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RECORDATION OF DISTINCTIVE IDENTIFIC. HON oF CONG RE OF OWNER OF VESSEL HULL DESIgN® % s JUL 28 2003 ob Leer cing EOS The owner named below is an owner of one or more vessel hull designs pursuar Ssel Hull Design Protection Act and is entitled to use the following distinctive identification in design notices placed on vessels for which design protection is claimed: PE ARMANCE alm oclets) inc. Place the words or symbols constituting the distinctive identification in this space Name of Design Mycaeenmie Peobucrs, le. Adar ~ 8 YSIB/ Tarren, Uhre (22 Menttateron Berau, C4 FL0YF ‘Signature of Person: Date ‘Submitting Desigr~ O7- 07-023 Name of Person ‘Submitting Designation D. gu L> DP & ODE Relationship: to Owner FREE T Note: This form must be accompanied by a $50 filing fee made payable to the Register of Copyrights. Mail to: Dept. D-VH Vessel Hull Registration P.O. Box 71380 Washington, DC 20024-1380. EET TT)