. 4. 1665 - A dying animal was successfully transfused with the blood of another. 5. 1667 - A Parisian 15 year old boy was first successful human transfused with the blood of a lamb. Led to many problems and death. 6. 1687 Edict of Church and Parliament animal to man transfusions prohibited in Europe 150 years lapsed. Landmark in Development of IV Process 1. Dr. James Blandell, English O.B., proved animal blood was unfit for man, only human blood is safe. 2. 1900 Dr. Karl Landsteiner proved not all human blood is alike. 3. 1935 - Slow drip continuous method of transfusion was published by two English physicians 4. Pyogens introduced in the solutions were a problem. 5. 1940 A nurse was assigned as I.V. Therapist at Mass General Hospital, prerequisite to perform venipuncture successfully. 6. NS Used at first in early 1900s fluid and electrolyte knowledge grew and today more than 200 commercially prepared IV fluids are available. 7. 1965 - University of Penn- nutrient given IV to dogs research led to todays total parenteral nutrition. (Dr. Stanley Dudrick). Early Modern Equipment 1. Metal needle was used prior to World War II. 2. 1945 Development of plastic catheter due to frequency of infiltrations. 3. Glass container used first individually packed/prepared by hospital pharmacy later by major company as enclosed unit. 4. Plastic containers introduced in 1970s. Current Events 80% of hospitalized patients receive IV Therapy. Large percentage of medications are administered by IV IV Therapy becoming more widely used extended care facilities and in home care situations. More widespread use of long-term, central venous access. IV Therapy has become a sub-specialty in nursing. A. National Intravenous Therapy Association. (N.I.T.A.) established standards of practice in 1985 B. Development of the IV Nurse Specialist



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