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Mission Camp Trip +

Camp is coming soon …and our summer has begun! I am getting very excited about the great
time that we will have, but most importantly, I am excited about getting your teens away from
the distractions of this world, giving them an opportunity to serve other teenagers, and sitting
them under some great one-on-one discipleship and powerful preaching. I look forward to
what God is going to do spiritually in our teens. The other team leaders and I will also have
some specific times for discipleship and accountability with the teens during our mission
work. God is going to do great things during our time up north!

Follow along with the week on I will try to post something every day or so.

Wednesday, June 20 – 6:45am at ORBC only
These are the times I will pull out of the parking lot. Please be early enough to load the
van. We will leave on time. (2 fast food meals)

June 20-24 – Discipleship + Mission Work - PRAY FOR SERVANT'S HEARTS!!

We will be working as volunteer project staff for Northland Camp. They have a few
projects that we can complete for them. The early mornings will be spent together in
group devotions, the day will be spent working, and our nights will be spent at the
services and spending time together in a group activity.

Weekend - If your teen needs to, they will be able to do laundry over the weekend. If that is
needed, please send funds to pay for that. (Laundry Money)
We will eat out one meal over the weekend. (1 fast food meal)

June 24 – Sunday Services

We will attend Sunday services in the town of Dunbar, WI. We will also attend the camp prayer meeting.

June 25-30 – Week of camp - PRAY FOR HEARTS!!

We will join the regular campers for a week of camp. Our speakers will be Steve Pettit and Will Galkin who
especially connect with our kids. I am praying for genuine lasting heart change! Please pray with me!

Saturday, June 30 – 10:30pm at ORBC only

Arrive Home We will call as we get close (2 fast food meals)

Please make all checks payable to Oak Ridge Baptist Church. Don't forget your balance!!
The balance of $170 for your child is due to Pastor Jon by Sunday, June 19. You may pay early.

Due to rising transportation costs and the size of our team. I would like to request a suggested donation
of $25 extra per teen for transportation. Simply add that to your registration balance. The total due
would then be: $195. If there is a problem with this, please see Pastor Jon or Beth.

If you would like to give more, please feel free to do so. Thank you for your understanding in this.
What to bring:
 Bible, notebook, pen  Work Clothes for Mission Work
(3 days worth)
 Bedding & Pillow
 Work Shoes
 Towels (beach and regular)
 Sports Clothes for Activities
 Toiletries (5 Days worth)
 Camera  Nice Casual Clothes for Informal Services

 Flashlight  Tennis Shoes

 Spending Money (Rifle Range, Snack  One Sunday outfit + shoes
Shop, Bookstore, T-shirts, camp pictures, guys – nice pants (no rips, tears, or jeans)
crafts, paintball, mini-golf, camp sermon and a collared shirt
tapes, etc.) approx $40–$65 in small bills. girls – a skirt outfit
 Fast Food Money for the Road  Camera
(5 fast food meals - $20-25)
 Registration balance + suggested
 Laundry Change donation ($190)
 Swimsuit (one-piece)  Bug spray
 Jacket or sweatshirt

Do not bring: Cigarettes, tobacco, firearms or alcohol (Duh…) Skateboards, scooters, roller blades,
bicycles, magazines, fireworks, nonprescription drugs, TVs, radios, cassette/CD/MP3 players,
electronic games, PDAs, cell phones, food

 Any fashion worn must come at least to the top of the knee. Low necklines (front or back) are not
acceptable camp attire.

 Loose-fitting pants, jeans, or knee-length fashions may be worn except when otherwise specified.

 Knee-length skirts or dresses for the evening services (please, no slits above the knees).

 Swimsuits should be one-piece


 Long, casual pants (no jeans) and collared shirts must be worn to each evening service.

 For daily activities, tank tops are not permitted, and shorts must reach the tops of the knees.

 No speedos, please guys.