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Laboratory Results and Interpretations

Name: H.G Sex: Female Age: 2 years old Urinalysis Color Transparency Hemoglobin Hematocrit WBC Yellow Sl. turbid 11.9 g/dl 36 17.2 Pus Red Blood Cell Platelet count 12-15 0-1 220

Blood Chemistry and Hematology:

Components Hemoglobin Hematocrit White Blood Cell Segmenters Lymphocytes Fecalysis

Findings 11.9 0.36 17.2 79 21/100

Normal Values for infants 14.0-20. g/dl 0.37-0.47% 4.8-10.8 60-70% 25-33%

Color Consistency Pus Red Blood Cell Others:

Yellow Soft 20-25 0-02 E. Hystolitica cyst 3-5

Interpretation: Fecalysis Results are normal; fecalysis microscope shows that the sample does contain E. Hystolitica and does not containing sugar and other substances. Visual confirmation of the results shows that the patient's stool is yellow and soft and also tactile confirmation show that it's soft. Urinalysis: *Color Base on the result the color of the urine is yellow. The normal color of the urine must be transparent yellow or amber. Since the color of the urine is yellow it may indicate high-solute concentration. *transparency The normal urine must be clear. Cloudy urine indicates presence of excessive cellular material or high levels of sediments

Blood Chemistry and Hematology:

Low levels of hemoglobin and hematocrit may be a sign of anemia. According to the laboratory result, there is an elevated white blood cell in which it may indicate infection in the body system.