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Adpreclone Rc-20010: Fatal: Could Not Find Info-Zip'S Zip Version 2.3 In The Path. [ID 1359394.

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Applies to:
Oracle Application Install - Version: 12.0.6 and later [Release: 12 and later ] Information in this document applies to any platform. Zip 3.0

When running Adpreclone on the database tier, the following error occurs : ERROR
RC-20010: Fatal: Could not find Info-ZIP's zip version 2.3 in the PATH. Please make sure you have zip version 2.3 in your PATH and rerun the 2.3 is normally available in $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ or it can be downloaded from

The error is due to the fact that Zip Version 3.0 is installed whereas is expecting ZIP version 2.3.


Zip 3.0 is supported now and included in patch:9171651 so there is 2 possible solutions :

Solution 1: Stay with zip 2.3 1.1 download zip 2.3 from 1.2 unzip this file to a directory 1.3 Add this directory in the PATH variable (now 'which zip' should give this location). Please make sure you have zip version 2.3 in your PATH 1.4 Re-run

Solution 2 : Use zip 3.0

2.1 Take a backup of you environment 2.2 Review readme of Patch : 9171651 and apply all pre-requisites 2.3 Apply patch Patch : 9171651 R12 RAPIDCLONE CONSOLIDATED FIXES JUL/2010 2.4 Retry the



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Errors RC-20010