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Obituary -- Tales Of The Dead WEBSTER SPRINGS, WEST VIRGINIA, MAY 3 .:

By Lakhinder Bhatia, M.D. Fortunately,

»w . America society I
v , * M_.v~-~~ «-_^wv „ LThere
n e r e 1Sisaiways alwaysa aminority minorityWIIOIII whom
(Dr. Bhatia is a staff physician at more transparent and class bound-
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Webster County Hospital in Webster anes _ _ are less distinct. One _ physicians complain about an obitu
Springs.) i
? ^ ! ^ ary of their competitors in bygone life
An obituary is a notice of newspaper even when who were more famous than them. To
death. I was surprised v American and worse still, in some t h e l i v i n g it i s glorifying the dead
ind out how many people read the asfcs, downright anti-American I When some pragmatists advocated
obituary section of the newspaper. To can predict with a fair amount of compromise that obituaries should be

my surprise almost half the readers fidence that when the time down to size so that more could be •

admitted to reading the obituary co for Fidel Castro, the American media published in the journal, many cried
umn on a regular basis. The older his obituary foul and wanted well-elaborated bio !

reader, the more likely he or she is I Will it be an obituary with "grudging graphical sketches including pho-
read the obituary section. In a sms admiration" or venom, I honestly do tograpli. Somedoctorsthinkobituaries i
town virtually everyone finds son know. I am sure how Colonel ^ m o r e interesting than poor quality
space in the obituary list. It is pitiable Gaddafy will be treated. If obituaries
that during the lifetime of an indi are important historical records, the research papers. The idea of a drug
vidual no one seemed to care, but Colonel justifiably has the dubious company-sponsored obituary is hor-
upon his death, the whole town came distinction of being ibly absurd
mourn his or her passing away. In No profession takes an obituary v

a big city only the influential and m o r e seriously than doctors The To write an obituary
is not an easy
powerful find a place in the obituary B r i t i s h Medical Journal has an obitu task fact to write anything of
list. It is almost an honor. It also ^ e d i t o r s o l e l y f o r compiling and substance is not an easy work It
depends upon the political views of writing obituaries ofphysicians. There requires time and timely research. It
the deceased. After all, who will is a three to five month waiting period has to be factual. A self-written
publish a biographical sketch of an before an obituary is published and obituary would be less time consum-
[ unknown entity if the person was not only less than half make it in the ing and more accurate. I find an
- politician? obituary list. Although the dead do obituary more interesting if it is written
I learned the politics of obituaries nnr r n m plain, their living friends do. wittily. Since everyone is not a born
many years ago when I was in Lon Most vocal and retired doctors who writer, I am not sure how a self-writter
don. I was a young trainee physiciai check every obituary would be more interesting
w v-j aouv of
ux the
u.v medical
,..w.v,«* , i j written by a ghost
and worked in a politically sensitiv< u n e s s t w a s
journal to find out
hospital. You were either a Tory or J h a s b e e n b u m p e d o f f . T h e r e p u t e dwhich one of them I
T _____ c
nnrna m * e *a *c * r - o» s_ s» , _a «*w, s e l f
Laborite, just as we are in this count; m e d i c a l j o u r n a l J A M A h a s a n o b i t u - o b i t u a r y w h i c h r e a d , " P e t e r w a s \
- a Republican or a Democrat, irre a r y l i s t e v e r y w e e k . I t i s l i k e a r e b e l l i o n o f t h e t i m e a n d d i d n o t
spective of your belief in democracy, graduation party for those who have c o n f o r m t o r o u t i n e . H e w a s v e r y
One day I overheard my chief talking m u c h his o w n man. A s a successful
a n o t h e r p h y s i c i a n " D a v i d , d i d y o u f i n a l l y m a d e it t o t h e e n d . F o r s o m e t r a n s p l a n t s u r g e o n , h e w a s G o d t o h i s
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physicians it is an ultimate step
L_ * * * _ _ . * . _ - _
patients God was not amused
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see Sir John's obituary in The Sunday immortality Peter's self-eulogy. After Peter's death
Times? Tragically British doctors treat their obituaries he was reminded, "Well doctor, I don't
i he Daily Telegraph , the doctor re- w ith extreme seriousness and absur care what you did on planet earth but
plied They were talking about dity apart with some degree of ec- around here there is only one God. j
distinguished physician friend who centricity. Although the medical And that is Me
had died. The content of their conver- profession has a compulsory Medical . ••

sation implied that the deceased was Registerof physicians, in their it

conservative enough to deserve historical record. For many
few kind words in The Daily Tele- a n obituary is an important historical
graph, a conservative newspaper. In r e c o r d w h i c h also provides us infor-
other words, even in death people did the changes and attitude of
not spare Sir John for having different the profession of the
ideas which were not shared by the
mainstream establishment. In England
s almost class consciousness
- - — ^NUIU^

Mre Grattie Arthur Alvin Addleman. 78

George Hunter Adams, 60 A J ' Addela Currv of Mead Creek, died Mon
in Hunter day, April 10,1967, in a Beck
30, 1965 and 1passed ley hospital after a long illness
ueath was attiibuted to a way January 11, igyg
heart attack. f years a at the Born August 24, 1888, in

one r
lived !? near °d 7 Farm Virgi he was a
Js ? « rf 1th W ! .1904, he was a ington Seattle, Wash son of the late William anU
™° u elate C. P. and Lucy Emma Ziegler Addleman
•v^uguuu /iaams. Adam ,«« £ r
!"il •. d
l ed on
o n
**! 99th
99th wed
wed u „
dln H e w a sa
He was aa fformo, armer „ ^ 8 anniversary of
y 0I ler hp*. T!OJI V member of the
*«L „ * and me- I and w*« was *CT
the .last/ Parents Meadow
Meadow H r ^ t Rontiaf
Creek Baptist PK Ch
lame and a member of surviving ch and the Hint
Moose Lodge; i Masonic

i Lodge M Addleman had

lived in the Mead 3w Creek
were area for the past sixty years,
services were held (185^1939) and mother, M a S and was a retired Chesapeake
afternoon at,the Bax E. M,r. McLaughl n „„K... C u r r y ' ( S and Ohio Railway agent with
nU^ l S y t e
? a n Chu
^ h a t 1940),pi US f0Ur sis I r ^ r ' "y fifty years of
Dunmoreto the Rev. Denver e r M. Curry a $ ? l S $ ? T ^ & Survivors include sons,
Lively. .Btirml ^ . ;« M
BtiriaT w ^ irt the Ar- I : ; r ! »
Curry ^ « v i i ? ' '--1898),
Gwinn (1879-1938) Effie E . daught one brother
Battle E. Curry Vl»M i S f t W. Addleman, of Marlin
to ttie a ton and ten
r C. « y »5*» ,d n
^ nd Eva E ' grandchildren
Ch Adam a ,r fi ^
also five broth A° (18?8-1959)
George P Mrs. Rosa Adeline Addingt
rday ni^bt, D
after .years of
ed on

o „ . l £
35 8S i S S=5 i
^°rA 9
58), James

rs. Rosa Adeline Addi
0, of C died Friday-
d O Curry (1888.1906), R a , S 8 January 22, 1960. .wh
Tmsday afternoon th fu Curry (18924966), and L ? y | visiting
y Akron, Ohio. She had
service was held a< at D Curry (1894-1960)!
h pastor, Rev. Grah b.i been ill several week
In term m Key Grattie'8 husband Kenneth
Odd Adams (1883-1973) Mrs. Add member
Ell Q^fK A J — " andl
" " u oneof Cass Baptist Church and
The deceased is survived by his 3 ®° -
P e c e i l r ? . (1912,1970) i h ad been
<Jed. her ident of Cass the
dow and their thoiV SOD,
o n . ,y J1
OUrVlVOrs i n n l . ^ .
m death 'past thirty years.

H , D c u d e fc
i Sterl I T A *° sons.' Surviving
th fifty years, - taift P a 8 C 0
' Washing- Mrs. Clar^i daught
4 ed b v L D e e o w a r d Sea bolt d Mrs
Vk' ?', - «^esapea?*e K Washinrrnn
u Mttln
S i toJ Adams. Jf Paul B both of Akron;' and
Ohio Railway as a section fore ™ * *
man. M N hffc
Mrs. Charles P. Adams Lick; two sons, Edward, of Ak
RS. MARGARET „ . A C , ron d Staff Sergeant James
Mrs. M a r g a r e t Nottingham' Mrs. I F. Adams, 80, died Add
on of Keesler Air
h o°me " *o f? £ > * * die Saturday,
« ^ the at her home at Dunmore February 15, 1958, Base, Biloxi. M
T ^ T - i
0lli s S her daughter, Mr
v * c i L4 fc She M Carl Bostic, of D
K 2rch»23
. l "Funeral> ™s 4e r v i c P«eevening,
s „™,r'
p AT
t h e ^ d o w of the ,a,e C h a S H » bro, her, " K D ° a , e " o1f E
held Tuesday at 2P- m, at the were Ross Charles D of C h - - - "
ureen Bank Meth
Green M*x+h«W- 1i1v.v Mrs.
•1878 Adams
io inVn was UB born W ( t t uJa
January L
d Worley Dale, of St. Al-
Burial wa a t T L ^ r - Ia% hter V * Dall
dunmore, the dau- b grandchildrenand
Dall a n dd HHannah a M a h Wthirty great-grandchildren
?he was
wsi« voov.^on the farm
l m 0onnulhhl c' T
which f^\f * ?J
Galford McLauerh
' - tralford T
McLaughlin. S n. Sho She L_c„„ .
reared. Fun services were held
vived by one son, Hunter Adam Tuesd aft
ot Dunmhrft. i nit he Cass
Summers Adkison Thp- fun., i - Ba pt st C h u r c h
J ! by the Rev. Leon-
rs Adkis ihe tuneral services
i 65 j Tuesday afternoon at Smith's Zickafoose were held ard \rnold and the Rev H a m
d Octobe 1919. He Funeral Hon by th R h b in the
Ed Wan less
m failiDg- health for <' Thomas Burial was in the Odd
some month A th paper is fellow Cemetery at Elk
printed. no arrangements h Tivis B. Ad
been announced for t h efu • • Tivis B d7
In termed t will bo theR i Atkinsor* died at his home on Droop QXL
cemetery. Fri March 7
Miss Catherine Atkinson, 15. a an
The dec was a son f th
of Silver Spring, Maryland (
d On Sund
Morgan Adkison: h Killed in a pnllionr-. «<- 0 1 ) n ] d in the]
was a Glad
othei an inter- ^Walker lO
H b section near Fair fa Virgin 1 ne funeral 1

Gleu Adkison of Reniek I bundaymorning,

April 11,1965' o r v l c e w a s hei(l f r o r n L a u r e l
^ huroh b j Rev Hill
I unmarried. police report thecar was struck' M - Calvin Lewis and
by a truck. Th theryoung ^ - « K v Ro er
Allan Adkison, aged 81 years, died killed T d was a native of
She was a randaughter
an d h of Ken tuck H was a merchant'

at his home at Seebert, oVsaourdTy. M r a n dMr^ S> , Sftfe r I , ^ ^ of

January- ••14,
- . 1932.
- On
^ . Sunday
S u n d a y his
lllc I D„*U V - Camden of d postmaster at Dr
body was buried in the Oak Grove Bethesd Maryland d a S ar
g n dn ce 3 his wife, Mr
Cemetery at Hillsboro. He is sur- ^ L J / of Mrs. Carl Slaven Mibel A four sons, L B
vived by his wife, who was Miss Mar- of Marlint K: L dP
garet Payne, and their five children, R
Wrn. H.; Otto and Thrasher: Mrs! K (y., of Chariestoo; four daag-fa
Geneva Carpenter and Miss Maud. ters, Mrs. ide Surb-iug-h, .Virs
R Holland Doris d
kins, ail of Droop, and M s. L
cjlle Gum, of Akron, Oh
T TrerrnWWson Mrs. Harper Adkison
Harper Adkison
Fred E. Adkison, age 67 years, Mrs. Lena L. Adkison, 85 >
! #as called to rest in a Veterans Harper Adkison, aged 80 years, of Buckeye, died in the Den"
hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida died at his home on Kee Flat, mar State Hosoital on Tues-
on Thursday, November 10,1960. near Marlinton, on Wednesday day, October 27, 1964, after a
He was born near Buckeye, where morning, July 28, 1954. For long illness. She was the wid-
he. spent the most of his boyhood about twenty years he had been ow of Harper Adkison.
laid aside as an invalid. On Fri-
day afternoon the funeral service Born at Buckeye, January
He was the son of the late Wil- 15. 1879, she was the daughter
liam McNeil! and Margaret Ro- was held from Marlinton Pres-
gers Adkison. byterian Church by Rev. J. D. of William A. and Clarissa Mc
Arbuckle. His body was laid to Neill Duncan.
He was one of the four brothers rest in the family plot in Moun- She was a member nf the Mar
who served their Country in War tain View Cemetery. linton Presbyterian Church.
and Peaea. He was a member of
Com -ny M. 131st Infantrv in The deceased was the son of Survivors include three sons,'
World War I. the late Joseph and Mary Buck- Dale Adkison, of Renick, Isaac !
ley Adkison. His sister is Mrs. Adkison, of Port Lavaca, Tex-
After his rerurn home he work- 0. E. McKeever, of Huntington. as, and George Price Adkison,
ed for a few years-as a miner;
then he was employed as a guard Fifty-three years ago, Mr. of Elkton, Maryland; and five
for fourteen years by the Leyland Adkison married Miss Lena grandchildren.
Electrical Company, of Dayton. Duncan. Their children are ( Funeral services will be held
Ohio. On retiring about five Dale, of Renick; George P., of j Thursday afternoon in the Mar
| years ago, he moved to Fbrida.
Brooklyn, New York, and Isaac 'linton Presbvterian Church by
D., of the Army, now stationed at j the Rev. W. E. Pierce with
He is' : rvived by his wife, I Houston, Texas. I burial in Mountain View Cem-
Mrs, Mabel Adkison; two broth-'
ers, George Adkison, of Troy, Until laid aside many years ago etery.
Mew York, and Clifford Adkison, by ill health, Mr. Adkison was a
of Marlinton, also two sisters busy man actively engaged as a Thrasher Adkison was born at
Mrs. H. C. Miller, and Miss Elsie contractor, land surveyor and Hillsboro, West Virginia, on Novem
Adkison both of Marlinton. He civil engineer. He was a deeply ber 25. 1895, the son of the late A C
vas preceded in death by twoj religious .nan, who was not spoiled and Mrs Margaret Adkison. EU de
brothers, Coe Adkison and Okey j by prosperity, and bore adversity parted this life January 10, i#40 af f
Adkison. witl patience. In religion he ter an illness of ore and one ha/
was a member of tliePresbyterp' years—being 44 years of age; just in
Funeral services were conducted I Chur,.' the prime of life.
by Rev. H. M. Pennington at the' His wife preceded him to the grave
Smith Funeral Home on Mondav. MJ-S.J M. J Adkison died at the on July 1U 1939, just six months ago.
November 14. Burial was made StaMmron Hospital Tuesday morning He united with the Methodist
in Mountain View Cemetery with AprrT3, 1923. She was born near Church at Seebert in 1932, later trans
military honors by Veterans of Flarrsonburg, Rockingham county, ferrir.^ his membership r~ the Hunt
j Foreign Wars. Va , in 1861, and at the time of her ersville charge.
death was sixty-two years of a^e. The following survive him: Lis
David A. Adkison She was a Miss Gladwell before her mother, Mrs Margaret Adkison; his
David Allen Adkison, 38, of marriage. She had been in failing children, Genevieve, Jeannette, Wood
Clendeninville, died May 20,1997, health for some time, but had been row, Dewey, Lorraine and Billy; two
at home after a short illness. in bed two month before her death. isisters, Mrs Floyd Carpenter, of Mill-
He was a member of the She is survived by her husband and I point, and Mrs Chas C Carpenter, of
Renick Church of the God and a their five children—Mrs. Myrtle Mc- ; >ert; two brothers. Will Adkison,
driver and laborer for Atlantic Re- Clure, of Mill point; Emery and Sum- Greenbank, and Otito Adkison, of
frigeration at Frankford. mers of Marlinton; Dave and Glen of i uiillpoinG
Staunton Mrs Adkison had bt Funeral services were held in the
Survivors include his father, member of the Methodist Church, Hillsboro Methodist Church, conduct
Paulmer Lee Adkison,' of Daytona South for about twenty live years. ed by Rev L. S. Shires and assisted
Beach, Florida; his wife, Teresa Her body was buried in the Ruck- by Rev. Qiade R Arbogast, of
Adkison; two sons, Mark man graveyard, near Marvin Chapel, bank. I n te r m en t in the J3 rick Oh arch
Adkison, of White Sulphur this county; Wednesday April 4th. i Cemetery.
Springs, and Wesley Adkison, of We wish t > thank the people of
Clendeninville; one daughter, Staunton, Va , Hillsboro, Millpoint,
Christie Adkison, of Clendenin- and Marvin Chapel neighborhoods for George Adkison
ville; one brother, Paulmer the kindness shown during the death
and burial of our mother. George Adkison, 73, former-
Adkison, Jr.; three sisters, Esther ly of Marlinton, died in Troy,
Lee Pace, of Droop Mountain, Children. New York, on Thursday, Janu-
Carol Pendleton, of Hillsboro, and ary 7, 1971, after'a long illness.
Margaret Brown, of Renick; one David M Adkison, 56 of Tru^jow Survivors include his wife,
stepbrother, Bruce Adkison, of street, a building contractor, died Mrs. Lucille Adkison; one son,
Falls Church, Virginia; and one Sunday aft rnoon, October 17,1937, William Alkison, and one
stepsister, Lisa Adkison, of Falls of a heart ailment in a.i ambulance daughter, Mrs. Carole De-
Church. shortly after he collap-ed in an auto Giorgio, both of Troy, N e w
mobile in his garage. York; also two daughters by
Services will be held at 1 p.m. He came to Charleston five years j a former marriage, Mrs. Hilda
on Thursday at the McCraw ago from Pocahontas county, where j Bobblett, of Holland, New
Funeral Home in Frankford with lie was engaged in the contracting: York and Mrs. Lucille Kersh-
the Rev. Dan Arbogast officiating. business and was a former employe of ner, of White Sulphur Springs
Burial will be at Stephens Hole the Kanawha county school board. and one sister, Miss Elsi»
Run. Friends may call one hour Surviving are his widow, Mrs j Adkison, of Marlinton.
prior to the service at the funeral uaura Adkison; three sons, P^ul, Funeral services and buria
home. Following the service, the Jerry and Clyde Adkison: a daughter were conducted in Troy.
Mrs Opal Cline, and three brothers,
family will hold a covered dish Gien, Emory and Summers Adkison
picnic at Droop Mountain State of T'Tarlinton.—Charleston Gaze&te
Park. (2>
George Hunter Adams *"•• e«ffie Curry Adams nuiiHi n. MUUICIIiail
Arthur Alvin Addleman, 78,
George Hunter Adams, 60, A/dJ?«-8 Gwraast t »e Addela Curry of Meadow Creek, died Mon-
of Dunmore, died at his home ^ ^ ? ' ^ m May 4, 1886 day, April 10,1967, in a Beck-
iey hospital after a long illness
Death was attiibuted to
heart attack. years and Born August 24, 1888, in
I K ! r *?
- near 7 months Farmville, Virginia, he was a
Born April 4,1904, he was a
son of the late C. P. and Lucy SSSS s**™*' *•*-' son of the late William and
Emma Ziegler Addleman.
McLaughlin Adams.
and 8 r8T h rv? er ^ 8
Grattie died on the 99th wed
He was a member of the
He was a farmer and me- Meadow Creek Baptist Chur-
chanic and a member of the ch and the Hinton Masonic
Moose Lodge. ana was the last surviving
member of the Anson and Ui Marl Lodge. Mr. Addleman had
Survivors include his wife, Curry marriage. *«»ry lived in the Meadow Creek
Mrs1. Leta Ml Adams. Preceding her In death were area for the past sixty years,
her father, Anson W r.VrJl and was a retired Chesapeake
Funeral services were held
Tuesday afternoon at the Bax- g 8 t 1 r 9 3 9 ) k a , o d ™ther, S ' and Ohio Railway agent with
ter Presbyterian Church at i q 4 n M c I 1 a U 8 ^ , n C u « y (1857^ fifty years of service.
Survivors include two sons,
^ ^ & U ^ ^ ^ SS ^ r r y ^ g two daughters; one brother,
W. W. Addleman, of Marlin-
ton, and ten grandchildren.
ft . - I T T r - ( t w i n to Grattie); and Eva E }
Charles P. Adams Curry Middleton (1898*9597 '
Charles P. Adams, , aged 75 £ , s 0 fiYe brothen George P j Mrs. Rosa Adeline Addington
Urry j
years of near Dunmo-V died on £ Q&l'Uf*). Denlly A Mrs. Rosa Adeline Addington,
Saturday night, D,oeui!,r 9 1950 Z™*7 / 3-1958), James S aged 70, of Cass, died Friday,

after years of invalidism.' O K±wv~j.i7vvj 9 rcaieigh

S S. January 22, 1960, while visiting
y» § uurry
£ J £(1892-1966)
Curry (1892-1966), and Loy R. relatives in Akron, Ohio. She had
i u r w a y afternoon the funeral Ciirrv
Curry fiQQA
service was held at Dunmore b.y r»»«*#.;-'-*/^
T „u«J^ rr been ill several weeks.
his pastor, Rev. Graham Keyes. AAda™ £ ^ ^o hM* S° Kd f' Kenneth
3 ? S Mrs. Addington was a member j
Interment in the Oddfellow cem son,Seth Adams (1912-1970) of the Cass Baptist Church and;
etery near Eikins. had been a resident of Cass the;
The deceased is survived by hi' also preceded, her in death past thirty years.
widow and their son, Hunter.
A d am P a s c o Surviving are three daughters,
For more than fifty years, ~- ton ton, aand
n H H< o' ' Washing-' Mrs. Clarence Seabolt and Mrs.
was employed by the Ohesapea!*0 Washington.
& Ohio Railway as a section fore Paul Brake, both of Akron; and
man. Mrs. Norman Sharp, of Clover
Mrs. Charles P. Adams Lick; two sons, Edward, of Ak-
MRS. MARGARET N. ACORD ron; and Staff Sergeant James G.
Mrs. M a r g a r e t Nottingham Mrs. Lucy F. Adams, 80, died Addington, of Keesler Air Force
Acord, aged 94*years, died at the on Saturday, February 15, 1958, Base, Biloxi, Mississippi; agister,
h o m e of her daughter, Mri. at her home at Dunmore. She Mrs. Carl Bostic, of Durbin;
Edith Collins, Sunday evening, was the widow of the late Charles three brothers, John Dale, of Mc-
March 23. Funeral services were P. Adams. Ross; Charles Dale, of Charles-
held Tuesday at 2 p. m. at the Mrs. Adams was born January
Green Bank Methodist Church. J18, 1878, at Dunmore, the dau- ton; and Worley Dale,, of St. Al-
Burial was at the Nottingham ghter bans; seventeen grandchildren and
of Dallas
, Cemetery on the farm on which Galford McLaughlin. She is sur-
and Hannah thirty great-grandchildren
' she was reared. Funeral
vived by one son, Hunter Adams, Tuesday afternoon services were held
of Dunmbre. in the Cass
Summers Adkison Baptist Church by the Rev. Leon-
The" funeral services were held ard \rnold and the Rev. Harry
Summers Adkison, aged 65' Tuesday afternoon at Smith's Ziekafoose, with burial in the
pears, died October 3, 1949. He | Funeral Home by the Rev. Ed Wanless Cemetery,
iad been in failing health for! Thomas. Burial was in the Odd-
some months. As this paper is fellow Cemetery at Eikins.
printed, no arrangements have Tivis B. Adkins
been announced for the funeral. Tivis B. Adkins, a^red T2 years
Inte-rmedt will be in the Ruckman Catherine Atkinson died at his home on Droop OIL
cemetery. Miss Catherine Atkinson, 15, Frilay, March 7, 1952, a l t e r a m
The deceased was a son of the of Silver Spring, Maryland, was jextended illness. On Sunday af-
late Morgan Adkison; his mother killed in a collison at an inter- ternoon his body was laid in the
was a Glad well. His brother is section near Fairfax Virginia Walker Cemetery. The funeral
Gleu Adkison of Reuiek. He was Sunday morning, April 11,1965 j service was held from Laurel Hill
unmarried. i Police report the car was struck Church by Rev. Calvin Lewis and
by a truck. Three other young Rev. Roger Melton.
people were killed. The deceased was a native of
Allan Adkison, aged 81 years, died
at his home at Seebert, on Saturday. She was a grandaughter of j Kentucky. He was a merchant
January 14, 1932. On Sunday his Mr. and Mrs. Sterl Camden of and postmaster at Droop.
body was buried in the Oak Grove Bethesda, Maryland, and a Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Cemetery, at Hillsboro. He is sur- grandniece of Mrs. Carl Slaven, Mabel Adkins; four sons, L B ,
vived by his wife, who was Miss Mar- of Marlinton. E L and P. VV., of Rainelle, and
garet Payne, and their five children, R C., of Charleston; four daugh
Wra. EL; Otto and Thrasher: Mrs.
Geneva Carpenter and Miss Maud. ters, Mrs. Maude Surbiugh, Mrs.
Ruth Hollaudsworth, Doris Ad-
kins, all of Droop, and Mrs. Lu
(i) eille Gum, of Akron, Ohio.

James H. Adkinson
Willie A. Adkison Charles W. Adkinson
Willie Allen Adkison, 88, of ount Clare. Feb. 7 —James Hen-
Charles William Adkinson* ry Adkinson, 78, retired farmer, died
r0 Tu sday M y 9
? o o f ° V>i^ ,? ' * ' 73, of Marlinton, died Satur „
avatv 6v o'clock _last evening
.. B w at„ his home
1995, in Madison, Virginia, after a ill for
long illness. d a y > M a r c h 2 9 1 9 6 9 j n t h e . a t I n t e r s t a t e . He had been
Pocahontas C o u n t y Memorial five years and bedfast since November
Mr. Adkison was retired from Hospital. Death was attrib- Adkin&cu had spent his entire life
Denmar Hospital and was a u t ed to a heart attack. in this section. lie was born Febru-
member of Marvin Chapel United ary 13, 1855. a son of Horace and
Born in Summers County Martha Anna McKeevcr Adkinson.
Methodist Church. lay 17, 1895, be was the son His father died in 1916 and his moth-
He was born at Hillsboro
November 2, 1906. of the late Peter Marshall and er in 1920. He. was a member of Odd
Mar Fellows lodge, 2?o; 235, at Mount
Preceding him in death were >' Adkinson. c

his wife, Nema McClure Adkison, He was a member of the Cen- Clare.
tral Union Methodist Church. Funeral services will be held at 2
his mother, Maude Adkison o'clock tomorrow aftrrnoon at the
Carpenter, a s o n ,Carl Paul Survivors include two sons, h o m e with Rev. Josiah Pavne, of Lost
Adkison, a daughter, Creola Charles Lightner, o fBluefield, c r e e k , i n c h a r g e . B u r i a l v> i l l b e m a d e
Adkison, and t w o brothers, W i n t o n Virginia, and Kenneth Adkin- i nthe Mount Clare O d d Fellows cem-
and Jack Carpenter. son, o f Marlinton; two daugh- etery.
Surviving h i m are t w o sons, ters, M r s . Frances Ball, o f Surviving are three sisters, Mrs. J.
Paulmer Adkison, of Falls Church, Saybrook, Ohio, and Mrs. H. Hildreth, of Wyatt, and theMiss-
Virginia, and Freeman Adkison, of Ann Alexander, of Painesville, es Olive
— and Iva
••---- Adkinson, of Inter-
Buckeye; six daughters, Luana Ohio; nine grandchildren and state, and a brother, Oscar H. Adkin-
son, of Mount Clare.—Clarksburg Ex-
McPherson, Carolyn Carter and two great-grandchildren. ponent. •
Dottie Shinaberry, all of Manassas, Funeral services were held
Virginia, Drema Jackson, of Tuesday afternoon in the Cen- Clarence V. Aldermen
Buckeye, Edna Short, of tral Union Methodist Church Clarence V. Alderman,
Roadesville, Virginia, and Patsy near Marlinton by the Rev. died November 23, 1970, at
Mason, of Madison, Virginia; a AIfred G u m w l t h burial in t h e the home of his son, Vern Al-
brother, Claude Carpenter, of Scott Buckeye Cemetery. derm an,* at Bethel Heights,
Depot; two sisters, Jacoba Winchester, Virginia. He was
Thompson, of Hayes, Virginia,

William M. Adkinson formelry of Delray.

Lucille Whitte, of Williamsburg, Mr. Alderman was born at
Virginia; 27 grandchildren, 30 I Marlinton, died in a Richmond Minnehaha Springs on August
William M. Adkinson,
great-grandchildren, and two 3, 1896, son of the late William^
great-great-grandchildren. Virginia hospital on Thurs-
day, September 17, 1984, after and Phoebe Alderman. He was*
Services were held at 2 p. m. twice married, bis first wife
Saturday at VanReenen Funeral a long illness.
He was born at Durbm, being Mrs. Susan Mary Alder-
Home by the Rev. Godfrey Tate, man, wbo died September 28,
with burial in Oak Grove Cemetery, June 4, 1920. a son of Charles 1956. He then married the
Hillsboro. Adkinson, of Marlinton. former Mrs. Laura Steinmeitz,
Memorial gifts may be made to Other survivors include two of Athens, Ohio, who survives.
Marvin Chapel United Methodist brothers, Kenneth Adkinson, He was a retired farmer.
Church. of Alexandria, Virginia, and Surviving with his widow
Charles Adkinson, of Bluefield, are the following children by
Emory H. /*uiuson, J r. Virginia; two sisters, Mrs. his first marriage, Mrs. James
mory H. Adkison, Jr., 63, Mary Frances Ball, of North Thelma Brinkley, of MHIboro,
formerly of Marlinton, died Madison, Ohio, and Mrs. Anna Mrs. Lewis Elva Lineberry, of
Saturday, November 19, 1983, Lee Alexandria, of Painesville, Buena Vista, Mrs. Monte (Eve-
in Topeka, Kansas, of an Ohio. lyn) Quick, of Roanoke, Chad-
apparent heart attack. Funeral services were held

/vick^Alderman, of Milton, Ver

He was a retired colonel from Saturday afternoon at the •montj Maynard Alderman, of
the U. S. Air Force and was a Smith Funeral Home by the Route 1, Berryville, Virginia,
retired administrator of the rence Pierson. Bur- Keith M. Alderman, Rt. 2,

State Hospital in Topeka. He

ial was in the Cloonan Cem- Winchester, Virginia, and Vera
etery. Alderman, Bethel Heights, Vir-
was a member of the Topeka
United Methodist Church. ginia; a nephew, James B. Al-
Born in Marlinton on Febru- derman, Bethel Heights, Vir-
ary 25, 1920, he was a son of David M Adkison, 56. of Truslow gima wh • in ho reared; 37
> the late Emory H. and Lillian treet, a building contractor, died grandchildren, 16 great grand-
Bletken Adkison. Sunday afternoon, Ocooer 17, 1937, | children; two sisters, Mrs. Tho
Surviving him are his wife, of a heart ailment in an ambulance mas (Rushai Meadows of Del-
shortly alter he collar ed in an auto ray, Virginia, and Mrs. Clabe
Evelyn Little Adkison; a daugh mobile in his garage
ter, Marlene, of Topeka; two He came to Charleston five years!
KelJison, of Huntersville.

brothers, the Rev. Preston ago from Pocahontas county, where Three children preceded him
Adkison, of Point Comfort, he was engaged in fbe contracting ip death: Cody B. Alderman,
Texas, and Ira Adkison, of business and was a fo-aier employe of killed during World War II
Cleveland, Ohio; five sisters, the Kanawha county -jhool board. while with the U . S . Navy,
Bernice Hodges, of Troup, Surviving are his widow, jvirs Lloyd K. Alderman and Mrs.
rr TT ii« AM J.' t vW ^.aura ACIKISOU; trip*? sons, raui, Mae I inpherrv »
M e n m
Texas, Halhe Martin, of Kill- I , e r r y a n d C]yde Adki.on: a daughter * ^} ^ ^\ I
buck, Ohio, Marie Genn, of Mrs Opal CIine, and hree brothers, Services were held at Union
Troy, Ohio, Nancy Broyles, of Glen, Emory and Sui mers Adkison Chapel, Wednesday. Novem-
Roanoke, Virginia, and Kath- |of Marlinton.—Charleston Gazette ber, 25,1970 at 2:00 p. m. by
ryn Fawcett, of Lewisburg. the Rev. Daniel W. Stephens
Services and burial were in Interment in the Greenlane
Topeka on Wednesday.
Calm 0 . Akers ;
amuel Noah Alderman Kermit H. Alderman
Calm O. Akers, 68, of R.D.I, Sa iuel Noah Aide: man, aged Kermit Holyman Alderman,
Rogers, Ohio, was found drown 58 years, 9 months and 17 days, 61, of Vista, California, former-
ed in a stripmine lake Sunday, died in the Pinecrest Sanitarium, ly of Alvon, died Thursday,
November 10, apparently hav- at Beckley, on Saturday, July April 15, 1976, in a Naval hos-
ing fallen in while coon hunting 4th, 1959, after a long illness. pital at Camp Pendleton, Cali-
Tnursday night. Hundreds Born near Huntersville, Sep- fornia, after a short illness.
joined in the search after his tember 17, 1900, he was the son Born December 28, 1914, at
coon hound returned without Alvon, he was a son of the late
him. of the late William C. and Pheobe
Jane Alderman. Mitchell and Jessie Holyman
Mr. Akers, a retired sales- He is survived by eight child- Alderman.
man, was born January 30, ren: three sons, Morris, of Park- He was retired from the U.
1900, near Marlinton, a son of ersburg; Robert, of Delray, and S. Marine Corps, having serv-
William and Mtlvina Curry Charleti in the Service; and five ed in World War II, Korean
Akers. He was a member of daughters: Mrs. Raymond Ben- War and Vietnam.
the Methodist Church and a nett, of Wavne, Michigan; Mrs.
veteran of World War I. He attended the United Me-
Charles Turley, Cleveland, Ohio; thodist Church and was a mem-
He leaves his widow, Mrs. Mrs. Keith Smith, of Salamanac i, ber of the Elk? and American
Opal Morris Akers, whom he New York; Mrs. George Martin, Legion in Vista and VFW
married November 5, 1922; of White Sulphur Springs, and Fleet Reserve Association.
four daughters, Mrs. George Mrs. Bruce MacDonald, in the
Flake, South Bend, Ind ana, Survivors include his wife,
Service. Also surviving are eigh- Mrs. Leone Alderman; one son,
Mrs. Dale Barton, Lab-wo;d, teen grandchildren, two sisteis,
New Jersey, Mrs. David Kling, Denny B. Alderman, of West
Mrs. C. H. Kellison, of Hunters- Warwick, W. L; three brothers,
Marlinsviile, New Jersey, and ville, and Mrs. T. S. Meidows, of
Mrs. Ronald Pauli, Garretts- Jenton, of Keene, New Hamp-
Delray, and one brother, Clarence shire, Mason, of White Sulphur
ville, Ohio; two sisters, Mrs. Alderman, of Delray. and a hos.
Carrie Dainys, Johnson City, Springs, and Charles Dale Al-
of other relatives and friends. derman, of Lorain, Ohio* four
New York, and Myrtle Hefner,
New Jersey; three brothers, The funeral was conducted on •isters, Mrs. Freda Wade, of
W.liiam Akers, Buckeye, Em- Tuesuay in the Smith Funeral Franklinton, North Carolina,
erson Akers, Mt. Clare, and Home by the Rev. T. G. Alder- Mrs. Oga Wade, of White Sul-
Joseph Akers, Richmond, Vir- man and the Rev. Bernard R. phur Springs, Mrs. Mabel Hart-
ginia; nine grandchildren. Skeens. Burial was made in the man, of Belle and Mrs. Doro-
Alderman Cemetery on the North thy Alderman, of St. Albans,
Funeral services were held Fork of Anthony's Creek. _ and four grandchildren.
Wednesday at the funeral home Services were held Wednes-
there with bwifcl in Lisbon day afternoon in the Alvon li-
Cemetery. SUSAN BUSSARD AULDRIDGE nked Methodist Church with
Mrs. Susan Bussard Auldridge, Rev. Eddie B. Kyle in charge.
aged 95 years, died at the home of Burial was in Alvon Metho-
Clinton Akers her son, Davis Auldridge, near Dun-
Clinton Akers, 61, of Inter- dist Church Cemetery.
more on February 5, 1941. On Sat-
laken, New York, was killed in- urday morning her body was laid to
stantly in an automobile ac-j rest in the McNeill Graveyard near
cident near Interlaken, Wed-| Buckeye, the service being conduct- Jacob C. Alderman
oesday, September 8, 1965. ed from the Lower Church by Rev.
Born at Dunmore, he was a Jacob C. Alderman, 75, a na-
Quade Arbogast, assisted by Rev. L. tive of Pocahontas County, died
cook at Willard State Hospi- S. Shires and Rev A B Williford unexpectedly Saturday, March 5,
tal at Ovid, New York.for nine-! Mrs. Auldridge was the widow of 1960, at the home of his son-in-
teen years. ; the late T. M. Auldridge, of Buck- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
His wife, the former Esther eye, a Confederate soldier. L. O. Wright of Hot Springs, Vir-
Frisbie, was seriously injured Their surviving sons are, J. O. and ginia.
n the same accident. Davis; their surviving daughters are
Mr. Alderman was a son of the
Survivors include his wife, Mrs Nannie - !*entzel ana! MrcTLula ; late Walter and Jane Kincaid
Mrs. Esther Akers; four sons, Withrow. f&sCrD-h | Alderman. He is survived by
Kenneth and Allen Akers, both The deceased was a daughter of I Mrs, L. O. Wright and three
of Ithaca, New York; Els worth the late Henry and Mary Hannah other daughters, Mrs. Dennis
and Robert Akers, both of In- Bussard, of Cummings Creek. For a May of Hot Springs, Virginia,
terlaken, New York; four ! lifetime she had been a professing J Mrs. Victor Allender of Pleasant-
brothers, Joe Akers, of Rich- Christian and member of the Metho-; I dale, and Mrs. Jesse Summer-
mond, Virginia, Emerson Akers I dist church. / j field of Kerens; a son, Osborne
of Clarksburg, Cam Akers, of of Marlinton; two sisters, Mrs.
Ohio, and William Akers, o^ Levia Ryder of near Hot Springs,
Buckeye; one sister, Mrs. Evia Henley G. Albert I Virginia, and Mrs. Leah Ryder of
Hoover, of Scottsville, Virgin- Henley G. Albert, of Raven- I Aldrfson; also eleven granclchild-
ia; two half-sisters, Carrie, of na, Ohio, formerly of Droop, I ren and three great-grandchildren.
Binghamton, New York, and died Wednesday, May 23,
vlyrtle, of New Jersey, and a Funeral services were held Wed
1973, after a short illness, in nesday afternoon at May's Cha-
lalf-brother, James. the Robinson Memorial Hos- pel on Anthony Creek in Green-
Funeral services were held pital. brier County with burial in the
Saturday with burial in Moun- He was born June 14, 1903, church cemetery.
tain View Cemetery at Inter- in Pocahontas County-
laken, New York. Survivors include his wife,
Mrs. Eisie Lantz Albert; two
daughters, and five sons.
Warw'ck P. Alderman Mrs Ada Alderman George Fountain Alderman
Warwick Peyton Alderman of Mrs Ada Dean Alderman, aged George Fountain Alderman
Huntersville, agred 65 years, died 66 y«ars, of Huntersville, widow was born in Bath County, Vir-
on Thursday, August 2, 1951, of of the late Esco Alderman, died ginia. February 9, 1871. and
a heart attack, He bad gone to on January 27, 1943. Last Ma.y died September 22, 1964, in an
Richwood on that day, to visit she suffered a broken thigh in a Elkins hospital f o l l o w i n g
his son. Burial in the f >ters- fall. On Saturday afternoon, a long illness, at the age
her body was laid to rest in the of 93 years, seven months and
ville cemetery on '-. ilC iay with
services from the mith Funeral family cemetery on Ou.ninings thirteen days. He was a son of
Home by Rev. R. h . Skajrgs as Creek. The funeral v*as conduct- the late John and Emily Byrd
sisted by E. Clyde Bussard. ed from the Huntersville Method- Alderman*
The deceased is survived by his ist church by he- pastor, Rev. L. Mr. Alderman was reared
wife, Sabina Wood ridge Alder- E. Saville. near Green Bank and later be-
man and their six children, Fred Mrs Alderman was a daughter came a lumberman and farmer.
W. of Rich wood; Mr». Grace M. of the late Isaac P. and Rebecca He*was among the last survi-
Alderman, Ralph G. and Romie Burr Dean. She became the wife vors of the white pine logging
G., of Detroit, Michigan, Phillip of Esco Alderman, who preceded days, drivingon the Greenbrier
S., of Madera, Calif., and Ber- her four years since. Their sons river, about which recently a
nard, at home. There are 18 are Warwick, Henry, Merrick book was published by Mr.
grand children. and Thomas, and an adopted son Bln^khurst, of Cass, entitled
The deceased was a son of the Harry; their daughters are Mrs "Riders of the Flood."
late William C. and Phoebe J. Mary Kennedy and Mrs Carrie He was married to Susan
Alderman His three brothers Noble. Nevada Kellison, a daughter
are Gilbert and Clarence V. of Mrs Aldermau is also survived | of the late John and Sally Kel-
Del Ray, and Sam of Becklev; his by her brothers, Ellis, Cecil, For- lison, who preceded him in
two sisters are Mrs. C. H. Kelli- rest and James Dean; by her sis- death April 20, 1942. To this
son, of Huntersvi[]e, and Mrs. T ter Miss Blanche Dean, union were born nine children
S. Meadows of Del Ray. For many years Mrs Dean was who survive: Mrs. Ellawooi
a professing christian, a member (Ruby) Hill, Mrs. Guy (Edith)
Timothy Samuel Alderman of the Methodist Church. Dean, Lobelia and Mrs. Origen
Timothy Samuel Alderman, (Eula) Underwood, Hunters-
86, of Huntersville, died in the ville; six sons, Clive Ulric and
Pocahontas Memorial Hospi- Daniel Shade AldermaiTv NForman, Huntersville; Theo-
tal on Saturday, April 18,1964, lore, Elkton, Maryland; Law-
after a long illness. Daniel Shade Alderman, son of rence, Van Etten, New York;
CHve Allison and Elsie Rebecca NJeil, Nokesville, Virginia; one
He was born on Douthards Alderman, of Huntersville, was ; s f er, Mrs. Cecilia Kellison,
Creek, on November 30, 1877, born November 5, 1935, and died Richmond. Virginia; 52 grand
a soi: of the late Octave and in the Pocahontas Memorial Hos- children, 98 great-grand chil-
Nancy Alderman, and was a pital, after a short illness, on Iren and 7 great great-grand
member of the Minnehaha Thursday, January 30, 1947, aged children; five sifters and onf
Springs Methodist Church. 11 years, 2 months and 25 days. half brother preceded him in
Survivors include two bro- He leaves to mourn his departure death.
thers, Willie Alderman, of his parents, seven sisters, Mrs.
Huntersville, and J. D. Alder- Grace Whiting, Mrs. Edith Van- Mr. Alderman was saved
man, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, Reenen, of Marlinton, Mrs. Veda it an early age in the Mount
Hively, of Nokesville, Virginia, Zion Methodist Church, at
Funeral services were held Droop Mountain.
Tuesday afternoon in the M rs. Blanche Hotsenpiller, of Phil-
Minnehaha Springs Methodist ippi, Mrs. Faye Sheets, of Hun- The funeral was conducted
Church by the Rev. L. E Saville f Msville, Joy and Elaine, and one Sunday, September 27, at Cum
and the Rev. Rex Ball. Burial brother, Junior, at home. One inings Cre°k Methodist Church
was in the Alderman Cemetery brother, Noel, preceded hira in by H D. Sloan, Rev. Arlo Aid
death. erman (a grandson) and Rev.
Sherman Markley. Grandson?
Funeral services were conducted acted as pallbearers and grand-
Harry James Alderman from the Cummings Creek Chur- daughters as flower girls. He
Harry James Alderman, 58, of ch by Rev. T. G. Alderman, assist- was laid to rest in the Kellison
Richwood, died Saturday, A.pril ed by Rev. J. W. Holliday, Rev.
29, 1961, at his home after a long L. E. Saville and Rev. Dean. J cemetery, Watoga State Park.
illness. He was a farmer and Flower bearers were his scho••!
woodsman. mates and cousins, Thelma, Har-1
old and Lucille Alderman, Elaine
I Fata! Accident
Surviving are his wife, Wavie; Arnold A iderman, aged twenty-
three sons; eight daughters; two and Irene Vance, Charles Hamil-
ton, Frankie Perkins, Betty Van- years, Has fatally injured in an
sisters; three brothers, EarIAl-1 automobile wreck on D r o o p
derman, of Richwood; Arthur Reenen and his teacher, Miss Ves- Mountain, on Monday morning,
ta Sharp. Pallbearers were Ulric,
i Alderman, of Droop, and Henry Norman and Hale Alderman, Gil- November 22, 1954. A track, in
Alderman, of Heartsville, Ohio, bert Jack, Jack Smith and Elton which he was riding, driven by
and eleven grandchildren. Underwood. His body was laid Burl Moore, of Buckhannc i, went
Services were held Monday af- to rest in the Beaver Creek Ceme- out of control and crashed intoy
ternoon in the White and Cole- tery. the road bank. The driver was!
man Funeral Home in Richwood thrown clear bul oung Alderman l
with the Rev. Don L. Jackson Daniel Dear, you have left us, was so terribly crushed he died a |
officiating. Burial was in B a b . r .Left this world of sin and woe few hou\' later at the Pocahontas,
Cemetery near Richwood, There to be a youthful angel, i Memorial Hospital.
Over on the heavenly shore. The deceased wi a"sou.of Mr.;
and Mrs. John Alder:;;an of
& Spring Creek, near Renick. I
Bedford W. Aldermau i nomas t. Alderman, Sr.
Thomas E. Alderman, Sr., of Mrs. Jewel Alderman y^
Bedford W. Alderman, aged 67 201 Wilmont Ave., Cumberland Mrs. Jewel Grimes Alder-
years died at bis home on An Maryland, was dead on arrival man, 34, of Cleveland, Ohio,
thony's Creek, on Wednesday, at Sacred Heart Hospital Janu- died Wedneiday, September 2,
March 1, 1950. He had been in ary 11, 1976, after suffering a 1964.
failing health for several moDths. heart attack while shoveling She was born July 24, 1930
Burial on Saturday afternoon in pnow. the daughter of Guy Grimes and
the Alderman family cemetery on Born at Rimel, he was the che late Clara Irvine Weber.
Douthards Creek. The service son of the late Esco and Ada Besides her father she is also
was conducted from Cochran Dean Alderman. survived by three children,
Creek Church by Rev. T. G. Al- Olara Kellison, of Hillsboro,
derman, assisted by Revs. Vass, Mr. Alderman was an em-
ploye of Cumberland Contract- George Alderman, of Paines-
Arnold and Saville. ville, Ohio, and Jn.dy Alder-
ing Company and a World
The deceased is survived by his War II veteran. He was a man, of Mariinton.
wife and ten children: Alex, Dal- member of Teamsters and Funeral services were held
las, Calvin, Walter, Lawis, Wood Chauffeurs Local 453. Saturday in the Marlimon
row, Wil.iam; Mesdames Levia Church of the Nazarene by
Lewis, Mabel Combs and Madge Surviving are bis widow, Mrs.
L. Maye Hill Alderman; one the Rev. J. O. Shank, with bur-
Lee. ial in the Beaver Creek Cem-
daughter, Mrs. Ann Ruehl,
He was twice married. His first Bowling Green, Ohio; two sons, etery.
wife was Miss Willie McComb. Thomas E. Alderman, Jr., of
She passed away a number of Cumberland, CPO L. Edward Mrs. R. A. Alderman
years since. His second wife was Alderman, with the Navy at
Miss Sarah Combs, who survives. Mrs. Ruedema Alderman, 71,
Little Creek, Virginia; two sis- died in a rest home at Staun-
Mr. Alderman was a son of the ters, Mrs. Carrie Hackett, of •ton, Virginia, on Sunday, De-
late William and Phoebe J. Al- San Francisco, California, Mrs. cember 19, 1965.
derman. His sisters are Mrs. C. Mary Kennedy, Providence, R.
H. Kellison and Mrs. R a c h e l I., and 12 grandchildren and Born October 1, 1894, in Al-
Meadows; his brothers are Gilbert one great-grandcbild. leghany County, Virginia, she
Warwick, Samuel and Clarence. was a daughter of the late Ab-
Services were conducted on ner H. and Ruth Smith.
Tb is note is made of the pass- Thursday morning at the
ing of an upright, industrious George Funeral Home in Cum- Her husband, Ira D, Alder-
useful citizen. berland, Rev. Herold W. Crab- man, preceded her in death
cree officiating. Interment was December 26, 1933.
in Rest Lawn Memorial Gar- Suivivors include two dau-
dens in Cumberland. ghters, Mrs. LenaviersHuhner,
Mitchell Alderman of New Orleans, Louisiana,
But once I pass this way and and Mrs. Leona Hoke, of Mait-
Mitchell Alderman, 84, of then—the silent door of time
White Sulphur, died Saturday, land, Florida; one son, Sum-
Swings on its hinges mers Alderman, of White Sul-
March 13,1971. Opens—Closes phur Springs; one sister, Mrs.
Born March 23, 1887, in And no more I pass this Nancy Harman, of Waynes-
Pocahontas County, he was __ . way. boro, Virginia, and one broth-
the son of the late Noah and er, Thomas Smith, of Silver
Alcinda Pyles Alderman. Spring, Maryland.
A resident of Greenbrier i f < J ^ William Henry Alderman C /
William Henry Alderman, 65, Funeral services were held j
County, where he served as at the graveside in Riverview;
constable for a number of years, of Huntersville, died Monday, Cemetery conducted by Dr.
he was a retired line foreman January 4, 1971, in the Poca- Julia Pentcost.
for the Tree Expert Co hontas Memorial Hospital.
Survivors include four daugh- Born January 29, 1905, at Rice W. Alderman
ters, Mrs. Freda Wade, White Huntersville, he was the son
Sulphur Springs, Mrs. Olga of tbe late Esco and Addie " l'^ W. Alderman, 69 years,
Wade, Alvon, Mrs. Mabel Deaa Alderman. died in the Pocahontas Memorial
Hardiman, Charleston, and Hospital Saturday, June 27, 1959.
He was a woodsman and a He was born April 9, 1890 ir
Gunnery Sgt. Dorothy Alder- member of Odd Fellows Lodge. Greenbrier County, the son r
man, stationed with the United Survivors include two daugh- Mrs. Henrietta Alderman, ? l
States Marine Corps in Arling- ter, Mrs, Leeta Ryder, of Can- was a vetaran of World War
ton, Virginia; four sons, Ker- ton, Qhio, and Mrs. Nellie
mit, Vista, California, Mason Combsltwo brothers, Thomas Surviving are his wife, Mi "h*
and Kenton, both of Keene, Alderman, of Cumberland, Alderman; four brothers, Ear
New Hampshire; and Charles Maryland, and Harry Alder- Tilmon Price, of Mariinton, JaA
Dale Alderman, Lorain, Ohio; man, of Huntersville; two sis- C. Price, of Youngstown, Ohio,
a sister, Mrs. Golda Lee, of ters, Mrs. Carrie Hackett, of and P^rv Price, of Lewisburg;
Huntersville: 14 grandchildren, San Francisco, California, and four sis; is, Pearl Hoffman, of
and 8 great-grandchildren. Mrs. Marv Kennedy, of Con- Youngstown, Emma Boyce, Mary
Funeral services were con- necticut and six grandchildren. Jarvis and Byrd Veans, of Pitts-
burgh, Pennsj'lvania.
ducted Monday afternoon in Funeral services will be held
the Alvon United Methodist Services were held Monday,
Thursday afternoon at 2:00 p. June 29, in the West Union Meth-
Church with the Rev. Eddie B. m., in the VanReenen Funeral
Klye officiating. Burial was in odist Church with the Rev. T. G.
Home Chapel by the Rev. Alderman officiating. Burial was
the church cemetery. Sherman Mark ley, with burial in the Cochran cemetery with
in the Beaver Crt e c Cemetery. military rites.

Eveiyi i. Aider mio D. W. Alderma n I
John McKinley Alderman
Mrs. Evelyn Jewel Aider- Doctor Wallace Aldefnian aged I
John McKinley Alderman, man, 68, of Oiean, New York
86, formerly of Renick, died sixty-two years, died on Friday, I
formerly of Marlinton, died December 29, 1944, in a Charles-
Friday, November 13, 1981, Saturday, February 5,1983, in
of a heart attack. ton hospital. On Sunday after-,
an Olean hospital after a short noon the funeral seryice was held i I
Born October 10, 1895, he illness. from the home at Miunehaha
was a son of the late Frank Springs by Rev. L. E. Saville;
Alderman. Born July 9, 1914, in Mar-
linton, she was the daughter of interment in the Aldermac cem-
Mr. Alderman was a retired the late Frank and Florence etery.
woodsman., Sbinaberry Irvine. The deceased is survived by I
Mr. Alderman was preceded Mrs.- Alder&an was a house- wife, Mrs Anna Ward Alderman, |
in death by his wife, Abbie wife and a rhember of the and his children. Lt. Marjorie j
Adelene Cutlip Alderman in Baptist Church. Alderman, Pfc. Raymond and
1971 and a son, Dennis Alder- jCpl. Lacy Alderman, of the-
man. She was preceded in death
by three brothers, Gale, Dale (army, Mrs. C. N. -Jones, Ozalia;
Survivors include three and Glenn Irvine. 'Dorothy, Gilbert, Wilbur, Guy I
daughters, Reta Snedegar, of ai 1 Roy.
Churchville, Maryland, Theda Survivors include her hus-
Clutter of White Sulphur band, Lonnie Alderman; two
Springs and Lorene Pritt, of daughters, Lois Carlson, of John Dixon Alderman I
Buckeye; 24 grandchildren and Hamburg, New York, and John Dixon Alderman, 77, I
three great-grandchildren. Barbara Knarr, of North Car- of Harrisonburg, Virginia, opci
olina; four brothers, Paul and ator of J. D.'s Barber Shop,
Services were held Monday Kyle Irvine, both of Marlin- died Tuesday, June 29, 1971,
at 2 p. m. in the Jack K. Wal- ton, Norman hvine, of Hunt- at Rockingham Memorial Hos-
lace Funeral Home Chapel in ington, and Fred Irvine, of pital.
Lewisburg with the Rev. Jack Kentucky; a sister, Elsie Long, He was born June 28, 1894,
K. Wallace officiating. Burial of Mill Point; five grandchil- at Minnehaha Springs, a son of
was in Mountain Gate Ceme- dren and a great-grandchild. the late Octave and Nancy Al-
tery near Renick. derman. He was a member of
Services were held Tuesday,
at 2 p. m.t at the VanReenen the United Methodist Church. I
Mrs. Martha Alderman He was the last member of his
Mrs. Martha Sharp Alder- Funeral Home with the Rev.
Leonard Arnold and Rev. Ver- family, preceded in death by
man, 60, widow of Rice Alder- five brothers and one sister.
min Butcher officiating. Buria
irsr, difd farly Tuesday, Jan- was in Oak Grove Cemetery at
uary 20, 1970, in the Pocahon- He is survived by his wife,
Hillsboro. Mattie of 432 E. Gay Street,
tas Memorial Hospital after a
Harrisonburg, Virginia.
short illness.
S*Born at Woodrow, May 8, Merrick Jackson Alderman The funeral was conducted
Merrick Jackson Alderman, on Friday morning at the Lind-
1909, she was a daughter of sey Harrisonburg Funeral
Mrs. Dora Combs, of Buckeye, 71, of Neola, died Wednesday,
September 3, 1969, in the C & Home by the Rev. A. R. Bolls,
and a member of the Metho- with burial in East Lawn Me-
dist Church. O Hospital at Clifton Forge,
Virginia, after a long illness. morial Gardens.
Other survivors include a
brother, Norman S. Sharp, of Born in Pocahontas'County
May 7, 1898,. he was the son A. E. Alderman
Buckeye, a sister, Mrs. Ruby
Laroca, of Chicago, Illinois. of the late Esco and Ada Vir- Aloha Ernest Alderman, 81,
ginia Dean Alderman. .of White Sulphur Springs, died
The funeral was held Friday fat his home on Monday, June
afternoon in the West Union He was a member of the
First Church of God in White 21. 1965, after a long illness.
Methodist Church near Wood-
row, wrh Rev. Alfred Gum in Sulphur Springs and a farmer. He was born in Pocahontas j
charge with burial in the Coch- Survivors include his wife, County, July 14, 1883, a son j
ran Cemetery near Woodrow. Mrs. Therea Allen Alderman; of the late Darius and Hester
two brothers, Henry Alder- | L. Pyles Alderman.
Henry Alderman man, of Marlinton, and Thom- Mr. Alderman was a mem-
Henry B. Alderman, 54, of as Alderman, of Cumberland, ber of the Oakhurst Emmanuel
Newton, Roane County, died Maryland; an adopted brother, Episcopal Church. He was a
Tuesday, January 3, 1978, at Harry Alderman, of Marlin- I woodsman and farmer.
home after a Ion g illness. ton; and two sisters, Mrs. | Survivors include his wife,
He was a former resident of Mary Kennedy, of Providence, I Mrs. Tennant Corron Alder-1
Rich wood. Rhode Island, and Mrs. Car- | man; two sons, Wvatt Hill Al j
Surviving are his wife, rie Hackett, of San Francisco, derman, of White Sulphur
Princie;daughter, Mrs. Velma California. Springs, and Walter A. Alder-]
Odell, of Left Hand; sisters, Funeral services were held man, of Columbus, Ohio; one
Mrs. Gladys LeMasttr, of Rad- Saturday afternoon in the ! brother, Andrew H. Alderman
cliff, Kentucky, Mrs. Mary Shanklin Funeral Home Chap- of White Sulphur Springs; six
Mitchell, Long Beach, Cali- el at White Sulphur Springs grandchildren, and three great-
fornia; brothers, Carl, of Rich- by the Rev. E. N. Clower with grandchildren.
wood, Arthur, of Droop Moun- burial'in the Greenbrier Me- Funeral services were held.
tain. morial OnrHpnc falLewisburg. June 23, in the Shanklin Funer-
Services were held at 10 al Home Chapel by the Rev.
a. m. on Thursday in W h i t e - Edward S. Shirley. Burial was j
White Funeral Home, Rich- in the Hillcrest Cemetery at1
wood with the Rev. Thomas White Sulphur Springs.
McFadden officiating. Burial <7>
was in Baber Cemetery.
Ralph E. Alderman ? W. C. Alderman Mrs. Pearl Alderman
Ralph E. Alderman, 50, of
Detroit, Michigan, died Fri- William C. Alderman, a^ed 89! Mrs. Pearl Aiderman, 66, of
day, April 3. 1970, at the years, died January-26, 154:3. On | 1718 Hazel St., Jackson, Mis-
Veterans Hospital in Allen Thursday hir body his body was sissippi, died August 10, 1965,
Park, Michigan, after a long laid to rest in the AlciermalT~c^nr- n the Mississippi Baptist Hos-
illness. eter.v on North Fork of Antho- )ita! after an illness of two
nys Creek. /eeks. Death was attributed
Born December 27, 1919, The deceased was a son of the u0;s heart attack.
at North Fork, he was a son of late Timothy and Elizabeth Ry- She was born at Lobelia and
the late Warwick and Sabma
Woolridge Alderman. der Alderman. His father was lived in Marlinton and Hunt-
killed in war between the States. ersville until they moved to
He was a member of the One member of his father's fami- fackson six years ago. She was
Huntersville Lodge AF & AM, ly r*mmmgfi*X»r&- Aider.-: the wife of Rev. T. G. (Teddy)
No. 65, at Huntersville. man of California. Alderman, a retired Methodist
Survivors include his be- The deceased married Phoebe minister, who served in several
loved wife, Louise; one sister, Alderman, who passed away four churches in Pocahontas and
Grace M. Grafton; four brok- years ago. Their daughters are Greenbrier Counties.
ers, Fred Alderman, of Rich- Mrs Mary Kellison and Mrs Rus- Mrs. Alderman was a mem-
mond, Virginia, Phillip Alder- jshia Meadows; their surviving ber of Riverside Independent
man, of Sacramento, Califor- > sons are Bedford, Clarence, War- Methodist Church in Jackson
nia, Romie Alderman, of Allen- i wick, Samuel and Gilbert. An- and a member of Daughters
ton, Michigan, and Bernard other sou, Esco, died four years of America, Council No. 13,
Alderman, of Salem, Virginia, [ago. _. _ Auxiliary of Junior Order of
and several nieces and nephews United American Mechanics.
Funeral services were held Esco Alderman, aged about \1\]
}3\rs, died on Monday, September A%* Those surviving in a JdiJort
in the Buresh Funeral Home 1938, at a hospital in Baltimore. On to her hi3b*nd. Rv/. Alder-
Chapel Monday afternoon by j Wednesday afternoon his body was man, are six sons: T-Sgt. Glenit
the Rev. John C. Gilbert, with ; buried at the family graveyard on Spinks, of Wichita, Kansas,
burial in Acacia Park Ceme- j hk farm on Cammings Creek uear Nelson Spinks, of Elkton, Mary
tery, Birmingham, Michigan. I Huntersville, with Odd Fellow hon I land, Warren and Harold Al-
J ors. Mr Alderman is survived by Iderman, of Jackson. Captain
John Dixon Alderman his wife and a number of grown chil
John Dixon Alderman, 77, idren. Hale Alderman, San Antonio,
of Harrisonburg, Virginia, oper • Texas an£ Rev. Ailoi. Ald-er-
ator of J. D.'s Barber Shop, Roy Alderman jman, Mayland, Tennessee;
died Tuesday, June 29, 1971» Word has been received o! 'two daughters, Mrs. William
at Rockinghajn Memorial Hos- the death of Roy Alderman, (Lucille) Bryant and Thelma
pital. formerly of Minnehaha Springs, Alderman, of Biloxi, Mississippi
14 grandchildren and one great
He was born June 28, 1894, in an auto accident about two grandchild; 4 brothers, Edgar
at Minnehaha Springs, a son of weeks ago near Spokane, Wash-
Dean, Northeast, Maryland,
the late Octave and Nancy Al- ington. He was the son of Mat- Clyde Dean,Elkton, Maryland*
derman. He was a member of tie and Dock Alderman.
Guy Dean, Hillsboro, and j
the United Methodist Church. Grady Dean, Beckley; three
He was the last member of his Master Sergeant Marion Claude Altare sisters, Mrs R. M. Clutter, 1
family, preceded in death by Eagle Rock, Virginia, Mrs.]
five brothers and one sister. Bluefieid—Master Sergean' Jim A r n o l d , N o k e s v i l i e '
He is survived by his wife, Marion Claude Altare, aged 4z Virginia, and Mrs. Clive A.
Mattie of 432 E. Gay Street, years, stationed with the United . Aiderman, of Huntersville;
Harrisonburg, Virginia. States Marine Corps at Camp j two half brothers, Foster Dean
The funeral was conducted pan, McGuyle Hospital, Honshu, Ja-i and Lodge Deao? of New Cum-
on Friday morning at the Lind- ruary died 10,
there on Sunday, Feb-1 berland; and ore half sister,
1957. Dn Friday, Feb- Miss Anna Belle D?an, of Hills
sey Harrisonburg Funeral ruary 22, the funeral
Home by the Rev. A. R. Bolls, at Bluefield., Interment was held | boro.
in Mon- |
with burial in East Lawn Me- ta Vista Cemetery, with military j Funeral services were held
morial Gardens. honors. on Friday, August 13, from
Sergant Altare was a veteran of j Wright an1 Ferguson Chapel
Harry B. Alderman
17 years oervice. He is survived ing, Rev. with
B K Hardin officiat-
ssisted by Rev. Robert
Harry B. Alderman 58, died by his wife and their two child- Russum. Banal *vas in JackSDn,
Wednesday, December 1,1976, ren. His father is Hunter F. Al-' Mississippi.
of a heart attack, at Renick. Tare- of Talcott. Mrs. Fred Sny-
Bora May 20,1918, he was dei j of Marlinton, is his sister.
the son of Esco and Ada Dean
Alderman, and a member of
the Methodist Church. Mrs /<biia belle Alberts, of Millpoint
Surviving him are two sis- died at her home, on Wednesday,:
ters, Carrie Hacket, San Fran- April 5. 1939. Her a^e was 47 years,
cisco, California, and Mary 8 months and 4 days. Her body was
Kennedy, Providence, Rhode ouried in the Sharp graveyard on Sat
Island. irday following her death. She had ,
Services were held Sunday ready expressed herself as prepared and '
at two p. m., at the VanReen- •children, to go. She is survived by three
Mrs Gladys Smith, Mrs
en Funeral Home with the Violet Sharp, and Mrs Annabelle
Rev. Bernard Skeen officiate Kramer. X
ing. Burial was in the Beaver
Creek Cemetery. (8>
Mrs. Timothy Alderman
GEORGE ALLEN James Andrew Allen
George W. Alien died1 at the Johns James Andrew Allen, age 64, of
Mrs. Maggie Wade Alderman,, Hopkins Hospital In Baltimore on Waterford, Connecticut, died
aged 83 years, 11 months and 21 Tuesday April 29, 1924. For some
time he had been troubled with a Monday, September 14, 1959, in
days, wife of Timothy S. Alder- cancer on his faro but his friends the West Haven Veterans Hos-
man, died at her home on Douth- did not know it had reached a stage pital in Waterford.
ards Creek, April 21, 1949, after to endanger his life, and the news of Mr. Allen was an electrician at
a short illness. On Saturday her his death was a shock. His age was the Navy Underwater Sound Lab-
body was laid to rest in the Al- sixty-three years. oratory. He had been in failing
derman cemetery, the service Burial on Saturday afternoon at health for a year and entered the
being held from her home by her the Sharp graveyard in the Fairview hospital five weeks before his
pastor, Rev. L. E. Saville. neighborhood, the service being con-
ducted from his late residence by death when his illness became
The pall bearers were Wilbur, Rev. Nelson Hill, of the M. E serious.
Raymond and Lacy Alderman, church. A large congregation was Born June 20, 1895, in Zenith,
Denley Wade, Howard Settle and in attendance. West Virginia, he was a son of
Bruce Hefner. Flower girls were Mr. Allen was a son of the late Hugh and Nancy Mildred Hall
Juanita Settle, Ruth Hefner, Dor- Captain I. W. Allen, He is survived Allen. He had lived in Connect-
othy Alderman, Thelma Settle! by his wife who was a Miss Morrison.
They have one daughter, Mrs. Ernest icut for 35 years.
and Lorena White.
h vey, of Blue Jay, W. Va. A World War I veteran, Mr.
The deceased was a daughter of Allen entered the Army August 5,
the late George Washington and Alex Allen
Mary Ryder Wade. She was born 1917, at Washington, D . C ; was
f Alex Allen. 55, of Hillsboro, I in the Quartermaster Corps, serv-
in Greenbrier County, but spent I was killed Wednesday, October |
most of her life in Pocahontas ing in France from December 17,
27, 1965, in a logging accident 1917, until June 1919. He was
county. On June 5, 1908, she
was married to Timothy S. Alder- on Kennison Mountain near discharged July 3,1919, at Mitch-
man, who survives. She also, Marlinton. ell Field, Long Island.
leaves to mourn their loss a foster Born at Renick, March 7. I Surviving him are his widow,
daughter, Oma V. May, a nephew 1910, he was a member of Mildred Havens Allen, whom he
whom she reared from childhood, i Marvin Chapel Methodist married March 29,1947, at Luray,
Cammie A. Wade, three brothers, I Church, at Mill Point Virginia; one sister, Mrs. C. S.
John G. Wade, of Neola; and Gil- Survivors include his wife Showalter, of Monterey, Virginia;
mer Wade of Minnehaha. Three I Mrs. Gretchel Bostic Allen r one neice, Mrs. Aletha Hoffman,
sisters preceded her to the great one daughter, Brenda Sue Al- of Huntington; and one nephew,
beyond. len; two sons, Johnny Wallace Charles Buchanan, of Cass.
Early in life she professed faith and Walter William Allen, all Funeral services were held at
in Christ and became a member at. home; two daughters by a Byles Memorial Home by the
of the Methodist Church. To this Drevious marriage. Mrs. Marie Rev. Robert Y. Johnson, pastor
faith she remained true, until the Wilkinson and Mrs. Beatrice of First Church of Christ, Con-
Master called, "Well done, thou ! Jack, both of Aberdeen, Mary- gregational. Interment with mil-
good and faithful servant, enter l a n d ; two sisters, Mrs. Reece itary honors followed in Jordan
thou into the joys of eternal life." l^cott, of Campbelltown, and Cemetery.
Mrs. Cloy Taylor, of Morgan- j
" A u n t Mag" as she was famil- fown, and one brother, Johnny I Mrs. Don Allen
iary called by all who knew her, Nester Allen, of Caldwell.
will be sadly missed in her home,. Mrs. Dora Lee Allen, 75, of
community and church but earth's! Funeral services were held 2506 Charles Avenue, Dunbar,
loss is Heavens gain. Saturday afternoon, in the Mar I died Wednesday, January 2,
vin Chapel Methodist Church I 1980, in Thomas Memorial
Those from a distance attend- pt Mill Point by the Rev. Vic-1 Hospital after a long illness.
ing the funeral of Mrs. Maggie tor Tenney. Burial was in the j She was a member of the
Wade Alderman, were Mr. and Oak Grove Cemetery at Hills-1 Marlinton Presbyterian Church
Mrs. J. D. Alderman of Harrison- boro. Surviving are her husband,
burg, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Al- Lawrence; sons, Vale and Law*
derman and son, Wilbur Alder- Charles Cyrus Allen rence, both of Dunbar, Don-
man and Misses Ozalia and Doro- ald, of Big Chimney, Ronald,
thy Alderman of Charleston, Mr. Charles Cyrus Allen, 75, was
born August 29,1895, at Beard, of Red Bouse; daughters, Mrs.
and Mrs. Howard Settle of Mont- Phyllis Lucas, of Grayson,
gomery and Mrs. Thelma Settle^ and died April 11, 1971, at
the Newton D. Baker Veterans Kentucky, Mrs. Jeanetta
of Page. Boggs, of Anderson, South
Center, Martinsburg. He was
a son of the late Samuel R. Carolina, Mrs. Charlotte
and Anna Smith Allen. On Mitchell, of Hurricane; sister*
September 17, 1919, he was Mrs. Helen Farley, of Jackson*
united in marriage to Ercie G. rille, Florida; 16 grandchil-
McClung, of Clover Lick. To dren; three great-grandchild
this union, two daughters ire.
were born. Mr. Allen leaves Mrs. Allen, is the daughter
his wife, Mrs. Ercie G. Allen, of the late Val and Virginia
of Alexandria, Virginia, two Fortune, of Marlinton. She
daughters, Mrs. Genevieve A. worked in the Pocahontas
Molehan, of Hampton, Vir- Times office many years ago.
ginia, and Mrs. Mae A. Amos, Services were he\& at 2 p. m*
of Alexandria, Virginia. He Saturday in Dunbar Church of
also leaves one sister, Mrs, theNazarene, with the Rev.
Lyda Romans, of Rupert; one Frank Goff officiating. Burial
brother, John Thrasher Allen, was in Tyler Mountain Mem-
of Charmco, and eight grand- ory Gardens.
Mrs. Ella Maggie Allen Ellis Cameron Allen Harper Arderscn
HOT SPRINGS — Mrs. E l l a I would like to inform you ! .x-pet Milton Anderson,
Maggie Allen, 78, died at h e r that my father, Ellis Cameron aged 68 years, d u d a t bis home
home at Natural Well on Mon - Allen, passed away on Wednes- in M a r l i n t o n on F r i d a y , April 2
day, February 26, at 6 p.m. fol- day, May 8,^1963, aged 92. 1954, after a long illness On
lowing a lingering illness. Mrs. He was the son of the late Cap- S u n d a y afternoon the service
Allen was born in Frost, W. Va., tain I. W. and Elizabeth Duffel was heVl from the home by his
the daughter of Thomas B. and Allen. pastor, B r c t ' i e r H e f n e r , of Lewis-
Marietta Sharp Kellison. She was He was born on a farm near b u r g . H i s body was laid to rest
the widow of Lewis Samuel Al- Clover Lick, near Charlie Shina m t h e Hill C ^ m a t e r y a t Lobelia,
len, who preceded her in death in berry's and Harper Beverage's T h e deceased was a s i n of the
1945. farms. late Milliard D and Saliie McCoy
She is survived by one s o n ,
Ira Lewis Allen, Natural W e l l ;
He had two brothers, Frank A n d e r s o n . Of his father's family
five sisters, Mrs. Gertie Allen,
and George i^llen, and several t h e r e remain his sisters Mrs P
sisters. 0 . C irr.v, of M a r l i n t o n , Mr? W.
Hot Springs; Mrs. Anna Shelton,
He was married to Anna G. C u r r y , of Westfield, New
Elkton, Md.; Mrs. Ruth Kersh-
Mae Marshall, of Crabbottom, Jfrae.v; his b r o t h e r , E m o r y , of
ner, Washington, D. C: Mrs.
now called Blue Grass, Virginia Marlinton.
Connie Warwick, Mountain Grove
and Mrs. H. G. Sauders, Lewis - He lived in Kokomo, In- F o r t y five y e a r s since M r . An-
burg, W. Ya. Also, two brothers, diana, for forty-one years, derson married *£is% G e o r g i a
C. H. Kellison, Covington a n d where he passed away on May* S c o t t , who survives. T h e i r child-
H a r r y Kellison, Bloomington, 8, survived by seven children ren are Milliard D . , of M a r l i n t o n ;
Md., and three grandchildren. Cecil H , of Mansviile, New J e r -
Would like to hear from any sey ; L o r i s , g r a n d d i u ^ h t e r and
A funeral service will be held old friends or relations of my
Thursday, March 1 at 1 p.m. at adopted d a u g h t e r , a t h o m e An-
father. o t h t r son, Ne&l, preceded his
Mountain G r o v e Methodist
Church with the Rev. Francis Edwin Lee Allen father some years since.
Gum and the Rev. Don F l y n n s P. 0. Box 933 i T h i i t y - f c u r y e a r s ago Mr. An-
officiating. Opelousas, Louisiana derson suffered so severe attack
of a r t h r i t i s , he became a wheel
Mrs. Dallas Abdella chair invalid for t h e rest of his
Fred C. Allen dfe. In spite of this g r e a t haooi
Mrs. Minnie Ellen Bach Ab«
Fred Clay Allen, 82, of Mar- della, of Huntersville, died cap, he was cheerful and k e p t
linton, died Saturday, Decem- Tuesday, October 10, 1972, in busy, d o i n g what he could. He
ber 20, 1969, in the Pocahon- the University Hospital at Mor bad a gift of p o e t r y and some
tas Memorial Hospital. gantown after a short illness. vears since he published a book
Dr. Allen, as he was known of verses ' W h o Shall H a v e P e a c e "
Born December 22, 1906, in and o t h e r poems Deeply r e -
to all, retired about six years Springfield, Ohio, she was the
ago after operating the Royal igious here is a s e n t i m e n t picked
daughter of the late Walter at r a n d o m from his w r i t i n g :
Drug Store for over forty vears and OUie Bach; a sister, Kath-
He served as President of the erine, is deceased. Knowing Christ is our perfection,'
West Virginia State Pharma- Though our talent is but one.
ceutical Association in 1934- She was a member of St.
John's Lutheran Church in We will not give up and hide it,
35 and had been a member of But will stand up and go on
the State Board of Pharmacy Springfield. She retired as a
clerk from the Wright Patter- To perform our assigned duty,
for over thirty years. And the will of the Almighty,
son Air Force Base in Dayton,
He served from 1936 to 1956 Ohio, and moved to Hunters- Hoping He will see and p;*".y.
as State Senator and was chair ville two years ago. Till our work is done.
man of the Pocahontas Coun-
ty Democratic Executive Her only survivor is her hus-
Conn'ttee for over twenty band, Dallas Abdella, of Hunt- Jesse Plum?r Anderson
years. He had also served ersville. Jesse Plumer Anderson, age
1928 1932 as Marlinton Mayor Services will be held in 8jl of 1602 Lynchburg Turn-
A veteran of World War I, Huntersville United Methodist pike, Salem, Virginia, pa3sedi
he was a charter member of Church Thursday afternoon at away Saturday, December 2fy
the American Legion Post No. 2:00 p. m. by the Rev. Kendall 1974, in a Salem hospital
50, and a member of theJV F Hatton, with burial in the Bea-
ver Creek Cemetery. He is survived by his wife,
W, Masonic Lodge andSMriner Mrs. Anna K. Anderson; two
rle was lone: active in the sons, Jesse P. Anderson, Jr.,
Pocahontas Rod and Gun Thomas Atkins of Herndon, Virginia, and Don
3lub. Thomas Atkins, 23, of Balti- aid D. Anderson, of Virginia;
Born at Alma April 18, 1888, more, Maryland, died unex- one brother, L. Anderson, of
ne was thescn'of the late Ste- pectedly Wednesday, Novem- New Philadelphia, Ohio; two.
phen and ftorcus Ston<»K ^ ber SO, 1977, at his home. He sisters, Mrs. Mary Ola Barker,
was the son of Dr. and Mrs. of White Sulphur Springs, and
Raymond Atkins and grand- Mrs. Leta Gibson, of Coving-
son of Melvin Atkins and the con, Virginia, and three grand*-
late Myrtle Barlow Atkins. children.
Other survivors are two sis- Funeral services were held
ters and two brothers, Julia Tuesday afternoon at the John
Todd, Raymond, Billy and M. Oakey and Son Funeral
Beth. Home Chapel by the Rev.
Edward M. ftidout, with bur-
Services and burial in Balti- ial in Sherwood, at Salem.
Archie W. S. Anderson
{^/ Mrs. Cecil Anderson Mrs. Leaie Anderson Archie Winfred Smith An-
Mrs. Joy Barbra Andersen, Mrs. Tossie E. Anderson, 83, derson, of Staunton, was I
35, of Manville, New Jersey, died of New Philadelphia, Ohio, dead on arrival at King's I
in the Broaddus Hospital at died Friday, July 12, 1985, in Daughters' Hospital Saturday,
Philippi on Tuesday morning, Union Hospital after a month's September 2, 1972. He had I
October 4, 1960. She had been illness. been in declining health for
ill several months with cancer. Born at Ridge wood, she was several months.
A native of England, Mrs. An-' a daughter of the late Warren He was born at West Augus- I
derson was born November 6, and Florence Starkey Gibson. ta, March 31, 1906, a son of I
1924, the daughter of the latej She had been a member Mrs. Hattie Smith, and was
Seth and Doris Bricknell, of Eng- j since 1939 of Otterbein United reared by foster parents,
land. She was a member of the ] Methodist Church at New Phil- James and Cora Anderson, of I
Church of England and a member j adelphia. Bridgewater. He had lived in I
of the Women's Auxiliary of the Surviving her are her hus- Staunton 46 years and worked I
Moose Lodge. Mrs. Anderson band, Leale F. Anderson, with as a waiter at Staunton Mili-
came to this country about fif- whom she would have celebrat- tary Academy and for the past I
teen years ago. ed their 65th wedding anni- seven years as janitor at the I
j Surviving her are her husband, versary in October; two sons, Professional Building. He was
Cecil H. Anderson, and two sons, Leale 6., of Delaware, Ohio, a member of Augusta Street
David and Neal Anderson, at and Willie S., of El Paso, United Methodist Church and
home. Texas; a brother, Coleman its Methodist Men's Club.
Funeral services will be held * Jack" Gibson, of Gnaden- Surviving are his widow,
Saturday afternoon at 2:00 in hutten, Ohio; ten grandchil- Mrs. Elsie (Nicholas) Ander-
the Marlinton Methodist Church dren, eighteen great-grand- son, and three children, Mrs.
by the Rev. Herbert Pennington. children, and five great-great- Glenxia A. Ware, Mrs. Sonja
Burial will be in Mountain v'iew grandchildren. R. Anderson and Archie W.
A brother, three sisters and Anderson, Jr., all of Staunton;
two grandchildren are deceas- three sisters, Mrs. Emma Free-
Patrick J. Anderson \s man, of Staunton, Mrs. Kath-
Patrick J. Andersoi^ 63, Services were held Sunday at erine Stovall, Richmond, Mrs.
died Wednesday, October 29, 2 p. m. in Otterbein United Martha Freeman, Rich wood;
1969, in Warren, Ohio. Death Methodist Church by the Rev. a brother Raymond Freeman,
was due to a heart ailment. a foster sister, Mrs. Annie
Larry Hinkle, with burial in
Born May 25, 1906, in Ar- Ridgecrest Memory Gardens at Miller, of Staunton; five grand
noldsburg, be was the son of Dover, Ohio. children; two great-grandchil-
Charles and Josie Lynch Ander- dren, nieces, nephews and oth-
son. His first wife, Effie Mor- er relatives.
ris Anderson, died April 10, Mrs. Georgia Anna Anderson A funeral service was con*
1934. Mrs. Georgia Anderson, 83, ducted in the chapel of the
A resident there 30 years, died Friday, January 21,1977, Jones Funeral Home at two o'
coming from End^cott, he was in the Pocahontas Memorial clock Wednesday, by the Rev.
employed by H. K. Porter Co. Hospital following a heart at- James H. Scott, Jr., assisted by
for 18 years, retiring in June tack and stroke. the ministt rial Alliance. Burial
196*. She was the widow of Har- was in Fairview Cemetery.
He was a 32nd degree Mason per M. Anderson and made her
and a member of Old Erie home in Hillsboro with her
Lodge A F & AM, Mahoning granddaughter, Mrs. Dolores Miss Lena Anderson
Valley Consistory and Odd Fel- Pyles, whom the Andersons' Miss Lena Anderson, 72, of
lows Lodge of Littleton. adopted as a daughter. She Elkins, died Sunday, April 17,
Survivors include his wife, was a member of the Wesley 1966, in the Davis Memorial
Naomi McKenney Anderson, Chapel United Methodist Hospital in Elkins after a long
whom he married May 26, 1951; Church in Hillsboro. illness.
three sons, Jack, of Wiley- Born at Beard April 13, She was born August 10,
ville, Bill and Eddie, both at 1893, she was the daughter of 1893, near Charlottesville, Vir-
home; a daughter, Patty, at Frank and Alice Mitchell Scott ginia, a daughter of the late
home; and six sisters. Surviving her in addition to William Floyd and Cora Etta
Services were held Sunday at Delores Pyles are two sons, Davis Anderson.
Hundred, with burial in Miller Dick Anderson, of Marlinton, Mi*s Anderson was a former
Cemetery. and Cecil Anderson, of Bound social worker with the Depart-,
Brook, New Jersey; five grand- ment of Welfare in Pocahontas!
A Lake Anderson, aged 62 years, children and two great and Randolph counties. A
died February 2, 1939, in a Hunting grandchildren; two brothers, graduate of the Greenbrier
con hospital. Burial at Alderson on Burk Scott and Jewel Scott, Seminary, College of Music;
Sunday afternoon, and a sister, Mrs. Macel Wal- for a number years she was a I
Mr Anderson was born in Pocahon ton, all of Hillsboro. teacher in Cass and Rainelle
cas County, a son of John 51-ason and A son, Neal Anderson, two and gave private music lessons I
Nanny Wiiiidms Anderson He fud brothers, Lloyd and Warwick at Rainelle.
led law and practised in Montgomery Scott, and two sisters, Jessie Survivors include one half-!
for many years. Rose and Becky Reeves pre-
He is survived by his wire Mrs Myr
sister, Mrs. Jack Kelley, of
ceded her in death. Elkins, one niece, Nancy Kel-
i tie Anderson, who was a daughter of
the Uie S. VV. iVnderson, of Gft.en- Services were hel d in Wes- I 'ey 2nd three nephews, Joseph
brier County and their two ?ot>s S.W. ley Chapel Church Monday by ?. Kelley, John A. Kelley and!
and A L , Jr. Also, by a J s t e r Mrs the Rev. Sherman Markley I Jeffrey Kelley, all of Elkins. ;
Pat J-'lenry and a brother, Wv S. An- with burial in Emmanuel Cem-
ders etery. —
Baby Anderson Neal P. Anderson, 25, taxi driver Mrs. T. C. Anderson
Marsha Kay, day-old dau- of Allentown, Pa., was killed in an
automobile accident near the Pendle- Mrs. Emma King Anderson, 80,
ghter of Roy and Shirley Mc- died early Sunday morning, Nov-
Laughlin Anderson, of Hunters- ton-Highland county line early Wed-
nesday morning and two other occu-
ember .13,-1960, in the Pocahon-
ville, died in the A ucahontas tas Memorial Hospital as the re-
Memoria1 Fospital on Friday, pants of the car, Miss Lillian Scott,
of York Springs, Pa., and Mahlon
suit of complications from burns
January 25, 1963. She was received at her home ten days be-
born January 24, 1963. | McEmory, of Allentown, are patients fore.
in R. M. Hospital. Miss Scott is suf-
Also surviving is one sister. fering from a probable fracture of Mrs. Anderson was a member
Graveside services were held the leg and arm while McEllory suf- of the Marlinton Presbyterian
Saturday by the Rev. Rex Ball fered only minor injuries. Church.
in McLaughlin Cemetery at The trio was returning from Poca- Born at Fairmont, November
Huntersville. hontas county where they had left 18, 187& .she was the slaughter of
Mrs. Anderson and little daughter the late E. D. and M/ry M. Van-
Lake Elton Anderson for a visit at her husbands home a t dervorlf Kjng. Her/husband, T.
Lobelia, when the accident occurred # C/ "Antiersdn^ preceded her in
Lake Elton Anderson, aged 47 deaths
years, of Lobelia, was killed in- Mr. Anderson was a nephew of Mrs.
stantly when he was struck on P. C. Curry, of Marlinton. She is mirvived^y a brother W.
the head by a log at a logging Pendleton Times B. Kirtg^ofsSVuiterpock, Virginia.
camp he was maSMgib^ near Bar- Mr. Anderson was a son of Mr. Funeral services w^re held at
tow, on Monday, September 20, and Mrs. Harper Anderson, of Lo- the Smith Funeral Home Tues-
1943. On Wednesday his body belia. He is survived by his parents day afternoon by her pastor, the
j was laid to rest in the Hill ceme- and his two brothers; also by his Rev. W. E. .Pierce, with burial in
ftery, the funeral being held from wife and little daughter. | Mountain View Cemetery.
the Bruffey Creek Church. Mr On Saturday afternoon, his body
Anderson is survived by his wife was laid to rest in che Hill Cemetery
Mrs Virginia Clutter Anderson near Lobelia. _ _ ^ .,_•— Roy Anderson, If.
and their three children; Mrs Roy Wanamaker Anderson,
Marie Kennison of Charleston; Sr., of 75, Covington, Virginia,
Miss Deja Anderson of Baltimore, Mrs. Melvin Anderson died Friday, April 20,1979, in
and Lake E. at home. Joy G. Malcomb Anamon, Hot Spring, Virginia, after a
51, died Friday, December 19, long illness.
1975, in the Broaddus Hospital Born November 23,1903 at
William A. Anderon, Sr. at Philippi. Her death was at Mountain Grove, Virginia, he
/illiam A. Anderson, Sr. tributed to complications fol- was the son of William Ander-
A, of Marlinton, died Satur lowing surgery. son.
day, June 17,1978, in an auto Mrs. Anderson was an assist He was a woodsman and a
accident above Minnehaha ant cashier at the Dank of member of the Mountain
Springs. Marlinton where she was em- Grove Presbyterian Church.
Born at Mountain Grove, ployed for the past 18 years. Surviving him are five sons,
Virginia, February 4, 1934, he j She was a member of the Na- Roy, Clarence and Gordon, *ll
was the son oi Roy Anderson, tional Association of Banking of Marlinton, Wayne and
Sr., of Covington, Virginia, Women and the Marlinton Pres- Randy, both of Covington;
and the late Flossie Sheets An- byterian Church. three daughters, Mrs. Cheryl
derson. She was born October 1,1924, Frye, Hot Springs, Mrs. Ana-
He was a veteran. the daughter of Claude G. Mal- gaile Terry, of Bolar, Virginia,
Surviving, in addition to comb, of Marlinton, and the Mrs. Millie Forbes, of Cov-
his father, are his wife, Jo Ann, late Jewell Alma Cleek Mai* ington, Virginia; 22 grandchil-
two children, William A. An- comb. She was married to dren; one great-grandchild.
derson, Jr., and Kathy An- Melvin C. Anderson in 1940. Preceding him in death were
derson, and five step-children, Surviving are her husband, sons, William, Clyde and Sam*
Tom and Roger Dickenson, of Melvin C. "Mib" Anderson, uel Anderson. ,
Green Bank, John, William five children, Mrs. Brenda Nel- Services were held at two
and Richard Allen Dickenson, son and Melvin Lee Anderson, p.m., Monday, in VanReenen
at home, and Mrs. Bertha Ann of Marlinton, Phillip E. An- Funeral Home, with the Rev.
Wolfe, of Cass; two brothers, derson and Mrs. Nancy All- Clyde Gum officiating. Burial
Roy Anderson, Jr., of Minne- man, of Huntington, and Mrs. was in Mountain Grove Cem-
haha Springs, and Clarence Sandra Gay, of Princeton, her etery.
Anderson, of Marlinton; a sis- father and stepmother, Mr.
ter, Mrs. Anna Gale Terry, of and Mrs. C. G. Malcomb, of
Virginia; three half brothers, Marlinton, a half-brother,
Wayne and Randall Anderson, C. Stephen Malcomb, Buckhan- Bernard Peyton Anderson,
of Covington, Virginia, and non, a half-sister, Mrs. Mela- Sr., 73, of Charleston, died in
Gordon Anderson, of Marlin- nie Shafer, Marlinton; four a Beekley hospital Monday,
ton, two half sisters, Mrs. Mil- grandchildren/ Bryan and May 27, 1963. He was the
lie Forbes, of Covington, and Rachel Gay, Kimberly Allman, step father of Mrs. Nancy
Mrs. Shirl Fry, of Hot Springs ; and Melvin Lee Anderson, II. Smith, of Marlinton, and a
one grandchild. brother-in-law of Mrs. Frank
Services were held at the
Services were held Tuesday VanReenen Funeral Home Sun- P. McLaughlin.
afternoon at VanReenen Fu* day with Rev. Richard L.
neral Home by the Rev. Clyde Newkirk officiating and inter-
Gum with burial at Mountain ment was in the Mountam
Grove, Virginia. View Cemetery.

William Wise Arbogast died *£his Mrs. Rachel Jane Arbogast
home at Greenbank on December 27 I
Mrs. J o s e p h i n e A n n i e Tallman J Mrs. Rachel Jane Arbogast
1940 after an illness of ten days. A r b o g a s t , aged 79 years, passed I passed away Friday, May 22nd,
Mr. Arbogast was widely known and |away at her home near Millpoint, 1959, in the Pocahontas Memorial
had many prominent family con con- Ion Monday noon, J u n e 30, 1952. Hospital, at Marlinton. She had
She had been in failing health entered the hospital on Thursday,
nections*. He was born February 4, for m a n y m o n t h s . May 7, suffering from a fractured
1861 at Greenbank in the same On W e d n e s d a y afternoon the pelvic boiie sustained in her home
house in which he died. His father I funeral services were held from at Arbovale. She seemed to be
George Washington Arbogast, was a jat Marvin Chapel by h e r pastor, in good spirits, and progressing
descendant of the pioneer settlers the Rev. F r a n k J o h n s o n , assisted nicely when she passed away
of Pocahontas county. His mother by the Rev. D r u r y J o n e s , and her peacefully in her sleep/
was Adeline Ellinor Slayen. He spent body was laid in the family plot She was born at Travelers Re-
his early boyhod days on his fathers I in the R u c k m a n C e m e t e r y , beside pose, near Bartow, March 5, 1866
farm near Arbovale. His father was I the g r a v e of her husband, H e n r y and at the time of her death she,
a soldier in the Civil War and was I F r a n k l i n A r b o g a s t , who preced- -was aged 93 years, 2 months j
killed in the battle of Spottsylvania ed her in death t h r e e years ago, and 17 days, having spent her en- J
Courthouse. His marriage to George lacking but a single day. tire life in Pocahontas County.1
Allie Ervine took place on Novem- T h e deceased is survived by her [She was the daughter of the late
ber 20, 1884. They moved to Iowa, three sons: Neal A r b o g a s t , of | Adam Arbogast, Jr., and his sec-
where they lived for several years Norfolk, V i r g i n i a ; Rev. Quade R. jond wife, Sarah McDonald Arbo-
th« n returned to Pocahontas county Arbogast, of Richlands, and Bur- igast. On January 31, 1882, she
I where they lived practically all of jreli F. A r b o g a s t , of Millpoint; | was married to the Reverend
the remaining years of his life. two d a u g h t e r s : Miss Madge Grace ! Christopher C. Arbogast, who
He is survived by his wife and the A r b o g a s t , R. N., of S t a u n t o n , j died on April 23, 1940, a son of
following children: Charles Wash- Virginia, and M r s Lucille Dilley, I Adam" Arbogast and Margaret
ington of Charleston; Clifford Mc- at h o m e ; and six g r a n d c h i l d r e n . I Clarissa Sutton Arbogast, and a
Neil of San Francisco, Cal.; Lock She was a d a u g h t e r of the late grandson of Benjamin Arbogast,
Neil of San Francisco, Cal; Preston C v r u s W a r w i c k and Marv Ano Sr., and his wife Frances Mullins,,
Hunter of Neola; Mrs. W. E. Hend- Cassell Tollman. Her s u r v i v i n g the Jatter from Westmoreland
erson of Richmond, Va.; Mrs. Vir- b r o t h e r is J o h n Tallman, of CAS*. (County, Virginia.' To this union
[ginia Couley of Greenbank and eight Mrs. A r b o g a s t was a professing • were born three sons, Glen, of
grandchildren. Also a half brother, christian, a m e m b e r of the Meth- Arbovale, who survives. Addle
Tilden L. Brown of Arbovale and a odist C h u r c h , from her youth up Richard, born December 22, 1886
half sister, Mrs. Ida Patterson of Hers was a busy useful life, given and 'died November 2, 1889;
St. Petersburg, Fla. in service to others. W h a t h e r and an infant son who died at
On Sunday afternoon the funeral hand found to do she did with all birth. She was the last surviv-
service was conducted from the | h e r m i g h t . " A n d her children ing member of her family, and a
I Greenbank Methodist Church by] riste up to call her blessed."- granddaughter of Adam Arbo-
Rev. Quade R. Arbogast, assisted by jgast, Sr., a soldier in the Revo-
Revs. W W. Sutton and A. B. Willi- Miss Mary Lee Arbogast lutionary War, and his wife Mar-i
f ord. jgaret Hull Arbogast.
Miss Maty Lee Arbogast, of ' i'or more years than the writer
8 Churchville Avenue, Staun- can remember she sang alto in
ton, Virginia, died Thursday, the Methodist choir, and "Cousin.
February 2, 1967, at King's Rachel" or "Aunt Rachel" will
Henry Franklin Arbogast Daughters' Hospital. be sadly missed by the people of
She was a daughter of the the Arbovale community, iier
H e n r y F r a n k l i n A r b o g a s t was late Jerry and Elizabeth Puff- ihome was always open to any
| born near D u n m o r e , W e s t Vir- enbarger Arbogast, of High- j visiting pastor of the Methodist
g i n i a , on J u l y 2 1 , 1868, and died land County.
at his home near Mill P o i n t , on
Church, and her hospitality and
J u l y 1, 1949. I Miss Arbogast was known that of her husband was unlimit-
j quite well in Upper Pocahon- ed. We, who loved her, shall not
Surviving* are his wife, Mrs. ! tas County. | think of her as gone from us, but'
J o s e p h i n e Tall man A r b o g a s t ; five
I children: M a d g e , of P o r t s m o u t h , Survivors include three sis- that she is "just in another
ters, Mrs. Florence Lewis, of room."
[Virginia; Neil, of Norfolk, Vir-
ginia; Q u a d e , of G r e e n b a n k ; M r c Charleston, South Carolina, In addition to her son and dau-
Luclle Dilley and Burrell, of Mill Mrs. Margie Grogg, of Middle- ghter, she leaves a number of
Point; seven g r a n d c h i l d r e n ; one brook, Virginia, and Mrs. Hes- nieces and nephews to mourn her
brother, W a l t e r , of Mill P o i n t ; ter Arbogast, of Staunton, loss, as well as a host of relatives
one sister, Mrs. Vinnie W e n g e r , Virginia; also surviving are a and friends..
of F r e d e r i c k s b u r g , V i r g i n i a . large number of nieces and Interment was made in Arbo-
F u n e r a l services were held in
nephews. vale Cemetery, Sunday, May 24.
Marvin Chapel C n u r c h , of which Funeral services were held the service being conducted by
Mie was a m e m b e r , with burial in at one o'clock Saturday after- her pastor, Reverend J. E Fair-
I the Ruckman cemetery. T h e ser- noon, from the East Chapel of burn in the Methodist Church at
vice was conducted by Rev. A. J . the Hamrick Funeral Home Arbovale, of which she had been
Shrader, assisted by Key. D r u r y 'at Staunton, Virginia, by the a member for the past sixty years.
Jones. Rev. Paul Good, pastor of the I The active pallbearers were:
Brush Run Mennonite Church Bramble, Dewey. and* William
of Durbin. Buri&l was in the I Tracy, Homer Sutton and Everett
Blue Grass Cemetery at Blue Arbogast, of Arbovale, and bn
Grass, Virginia. nephew, Ralph McElwee, of Elk-
Herbert Arbogast Two Die In Fire
V Charles H. Arbogast K/'
John Herbert Arbogast, 71, Elkins, March 15—-Two persons,
of Cutoff Road, Keyser, was Mrs. Grover C. Arbogast, 39 years old Charles H. Arbogast, 60, of
dead on arrival at the hospital and Raymond Arbogast 4 years o'd, Willsboro, died Thursday, June
on Thursday, December 2, her adopted son, were burned to 3, 1976, at his home after a
1971, after becoming suddenly death in a tire which razed their short illness.
home at Flint, last night. Mr. Arb- He was a lifelong resident of
ill. ogast and a daughter of the couple
Born at Durbin December escaped. Focahontas County and was a
7,1899, he was the son of the Trapped on the second floor of member of the Green Bank
late William and Ella Houchin their home, after they were awaken- Liberty Presbyterian Church
Arbogast. ed by the frightened cries of some and a farmer.
Mr, Arbogast was a member chickens in an incubator. Mrs. Arb- Survivors include his wife,
of the Baptist Church;. he was ogast and the boy had no time to es- Nellie Sheets Arbogast; two
a retired Western Maryland cape.—Charleston Mail daughters, Mrs. Bonnie L.
Railway Engineer and was a Mr. Mrs. Arbogast is the (laughter of Hicks, of Monterey, Virginia,
and Mrs. George C. Hoover, of
member of the Brotherhood of Marlinton. Her body was brought and Miss Tina Arbogast, at
Enginemen and Firemen. home; four sons: Gordie, of
nere on Monday afternoon and taken Clarksburg,
to the cemetery at Slaty Fork for Richard of Mont-
He is survived by his widow, erey, Virginia, Michael, of Hills-
Mrs. Cleo Ferguson Arbogast, burial on Tuesday. In the same
three daughters, Mrs. Patricia collin were the remains of her little boro, and Timothy, at home-
adopt 2d son. Mr. Arbogast Was able one sister, Mrs. Gladys Tyree'
Davis, of Raleigh, North Caro- to attend the funeral of his wife, but of Marlinton, and 10 grand-
lina, Mrs. Betty Castignetta, his little daughter by a former mar- children.
of Leesburg, Virginia, and Mrs. riage is still in an. El Kins hospital
Margaret Eskridge, of Palm being treated for burns which are se- Services were held Sunday
Bay, Florida; three sons, Her- vere but not necessarily danger^us. • afternoon at Wallace and Wal-
bert D. Arbogast and Clifford lace Funeral Home in Arbovale
G. Arbogast, both of Balti-
with Rev. David Rittenhouse
more^ Maryland, and Jess L. Golden Arbogast in charge. Burial was in the
Golden L. Arbogast, 71, of Arbovale Cemetery.
Arbogast, of Raleigh, North
Carolina; two brothers, Lynn Dunmore, died October 22, 1992,
Arbogast, of Denver, Colorado, at his home after a short illness. The subject of this sketch is Mrs.
and Lawrence Arbogast, of He had been a bulldozer Mertie Hughes Arbogast who
Elkins; one sister, Mrs. L. operator for Mower Lumber was born August 2, 1873;; died
Hart, of Mail land, Florida, Company and was a member of the September 10, 1945, age 12 years,
and twelve grandchildren. Green Bank Church of God. one month eeven days. She was
The son of the late William and united in marriage to Charles C.
Services and burial were at Doshie Ervin Arbogast, he was Arbogast June-25, 1894. They
f eyser on Sunday.
The Arbogasts lived near
Slatyfork for many years.
born at Dunmore March 27,1921.
Surviving him are his wife,
lived in holy happy wedlock fifty-
one years, two month, fifteen
days. To this union were born
Daire Arbogast; two daughters,
Jasper Arbogast Madonna Arbogast, at home, and s x children, two having died in
Jasper Arbogast, age 61 of Karen Lambert, of Dunmore; two ;nfancy and one son in the prime
Bartow, died on S^turJay, sisters, Onita Puffenbarger, of of life.
December 16, 1961. Davenport, Florida, and Eloise She leaves to mourn her loss
Puffenbarger, of Cool Ridge; two her husband and three children:
A retired farmer, he was a brothers, Artennis Arbogast, of Mrs. James Tyree, of Marlinton;
member of the American Le- Dunmore, and Pershing Arbogast, Pauline and Charles, Jr. at home
gion Post No. 117 at Durbin. of Green Bank; and four Six living grandchildren, and six
He was a member of the Elk grandchildren and two died in infancy. One brother
Mountain Chapel Presbyterian great-grandchildren. Frank S. Hughes, and one sister,
Church. Services were held at 2 p. m. Mrs. Alva A. Buzzard of Dun-
Survivors include two dau- Sunday at the Green Bank Church more. It is hard to give up a
ghters, Mrs. Tena Lambert, of God with Martin Samons and loving wife and mother, but we
and Mrs. Mervel Bennett, both Mancil Doolittle officiating. Burial must remember that God is too
of Bartow. was in the Arbovale Cemetery. good to be unkind and too wise
Funeral services were con- to make a mistake and that our
ducted Tuesday morning in loss is Heayens gain.
the Ell Mountain Chapel Pres- He doeth all things well;
byterian Church with the Rev. Mrs. E. M. Arbogast We say it now with tears,
Jonathan Edwards, of Frank- Mrs Annie L. McNulty Arbo- But we shall sing it with those
lin, in charge. Burial was in gast, aged 86 ;> ears, widow of the we love,
the Lambert Cemetery, near late E M. Arbogast, died at thp Through the bright eternal years.
Cherry Grove. hori^ of her son, E. Mead Arbo- She was a consistent member
gast, in Albuquerque, N. M., on of Liberty Presbyterian Church
Betty Arbogast, six year old daughj VIondav, February 18. 1952. She near Greenbank, and died in the
ter of Dixie Arbogast, of the Sinks is survived bv her daughter, Mrs triumphs of a living faith.
country was instantly killed Sunday Virginia Quackenbisb, of Pboe- Servant of God well done!
morning, December 15, 1935, by her nix Arizona; Mead; Dr John
\ little four year brother. The little Jio^ptX of New Cumberland, W. Thy glorious warfares past,
fellow by some mean obtained a load- \Tne battles fought, the race is
ed shot gun shell, and taking his Va. H*T husband preceded her won,
father's gun from a nearby >rner about 20 ye*rs ago. This family And thou art crowned at last.
He loaded tie the gun and shot his lived in Marlinton for about 20
sister in the side of her face. The years.
force of the shot knocked the body of
the little girl some three or four
feet, and the recoil of the gun wren-
the gun out of the boy's hands.
F. C. Arbogast, 55 years 01 **e
died suddenly and unexpectedly at
[7, 1857
Rey. C. C. Arbogast
and departed this
i ^
Rev 0. C. Arbogast was born July
123, 1940, in his eighty-third year.
Rev. Arbogast spent all of his long
his home in Arbovale, Saturday night and useful life at his boyhood home short illnees.
from a heart attack. Dr. L. C. Mc- at Arbovale. He was brightly con-
Cutcheon said the heart attack had verted at the age of seventeen years

been induced by exposure when Mr. at the old Greenbank church, and member of the Green Bank
Arbogast being accidentally locked
out and being unable to arouse the
household, apparently went to the
garage to sleep.
united with the M. E. church of
which he was a faithful member
until the end
Until the infirmities of age prevent

bovale Cemetery, the service being I church. He was licensed to preach

conducted from the Arbovale church
by his pastor, Rev. D. R. Carter.
The deceased was a son of the
late Brown Arbogast. Hib two sisters
survive, who are Mrs. Arthur Levi-
I pastor of charges in Monroe county
and in the W Va, Conference M. E.
On January 31, 1882 he was united
Charlts H. Arbogast
Charles H. Arbogast, :G0, of
3, 1976,
died Thursday, June
at hit home after a
He was a lifelong resident of
Pocahontas County and was a
Liberty Presbyterian Church
and a farmer.
Born at Boyer, he was :ft*pn
ed he was always faithful in his at of the late Charles and Mertie
On Tuesday afternoon his body i tendance of public worship and deep Hughes Arbogast, and was
' was buried in the family plot in Ar- ! ly interested in the welfare of his receded in death by one sister,
auline Arbogast, and one
about the year 1879 and served as brother, Strickler Arbogast,
Survivors include his: wife,
Nellie Sheets Arbogast; two
daughters, Mrs. Bonnie L.
in marriage to Rachel J. Arbogast, Hicks, of Monterey, Virginia,
say of Hinton, and Mrs. Porter Kerr, who, with their son Glen survive him
Mr. Arbogast is survived by his
and Miss Tina Arbogast, at
He was the last surviving member of home; four sons: Gordie, of
wife, who was Miss Addie Wilfong, nine children of the late Adam and
and their two grown children, Ray Margaret Sutton Arb9gast. Clarksburg, Richard of Mont-
Arbogast, of Pennsylvania, and Mrs. Uncle Crrss, as he was called by erey, Virginia, Michael, of Hills-
1 everyone who knew him, will be sad- boro, and Timothy, at home;
Sylvia Orndorff, of Massachusetts . one sister, Mrs. Gladys Tyree,
I For many years Mr. Arbogast has ly missed by his family and a wide
circle of relatives and friends. He of Marlinton, and 10 grand-
I conducted a successful store busi- loved his friends and enjoyed having children.
ness in Arbovale. them visit in his hospitable home, Services were held Sunday
where they always found a warm afternoon at Wallace and Wal-
welcome. lace Funeral Home in Arbovale
Funeral service was conducted with Rev. David Rittenhouse
Russell G. Arbogast ^ ^ / from the Arbovale church by his
former pastor, H Blackhurst of Cass, in charge. Burial was in the
Russell G. A r b o g a s t , aged f 8 Arbovale Cemetery.
assisted by Rev Quade Arbogasb of
years, died in the Veterans 5 Hos- Greenbank; his body was laid to rest
pital, at M a n i n s b u r g , on Sept. I in the Arbovale cemetery. The Golden Gate stood open
24, 1949 after an illness of five ! One of his favorite hymns which He saw you needed rest
months. T h e deceased was t h e ! he often §£ng contained Xrie fuiluw God's garden must be beautiful
son of the lute A r e t u s and Mag-1 ing stanza. For He always picks the best
gie Tracy A r b o g a s t . H e was a ! There is a happy land far, far away.
veteran of World W a r I. Where saints in glory stand, bright
S u r v i v i n g are six b r o t h e r s and bright as day,
two sisters; Charlie C. of B o v e r , ! Oh how they sweetly sing
Rev. P . W. of Rivesville; W i l l i a m j Worthy is our Saviour King Mrs. Ethel Hudson Arbogast
Loud let His praies ring
H. of Alma; a twin b r o t h e r , Ce- Forever there. Mrs. Ethel Hudson A r b o g a s t ,
cil T., of Arbovale; J a m e s L., of * * » • ..... jj^_ laged 68 .years, died on T u e s d a y ,
Cass; and• Lelund C . , . o f T i m b e r - Icie V. Arbogast August 23, 1919, a t \ h e Peoples
ville, Va. Mrs. William E r v i n ,
of North fork; and Mrs. D. M.
Icie V. Arbogast, 63, 640 Hospital in M o r g a n t o w n , of a

Nicholas of Brandonville, and a

Essex Avenue, Akron 6, Ohio, j heart attack. On F r i d a y after-
n u m b e r of nephews, nieces and a
departed this life on Fri- Ln,oon, her body was laid to r e s t
day, July 30, 1965. Q^ •in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery,
host of friends. near Greenbank. T h e funeral j
She was born March 18, service was conducted by Rev. |
F u n e r a l services were conduct- 1902, in Durbin, Pocahontas Quade R. A r b o g a s t .
ed on Wednesday Sept. 28, at the
Arbovale church by his pastor, j
County, a daughter of the late
Adam and Nettie Arbogast. Mrs. Arbogast was twice m a r -
Rev, A l b e r t T e n n e y , assisted by j ried. Her first husband was t h e
Rev. Quade A r b o g a s t . I n t e r m e n t Mrs. Arbogast was a retired late Jesse McLaughlin, vvho p r e -
in Arbovale c e m e t e r y . employee of the Goodyear Rub ceded her more than t h i r t y years
From our happy home and circle
ber Factory in Akron, Ohio. since. They are survived by
God has taken one we love
She was a Methodist by faith their d a u g h t e r , Vida. H e r sec-
He is borne away from sin and Survivors include one son, ond m a r r i a g e was to Dr. P . D.
sorrow Lee Keller, wife, Lstnny, and Arbogast, who died some y e a r s
To a nobler rest above. grandson, Larry, all of Phoe- ^ince.
nix, Arizona, five brothers, T h e deceased was a d a u g h t e r of
Yes, our family circle has been Homer and John, of Muncie, f the late Squire J. L. and Maggie
broken Indiana, Parker and Paul, of Virginia Gillispie Hudson.
F o u r links have g o n e from our Her
Durbin, Joe. Harrisburg, Penn- .sisters are: Mrs. J . A. Kirkpat-
chain sylvania. One brother, Brown, I rick, of Charleston; Mrs. Russell
Though we are parted for awhile preceded her death. Three sis- Crowley, of t j r e e n b a n k ; and Mrs.
We know we'll m e e t again. ters, Delpha, Maggie, and Lu- E l m e r McLaughlin, of H u n t e r s -
Ob, the m e m o r y of t h a t day die, also preceded her in death. viiie. H e r brothers are, W a r d ,
Funeral services were held of M a r l i n t o n ; L u t h e r and E. A.,
Sunday afternoon in the Me- of G r e e n b a n k ; and Mack, of Ak-
thodist Church in Durbin, by ron, Ohio.
the Rev. J. Miller. Burial
was in the Arbovale Cemetry,
Rey. C. C. Arbogast p Solomon Wade^Arbogast • Walter Arbogast ^y
Rev. C. C. Arbogast was borrrlfuly Solomon Wade Arbogast, 76, Walter Arbogast, 97, of
7, 1857 and departed this life April or Valley Head died Sunday Buckeye, died Friday, July 16,
23, 1940, in his eighty-third year. evening February 28. 1965, in 1976, in Denmar State Hospital,
Rev. Arbogast spent all of his long an Elkins hospital. Death was at Beard, after a long illness.
and useful life at his boyhood home
at Arbovaie. He was brightly cou- attributed to cancer. Mr. Arbogast, a retired farm-
verfced at the age of seventer \ years He was a retired woodsman er, was a member of Marvin
;at the old Greenbank church, and and a member of the Metho- Chapel Methodist Church and
[united with the M. E. church of dist Church. the Masons at Hillsboro. He
which he was a faithful member
Born December 23, 1888, he was born at Dunmore March
until the enrt 14, 1879, the son of George
Until the infirmities of age prevent was a son of the late Jefferson Washington and Sarah Eliza-
edhe was always faithful in his at and Barbara Hinkle Arbogast beth Arbogast.
tendance of public worship and deep Survivors include his wife,
ly interested in the welfare of his He was first married to Mar-
church. He wa* licensed to preach
Flora Channell Arbogast; eight gie Beard Arbogast, who died
about the year 1879 and served as sons. Burton, Luther, Cecil and in February, 1951. Five chil-
pastor of charges in Monroe county Scott, all of Valley Head, dren were born to this union.
;and in the W Va, Conference M. E. | Stephen, of Linwood, Willard He later married Mrs. Kate
Church. and Alfa, of Beverlv, and Del- McElwee Moore, who died Feb-
On January 31, 1882 he was united bert, of Akron, Ohio; three ruary 16, 1970. He was pre-
in marriage to Rachel J. Arbogast, daughters, Mrs. Elvin Vande- ceded by his wives and a ion,
who, with their son Glen survive him vender, Mrs. Geneva Bennett,
He was the last surviving member of Richard Arbogast. /o4rtr£/
of Beverly, and Miss Grace
nine children of the late Adam and Arbogast, of Marlinton; two Surviving; sons, Ralph, of
I Margaret Sutton Arbogast.
i brothers, Lawrence, of Buck- Mill Point, Argile, of Buckeye;
Uncle Criss, as he w^as called by
hannon, and Marvin, of Akron, daughters, Mrs. Opal Carte, of
(everyone who knew him, will be sad- Pomona, California, Mrs. Ma-
|ly missed by his family and a wide Ohio; three sisters, Mrs. Jim rie Kramer, of Buckeye; ten
[circle of relatives and friends. He McCloud, Mrs. Parker Sim- grandchildren;20 great-grand-
|loved his friends and enjoyed having mons and Mrs. Luther Chan- children; 5 great-great-grand-
[them visit in his hospitable home, nell, all of Valley Head; and
!where they always found a warm children.
35 grandchildren.
I welcome. Services were held Monday
Funeral service was conducted The funeral was conducted in the VanReenen Fu-
(from the Arbovaie church by his in the Valley Head Methodist neral Home, Marlinton, with
former pastor, H Blackhurst of Cass, Church with the Rev. C. A. the Rev. Sherman Mark ley offi-
assisted by Rev Quade Arbogast of Lewis in charge. Burial in ciating. Burial was in the Ar-
Greenbank; his body was laid to rest the Valley Head Cemetery.
in the Arbovaie cemetery. bovaie Cemetery with Masonic
;Oo&wfhis favorite hymns which rites.
be often sang contained the follow Denver Arbofitt l^^
iug stanza. DenveidM). Arbogast, 57, ^ J a m e s L. Arbogast ^^J,
There is a happy land far, far away. died Thursday, November 24, James Lawren ArbogasuT74,
Where saints in glory stand, bright 1977, in an Elkins hospital aft- of Cass, died Monday, Septem-
bright as day, er a short illness.
Oh T.ow they sweetly sing ber 25, 1967, in the Denmar
• thy is our Saviour King Born June 14, 1920, at Hospital after a long illness
oud let His praies ring Circleville, be was a son of He was born August 31,
Forever there. ilL" Dixie and Annie Vandevender 1893. He was a member of
Arbogast. the Cass Methodist Church
He was a resident of Durbin and a lifelong resident of Po-
Richard Yeager Arbogast forty years. Mr. Arbogast was cahontas County, and was a
a member of the Durbin Unit- retired employee of the Cass
Richard Yeager Arbogast, aged ed Methodist Church and was Lumber Mill. A^~rlt
49 years, died on Friday, Janu- employed by the Howes Leath-
ary 25, 1957. He had suffered a Survivors hiclude his wife,
er Company at Frank. Mrs. Bessie Simmons Arbo-
heart attack. On Monday after-
noon, his body was laid in Oak Other survivors are his wife, gast; two daughters, M/s.
Grove Cemetery. The service Mrs. Virginia Ryder Arbogast; Irene Cassell, of Cass, and MM
was from Marvin Chapel by his one daughter, Mrs. Bonnie Helen Swisher, of Oella,
pastor, Rev. Willis Summers. Curry, of Warren, Ohio; two Maryland; three sons, Ernest
sisters, Mrs. Jo Ann Currence A. Arbogast, of Cleveland,
The deceased was a son of and Mrs. Maxine Cromer, Ohio, Everett Arbogast, of
Walter A. Arbogast and the late both of Durbin; eight broth- Cass, and Roy Arbogast, of
Mrs. Marjorie Beard Arbogast. ers, Vere Ray, of Cleveland, Whitmsville, Massachusetts:
He is survivad by his wife, Mrs. Ohio, Harvey, of Bridgewa- ofie sister, Mrs, Ailee Hsgan,
Vera Payne Arbogast, and their ter, Virginia, Greene, Paul of Arbovaie; and three broth-
two children, Richard, of Balti- and Daniel, all of Durbin, Ar- ers, Pearl Arbogast, of New-
more, Maryland, and Mrs. Betty nold, of Burgettstown, Penn- burg, William Arbogast, of
iJoe McCarty, of Hillsboro; also sylvania, Henry, of Boyer and Green Bank, and Leland Arbo-
two sisters, Mrs. Joe Kramer, of David, of Parsons, and two gast, of Broadway, Virginia.
Mill Point, and Mrs. Opal Har- grandchildren. Funeral services will be held
desty, of St. Petersburg, Florida; Services were held Sunday Thursday afternoon at 2 p. m.
! two brothers, Argile and Ralph at 2 p. m. in the Durbin Unit- in the Cass Methodist Church
Arbogast, both of Mill Point. ed Methodist Church with the by the Rev. Travis E. Wells,
Mr Arbogast was a member of Revs. David Rittenhouse and Jr., with burial in the Arbovalp <b
I the Methodist Church. William Trowbridge officiat- Cemetery. \
ing. Burial was in the Arbo-
gast Cemetery.
Cecil T. Arbogast l^S W. H. Arbogast o " < W Mpfc Artefitt L ^
William Harrison (Arbogast, Ralph Arbogast, 71, of Mill
Cecil Tracy Arbogast, aged 58 87, of Dunmore, died Sunday, Point; died Tuesday, March
.years, of Arbovaie, died on Fri- September 16, 1973, at the 28,1978, in Pocahontas Me*
day, January 20, 1950. On Sun- home of his daughter, Mrs.
day afternoon the funeral service Nita Puffenbarger, after a long aorial Hospital.
was held from the Arbovaie illness. /,, r He was a farmer and mem-
church by his pastor, Kev. A. L. ber of the Marvin Chapel
He was a lifelong resident of
Tenney. Burial in the Arbovaie Pocahontas County, was a Methodist Church.
cemetery. <^cr^ib member of the Arbovaie Unit- Thesdnof the late Waltef*
The deceased was a son of the ed Methodist Church and was abd Margie Beard Arbogast,
late Rete Arbogast. He is sur- a retired woodman. he was born July 19, 1906, at
vived by his widow, Alma Grimes Arbovaie.
Survivors include three dau-
Arbogast. Of his father's family ghters, Mrs. Juanita Lovelace, Mr. Arbogast is survived by
there remain his two sisters, Mrs. of Ronceverte, Mrs. Elouise lis wife, Arlene Dunn Arbo-
Grace P>vin and Mrs. Allie Nich- Puffenbarger, of Cool Ridge, gast; two sons, Samuel Arbo-
olas, his five brothers, Pearl, Wil- and Mrs4. Nita Puffenbarger, gast, with the U. S. Navy, and
liam, Charles, Leland and Law- of Dunmore; five sons, Artis, Mrs. Delores Waugh, Manas-
rence. I Corbet, Golden, Pershing, and sas, Virginia; five grandchil-
The deceased was a veteran of Ted Arbogast, all of Dunmore; dren; a brother, Argile Arbo-
World War 1. He was an em-; one brother, Leland Arbogast, gast, of Buckeye, and two sis-
ploye of the United States Postal of Broadway, Virginia; twenty ters, Utah,
Opal Carte, of Laverkin,
and Marie Kramer,
Department, at the time of his two grandchildren, and several
death. great-grandchildren. Buckeye.
Services were held Saturday
Sandra Jean Arbogast,, aged Funeral services were held afternoon at the VanReenen
three years, little daughter of Mr Tuesday afternoon at the Arbo- Funeral Home by the Rev.
and Mrs. Leo Arbogast, of Boyer, vaie United Methodist Church Virgil Hornbeck, with burial in
was killed in an automobile acci- by the Rev. Kenneth Mont- Ruckman Cemetery.
dent on Wednesday afternoon, gomery, with burial in the Ar-
May 28, 1952 On Saturday af- bovaie Cemetery. Russell M. Arbogast / X
ternoon the little body was laid Russell M. Arbogast, 44, of
to rest in Arbovaie Cemetery. * /cie V. Arbogast
Dallas, Texas, died Monday,
The service was held from Boyer Icie^V. Arbogast, 63, 640 April 4,1977.
Church by Rev. J. W. Pu^h Essex Avenue, Akron 6, Ohio,
departed this life on Fri- Born July 18,-1932, at Bar-
The family had gone on a drive tow, he had lived in Texas for
on a dirt road toward Alleghany day, July 30, 1 9 6 5 . ^ - * ^
several years. He worked for
Mountain. The car struck a deep She was born March 18, j a railroad company. He served
hole. The jar caused a door to 1902, in Durbin, Pocahontas1 one term with the Army.
open. The little child tumbled County, a daughter of the late
from her mother's lap to the road Adam and Nettie Arbogast. He is survived by one son,
and was run over. She received of Dallas, Texas; mother, Per-
Mrs. Arbogast was a retired lina Arbogast; six sisters, Mary
injuries from which she soon died employee of the Goodyear Rub Howdyshell, Andover, Ohio,
Sandra Jean is survived by her ber Factory in Akron, Ohio. Sally Ervin, of Frank, Radie
parents, her brother, Theodore, She was a Methodist by faith Nelson, Bartow, Ruth Ervin
her grandparents, Mr. ai d Mrs. Survivors include one son, j and Mae Rexrode, of Durbin,
James Varner, of Boyer, and Mrs. Lee Keller, wife, Lanny, and j Daryil Arbogast, of Dunmore;
Gladys Tyree, of Marlinton. grandson, Larry, all ofPhoe-j **£ brothers, Ray Arbogast,
nix, Arizona, five brothers, of Wellsburg, Elmer Arbogast,
• Homer and John, of Muncie, of Louisiana; father, Martin
J. Kcirinit Arbogast s-> Indiana, Parker and Paul, of Arbogast* and one brother
J. Kermit Arbogast, 58, of Durbin, Joe, Harrisburg, Penn- preceded him in death.
Arbovaie, died Thursday, June sylvania. One brother, Brown,
25, 1970, at his home after a Funeral and burial service
preceded her death. Three sis- was held in Dallas, Texas
long illness. ters, Delpha, Maggie, and Lu-
He was a lifelong resident of die, also preceded her in death, j
Pocahontas County, a member Funeral services were held Baby Arbogast \yC^
of the Liberty Presbyterian Sunday afternoon in the Me- David Scott Arbogast, two
Church at Green Bank and thodist Church in Durbin, by month-old son of Daniel and
Riverside Masonic Lodge of the Rev. J. Miller. Burial Maria Rodriquez Arbogast, of
Cass and a retired teacher, was in the Arbovaie Cemetry, Cass, died Wednesday, March
principal and assistant school 10, 1971, in a Naval hospital
superintendent in Pocahontas in Rota, Spain.
County. Mrs. Alice Arbogast Other survivors include the
Survivors include his wife, maternal grandmother, Mrs.
Grace Kramer Arbogast, and Mrs. Alice McClure Arbogast, Francisca Rodriquez of Jerez,
a brother, Grady, of St. Cloud, aged 36 years, wife of Ola Arbo- Spain, and the paternal grand-
Florida. gast, of Ed ray, died on Saturday, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ever-
January 17, 1942, at the Pocahon- c
Funeral services were held tas Memorial Hospital. On Mon- ette M. Arbogast, of Cass.
Sunday afternoon in the Liber- day her body was laid to rest in ^ Funeral service will be held
ty Presbyterian Church at the Cochran Cemetery on Stony Thursday morning at 11:00 a.
Grean Bank, with Rev. Thom- Creek, the service being conduct- m. in the Wallace and Wallace
as E. Henderson in charge. ed by Re7. R. H. Skaggs. Mrs. Funeral Home Chapel at Ar-
Burial <was \n the Jkxbcwate A r b o g a s t was a d a u g h t e r of A. L . bovaie by Father Leon Alex-
Cemetery. McClure. a n d e r , w i t h b u r i a l in t h e A r b o -
Baby Arbogast A. Ray Arbogast
Mrs. Lelia J. Holi Arbogast A. Ray Arbogast, age 80, of
John Preston Arbogast, four- Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, died
Mrs. Lelia J. Hull Arbogast, month-old son of John L. and
aged 82 years, widow of the late Saturday, September 19, 1992, in
Sandra Thompson Arbogast, the Carlisle Hospital, Carlisle,
! Wardell H. Arbogast, died on of Bartow, died Friday, Feb-
Friday, April 15, 1955, of a heart Pennsylvania. Born August 30,
ruary 16, 1973, in the West 1912, in Thornwood.
attack in an Elkins hospital. She Virginia University Hospital,
had been in failing health for some He was the son of the late
at Morgantown. Fountain C. and Abbie V. Wilfong
time. A few days before her death
she had suffered a broken hip in a Other survivors include one Arbogast. He was a retired farmer,
fall. sister, Elaine Ray, at home; and a member of the St. John's
On Monday afternoon the fu- and grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Millard Arbogast and Franklin Lutheran Church,
neral service was held from the Mrs. Sylvia Mullenax and Dillsburg.
Marlinton Methodist Church by Arthur Thompson, all of Bar- Mr. Arbogast is survived by his
her pastor, Rev. Don Taylor. Her tow. wife, Ruth M. (Lenhart) Arbogast;
body was laid to rest in the fam- a son, Vincent F. Arbogast, Punta
ily plot in Mountain View Ceme- Funeral services were held Gorda, Florida; a sister, Sylvia Bly
tery, with Eastern Star rites. Monday afternoon in the Elk Orndorff, Marlinton; a
The deceased was a daughter of Mountain Church by Sylvia granddaughter and several nieces
le late W. H. and Rachel Curry Mullenax and the Rev. F. H. and nephews.
uli. Her sister is Mrs. Grace Morgan, with burial in the Services were held on
Hull Yeager, of Marlinton. She Lambert Cemetery at Thorn- September 22, 1992, at the Cocklin
wood. Funeral Home, Dillsburg. Burial
became the wife of Wardell H.
Arbogast, who preceded her six was in the Franklin Cemetery,
years since. Their son is Warren LOCK ARBOGAST | Franklin.
s Lock Arbogast, aged 42 years of
Sifbogast, of Marlinton. ^-
i San Francisco, California, died on j £ 2 - Bisiis F. Arbogast [y
LOCK NEIL ARBOGAST r / \ February 5, 1941, at Cincinnati, 0. j Mrs. Bessie S. Arbogast, 75,
tie had been in poor health for some of Cass, died Friday, February
Lock Niel Arbopast, born at Grt^n.-- time.
^ , W Va„ September 22, 1898 10, 1978, at Denmar State
id at Deaconess hospital, Cinciina On Saturday morning his body Hospital after a long illness.
Ohio, February 5, 1941, aged 42 was laid to rest in the family plot Born July 13,1902, she had
rs; son of W. W. Arbogast and m the Arbovale Cemetery. been a lifetime resident of Cass,
eor#e Alice Ervin Arbogast Fath- The deceased was a son of the and was a member of the Cass
er died December 27. 1940 M r A r late W. W. Arbogast who passed United Methodist Church.
bo^ast had worktd foi past sever away some weeks since. He is sur-
ai years as manager o ^hney Dor vived by his mother, his two broth- Surviving are two daugh-
mont Automobile Co., at i;stsburgh, ters, Mrs. Irene Cassell, Hat-
Pennsylvania. Having poor health ers, Washington and Hunter; his field, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Helen
he left for California to visit hi* two sisters, Madge and Virginia. Swisher, Ellicott City, Mary-
orother. On way back he was taken land; three sons, Ernest, Cleve-
ji!l and rushed to hospital in Cincinna land, Ohio, Everette, of Cass,
fci where he died ten days later He Mrs. Glarienda Alice Arbogast
and Roy Arbogast, Whites-
is survived by his mother, two sisters Mrs. Clarienda Alice Cur- ville, Massachusetts; a sister,
Mrs Mad^e Henderson, of Richmond rence Arbogast, 57, of Mill , Mrs. Gustava Hiner, Boyer; a
Va., and Virginia Conley, at home: Crepk, died Sunday, August
three brothers, C. W. Arbogast of brother, Marshall Tracy, Ar-
11, 1963, in the Davis Me- bovale; nine grandchildren.
Charleston; Clifford of San Francisco. morial Hospital in Elkins.
California, and Hunter, of Neola. Services were held Monday
Funeral services were held at his Born June 25, 1906, at Mill
home in Greenbank, Saturday, ITeb- Creek, she was the daughter of at S p. m., in the Arbovale
ruary 8, and burial at Arbovale the late Jacob and Rosa Oxiey United Methodist Church with
cemetery. UWB* Currence. the Rev. Gregory Lewis officiat-
Survivors include her hus- ing. Burial was in Arbovale
band, Robert Arbogast, Mill Cemetery. d^rtL.
Creek; two sons, Richard Wil-
Elkins— Ch^rlps Arbogast. aged 23 liam Arbogast, Mill Creek and Warren Arbogast
years, was found dead from a shoo Warren Holmes Arbogast, age
gun wound in his chest at his cottage Jacob Dale Arbogast, Bartow;
at a D' '- f i r i n g station on Kumbra- one daughter, Mrs. Jesse M. 94, of Marlinton, died Monday,
bow a Forest, on Mill Creek, Ran- Lambert, Bartow; one brother, October 26, 1992, in Pocahontas
dolph C unty, Sunday afternoon, May Peter J. Currence, Beverly; two Memorial Hospital after a long
45, 1938 It is supposed he accident, sisters, Lyda Currence and illness.
y shot h'mself Burial in the fami- Marjorie Cutright, both of Mr. Arbogast was a retired
ly lot at the Arbovale Cemetery on Mill Creek, and two grand- tannery worker, a Mason, and
Tuesday afternoon. j children. member of the Marlinton
The dec ased was the son of Mi Presbyterian Church.
and Mrs C. W. Arbogast, of Elkins. Born at Green Bank August 13,
Si his graduation at Davis arid '
Rlkins College two years ago he h s Parker Arbogast 1898, he was the son of Wardell H.
bad employment at the Marlintotj Parker Arbogast, about 80, and Leila J. Yeager Arbogast.
Trout* Hatchery. A month or two! of Durbin, was dead on arriv- Services will be held at 11 a. m.
ie was sent to to take chargf of" al at Pocahontas Memorial Thursday at VanReenen Funeral
•he fish rearing plant on Kumb ab-jw Hospital Tuesday night, Sep- Home by the Rev. Richard
Forest*. lie was a bright and proqa-
tember 11, 1979. Newkirk. Burial with Masonic
• !5iig young man with many friends rites will be in Mountain View
<vho regret his unlUL^ly death. No arrangements have been Cemetery.
m ade as we go to press. Visitation will be from 9 to 11 a.
m. Thursday.

Miss Pauline V. Arb Martin Arbofist l^fi
Mrs. Perlena Arbofast ^
Miss Pauline Virginia Arbo* Martin Arbogast, 88, died
Mrs. Perlena Bennett Aroo- gast, 71, of Boyer, died Wed- Monday, April 19, 1976, in an
gast 85, of Bartow, died Satur- nesday, October 7, 1970, in Elkins hospital after a long ill-
day, March 18, 1978. in Nella the Pocahontas Memorial Hos- ness.
Nursing Home, at Elkins, after pital. He was a lifelong resident of
a long illness. Born September 25, 1899, Pocahontas County and was a
She was a member of the she was a daughter of the late member of the Church of the
Church of the Brethren. Charlie and Mertie Hughes Brethren*
Surviving are six daughters* Arbogast, of Boyer. He was a retired employee of
Mrs. Mae Rexrode, of Boyer, She was a member of the the Howes Leather Company
Mrs. Sally Ervin, of Frank. Liberty Presbyterian Church at Frank, f^o-^^J
Mrs. Radie Nelson, of Bartow, at Green Bank, and a lifelong Survivors include his wife,
Mrs. Ruth Ervin, of Durbin, resident of Pocahontas County. Pearlina Bennett Arbogast; six
Mrs. Dane Arbogast, of Dun* Survivors include one sister, daughters, Mrs* Sally Ervin, of
bar, Mrs. Mary Howdyshell, of Mrs. Gladys Tyree, of Marlin- Franklin, Mrs. Ruth Ervin, of
Andover, Ohio; sons, Ray, of ton, one brother, Charles H. Durbin. Mrs. Mae Rexrode, of
Wellsburg, Elmer, of Louisiana; Brewster, of Boyer, and sever- Boyer, Mrs. B^rie Arbogast, of
sisters, Mrs. Suttie Arbogast al nieces and nephews. Dunmore, Mrs. Mary Houdy-
and Mrs. Kate Arbogast, both Funeral services were held shell, of Andover, Ohio, and
of Cherry Grove, brother, Friday afternoon in the Wal- Mrs. Radie Nelson, of Bartow;
Riley Bennett, of Cherry lace and Wallace Funeral three sons, Ray, of Wellsburg.
Grove; 34 grandchildren; 60 Home Chapel at Arbovale by Elmer, of Louisiana and Rus-
great-grandchildren. the Rev. Harry Simmons and sell, of Texas; one sister, Mrs.
Services were held at 2 p. m., the Rev. Robert Lowther, with Sutie Lambert, of Mount Craw-
Tuesday, in Boyer, with the burial in the Kerr Cemetery. ford Virginia, and one half
Rev. David Rittenhouse and brother, Raymond Arbogast,
the Rev. Paul Good officiat- of Forminia, Maryland.
ing. Burial was in Arbovale Gordon Leo Arbogast //^ Funeral services were held
Cemetery. Gordon Leo Arbogast, 48, Wednesday afternoon in the
of Chester, Pennsylvania, died Boyer Church with Rev. Dav-
Nellard Arbogast by drowning on Sunday, Au- id Rittenhouse and Rev. Paul
Nellard Arbogast, 72, of Elk gust 15, 1971. Q/K Good in charge. Burial will be
Mountain, Pendleton County, died He was born April 14,1923, in Arbovale Cemetery.
Sunday, July 2, 1995. at Boyer and lived in Poca-
He was born March 12, 1923, hontas County until about ten Alma Arbogast %/&**
the son of the late Mary Elizabeth years ago. Mrs. Alma Arbogast, 72, of
Arbogast. Surviving him are his moth- Huntersville, died Sunday,
He had worked for Judy's er, Mrs. Gladys Tyree, of Mar- May 29,1977, in Denmar State
Fence and Rail Company at Bartow lin ton; one son, Theodore; two Hospital after a long illness.
and was a member of the Elk half-sisters, Mrs. Virginia Bur- She was a member of the
Mountain Presbyterian Church. gess and Mrs. Sylvia Wood- Methodist Church and the
On December 29, 1959, he house, both of Marlinton; two widow of Cecil Arbogast. She
married Geraldine Lawerance, who half-brothers, Orman Tyree was born at Dunmore January
preceded him in death on and James Tyree, both of 20, 1905, the daughter of Gar-
September 9, 1993. A son also Alexandria, Virginia. field and Ella Moore Grimes.
preceded him in death. Funeral services will be held Mrs. Arbogast is survived by
Surviving him are a at the Wallace and Wallace three brothers, Hunter Grimes,
granddaughter, Elaine Arbogast, of Funeral Home Chapel at Ar- Green Bank, Odell Grimes,
Moyers. bovale Thursday afternoon at Huntersville, Herbert Grimes,
Graveside services and burial 2.00 p. m. by the Rev. Harry Dunmore; six sisters, Lillian
were at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Simmons, with burial in the Dahmer, Frankford, Viola
Lambert Family Cemetery on Elk Arbovale Cemetery. Brown, Wytheville, Virginia,
Mountain with the Rev. Mark Juanita Winans, Buckhannon,
McAllister officiating. Helen Vannoy, Huntersville,
Q), Mrs. Doshie belle M*)ogas> Betty * Ralston, Fayetteville.
Mrs. Dosh(ex^Bclle Arboj, M North Carolina, and Gaynelle
Hugh T.Arthur aged 64 years, wife of William Sharp, Charlottesville, Vir-
Relatives and friends were Arbogast, of Dunmore, di i a1 ginia.
shocked to learn of the sudden her home Sunday night, Juiy 25, Funeral services were held
death of Hugh T. Arthur, of 1948. On Tuesday afternoon fu- in the VanReenen Funeral
2220 Branch Road, Columbia, neral service was held at the Ar- Home Chapel Tuesday by the
South Carolina, on February bovale Methodist Church by Rev. Rev. David Rittenhouse, with
18,1984. His wife is the former Q. R. Arbogast, and burial was burial in Arbovale Cemetery.
Violet Hoover, of Frank, whose in Arbovale Cemetery.
parents are Mr. and Mrs. Surviving besides her husband
Warwick Hoover. are three daughters, Mrs. Juanita
He was buried in Arlington Lovelace, of Dunmore, Mrs. Onita Miss Sail? Bell Arbog*«t
Cemetery on February 24. Puffienbager and Louise Puileu Word was received of the death
Mr. Arthur was a retired barger, of Charmco; five sons, 0f Miss Sahy Br<! S oogast on
Captain of the U. S. Air Force, Artenis, Ted and Corbin, all ofTuesday, January 8,1961, in a
having served for twenty years Durbin, Pershing, of Ohapmans-| nursing home in Harrisonburg,
during and following World villc, and Golden, of Dunmore. j Virginia.
War II.
John Armstrong • Uoyd H. Armstrong
Mrs. Margie Yeager Beard Arbogast John Cameron Armstrong, Word comes of the sudden
Mrs. Margie Yeager Beard Ar- aged 48 years and ten months, death of Lloyd H. Armstrong,
„jg?„stwas born March 25, 1886 of Buckeye, was killed Sunday aged 48 years, at his home in
[and departed this life on Febru- afternoon, April 4, 1971, when Moundsviile, on Monday morn-
ary 28, 1951; aged 6± years, 11 his motorcycle bad a head on ing, December 20, 1948. The
collision with an automobile deceased was a son of Cameron
booths and 3 days. driven by Oliver W. Green on
She was united in marriage to Armstrong", of Buckeye. His
Kee Flats south of Marlinton. mother was the late Mrs. Lucy
Walter Aldine Arbpgast, on April
19, 1905, and to this union were A mechanic, he was employ- Lange Armstrong.
born five children, who with their ed by Western Auto in Rich- Mr. Armstrong is survived by j
father survive her. They are: wood. He was a member of his wife, Mildred Beard Arm-1
Ralph Monroe Arbogast, Dick theSwago Methodist Chufch strong, and by six children by aj
Yeager Arbogast, Opal Elizabeth and Veterans of Foreign Wars. former marriage: John, Jack,
Gaylor, Argile Chapman Arbo- He was born June 4, 1922, Dale, Hester, Helen and Thelma.
gast, and Bertie Marie Kramer, at Marlinton, the son of Lizzie Mr. Armstrong is also survived
all of Mill Point. Also surviving Dulaney Armstrong, of See- by his father, Cameron L. Arm-
are ten grandchildren and one bert, and the late L. H. Arm- strong, his step-mother, Mrs.
great grandchild. strong. Minnie Armstrong, his brother,
The deceased was a daughter of Surviving him are his wife, Lonnie, his sisters, Mrs. Ethel
Mrs. Flora Belle Skaggs Arm- Fuell, Mrs Wayne Jackson, Ed-
the late Josiab Osborne Beard and na and Opal Armstrong.
Eveline Madora Yeager Beard, strong; three children, Lloyd
both of whom were members of Roland Armstrong, of Harman The funeral service will be
pioneer families of Greenbrier Maryland, Larry Paul Arm- held from the Marlinton Presby-
and Pocahontas Counties. She strong and Danny Wayne aerlan Church on Thursday after-,
was one of thirteen children all Armstrong, of Buckeye, two noon by Rev. Roger P. xMelton,
with interment in Mountain View
0 rhom have preceded her in brothers, Jack Desmond Arm-
d th with the exception" of two strong, of Buckeye, and Dale
iters, Mrs Don t b r p e r and Calvin Armstrong, Marlinton; For many years Mr. Armstrong
two sisters, Mrs. William bad held responsible positions
Mrs. W. N. Snedegar, of Elkins, %vith the State Road Department.
aDd one brother. B. B Beard, of (Thelma) Consrois. of East
Bartow. Her twin brother, Sam- Hartford, Connecticut, and
uel Monroe Beard, preceded her Mrs. Ray (Helen) Gillians, Mrs. Cam Armstrong
in death only three months. Morrow Cove, Georgia. Mrs. Mintie Petts Armstrong,
She joined the church at an I Services will be held in the 77 years old, of Buckeye, died
jearly age and was active through Swago United Methodist suddenly Wednesday evening,
lout her life time in church work, Church at Buckeye at 2:00 p. February 8, 1967, at her home
!having been Superintendent of m. Thursday afternoon by the after a short illness.
'the Marvin Chapel Church for 20 Rev. Alfred Gum, with burial She was born at Mill Run,
years and, along with her mother in the Armstrong Graveyard. July 2, 1889, the daughter of
'organized the Ladies' Aid Society the late Alfred and Mary C.
jof that church some 25 years ago. Wedd Petts,
Funeral services were held on Cameron L. Armstrong Her husband, Cameron Arm-
Friday afternoon from the Mar- Cameron L. Armstrong, age 82 strong, preceded her in death.
vin Chapel by her pastor Re^. years, of Buckeye, died Sunday, Survivors include one sister,
T. E. Painter, assisted by Rev. June 11, 1961, at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. Wayne Jackson, Mrs. Mary MacWborter, of
Drury L. Jones and Rev. A. J. Lawrenceburg, Indiana; four
Schrader; after which the body after a long illness.
stepchildren, Mrs. Wayne Jack
was laid to rest in the family plot Mr. Armstrong was twice mar- son, Sr., Lonnie Armstrong,
in Arbovale Cemetery. The pall ried; his first wife was Miss Lucy Mrs. Edith Byrd and Mrs.
bearers were: Burrell Arbogast, Lange, of Buckeye, who preceded Opal Shields; and her stepgrand
Charles A. Kramer, Ward Weng him in death. To this union were daughter, Mrs. Howard Bever-
er, Otis E. Webb, Neil Arbogast born four daughters, Mrs. Ethel age, who made her home with
and Dorr Beard. Flower girls Fuell, Mrs. Leone Jackson, Mrs. her, several other step-grand-
were the members of the Marvin Opal Shields, and Edith Byrd, children, and a host of nieces
Chapel Ladies Aid Society and all of Buckeye; two sons, Lonnie and nephews.
the Hillsboro Chapter of the Or- Armstrong of Buckeye, and Lloyd
Armstrong, deceased. His second Funeral services were held
der of the Eastern Star to which
she belonged. marriage was to MissMintiePetts Saturday afternoon in the Swa-
Thus is noted the passing of a who survives. Also surviving is go Methodist Church by the
lovely lady—outstanding in ser- one sister, Mrs. Sarah Stratton, of Rev. Harry Drake with burial
vice at home, in trie comnvumty, j National City, California; fifteen in the Armstrong Cemetery.
and in the church. grandchildren, and twenty-seven
great-grandchildren. •
Mr. Armstrong united with
the Methodist Church at an early
age. He was truly a good father
and neighbor and will be sadly
missed by all who knew him.
Funeral services were held Tues
day afternoon in theSwago Metho
dist Church with the Rev.
Ezra Bennett in charge. Burial
i was in the Armstrong Cemetery.

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-Ui 3uoj B aa^jB jB^dsoq sauna «! '0A6I L J^qopo ' ^ p s a u -jn;Bgp9ip 4MoWBgjo'9gWB8
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/ ^ | |tiiowiti|Ji||
John Armstrong Uoyd H. Armstrong
Mrs. Margie Yeager Beard Arbogast John Cameron Armstrong, Word comes of the sudden
Mrs. Margie Yeager Beard Ar- aged 48 years and ten months, death of Lloyd H, Armstrong,
bogast was born March 25, 1886 of Buckeye, was killed Sunday aged 48 years, at his home in
and departed this life on Febru- afternoon, April 4, 1971, when Moundsviile, on Monday morn-
ary 28, 1951; aged 64 years, II his motorcycle had a head on ing, December a 20, 1948.
collision with an automobile The
[moDths and 3 days. deceased was a son of Cameron
driven by Oliver W. Green on
She was united in marriage to Kee Flats south of Marlinton. Armstrong", of Buckeye. His
Walter Aldine Arbpgast, on April mother was the late Mrs. Lucy
19, 1905, and to this union were A mechanic, he was employ- Lange Armstrong.
born five children, who with their ed by Western Auto in Rich- Mr. Armstrong is survived by
father survive her. They are: wood. He was a member of his wife, Mildred Beard Arm-
Ralph Monroe Arbogast, Dick theSwago Methodist Church strong, and by six children by a
Yeager Arbogast, Opal Elizabeth and Veterans of Foreign Wars. former marriage: John, Jack,
Gaylor, Argile Chapman Arbo- He was born June 4, 1922, Dale, Hester, Helen and Thelma.
gast, and Bertie Marie Kramer, a t Marlinton, the son of Lizzie Mr. Armstrong is also survived
all of Mill Point. Also surviving Dulaney Armstrong, of See- by his father, Cameron L. Arm-
are ten grandchildren and one bert, and the late L. H. Arm- strong, his step-mother, Mrs.
great grandchild. strong. Minnie Armstrong, his brother,
The deceased was a daughter of Surviving him are his wife, Lonnie, his sisters, Mrs. Ethel
the late Josiab Osborne Beard and Mrs. Flora Belle Skaggs Arm- Fuell, Mrs Wayne Jackson, Ed-
Eveline Madora Yeager Beard, strong; three children, Lloyd na and Opal Armstrong.
both of whom were members of Roland Armstrong, of Harman The funeral service will be
pioneer families of Greenbrier Maryland, Larry Paul Arm- held from the Marlinton Presby-
and Pocahontas Counties. She strong and Danny Wayne aerian Church on Thursday after-
was one of thirteen children all Armstrong, of Buckeye, two noon by Rev. Roger P. Melton,
horn have preceded her in brothers, Jack Desmond Arm- with interment in Mountain View
d .ih with the exception of two strong, of Buckeye, and Dale Cemetery.
iters, Mrs Don Harper and Calvin Armstrong, Marlinton; For many years Mr. Armstrong
Mrs. W. N. Snedegar, of Elkins, two sisters, Mrs. William bad held responsible positions
and one brother. B. B Beard, of (Thelma) Consrois, of East with the State Road Department.
Bartow. Her twin brother, Sam- Hartford, Connecticut, and
uel Monroe Beard, preceded her Mrs. Ray (Helen) Gillians, Mrs. Cam Armstrong
in death only three months. Morrow Cove, Georgia. Mrs. Mintie Petts Armstrong,
She joined the church at an j Services will be held in the 77 years old, of Buckeye, died
|early age and was active through 1 Swago United Methodist suddenly Wednesday evening,
lout her life time in church work, Church at Buckeye at 2:00 p. February 8, 1967, at her home
!having been Superintendent of m. Thursday afternoon by the after a short illness.
j the Marvin Chapel Church for 20 Rev. Alfred Gum, with burial She was born at Mill Run,
years and, along with her mother in the Armstrong Graveyard. July 2, 1889, the daughter of
'organized the Ladies' Aid Society the late Alfred and Mary C.
jof that church some 25 years ago. Wedd Petts,
Funeral services were held on Camoron L. Armstrong
Her husband, Cameron Arm-
Friday afternoon from the Mar- Cameron L. Armstrong, age 82 strong, preceded her in death.
vin Chapel by her pastor Re,T. years, of Buckeye, died Sunday,
Survivors include one sister,
T. E. Painter, assisted by Rev. June 11, 1961, at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. Wayne Jackson, Mrs. Mary MacWhorter, of
Drury L. Joneg and Rev. A. J. Lawrenceburg, Indiana; four
Schrader; after which the body after a long illness.
stepchildren, Mrs. Wayne Jack
was laid to rest in the family plot Mr. Armstrong was twice mar- son, Sr., Lonnie Armstrong,
in Arbovale Cemetery. The pall ried; his first wife was Miss Lucy Mrs. Edith Byrd and Mrs.
hearers were: Burrell Arbogast, Lange, of Buckeye, who preceded Opal Shields; and her stepgrand
Charles A. Kramer, Ward Weng him in death. To this union were daughter, Mrs. Howard Bever-
sr, Otis E. Webb, Neil Arbogast born four daughters, Mrs. Ethel age, who made her home with
and Dorr Beard. Flower girls Fuell, Mrs. Leone Jackson, Mrs. her, several other step-grand-
were the members of the Marvin Opal Shields, and Edith Byrd, children, and a host of nieces
Chapel Ladies Aid Society and all of Buckeye; two sons, Lonnie and nephews.
the Hillsboro Chapter of the Or- Armstrong of Buckeye, and Lloyd
der of the Eastern Star to which Armstrong, deceased. His second Funeral services were held
she belonged. marriage was to Miss Mintie Petts Saturday afternoon in the Swa-
Thus is noted the passing of a who survives. Also surviving is go Methodist Church by the
lovely lady—outstanding in ser- one sister, Mrs. Sarah Stratton, of Rev. Harry Drake with burial
vice at home, in ttte eomnvumty, I National City, California; fifteen in the Armstrong Cemetery.
and in the church. grandchildren, and twenty-seven
Mr. Armstrong united with
the Methodist Church at an early
age. He was truly a good father
and neighbor and will be sadly
missed by all who knew him.
Funeral services were held Tues
day afternoon in theSwago Metho
dist Church with the Rev.
Ezra Bennett in charge. Burial
was in the Armstrong Cemetery.

Marfcm C. Akin Boyd H. Adkison Arnold Ford Anderson
BEAVER, PA.--Marion Clifford kison of Libby, Montana, died c*
Akin of Beaver, Pennsylvania, for- Wednesday, March 26, 1997, at the Ford Anderson of Fort Myers, Florida,
merly of Webster County and Rich- VAMedical Center in Spokane, Wash. died on Tuesday, October 3,1995, at
wood, died on Sunday, Dccc nber 8, He was 81 years of age. the Cape Coral Hospital in Cape Coral,
1996, in the Medical Center in Beaver, Fla., following a lengthy illness. He
He was born in Marcus, on March was 81 years of age.
Pa. He was 74 years of age. 3,1916, the son of the late Henry and
He was born in Richwood, on Macel Adkison. He had lived in He was born in Webster County
February 2,1922, the son of the late Cowen for many years, coming to on September 16,1914, the son of the
Jaman E. and Mary Waugh Akin. He Montana in the mid-1950s, where he late Isaac and Mertie Anderson. He
was a resident of Brighton Township had made his home until the time of was superintendent for the W. Va.
since 1969, and was formerly of his death. He had been a long-time State Parks for 10 years and was at
Monaca, Pa. He was a retired painter employee of the J. Neils Lumber Holly River State Park for several
for Local 530 in New Brighton, Pa. Company and the St. Regis Paper years. He was a Hancock County
He served in the U.S. Army in World Company in Libby, Montana until his deputy sheriff in New Cumberland
War II and was a member of the United retirement in 1978. He served in the for nine years, and was also the Han-
Methodist Church and a life member U.S. Navy during World War II, and cock County assessor and director of
of the American Legion and the Band was a member of the Lumber & the Hancock County Children's Home.
He also formerly worked at the Homer (
Room, both of Monaca, Pa. Sawmill Workers Local 2581 and the Laughlin China Co. in Chester. Fol-
He is survived by: his wife, V.F.W. He was an avidfishermanand
lowing his retirement, he made his
Blanche Bixler Akin; son, Bernard of hunter, and also enjoyed fly-tying and
home in Fort Myers, Fla. He was a,
Brighton Township, Pa.; daughters, gardening.
deacon and member of the Grace
Marion Udon, of Industry, Pa., Janice He is survived by: daughter, Pa- Baptist Temple in East Liverpool,
Inman of New Waterford, Ohio, Ber- tricia Schmasow of Libby, Montana;
Ohio and after moving to Florida he
nice Ruffner of Industry, Pa., and sons, Gary and Craig of Alaska, Gene
became a member and served as a
TinaCujasof Industry, Pa.; brother, and Robert of Libby, Montana, and
deacon at the Grace Baptist Temple in
Herschel E. Akin of Monte Verde, Don of Scott Depot; brothers, Frank
North Fort Myers.
Fla.; sisters, Anna Mary Woods of of Cowen and James of Webster
Webster Springs and Virginia Wil- Springs; sisters, Hilda Roberts and He is survived by: his wife of 55
liams of Cochranton, Pa.; and 5 Maxine Weese both of Cowen and ,years, Reva Faye Anderson of North
grandchildren. In addition to his Carol Grimes of Wintersville, Ohio; Fort Myers, Fla.; sister, Connie Fisher
parents, he was preceded in death by 15 grandchildren and 18 great- of Homeworth, Ohio; brothers-in-
brother, Crawford Akin, sister Reva grandchildren. In addition to his law and their wives, Stanley and
Akin Blum,and step-brother,Chester parents, he was preceded in death by Glendeen Harris of North Fort Myers,
Roberts. Fla., and Lowell and Wanda Harris of
his wife, Bonnie Gadd Adkison, who East Sparta, Ohio; and several nieces,
Services were held on Thursday, died in 1980.
December 12, at the Todd Funeral nephews, and cousins.
Graveside services were held on Services were held on Friday,
Home in Beaver, Pa., with the Rev. Saturday, March 29, at 2:00 p.m., at
George Dran officiating. Burial was the City of Libby Cemetery, with October6,at 10:00 a.m., attheHarvy-
at the Sylvania Hills Memorial Park military honors by the V.F.W. and Engelhardts North Fort Myers Funeral
in Daughterly Township, Pa. Home, with Pastor Forrest Devore
American Legion. The Nelson & Vial officiating, and former pastor and close
Funeral Home was in charge of the friend the Rev. Hayes Dietz, assisting.
arrangements. Burial was at the Lee Memorial Park,
in Lehigh Acres, Florida. .

Doris Jean Avis Chester W. Allen
Edward Jack Anderson
CHAPMAN VILLE-Mrs. Doris COWEN-ChesterW. Allen died
ELYRIA, OHIO-Edward Jack Jean Maynard Avis of Chapman ville,
"Red" Anderson of Elyria, Ohio, for- at his residence at the Webster Con-
formerly of Webster County, died tinuous Care Center in Cowen, on
merly of Webster County, died in from injuries sustained in a car acci-
Elyria, Ohio, on Thursday, March 30, Thursday, November 7, 1996, fol-
dent on Tuesday, August 16, 1994. lowing a long illness. He was 73 years
1995. He was 63 years of age. She was 80 years of age. of age.
He was born in Hacker Valley, on She was born in Peach Creek on
September 30,1931, the son of Mira February 10,1914, thedaughter of Ira
Duke Anderson and the late Marvin Lee and Winnie Magdalene Maynard, He was born in Rosedale, on Au-
W. Anderson. He had lived in Elyria, both deceased. She was a former gust 8, 1923, the son of William and
Ohio for 42 years, and was retired as teacher and retired principal at Web- Stella Robinson Allen, both deceased.
a machine operator for General Mo- ster County schools and was a mem- He had lived in Webster County for
tors' Chevy plant in Parma, Ohio, with ber of the Crooked Creek Church of the past six years, coming from
41 years of service. He served in the Christ. She was a member of the Gilmer County, and was a farmer. He
U.S. Navy as a gunner on the USS Delta Kappa Gamma sorority, the was a Baptist by faith.
Roanoke during the Korean War. He Order of the Eastern Star, and the He is survived by: brother, Spur-
was a member of the Murray Ridge Logan County Homemakers Asso- geon Allen of Webster Springs; and
Church of God in Elyria, Ohio and ciation. sisters, Chessie Brown of Webster
U.A.W.Locall007,Parma,Ohio. He She is survived by: her husband, Springs and Ruth Norman of Mt. Clair.
enjoyed gardening and had been a Roy E. Avis of Chapmanville; sons, In addition to his parents, he was
regular blood donor since 1968 for the Edward Lee Avis of Litchfield, Maine preceded in death by two brothers and
Lorain County Blood Bank in Elyria, and Randall Stephen Avis of Wood- two sisters.
Ohio. bridge, Va.; and 4 grandchildren. In
He is survived by: his wife, Bar- addition to her parents, she was pre- Services were held on Saturday,
bara Carter Anderson; daughters, ceded in death by one brother and one November 9, at 2:00 p.m., at the
Karen Anderson of North Augusta, sister. Crooked Fork Baptist Church in
S.C. and Karla Anderson of Akron, Services were held on Friday, Normantown, with Elder Henry
Ohio; his mother, Mira Anderson of August 19,at l:00p.m.,attheCrooked Linden, officiating. Burial was at the
Hacker Valley; brothers, Harold Creek Church of Christ in Logan Crooked Fork Church Cemetery in
Anderson of Tyler, Texas and Paul County, with Mr. Ronnie Adshire and Normantown. Dodd & Reed Funeral
Anderson of Cowen; sisters, Marie Mr. Norman Ward, officiating. Burial Home in Webster Springs, was in
Carter of Hacker Valley, and Maxine was at the Forest Lawn Cemetery, in charge of the arrangements.
Hines and Carol Bartha, both of Elyria, Pecks Mill. The James Funeral Home
Ohio. In addition to his father, he was in Aracoma, Logan County, was in
preceded in death by children Jackie charge of the arrangements. Austin J. Aldridge
and Cindy Anderson. Austin James Aldridge, six
Services were held on Monday, week old son of Heather McMil-
April 3, at 10:00 a.m., at the Murray lion, of Renick, and D. J. Aldridge,
Ridge Church of God in Elyria, Ohio, Mrs. C. L. Austin of Williamsburg, died May 12,
1999, at WVU Childrens Hospital
with the Rev. Winford Walters, offi- Mrs Mary Moomau Austii in Morgantown.
ciating. Burial was at the Resthaven widow of the late Dr. Charles L He was born March 31, 1999,
Memory Gardens, in Avon, Ohio. The Austin, died at Staunton, Vi at Women and Childrens Hospital
Curtis-Scheuffler-Busch Funeral ginia, on Tuesday, February 2 in Charleston.
Home in Elyria, Ohio, was in charge 1954. On Friday afternoon h Besides his parents he is sur-
body waylaid to rest in the fat vived by a sister, Brittney Aldridge,
of arrangements.
ily plot in Arbovale Cemeter of Renick; maternal grandfather,
The service wa9 held from Libert Lonnie McMillion, of Renick; and
John Paul Arbogast Church by her pastor, Rev. J. I paternal grandparents, Wandalee
John "Paul" Arbogast, age 78, Arbuckle, assisted by Rev. Jam Aldridge, of Charmaco, and Clayton
of Marlinton, died Saturday, Febru- Chenowith. Aldridge, of Clifton Forge, Virgi-
ary 20, 1999, at home following a I The deceased was a daughl nia.
short illness. of the late Dr. J. P. and Nam Graveside services were held
He was a former maintenance Arbogast Moomau, of Green Bai Saturday, at Morningside Cemetery,
machinist for Sunbeam appliances She became the wife of the la in Renick, by the Rev. Dan Arbo-
and was also a World War II veter- Dr. Charles Lee Austin, and f gast.
an. many years lived at Norma
Mr. Arbogast was born Oklahoma. Their sons a
November 6, 1920, at Durbin, the Charles, of Norman, Okla., ai
son of the late James Arthur and Frank, of Baltimore, Marylan
Fanny Emma Phares Arbogast. ! their daughter is Mrs Carl Ha
He was preceded in death by his ness, of San Diego, Californi
wife, Viola Wright Arbogast, in Her step daughters are M
1977, and a brother, Leo Arbogast, Charles M Lancaster, of Atlant
in 1988. Georgia, and Mrs Forrest i
Surviving him is a sister, Ruth Pritchard, of Durbin. Of he
Reichley, of Lewisburg, Pennsylva- father's family there remain hi
nia. three sisters, Mrs Harold Leacl
Graveside services will be at of Staunton, Virginia; Miss<
1:30 p. m. Thursday at Arbovale Lillian and Lucy Moomau, an
Cemetery by the Rev. David Rit- her brother, Fred Moomau, all <
tenhouSe. Green Bank.
Mrs. Hunter Adams
Fatal Wreck Mrs. Leta McLaughlin Ad-
Mrs. Moser Alexander
Mrs. Mattie Jordan Alex-
I Allen Leon Armstrong 1 , aged ams, 69, of Dunmore, died ,nder, 82, died at St. Margaret
25 years, of Baltimore Md., was Thursday, July 22, 1976, in lospital in Pittsburgh, Penn-
instantly killed in an automobile Davis Memorial Hospital after ylvania, on Friday, August
accident at the Kee place two a year's illness with cancer.
6, 1968. She had been in ill
miles below Marliuton, early. Sat- She was a retired school lealth the past three years.
morning, May 27, 1950. teacher, having taught for 26
Fo/ some reason unknown, the Born August 22, 1885, a t
years in Pocahontas elementary
car left the road and struck a gate schools, and was a member of Huntersville, she was the dau-
post, Mrs. Armstrong, a bride the Baxter Presbyterian Church ghter of the late Aaron and
of three months, is in the Poca- Jennie Jordan.
Born at Dunmore, July 31,
hontas Memorial Hospital with a 1906, she was the daughter of She was first married to
brcken leg and other injuries. John L. and Minnie M. Mc- William Reynolds, who died
The deceased was a native of Laughlin. Her parents and her about 1924. To this union
Harmon, Tucker County, a son husbind, Hunter Adams, pre- were born two children, James
of Mr. and Mrs. Eii Armstrong. ceded her in death. William Reynolds who died in
He served four years in the Navy 1951, and Mrs. Eva Primyon,
Mrs. Adams is survived by of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
during the late war. His body a brother, Lyle L. McLaugh-
was buried in Harmon cemetery On April 23, 1934, she was
lin, of Follansbee, and three married to Moser Alexander
on Tuesday afternoon. sisters, Nelia E. McLaughlin who, with two brothers, Ar-
and Dorothy L. Hall, of Dun- thur Lee Jordan, of Denmar,
Mrs. Lula M. Arbuckle more, and Gladys M. Boso, of
Mrs. Lula McLaughlin Ar- Willowick, Ohio. and John Andrew Jordan, of
ouekle, aged *7l years, wiJov o Marlinton, also survive her.
Funeral services were held
the late Houston Arbuckle, died Sundav afternoon. Funeral services were held
at her home near Lewisburg on Wednesday afternoon at the
Wednesday morning, September Rising Mount Zion Baptist
Miss Mary firbuekle Church, of which she was a
19, 1951, after a ioag illness. On Mm Mary Arbuckle died
Thursday afternoon the funeral Sunday, October 24, 1971, at nember, by the Rev. R. L.
service was conducted from the ner home, H^*~~ ^^™ Petty. Burial was in the fam-
' li ton Church by her pastor, Death was at Maxweltoih Iy cemetery between Hunters-
Rev. J. P. Profit, D. D. both heart attack attributed to a ville and Minnehaha Springs.
to the family plot at C l i f t o i
church cemetery. D
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ te?of the% Mrs. Anna McLaughlin Arbuc'de
Surviving are three daughters Anna M c ^ a i j h l f n ' A y b u p k l ? ^
Anna Arbuck e, at home Mrs <3ho ^ ^rDUCRle Lewisburg—Mrs. Anna Mc-
i? M
F. I* Brusinger,
o__._ . ' u tVIr&
of " Elin-iurst
". v was aa mpmko-
. kne was member ~t of J.the Laughlin Arbuckle, aged 80 years,
Illinois; Mrs. Woodson Lee o Clifton Presbyterian Church widow of Dr. Julian D. Arbuckle,
Vago; three sons, Rev. J. D. Ar ty and a retired Greenbrier Coun- died at her home at Maxwelton,
buckle, of Sinks Grove; M. F Deputy CJerk. on Sunday morning, June 13,
Arbuckle, of Rupert, and Hah Survivors include four sisters, 1954, after a long illness. On
Arbuckle of Lewisburg. Mrs. Richard (Elizabeth) Dick Monday afternoon her body was
The deceased was a daughter o' son, Miss Margaret Arbuckle, laid to rest in Maxwelton Ceme-
the late Andrew M. and Mary and Miss Emily Arbuckle, all tery, the service being conducted
Price McLaugnlin. She was born jrof Maxwelton, and Mrs. Shei- from Clifton Presbyterian Church
at Marlinton. Of her faiber'd fam I don (Laurie) Haynes, of Lewis- by Rev. R. A. Pfrangel, of Lewis-
ily there remain her sisters, Mrs. • burg. burg.
J. P Arbuckle, of Maxwelton. Funeral services were held The deceased was born at Mar-
and Mr*. J. B. Massie of Hamp Tuesday afternoon at the Clif- linton, the daughter of the late
den Sidney, Va. ton Presbyterian Church with Andrew M. and Mary Price Mc-
Thus is noted the passing of a Rev. Dean Boyer in charge. Laughlin. Dr. and Mrs. Arbuckle
truly eleet lady. Burial was in Clifton Cemetery. wer^ fc mer residents of Cass.\
Mary Arbuckle Surviving are six daughters:
Mary Lynn Arbuckle, 90, of Mrs. R. R. Dickson and Mrs.
Harry W. Aikey Lewisburg, died Friday, May Sheldon E. Haynes, both of Lew-
Mrs. George Smith, of Camp 25, 1973, in Simms Nursing isburg; Mrs. F . C. McCue, Misses
belltown, has received word of Home, at Alderson. Mary, Margaret, and Emily Ar-
the death of her brother-in- law, buckle, all of Maxwelton; one
She was a native of Maxwel- son, Julian D. Arbuckle, of Max-
Harry W. Aikey, of Millmont, ton, a member of the Clifton
i Pennsylvania, on Wednesday. welton; one sister, Mrs. J. B.
Presbyterian Church and a re- Massey, of Hampton-Sydney,
i Alarch 15, 1950, from a heart at- tired registered nurse.
tack. Funeral services and burial Virginia; one brother, E. H. Mc-
were held on Saturday afternoon, Survivors include two broth- Laughlin, of Troutville, Virginia;
at Mifflinsburg, Pennsylvania. ers, AJex W. Arbuckle, of Lew- and four grandchildren.
Mr. Aikey was well known in isburg and Dr. Lockart D. Ar-
buckle, of St. Petersburg, Flor-
'^Pocahontas County, having be^n Charles R. Apperson
ida, and one sister, Mrs. Emily
yuiployed here for ~a number of Sydenstricker, of Lewisburg, News is received of the death
years by the Campbell L u m ^ r of Charles R. Apperson, aged 80
Company. Funeral services were held
Sunday afternoon in the Clif- years, at the home of his sister,
He married Miss Myrtle Waugh ton Presbyterian Church by Mrs. Lee R: Foster, in Miles City,
daughter of the late J. B. Waugh, the Rev. Spencer Hamrick Montana, on October 21, 1955.
of Hillsboro, grno survives. and the Rev. Jack Arbuckle, He was a native of Marlinton,
Burial was in the Clifton Cem the son of the late Captain J. R.
etery. and Matilda Kee Apperson.
Julian D. Arbuckle
Julian Davis Arbuckle, 45, J. F. Ashford n
of Maxwelton, died Thursday
afternoon, August 23, 1962.
IN MEMORY OF A FRIEND James Franklin AshioreAsniorc wa>
John Craig Ashford was born at bom at the Sutton Homestead,
Death was attributed to a the SuttodP Homestead, near Green
heart attack. bank, W. Va, March 31, 1871. Died near Green Bank, on March 20,
at the C. & O. Hospital, Clinton 1886, and died at his home on
Born at Maxwelton, March October 31, 1953, aged 67 years, %
29, 1917, he was the son of the Forge, v a . } January 23, 1924, and
was laid to rest in the Arbovale months and 11 days.
!ate Dr. Julian D. and Anna Cemetery on January 26bh.
McLaughlin Arbuckle. He was the son of the late Clay
In the death of Craig Ashford, born D. and Annie L. Sutton
He was a member of the Pocahontas Co., has lost one of her Ashford. Both parents, one
Clifton Presbyterian Church most loyal citizens, and many of her brother, John Craig, and one
it Maxwelton and a lifelong people, a noble hearted and true
friend. sister, Mrs.H. H. Hudson, pre-
•esident of Greenbrier County. Beginning in early manhood with ceded him in death.
Survivors include his wife, no means to sp.ik of, by untiring
Vlrs. Betty Laird Arbuckle, of On May 22, 1912, he was united
energy and industry, he succeed well in marriage to JNorma Ellen Mar-
Maxwelton: and five sisters, in life, providing well for his house-
Mrs. Richard Dixon, of Second shall, To this union were born
hold and acquiring considerable three children: Ward J. of Fayette
Creek, Mary Arbuckle, Mar- property in the meantime.
Upright and honest, kind and ville, William F , of Huntington,
garet Arbuckle, and Emily and one daughter. Mrs. Iiobert F
Arbuckle, all of Maxwelton, liberal hearted, he was always ready
to lend a helping hand to those in Elliott (Anna Mae) of Green
and Mrs. Sheldon Haynes, of need. Bank. Four grand children:
Lewisburg. Always looking on the bright side James Franklin and William Rob
Funeral services were held of life, with his genial smile and ert Elliott, George Craig and
Saturday afternoon in the cheey disposition, he won friends Mary Louellen Ashford, all of
Clifton Presbyterian Church wherever he went or was known. whom survive
with the Rev. Dean P. Bowyer Though full of life and fun from
his earliest childhood, he always In the death of "Frank", as
and the Rev. Jack Arbuckle in stood up for the right. A jolly and everyone knew him, Pocahontas
charge. Burial was in the generous playmate, a noble hearted County has lost one of her most
Clifton Cemetery at Maxweltoq and true friend always. loyal citizens, and many of her
Though never having joined any people, a noble iiearted aGd true
Doris G. Arbuckle denomination, he was always ready friend. Beginning in early man
Doris Gail Arbuckle, 45, of to aid any good cause, and in his hood, by untiring energy and
Lewisburg, died June 28, 1995, in kind and generous way, lived a better industry, he succeeded well in
Greenbrier Manor Nursing Home, and nobler life than many in the life. Upright and honest, he was
Fairlea, after a long illness. pales of the church. Cut down in
the prime of life when he had much always ready to lend a helping
She was a member of Clifton to live for. He met his fate (as he hand to those in need. H? will be
Presbyterian Church, a member of had always lived) uncomplaining and greatly missed.
the Women's Circle, and a graduate unafraid.
of Frankford High School. She Funeral services were conducted
He leaves to mourn his loss a wife, Tuesday, afternoon, November 3,
was a former secretary for the two children, his aged parents, one
Naval Division at the Pentagon, a biother and sister, and a host of rela- 1953, in the Green Bank Method-
member of People United for Self tives and friends, who will ever miss ist Church, by Rev. and Mrs.
Help (PUSH), and a member of the his cheery smile and hearty greeting Winkler. His body was laid in
West Virginia Alumni Association. till we meet him in the Great beyond the family plot in Arbovale
where partings will be no more. Cemetery. The large number
Surviving are her husband, Jim gathered to pay their tribute of
Arbuckle; her parents, Avery Roy Oh how sad it was from him to part respect bears testimony, not on!v
and Opal Lyall Ray; one, brother, The one with such a true and noble I in bis home, but in the commuL
Jerry Ray, of Frankford; two hfcaii;.
sisters, Linda Perry, of Hamilton, The one with the laughing eyes so jity in which he Ji red, and wil
: dear, /linger throughout the years.
Virginia, and Pam Musser, of
Harrisonburg, Virginia. The one with the voice so full of
cheer. I Mrs Rosa Wsob Adkins was born at
Services were held on July 1, at
2 p.m. at Clifton Presbyterian Oh how wa hated to see him go, %fovil?8, Kentucky, January 22,18; S>,
To see the laughing eyes grow dim. inn died at her home at Spice, April
Church, with the Rev. Ross Evans 7
and the Rev. Roberta Mellon To feel the pangs of lifes' bitterest H , 1939, aged 58 years, 2 months and
woe, 22 days. Surviving her are her bus
officiating. Burial was in the No more on earth to be with him. I eight children.
Clifton Cemetery, at Maxwelton. JTofceral services were held at the
Donations of sympathy may be But wo see a vision across the way Laurel Hill Church and interment
made to the Clifton Presbyterian Of the sunlit shores of Eternal Diy, was made in the Walkup Cemetery.
Church or the local PUSH program And with the throngs that have Mrs Adkins will be greatly missed by
in Lewisburg. gathered there, Her friends and relatives. ,
The one that has gone, whom we
loved so dear.
Hunter F. Aliare We leave this world, we cross the
Hunter F. A!tare, 80, of Talcott I tide,
died Saturday, August 19, 1961, An Angel comes swiftly to our side,
in Hinton Hospital from burns We hear the voice, so familiar of yore
suffered while he was burning saying, "Loved ones this Heaved, we
brush near his home. Mr, Altare part no more.''
was the father of Mm. Ksllen Wilson E. Sutton
Snyder, q \\l®, formerly of Cartersville, Va.

Robert A. Aldridge, 61, died George A. C. Auldridgev^ged 77 Mrs. Lora Auldridge
years, died at his home at Onoto, on Mrs. Lora Auldridge, 83,
Tuesday, August 24, 1976, in Tuesday morning, February 13. 1940
a Morgantown hospital after For a number of years he had been of Lewisburg, died Tuesday,
a long illness. an invalid. On Wednesday afternoon December 10, 1985, in
Born January 17, 1915, at i the funeril service was conducted Greenbrier Valley Hospital
Corliss, he was a son of Mrs. i from the Edray Church by Rev. R H at Fairlea after a long
Clara Aldridge, of Rainelle and ! Ska^gs and Rev. O. N. Miles. Burial illness.
the late Harry Aldridge. in the Waugh cemetery on Indian
A World War II veteran;
I Draft. The pall bearers were Lee. SJie was a member and
Ivan and Russell Barlow, Clark Bax organist of Shuck Memorial
Aldridge was a member of ter, Lake VanReenan and Calvin
Minie Belle Baptist Church at | Sharp. Baptist Church in Lewis-
Corliss, Tygart Lodge 245, On Isovember 4, 1886. Mr Auld burg. She had taught piano
Hayden Masonic Lodge 113 ridge married Mhs Huidah Casseli, and organ for many years and
in Ansted and Local 2427 in who preceded her husband by two was a retired school teacher.
White Sulphur Springs. weeks, January 30, 1940.
The deceased was a son of the late ! She was a member of
He was ar retired carpenter. James Auldridge IIis mother was a American Baptist
Other survivors include his Barlow. Of his father's family there Retired Teachers Associa-
wife, Virginia Johnson Aldridge, remains a half sister, Mrs P. L Car-
ter. " ...-' tion, and Lewisburg Lioness
one daughter, Mrs. Mary
Alonso, of Parkersburg; 2 sons, November 23, 1884, Mr A/tldridge Club. hus-
Clarence, of Morgantown, and made a public confession of his faith, Surviving are her Mrs.
and soon joined the Methodist Chu band, Gail; daughters,Virginia
Harry, of Hawthorne, Florida; rch. He held out faithful to the end,
two sisters, Mrs. Mattie Sevy serving his Master as church steward Carolyn J. Walsh, Mrs. Sandra
and Mrs. Hilda Hanson, both assistant superintendent and super Beach, Virginia,
of Rainelle; three brothers, intendent of the Sunday School. At Lakeland,
Lee Higgins, Ann
Lawrence, Harold and Herbert, his written request the following Florida, and Mrs.
all of Rainelle, and two grand- hymns of the cnuroh wera used at
the funeral service ''Work For The Rolston, of Logan, Ohio; j
children. brothers, William E.I
Night Is Coming," "Jesus Lover Of
Services were held at two My Soul" "Nearer My God To Thee ' McGregor Jr., of Dallas,
p. m. Friday in Wallace and "What A Friend We Have in Jesus."
Wallace Chapel in Rainelle Texas, John McGregor, of
Mr Auldridyre had the respect of sis-
with the Rev. Wesley Penning- all, as an honest, upright citizen, an Knoxville, Tennessee;
ton in charge. Burial was in obliging friend and neighbor. He was ters, Mrs. Lillian Will
Aldridge Cemetery in Corliss. honored with public office, serving as Cincinnati, Ohio, Mrs.
member of the Board of Education, Hubert Webb, of Clemson,
Deputy Sheriff and Assessor. OOCB six
he was the nominee of his party for- South Carolina;
Mrs. Sandy Auldridge Sheriff. grandchildren and four great
Mrs. Emma J. Auldridge, 95, grandchildren.
died Wednesday, January 7, in
1976, in Martha Jefferson Hos- McCraw Funeral Home of
pital in Charlottesville, Virgin- Mrs Hulda Casseli Auld ride, *aged Lewisburg is in charge
about 80 years, died at her home at date for
ia, after suffering a massive Onoto on Tuesday morning. January arrangements but noset as we
stroke on January 1. j 30, 1940. She had been in failing services had been
Born May 11, 1880, at Mill health for a number of years, and her go to press.
Point, she was the daughter of death was not unexpected. On Wed-
the late Joseph S. and Abigail nesday her body was buried in the
Curry Smith. i Waugh graveyard on Indian Draft,
the service being conducted from the Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Auldridge
She was a member of the Edray church by her pastor Rev
Wesley Chapel United Metho- ^-Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Auld-
R H. Skaggs. ridge, aged 81 years, died at- her
dist Church at Hillsboro. She Mrs Auldridge was a daughter of
lived most of he: life in Poca- he""ie. near Millpoint, on Tues-
the 'ate Samuel and Eliza Tomlinson
hontas County. Casseli, of Back Alleghany. Of a day, S e p t e m b e r 8, 1942, She had
Her husband Dr. Sandy B. large family only two members re- been ill for several m o n t h s . In-
Auldridge, preceded her in main, Mrs George Baxter a i d Mrs t e r m e n t in the Ruckman ceme-
death in August, 1963. Mary A r n Tallman. t e r y on T h u r s d a y afternoon; the
About fifty years ago she became funeral service being conducted
Survivors include one son, the wife of George A. C. A uldridge, from Marvin Chapel at 2:30 by
Gail P. Auldridge, of Lewis- who survives. She did him good and her pastor, Rev. L. S. Shires.
burg; one daughter, Mrs. Lucy not eril all the days of her life. She M r s . A u l d r i d g e was a claugh-
Duff, of Stanardsville, Virgin- was a life long member of the Metho- j t e r of the late Dr. Pleas S m i t h ,
ia, with whom she made her dist Church.
of I r a y . She was the widow of
home; three granddaughters, ''the late G. L u t h e r Auldridge.
and six great grandchildren. Her s u r v i v i n g children are Clyde
The funeral services were & Harvey Glenn Auldridge
Harvey Glenn Auldridge, 63, W . A u l d r i d g e , of Millpoint; Mrs.
held Friday afternoon in the ">f Buckeve, died Tuesday, N i n a M c C a r t y , of North Calais,'
Wesley Chapel United Metho- Vlay 9, 1967, in the Pocahon- Vermont, and Mrs. Glenna
dist Church at Hillsboro with W a u g h , at home. Mrs. Eliza J |
the Rev. Harold T. Elmore and tas Memorial Hospital after a
'one: illness. Ruckman, of Millpoint, is her
Rev. Jack Arbuckle officiating. sister.
Burial was in the Oak Grove Services will be held at Smith
Cemetery at Hillsboro. Funeral Home at 2 p. m. Fri-
1ay, by the Rev. Harry Drake
with burial in Kee Cemetery.

J. E. Auldridge Claude A. Auldridge.
Sandy B Auldridge
: Claude A. AuldridgSf^, of
P Dr. Sandy B . Auldridge, 82, . J E Auldridge, aged 84 years, Buckeye, died Thursday, Au-
of Hillsboro, died Sunday, died at his home near Buckeye, gust 15, 1974, after a five
August 4, 1963, in the Denmar on Friday, April 14, 1950. He months illness with cancer
I State Hospital, after a long had been in failing health for,
illness. some months. Burial in the Buck- He was a sawmill employee
arid a member of the Presby-
, Born at Mill Point, March ley cemetery, with service from
the Lower church by his pastor, terian Church. He was born
31, 1881, he was a son of the Rev. T. G. Alder.uan. at Buckeye June 21, 1927.
late William H. and Effie Lee Surviving him are his wife,
Pennel! Auldridge. The deceased was a son of the
1 Dr. Auldridge was a lifelong late William Auldridge. He mar- Mrs. Edna Auldridge; two
daughters, Bonnie and Hazel
resident of the Hillsboro area; ried Matilda Moran who preceded Auldridge, and one son, Ron-
he practiced veterinary medi- him a few years since. They are ald Auldridge, all at home; one
cine there and in surrounding survived by seven child reft,
brother, Raymond Auldridge,
counties for more than fifty John, Cecily Harvey, Minnie Pot-1 of Cleveland, Ohio.
years. ter, Alice WilfOngr, Elva School- j
craft and Pearl Schoolcraft; thirty Services were held Sunday
He was a member of the four grandchildren and twenty-j afternoon at the Buckeye
Hillsboro Wesley Chapel Me- four greatgrandchildren. One; Presbyterian Church by the
thodist Church and served as son, James, preceded him in Rev. Willis Cornelius, with
mayor and councilman for a death. burial in the Kee Cemetery,
number of years. Ttie deceased was a life time
, One brother, Ruben Auld- j citizen of Pocahontas County and
ridge, preceded him in death. Mrs. Winiford B. Aumiller
a true follower in his c iristian Mrs. Winiford Buckley AQ-
Survivors include his wife, I faith. He was a good father and miller, 89, died in Middlesex,
Mrs. Emma Smith Auldridge; a friend to all who knew him. New Jersey, on June 6, 1976,
a son, Gail Pennell Auldridge, after a long illness.
of Hinton; a daughter, Mrs. Aj Cecil Auldridge
Wilbur Eugene Duff, of Stan-I She was born at Buckeye on
ardsville, Virginia ; a sister, Cecil Auldridge, 70, of Buck- December 12, 1886, and was
Mrs. Mary Harper, of Hillsboro eye, died Monday, February the daughter of the late John
three granddaughters, and two j 26,1973, in Weston State Hos- B. and Elizabeth McNeill
great-grandchildren. pital. He was a former railroad Buckley.
employee. Mrs. Aumiller was a mem-
Funeral services were held Born at Buckeye May 11, ber of the Eastern Star and the
Tuesday afternoon in the Hills 1902, he was the son of James Methodist Church.
tooro Methodist Church by the E. and Matilda Moran Auld-
•Rev. Owen Lee and the Rev. ridge. She was preceded in death
frohn I. Prather. Burial was by her husband, Aaron Au-
He is survived by a brother, miller; two brothers, Jay E.
^in the Oak Grove Cemetery. John Auldridge, of Marlinton, Buckley and Josiah Buckley;
and two sisters, Minnie Pot- one sister, Addie B. Graham;
ter and Pearl Schoolcraft, both and one grandson, Aaron Au-
Mrs. Belvesta Auldridge of Buckeye. miller, who was killed in Viet-
Mrs. Belvesta Cutshall Aul- Funeral services will be held nam.
dridge, 91, died Monday, No- Friday at 2 p. m. in the Van- Survivors include three sons,
vember 9,1§81, at her home Reenen Funeral Home by the Forrest S. Aumiller and Wil-
at Mill Point. She had been in Rev. Norman Alderman with liam B. Aumiller, of Punkban-
ill health the past three and burial in the Kee Cemetery. nok, Pennsylvania, and Glenn
one-half months. O. Aumiller, of Bellefonte,
She was a member of Wesley Pennsylvania; one daughter,
"bapel United Methodist Aaron Aumiller Betty Kenealy, of Middlesex,
Jhureh of Hillsboro. . News comes of the death Aaron New Jersey; two brothers, Wil-
Mrs. Auldridge was born De- Aumiller, aged about 80 years, at liam M. Buckley and Ralph B.
cember 26,1889, in Charlottes- his home in Millmont, Pe u syl- Buckley, both of Buckeye;
ville, Virginia, the daughter of vania, on Friday, January 14, eleven grandchildren and one
1955. He was a resident of Poca- great-grandchild.
Minor Wayne and Fannie Bat-
taiile Cutshall. hontas County many years ggo. The funeral was held June
Her husband, Ruben H. He had large sawmill operations 10, at the Strunk Funeral
Auldridge (1950) and a son, at Buckeye and other points on Home in Mifflinburg, Penn-
Robert L. Auldridge, preceded the Greenbrier. sylvania, with burial in the
Mrs. Aumiller is the former Methodist Chapel Cemetery in
her in death. Laurelton, Pennsylvania.
Surviving her are two sisters, Miss Winnie Buckley, daughter
Mrs. Byron D. Pultz, Mrs. of the late Mr. and Mrs. John
Myron E. Henderson, and a Buckley, of Buckeye.
sister-in-law, Mrs. Robert Cut-
shall, all of Roanoke.
Services will be held at 12:00
noon Thursday at Wesley
Chapel United Methodist
Church at Hillsboro by Rev.
Verlin Butcher, with burial in
Oak Grove Cemetery,

•2 Co
Allen L. Abshier
Mrs. Leona Roberts Ayres
Dr. Raymond Atkins Mrs. Leona Roberts Ayres,
Dr. Raymond Melvin Atkins, Allen Lambert Abshier, 66 56, of Wright's Trailer Court,
age 65, of Baltimore, Maryland, of 2901 West Forty-eightt Aberdeen, Maryland, died sud-
died Friday, November 13, 1992. Street, Shawnee Mission
Dr. Atkins, a graduate of the Kansas, died at his home Sat- denly on Sunday, November
1, 1970, as the result of being
University of Maryland School of urday, September 26, 1970.
struck by an automobile.
Medicine, had a surgical practice in He was born in Italy Texas
he was a Catholic. Born in West Virginia she
Baltimore. He served in World was a daughter of the late D.
War II. Mr. Abshier, a member oi C. and Ella Miliam Hammons
He was born January 21, 1927, the security force at the City She was a member of the
the son of Melvin and Myrtle Lula National Bank, had served 30 Church of God of the Bible in
Barlow Atkins, and grandson of S. years as a medical technician Churchville, Maryland, and
I. and Lula Myrtle Moore Barlow, in health service for the Fed-
of Huntersville. eral Government, He was a was employed by Bata Shoe
Company as a conveyor worker
Dr. Atkins was married to Julia Navy Veteran, having served Her husband, David F.
Anne Todd Lacey and they had five in the hospital section of the
children, Julian Anne Todd Atkins, battleship Maryland. He work Ayres, preceded her in death.
Thomas Barlow Atkins, deceased, ed at the Mill Point Federal Survivors include one son,
Raymond Melvin Atkins, William Security Prison for several Oscar H. (Joe) Roberts, of
Paul Atkins, and Elizabeth years. Goldvein, Virginia; two daugh
Woodcock Atkins. ters, Mrs. Ha Hie Johnson, of
Survivors include his wife, Aberdeen, Maryland;and Mrs.
He is the nephew of Nell Mrs. Odessa K. Abshier, and Ella Baker, of Port Deposit,
Shrader, Louise McNeel, Lucille two brothers, James D. Ab- Maryland; six brothers, Jink
Burns, Juanita Patterson, and shier, of Horatio, Arkansas, Hammons, of California, Ancel
Evelyn Williams, and Jack F. Abshier, color art Hammons, of Rocks, Mary-
The Atkins own a home, coordinator for The Star, land, Mason Hammons, of
Homeland Farms on Jericho Road 5721 West Sixty-first Street, Norrisville, Maryland, Jesse
near Marlinton. Countryside.
A memorial service will be held Hammons, of Forest Hill,
Funeral services were held Maryland, Gate Hammons, of
here at a later date. Tuesday afternoon in the Frankford and John Hammons,
Stanley Armeatrou! Stine and McClure Funeral of Stafford, Virginia; two sis-
Sp-4 Stanley William Armen- Home Chapel, with burial in ters, Mrs. Dollie Stanley, of
trout, a native of Durbin, was the Memorial Park Cemetery. Hillsboro and Mrs. Ianthia
killed in South Vietnam Satur- Mrs. Myrtle Ash Q/ Stancy, of Lynchburg, Virgin-
day November 16, 1968, in the Mrs. Myrtle Mae Ash, 83, ia and seven grandchildren.
explosion of an enemy land died at her home Monday night, Funeral services were held
mine. May 26, 1975. Wednesday aftfrnoon in the
Sp-4 Armentrout was born She was a lifelong resident of Tarring Funeral Home Chapel
13 1948, in Durbin, Durbin and a member of the in Aberdeen, Maryland, by the
a ?cWof Stanleys Richard and Durbin United Methodist Rev. Marshall G. Suite, with
Audrey Vance Armentrout, Church and the Daughters of burial in the Bel Air Memorial
of Rittman, Ohio. the American Revolution. Gardens.
In addition to his parents, Survivors include four daugh
he is survived by his wife, Linda Mrs. Mibel Ashworth
ters, Mrs. Myrtle Palmer, of
Sue Kosenberg, three brothers, Canton, Ohio, Mrs. Sylvia Kin- Mrs. Mabel D. Ashworth, 69,
David Armentrout, Canton, caid, of Bucyrees, Ohio, Mrs. of Green Bank, formerly of
Ohio, Ronnie and Randy, one Anna Mae Collins, of Durbin, Huntington, died Friday, May
sister, Cheri Lynn, all of Ritt- and Mrs. Thelma Williams, of 9, 1980, at home.
man, Ohio. His maternal Cowen; one son, William Albert Born at Red Jacket, Septem-
grandmother, Mrs. Ota B. Jr., of Watsonville, California, ber 13,1910, she was a daugh-
Vance, widow of Ira W. Vance, and a brother, Samuel Westfall, ter of the late Joseph and Min-
survives in Ohio. of Elk view; 18 grandchildren, nie Clay.
Services and burial were in 31 great-grandchildren. A Green Bank resident for
Rittman. The funeral will be at 2 p. m. three years, Mrs. Ashworth
Thursday in the Wallace and was a member of the Pine
Mrs. Teresa Anastasio Wallace Funeral Home Chapel Grove Church of the Brethren.
Mrs. Teresa Anastasio, of Tracy in Arbovale with Rev. David Survivors include her hus-
California, formerly of Marlinton, Rittenhouse and Rev. Virgil band, H. Carl Ashworth; a
died on Monday, February 9, Kover in charge. Burial will daughter, Mrs. Belva Delorea
1959. She was the widow of the be in Arbovale Cemetery. Nicely, and a son, Carl, Jr.*
late Patsy Anastasio. both of Huntington; two sis-
Surviving her are four sons. ters, Mrs. Belva Weatherholt,
Jack Anastasio, Frank Anastasio, Kentucky, and Mrs. Grace
Joe Anastasio, and Domineck Freshour, of Parkersburg, and
Anastasio; three daughters, Mrs a brother, Lewis C. Clay, of
Mary (Corso) Fogli, Mrs. Oliva Florida.
Portolese, and Mrs. Catherine Services were held Sunday
Corsaro, all of Tracy, California; at 2 p. m. in the Pine Grove
thirty two grandchildren and Church of the Brethren with
, thirty one great-grandchildren. the Rev. David Rittenhouse
I Funeral services were held on officiating. Burial was Mon-
(Thursday, February 12 and inter day at 1 p. m. in the White
ment was made i n Tracy Ceme- Chapel Cemetery in Hunting-
tery. ton.
Miss Lydia Margaret Arion, Mrs. Alice Arbogast
iveJl known resident of RocMng-
aam county, died Sunday morn- Mrs. Alice McClure Arbogast, Frank P. Anderson
ing at 9:30 following a short ilL aged 36 years, wife of Ola Arbo-
ness. Death was due to a stroke. gast, of Ed ray, died on Saturday, Frank P. Anderson, aged 68
She was a daughter of the late ' January 17, 1942, at the Pocahon- years, died suddenly from a heart
PVederick and Hannah Arion tas Memorial Hospital. On Mon- ^k while go» tg aboi f or Mt.
and was born March 25, 1866 View tarni. > or <
near Sangerville. Miss Arion was day her body was laid to rest in
the Cochran Cemetery on Stony had been in fpii'.ng health. On
ia member of the Church of the Saturdaj^norning his body was
•Brethren. Greek, the service being conduct-
Surviving her are two brothers, ed by Rev. R. H. Skaggs. Mrs. laid to $ a t in the family plot in
John Arion and Samuel Arion, of Arbogast was a daughter of A. L. i Mountain View Cemetery, the
Harrisonburg and one sister, funeral service being conducted
Mrs. H. W. Kiracofe, of Harri- McClure.
from the home of his sister, Mrs.
ionburg. Ida Sharp by Rev. J . . C. Wool.
Funeral Services will be held
Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock The pall bearers were Judge S. H
frcii> the Sangerville Church of W, H. Arbogast Sharp, Addison Pennell, B. E.
the Brethren, conducted by the Wardell H. Arbogast, aged 12 Smith, Henry Hiner, Marion Burr
Rev. Isaac Garber. years died Tuesday afternoon, and J. E. Buckley.
Pallbearers will be: John Cupp, J « ? e 8 1948 H e h a d b e e Q .Q' § Mr Anderson was a native ot
Ben Cupp, S. J. Cupp, Glen Wine,
A. M. Andrew and Lester WJch- fainng hea thlfor many months. Bath County, a son of the late
ael. The body will be removed On Ihursday afternoon, the fun-
'"^n the Rosenberger Funeral eral service was held from the Samuel Anderson, at M^^Grove.
* Monday afternoon to the Marlinton Methodist Church by His sisters are Mns Ida Sharp, of
*f her sister, Mrs. H. W. his pastor, Rev. E. N. Carlson. Marlinton, and Mrs Lucy Har-
* fjarrisonburg, where low, of Washington; his brother
^eet Tuesday morn- His body was laid to rest in the
family plot in Mt. View Ceme- is Thomas Anderson, of Oklaho-
tery, with Masonic honors. ma. He married Miss Lottie
George F. Altizer Gray, who preceded him many
The deceased was a son of the years ago.
George F.Altizer, 82, of Ren- ate J. C.,and Sallie Beard Ar-
ick, died Saturday, December flf x-ear^. S ? ATttfet^or
bogast of Green bank. He was i wk ttijUi»_hl: oitizefV vi I\.-
•4, 1982, at home after a long the last of a family of four to be hontas County. He served v
•illness. called. He is survived by his town sergeant of Marlinton am
* He was a retired coal mine r wife, Mrs. Lelia Jane HulfArbo- as County Chairman of his party.
and farmer, a member of t h e gast and their son, Warren H. He was a good citizen; a popular
Advent Christian Church at In religion, Mr. Arbogast was man whose passing is regretted
a Methodist, a member of the by many friends.
Board of Stewards. He had
served as Superintendent of the
Roy G. Arbogast
Roy G. Arbogast, age 73, of
Sunday School and member of Everett L. Arbogast
the choir.
Whitinsville, Massachusetts, died BUCKHANNON-Everett L.
Tuesday, May 6, 1997, in Whitins- The deceased was a veteran em-
ployee of the Chesapeake and Arbogast of Buckhannon, died on
ville Regional Hospital, Milford, Thursday, August 1,1996 at his home.
after an illness. Ohio Railway. He worked in the
He was the husband of the late Marlintori station for many years; He was 80 years of age.
Harriette Malkasian Arbogast. retiring some years since by rea- He was born in Webster Springs,
Born March 22,1924, in Arbo- son of failing health. He 'was a on July 25, 1916, the son of Wade
vale, he was the son of the late kipdly man; who made and kept Addison and Effie Moore Arbogast,
James L. and Bessie Simmons friends.
both deceased. He was a machine
Arbogast. maintenance worker and served in the
He was a chief petty officer for Army during World War II. He was a
the Coast Guard, retiring in 1966. Terry E. Armentrout member of the Prince of Peace Church
He had enlisted in the Navy during
World War II, then served in the Terry E. Armentrout, 70, of in Poland, Ohio. He was a member of
Coast Guard. He was also a Veteran Manassas, Virginia, died December the Buckhannon V.F.W. Post 3663
of the Korean Conflict an the Viet- 11,1998, at tbe Washington House and the Frank B. Bartlett Post #7
nam War. He also worked for 15 in Alexandria, Virginia. American Legion.
years for Arctic Refrigeration, of He was born in Durbin on July He is survived by: his wife, Ruth
Worchester, retiring in 1987. He 26, 1998, the son of Arthur and E.Sitler Arbogast; daughters, Martha
was a 30 year resident of Whitins- Leasel Armentrout
Mr. Armentrout was a Wisler of New Brighton, Pa. and Clarie
ville. QuerinofNewMiddleton,Ohio; sons,
He is survived by two sons, 4 psychiatric social worker in the
Thomas J. Arbogast, of Randolph, Prince William (Virginia) School Paul Arbogast of Columbiana, Ohio
Massachusetts, and Robert A. system until illness forced his and David Arbogast of Mill Creek;
Arbogast, of Richland, Michigan, 1 retirement in 1991. brother, Edward Arbogast of Hacker
two brothers, Ernest Arbogast, of Survivors include a brother, Valley; 5 grandchildren and 1 great-
Cleveland, Ohio, and Everett Arbo- Luke Armentrout, Sr., of Canton, grandchild. In addition to his parents,
gast, of Cass; two sisters, Irene 0 M a he was preceded in death by brothers,
Cassell, of Arbovale, and Helen A memorial service was held Leonard and Donald.
Swisher, of Ellilott City, Mary- on December 14 at the Everly- Services were held on Monday,
land, and four grandchildren. Wheatley Funeral Home in Alex-
Funeral services was held May August 5, at 11:00 a.m., at the Poling-
9, at the Jackmon Funeral Home, andria. A graveside service was St. Clair Funeral Home in Buckhan-
Whitinsville. Burial was in Pine held on December 15 at the Sunset non, with Dr. Dan Arbogast of the
Grove Cemetery, Whitinsville. Memorial Gardens in Cumberland, Christian Bible Church officiating.
Maryland. Burial was at the Mt, Olivet Church
Cemetery in Hemlock.
.^ Mrs. uianensa AHGC Aroogasi y^^^wsrs. usen uroogast
Birchie McKinley Arbogast,
53, of Hematite, died Wednes Mrs. Clarienda Alice Cur- Mrs. Myrtle Sherwood Ar- J a m e s ,f & Arbogast, i* '9,
-7TA\rmarence ^ruogasL,
oif ui
57, of ivim
Mill'Abogast, 79, of Ronceverte, diedP*™> \° Newport, Pennsylvania,
nu<™?^ Sunday, August Saturday, February 24 1973 formerly of Pocahoritas County,
11 1963
" ? i r S a loU™^^?^ ' ' i n t h e D a v i s Me "* i n theGreenbrier V a l l ^ H o ^ 19
' 196^
e d l l i f o l l ™ i n g *? e x t e n d - 3 morial Hospital in Elkins. - tal at Ronceverte after a l o ? > N e w P o r t -
,ea inness. &o*/c 1 Born June 25, 1906, at Mill" illness. 1^ ' • Survivors include his wife, Mrs.
He was born August 8,1902, Creek, she was the daughter of She had been a resident o i f - a n n y E * A r b o g a s t ' a daughter,]
J at Arbovale. the late Jacob and Rosa Oxley - Ronceverte for 13 years a n dMrs. L Robert Reichley, of Lewis-
_ Mr. Arbogast was a member LICurrence. . . _ wwas
a s aformVresident p ^ ? Lu er og A\ Po ff ?N7enws y lo^r a n i ? i two sons,
a former resident oofF Poca-r
•* the Arbovale Methodist Survivors include her hus- hontas County, County a member oi. oi - P t > Pennsylvania,
-Church and a member of the band, Robert Arbogast, M i l l - t h e Trinity United Methodsst a n d Sohn P a u l Arbogast, of Mc-|
-Brotherhood Maintenance Way Creek; two sons, Richard Wil'-_ Church and the Womens Socle- H e n r
y > Illinois; a sister, Mrs
_ Department of the Chesapeake Ham Arbogast, Mill Creek and t y 0f Christian Service Harry C. Burner, of New Berlir
and Ohio Railway. Jacob Dale Arbogast, Bartow;" u o r u l l c u , n j r»w *lu J Wisconsin; six grandchildren and
- Survivors include his wife one daughter, Mrs. Jesse. M.- S ^ J ^ ^ r ^ tx rea,grandchildren,
-Mrs. Gladys Daywalt Arbo- Lambert, Bartow; one brother, ¥ 10,7q f uneral services were conduc
gast; two half brothers, Arn- Peter J Currence, Beverly; two . ed on Tuesday afternoon-in lb
old Ervin, of Frank, and Orval listers, Lyda Currence and •, _ S u r v l™ rs
indude three sis, Arbovale Methodist Church wit
-Ervin, of Durbin, and one halfHM Jorie Outright, both of Mrs. 5 . I ters, s t h e
i Whangerjthe Rev. John Helms in charge.
Bak r
_ lister, Mrs. Evon Goode, of Mill Creek, and two grand- Miss P S o f .? ' n a n 1 Burial was made in the Arbovale
Mount Crawford, Virginia; Children. Fearl bherwood, all oi Cemetery
- one foster son, Delbert Kow- Ronceverte, and two brothers, j
J. Kermit Arbogast Lawrence Sherwood, of Ronce- Roy E. Arbtugh
_ ger, of Brandy wine. verte and Albert Sherwood of 1 Roy A. Arbaugh, 67, died
Funeral services were held Kermit Arbogast, 68, of Florida. 'Friday, October 10, 1975, at I
Saturday afternoon in the -25 Arbovale, died Thursday, June his home in Maxwelton, of an |
Shanklin Funeral Home Chap-f o n* 1970, at his home after a Funeral services were held J
el by the Rev. Douglas N.|J g illn
ess Monday afternoon at the Ron apparent heart attack.
Shepherd. Burial was in the He was a lifelong resident of ceverte Methodist Church by "I He was a life long resident of
"Hlleghany Memorial Park at Pocahontas County, a member the Rev. Alvin Guyon, with Greenbrier County and a mem-
-Lowmoor, Virginia. burial in the Riverview Ceme- ber of the Isaac Walton League
f-of the Liberty Presbyterian tery at Ronceverte,
Church at Green Bank and and a retired farmer.
— Anna Arbofitt Survivors include his wife,
Riverside Masonic Lodge of " Qrover Arbogast
— Mrs. Anna Arbogast, Dur- Cass and a retired teacher, - Grover Cleveland Arbogast — [ E l a i n e ; four sisters, Mrs. Hat-
bin, died Wednesday, August principal and assistant school 95, of Covington, Virginia, for- "tie Smith, of Fairlea, Mrs.
23,1978, in an Elkins hospital" superintendent in Pocahontas merly of Cass, died Sunday, Mary Harvey, Lewisburg, Mrs.
— after a long illness. j-County. September 18,1977, in Bedford Maude Ford, of Winston-Salem,
— Bora August 11, 1900, she 4- Survivors include his wife, Community Hospital, Bed- I North Carolina, and Mrs. Fran-
_ was the daughter of the late Grace Kramer Arbogast, and. ford, Virginia, after a long ill- ces Goodall, of Adelphi, Mary-
Minor and Hester Jane Van* a brother, Grady, of St. Cloud, ness. I land, and one brother, John,
— devender.
Survivors include her hus-
j~ Florida. Born April 1, 1885, at Val- —I of Glen Allen, Virginia.
band, Dixie Arbogast; two Sunday Funeral services were held = ley Head, he spent most of his ==! Services were held Sunday
afternoon in the Liber-, life near Cass. A woodsman, afternoon at Wallace and Wal-
— daughters, Mrs. Maxine Crom- ty Presbyterian Church at he was a former employee of $Ti lace Funeral Home in Lewis-
er and Mrs. Joanne Currence, Gre3n Bank, with Rev. Thorn- the Mower Lumber Company — burg with Dr Spencer Ham-
both of Durbin; eight S O n S I rry Henderson in charge.. at Cass, and a member of the ^ rick in charge. Burial was in
,. £ Vere, of Cleveland, Ohio, Harl f ?funnJL Cass United Methodist Church. M « the Rosewood Cemetery
_ v e y . of Harrisonburg, Virginia, I C^e m a e r w a s , n t h e Al'bovale He had resided for five years nK*i 1 J — j —
Arnold, of Belgar, PennsyUJ f y-, • . WW
yania, David of King George, —
t/ Glen Arbogast with the June Higgins, family E u g m Wi|llam AmniaM
— Virginia, and Green, Paul, J- Gle ~Z n A . . ftA , „ in Falling Springs, Virginia. « Eugene Williams Ammona
Danny and Henry, all of Dur- [ # Arbogast, 90, of Ron • M f i L £LL ^ f f i 1 L ! « . of Seated. Delaware, died
— bin; a sister, Mrs. Mona New- f d<*verte, formerly of Arbovale,- Mrs. Beulah Harvey, of Oho, .m F d a y . November 20, 1981,
— man, of Baltimore, Maryland; f mi e ad Monday January 1 1972,_ son, Ralph, of Spnngerville , _ 8 t N / t i c o k e Memorial Hospi-
«iatwo brothers, Jim and Lee ]__ a ,, o nRonceverte hospital after Arizona, brother, Amos, of , g e a f o r d ft g g h o r t j„.
— Vandevender, both of Frank- 8 lUness. &t*4 = Slatyfork. £ness.
Kn; 51 grandchildren and 21 - He was a member of the Trin- Services were held at 2 p. m. Mr. Ammons retired 1958
«.„, great-grandchildren. - ity United Methodist Church - Wednesday in Cass United manappr for in
A Services were held at two J f Ronceverte and a retired Meth < g * < ^
~r> p. m. Satarday in the Frank *" {arT^ef; k u f „•« g 5 f t P S K I ^ f o 2 £ " Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
was m uult w m e
JiL theChurch of the Nazarene with-? He lived at Arbovale
Rev. Roy Williams and his farm was purchased for t y> until Ber ™ ° P - H e had been with the firm for J
30 years.
Rev. David Rittenhouse offii-H the Observatory. I ., • ' = = F He was a member of the
dating. Burial was in the fam- Mr. Arbogast was always joanny Arbogast - Marlinton Lodge 127, AF and
~ ily cemetery in Durbin. oi active in the annual White Johnny Arbogast, 23, ° L AM.
— — Pine Camp Meeting. -Pendleton County, was killed His wife, Helen Foley Am-
'] J. fad Arbogast \ 7 Survivors include his wife, in an autonobile accident nea mons died in 19/2. Surviving
are a daughter, Betty Am-
/arl Arhocr'ist noY* M rtle ' ^ h r u a r y l b , Lai*.
A A. Carl Arbogast, *X H y Sherwood Arbogast. Bartow, mons Bleile of Seaford; two
"-years, died at bis home in Funeral services were held He was the
Nelard son of
Arbogast Mr. and
and grandchildren, Robert E. and
on Tuesday, April U , 1953, after Wednesday afternoon in the.Mrs, Scott G. Bleile, of Seaford; and
a long illness. On Wednesday Trinity United Methodist had a young daughter,
- t h e funeral service was held from Church at Ronceverte by the Funeral services were held two great-grandchildren.
ovale church, with buriai Rev. Alvin Guyon, with burial Wednesday in Services were held Monday
the family plot in Arbovale in the Riverview Cemetery at Chapel by the Rev. F. H. Mor- a t the Watson Funeral Home,
"1 Cemetery. Ronceverte. ton. Burial was in Lambert-Seaford. Hiram Lodge 21, of
The deceased is survived by hie~ -Cemetery near Thornwood. . Seaford, held Masonic services
ife and their daughter, Mrs Sunday at the Funeral Home.
lark wood Gum. Burial was in Odd Feltas^
. Cemetery. jJ^2i\

Lonnie W. Armstrong, Sr. Richard Yeager Arbogast William W. Addleman c
Julia Ann Duncan A&dridge, wid-
Lonnie W. Annstrong, Sr., age Richard Yeager Arbogast, age ow of the late James Atijdridge, died William Wallace Addleman^
of Buckeye, died Sunday, 48, died on Saturday, January at the home of her daughter, Mrs. 80, of Marlinton, died Friday,
September 24, 1995, in Morgan 26, 1957, at his home. Funeral P. L. Carter at Onoto op Friday, December 1, 1972, in the Po-
Manor, Morgantown, after an services were conducted at the February 3. 1933, after short illness cahontas Memorial Hospital.
extended illness. Methodist Church at Marvin Her age was ninety-th? :e years, two He had been in declining
He was a farmer and Chapel at 2:00 p. m., Monday, monfcho and five days, having been health for several years.
construction foreman. January 28, 1957, by Reverend born November 28, 18 On Satur- Born in Cumberland Cou Coun-
Born near Buckeye June 18, Willis Summers, assisted by day afternoon her funeral was con- ty, Virginia, he was the so£
1913, he was the son of the late Reverend Quade Arbogast. In- ducted from the Stony'Creek church
by Rev. T. H. Taylor, assisted by the late William and Emr
Cameron L. and Lucy Lange terment was in the Oak Grove Rev. O. N. Miles: burffj in the Coch- Addleman.
Armstrong. Cemetery at Hillsboro. ran cemetery. He was a member of t
^Prec^ding him in death were two Born at Arbovale, April 2, Mrs. A aid ridge was a daughter of Presbyterian Church.
Harold C. Armstrong and .1908, he was the son of Walter the lite Henry and Martha Baxter He was preceded in deat
Rick Allen Armstrong; a daughter, A. and the late Margie Beard Duncan, of Stony Creek. On Octo- by his first wife, Mrs. Sylv
Zetta Sue Bryant; a brother, Lloyd Arbogast. ber 28, 1866, she became the wife of
H. Armstrong; and three sisters, the late James Auldrklge. To this Raines Addleman, a daughte
He is survived by his wife, union was born one child, Mary S. Emma, an infant daughti
Ethel Taylor, Leone Jackson, and Mrs. Vera Payne Arbogast, and wife of P. L. Carter. and a son, Woodrow,
Opal Shields. their two children, Richard, of Thus ends a long, bi>oy and useful
Surviving him are his wife, Baltimore, Maryland, and Mrs. life, spent in service for others. Survivors include his wif
Goldie C. Mace Armstrong; a Betty A. McCarty, of Hillsboro; Down to the end, Mrs. Auldridge re- Mrs. Agnes Payne Addlemai
daughter, Lucille Gaye Kramer, of two sisters, Mrs. Jos eph Kramer, tained her mental and bodily strength one son, Willard A. Addlemai
North Wales, Pennsylvania; a four of Mill Point, and Mrs. Opal to a remarkable degree. All her life of Charleston, and one ste
sons, Robert Arden Annstrong, Hardesty, of Jacksonville, Florida; she was a christian, making a public daughter, Mrs. Barbara E1I<
Lonnie Wallace Armstrong, Jr., two brothers, Argile and Ralph 1 profession of her faith and joining Howard, of Covington, Virgi
and Lloyd Henry Armstrong, all of Arbogast, both of Mill Point, the Methodist church in the year i a -
Buckeye, and Ira William and one grandson. 1864. The occasion was a great meet
ing held in the Old Log Church on Funeral services were he
Armstrong, of Danese; a sister, Stony Creek by a Rev. Mr. Neal. Of Monday afternoon in the Vai
Edith Bird, of Buckeye; 29 He was a member of the Me- the many stalwart young people who Reenen Funeral Home Chapel
grandchildren and 42 great- thodist Church at Marvin Chapel.
i then took their stand, only one re- by the Rev. Maynard Crai
grandchildren. He will be greatly missed by mains, the venerable Samuel B. ford, with burial in the Mou
Funeral services were held at 2 his family and a host of friends. Moore of Edray. tain View Cemetery.
p. m. Wednesday at VanReenenv
Funeral Home by Pastor Jack* Jack D.Armstrong Mrs. W. W. Addleman
Jack D. Armstrong, 57, of N. S. Arbuckle
Burks andJ*£yJlJ*ivHicks. Burial Stewart Arbuckle, 85, died
was in thq^Anngtrongyemeti Buckeye, died Saturday, Octo- Mrs. Sylvia Raines Addleman
Saturday, March 11, 1967, at wife of W. W. Add Ionian,
ber 22, 1983, at home of an his home near Lewisburg.
apparent heart attack. 50 years, died on We
John Armstrong A charter member and eld- May 17, 1944, after a short Mines
John Cameron Armstrong, A veteran of World War II,
er of the Clifton Presbyterian On Friday afternoon hor
aged 48 years and ten months, he was a mechanic and a Church, he was well known in was laid to rest in the cemett
of Buckeye, was killed Sunday member of the Swago United Pocahontas County as an offi at Nottingham, beside the grave:
afternoon, April 4, 1971, when Methodist Church and Poca- cer of the Farmers Home Fire of her children. The service
his motorcycle had a head on hontas County Gun Club. Insurance Company and as conducted from the homo in Mar
collision with an automobile He was born September 3 r president of the Lewisburg linton, by her pastor, Rev. Janio:
driven by Oliver W. Green on 1926, at Marlinton, the son of Federal Land Bank Associa- C. Wool.
Kee Flats south of Marlinton. the late Lloyd H. and Lizzie tion. He was active in organiz- Mrs. Addleman is survived b,
A mechanic, he was employ- Dulaney Armstrong. ing the Greenbrier Valley Fair, her husband, W. W. Add Ionian,
ed by Western Auto in Rich- A brother, John C. Arm- now the State Fair, Greenbrier and their son, AV. A. Addleman,
wood. He was a member of strong, and a sister, Hester O. Valley Stockyards and Blue of the U. S. Army.
the Swago Methodist Church Garsteck, preceded him in Grass Market. The deceased was roarod at Cir-
and Veterans of Foreign Wars. death. Surviving him are his wife, cleville, Pendleton C o u n t
He was born June 4, 1922, Surviving him are his wife, Mabel Johnson Leach Arbuckle daughter of Stuart and Elizabeth
at Marlinton, the son of Lizzie Betty C. Mace Armstrong; two a son, John, of Lewisburg, and Ann Lambert Raines. For t h o
Dulaney Armstrong, of See- daughters, Roseanna L. Groves a daughter, Mrs. Carl Onteen, past fourteen years she had boo
bert, and the late L. H. Arm- of Hillsboro, and Marilyn A. Stanford, Connecticut. a resident of Marlinton.
strong. Armstrong, of Buckeye; a Funeral Services were held
Surviving him are his wife, brother, Dale C. Armstrong, of Monday in the Clifton Pres- Frank Arnott "
Mrs. Flora Belle Skaggs Arm- Marlinton, and two sisters, byterian Church with burial in Frank Arnott, 63 of Junior,
strong; three children, Lloyd Thelma A. Connors, of Hart- Rosewood Cemetery. and Slatyfork. died Wednes-
Roland Armstrong, of Harman ford, Connecticut, and Helen F. day, July 26,1967, in an Elkins
Maryland, Larry Paul Arm- Gilliam, of Morrow, Georgia, Mrs. Charles P. Adams Hospital. Death was attri-
strong and Danny Wayne and one grandchild. Mrs. Lucy F. Adams, 80, died buted to a cerebral hemorrhage
Armstrong, of Buckeye, two Services were held Monday on Saturday, February 15, 1958, suffered July 15.
brothers, Jack Desmond Arm- afternoon at 2 p. m. in the at her home at Dunmore. She Born June 4, 1904, he was a
strong, of Buckeye, and Dale Swago United Methodist was the widow of the late Charles son of the late Esta C. and
Calvin Armstrong, Marlinton; Church by the Rev. B. B.
two sisters, Mrs. William Mitcham and the Rev. Sanford P. Adams.
(Thelma) Consrois, of East Boggs, with burial in the
Hartford, Connecticut, and Armstrong Cemetery. 18,
Mrs. Adams was born January
1878, at Dunmore, the dau-
Lena Pierson Arnott.
He was a member of th
Methodist Church, Riverside
ghter of Dallas and Hannah Masonic Lodge of Cass, a<: <J
Mrs. Ray (Helen) Gillians,
Morrow Cove, Georgia. Galford McLaughlin. She is sur- the Royal Arch Masonic Chap-,
vived by one son, Hunter Adams, ter of Beverly.
Services will be held in the of Dunmore, Mr. and Mrs. Arnott live
Swago United Methodist The funeral services were held in Slatyfork for 19 years when
Chujch at Buckeye at 2:00 p. Tuesday afternoon at Smith's he served as agent-operatoi
m. Thursday afternoon by the Funeral Home by the Rev Ed for the Western Marylam
Rev. Alfred Gum, with burial
in the Armstrong Graveyard. Thomas. Burial was in the Odd- Railway Company.
fellow Cemetery at Elk ins. Survivors include his wif<
Mrs. Lucy F. Foy Arnott, o
Junior, and one sister, Mrjd
^ Ercie J . Alien u
Mose Alexander Fred C. Allen Mrs. Raymond C. Ay res
s Mrs. Ercie G. Allen, 76, diec Mrs. Winnie Grace Van-
on February 10, 1975, at th< Mose Alexander, 86, of Hunt-_ Fred Clay Allen, 82, of Mar-
Woodbine Nursing Home fr< ersville, died at his home Mon-Aji nton, died Saturday, Dscem de vender Ay res, 79, oH
_ Alexandria, Va.. where she waC day, May 24, 1976. at Hunt ber 20, ~1969~ in the' Pocahon- >[ Staunton, Virginia, died
a patient following a lengthy. ersville. g *tas Memorial Hospital. iSaturday, August 4, 1984,
R7 stay at the Alexandria Hospital^ ^ ^
Born^ ^ ^ _
February^ ^ ^
29,^ ^
1890,_ at _ Allen, as he was known Jin Shenandoah Nursing
She was a daughter of the Lexington, Virginia,' he was -to all, retired about six years T|Home in Clifton Jorge,
._late Beaureguard and Lydia a son of the late James and**™ after operating the Royal ^Virginia
Allen McClung, of Clover Lick Katherine Alexander. A re- Drug Store for over forty vears "t slie was born October 28, ^
— She" waTmawred to Charles^C.t £r?.d l a ^ r worker of the C&O He served as President of the -f-1904, at Monterville, a
_Allen f who preceded her inltoihroad, mJ*-\ ***_,*,.member W e s t Virginia State Pharma- ^daughter of Kelvin Patrick
of the Rising Mount Zion Bap-
_death. Also preceding her in] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ceutical Association in 1934 and Nettie Mae Conrad
death were two brothers, Lee tist Church of* Marlinton and a - 35 a n ( j had been a member of +Vandevender.
— McClung, of Clover Lick, Hoxie member of the Brotherhood of. t h e g t a t e Board of Pharmacy _j. she was educated in the
McClung, of Slatyfork, and Maintenance of Way Employes for over thirty years I public schools of Pocahon-
a sister, Mrs. Myrtle Cook, of His wife, Mrs. Mattie Jor- He served from 1936 to 1956 Ttas and for a number
—Covington, Va, and others in dan Alexander preceded him in as State Senator and was chair -f ye ars was employed as

early childhood. death August 16, 1968, in the man of the Pocahontas Coun- lhousemother at Virginia J
Surviving are two daughters, Pittsburgh, Margaret Hospital in ty Democratic Executive School for - the
- Deaf^ jind
^ ^ the
- i
Mrs. Genevieve Molchan, of two brothers, Pennsylvania; also C o n n ttee for over twenty + Blind and at Mary Baldwin:
— Hampton, Va., and Mrs. Mae William and An years. He had al30 served I College. She was a mem J
928 1932as
A. Amos, of Alexandria, VaJ Lucy, ***• a! ~nephew,
n f i 2 Luther
T IS52?PAKS! - 1
Robin Marlinton Mayor J b e r £ F i r s t C h u r c h o f thel
one sister, Mrs. Lillie McClure, \. son, and a stepson, James Rey- _ A veteran of World War I. [ N a z a r e n e ^ Staunton.
— of MarJinton, and eight grand nolds. he was a charter member ^of + Surviving are her hush
children. the American Legion Post No. -f-band, Raymond CarlylcJ
Funeral services were con- 1 Survivors include one sister, 50, and a rnt-mbar of the V F Ay res; four sisters, Mrs£
jL'uiictai cervices were cun-1 TP.*.,^^ rw%,,«u«-f^ »«;^*%~ ~~A OU, ^ ,«, . _ Louie Ware, Staunton, Viiv
ducted at the Everly Wheatleyt XT ^ - £_ ^S^ ^&^ ^^ ^ S^ ^S^ ^^^ S^ ^ "M - W
He'e Mwas
asonic L dge
° active
^ *** in —
the ginia, Mrs. Nina Beale, or!
New York,0 Ia step daughter, " v. „.„' r>n^ anA Gun f-Temple
- Funeral Home Chapel, in Alex-4" Mrs. ?-ePnevEva
™ a1-1Primyon, of Pitts- _~ Pocahontas
^ecnanicsviue, Uo Rod and uun Hills, Maryland,]
_andria, on Thursday, February. burgh; also a devoted friend,_ u " b - a 18RS
Alta Vandevender, of Slaty-
_13, at 11 A. M., by Dr. Richard Mrs. Margaret Cashwell. Born at Alma April 18, 1S». fork, and Mrs. Nettie Dehn,
M. Robertson, minister1 of the' Services were held at 2 p - h"- e was the son of the late bte- of Gaithersburg, Maryland;
— IT"fviw,n0 ^mnpkins
— WashingtonChurch, Alexandria,j
Street United Friday in the VanReenen-Phf11 a n d D o r c u s S l o n e k i n g two brothers, Boyd and
where she attended while living m. Funeral Home in Marlinton _Allen. _Donald Vandevender, both
— with her daughter. with the Rev. Sanford Boggs Surviving are his wife, Mrs. of Slatyfork.
— Mrs. Allen was a former res- officiating. Burial was at the "Mary Jo Berry Allen, one ~~ Services were held at 11
ident of Hillsboro, living there] —a.m. Tuesday in Bear Fun-
some 35 years or so, where she family cemetery near his home, -daughter, Miss Ann C lay Alien, _eral Chapel by the Rev. A.
— was a member of the Hillsboro • • • i - i __L i of Marlinton, and one son,
i_ Methodist Cnurch. She enjoyed Delbert N. Abdella Fred C. (Johnny) Allen, Jr., T. Underwood, with burial
a great number of friends and ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ _ of Charleston, and two grand- - in Union Cemetery.
= neighbors there, many of whom Delbert Norman Abdella, of children, Mrs. Brenda Ann Amos
continued close correspondence fvoute 1, Nitro, died on Saturday'" <3Prvifes were held Monday . . . D . . . BO
nwith her through her senior afternoon, June 15 1957, enrouti^fe^oonm St John's Episco- M ^ Brenda Ann Amos 32,
jrear8. to a Charleston hospita after ta\ rhurph bv the Rev. Jamea » »w tttna Drive, 'Newport
P. M. Atkinson Funeral services were held on Mountain View Cemetery. ^ R i v e r s j d e Hospital.
Monday afternoon in the Cross ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Porter Morris Atkinson, aged Lanes Methodist Church by the James H- Adams Born in Roanoke, she was a
>9 years, pa^ed away in his *sleep~[ Rev. James Wooddell. Interment James H. Adams, 87, of Val- 1966 graduate of KeCough-
arly Monday morning, July 4, was made m the Cunningham ley Head, died Wednesday, tan High S chool and em-
1949. On Wednesday '"afternoon j Cemetery, at St. Albans. March 13, 1963, in an Elkins ployed by Mosley Real Estate.
;be funeral wt;s held from the Mr. Abdt $ a chemical op- Rest Home. Survivors include her hus-
loofie b;y his pastor. Rev. R. P. erator at the Goodrich-Gulf chem- Born November 2, 1875, at " af utgjhjt ie ^snaHnd J.^H M?
Melton. Burial in the family plot cal plant. He was a veteran of ,Mace, Pocahontas County, he^ ^ a
T ' Ll8 Me
\ ;
n White Sulphur Springs cerne- World War II and a member of^as k son of the late T u
ery. ^
Cross Lanes Methodist Church. and Cornelia Adams. home; her parents, Mr. and
The deceased is survived by his Surviving are his wife, Paulie; ^^^^^^^^^^^^^m Mrs. Stanley L. McNeill, of
vife, Mrs. Kate Downs Atkinson one daughter, Mrs. Hunter P. He was a retired United • Hampton, Virginia; a brother,
nd their daughter, Katherine Rader, Jr., of Charleston; his par- (States forester, farmer ^nd a. j0hn A. McNeill, of Hampton;
larriet ents, Harrison and Laura Abdel- jmember of the Presbyterian an( j t w o sisters, Miss Susan
Mr. Atkinson was a son of the la, of Huntersville; one sister, Church. " McNeill, of Hampton and Mrs.
ate Alex an i'lda Morris Atk n on Mrs. Leonard Combs, of Hunt- His wife, EffieChannell Adams- John Bertelkamp, Springfield,
ifr White Sulphur. For many ersville; and three brothers, Dal- preceded him in death in 1948- Virginia.
ears he was with the Bureau of las, of Springfield, of Ohio; Theo-
fisheries, and during his long dore, of Marlinton; and Jamie, of Survivors include a son, Sam-, Funeral services were held
esidence at Marlinton, he has Huntersville. uel Ward Adams, of Valley at 1 p. m. Friday in Denbigh
>een superintendent of the Ed ray Head; three daughters, Mrs.- Presbyterian Church, where
rout hatchery. Iantha Miller, of Terra Altar she was a member, by Rev.
Elbert Sidney Anderson Mrs. Selina Simmons, of Jerry Helms and Rev. Walter |
Elbert Sidney Anderson, aged Brandy wine, Virginia, and Mrs." Kennedy.
Dunmore—Charles M. Acord, a£J€ 82 years, died Tuesday, January
about 75 years' died Decea^oer lb1 26, 1960 of a heart attack at the Wanda Tracy, of Elyria, Ohio;- morial BurialPwas a r kin^ ^Peninsula
^ ^ ^ ^ ^Me-
1939 after a lon«: fand lingering il , one sister, Mrs. Cornelia Mc Contributions may be made
ness. On Sunday a ternoon his body (|;home of his daughter, Mrs. W. twelve grandchildren; and four to Denbigh Presbyterian
was buried in the Nottingham family 'D. Sharp, in Marlinton. Cauley, McDowell, Virginia;
graveyard. Mr Acoid is survived by He was born in Summers Coun- Funeral services were held Church in her memory.
his wife, who was a Miss NobtlntHl ty October 26, 1878, ^ ^ ^ ^the
_ ^son
^^^of Saturday afternoon in the Hut- Among those attending the
ham, and a number of grown chi'dren \ the late Joseph C. and Mary An tonsville Presbyterian Church funeral of Mrs. Brenda Ann
A son Herbert died a soldier in,France 1 derson. B |with the Rev. Acie Bryant in Amos were Mr. and Mrs. Dev-
: g l e W 0 d War M d on Johnson, Mrs. Delores
an a H • off Bath
native u ri county,
> but
l t*u
has !lH The\.J body was removed to the charge. Burial was in the Clark, Mrs, Jaynell Tibbs, and
T T :L C A n ir,i«oroi R nm p
Brick Church Cemetery near l Mrs. 3. B. Graham.
Mrs. Lizzie Armstrong y Mrs. Miry Elizabeth Arbogast^ Edgar I. Arbegasf •"
Mrs. Lizzie Armstrong, 77, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Arbo- Edgar L. Arbogast, 81, of s
of Seebert, died July 1, 1976, astf 63, died Sunday morning, Arbovale, died December 23,
in the Pocahontas Memorial
Hospital, in Marlinton, after a
5 uly 2, 1978, in the Rocking-
ham Memorial Hospital.
in a Philippi hospital of
heart failure, diabetes and com-
two year illness. Born September 14, 1924, plications.
She was born at Woodrow she was the daughter of the Born September 15,1899, he
July 22, 1898, the daughter of late Emmett and Constance was the son of the late W. D.
the late Thorton Seymour and Byrd Irvine. and Clara Ervin Arbogast.
Leona McCoy Dolaney. Prior to moving to Harri- Mr. Arbogast was a retired
She was preceded in death sonburg ten years ago, she had farmer, He was a member of
by her husband, Lloyd Arm- lived in Highland County, the Arbovale United Metho-
strong, son, John C. Armstrong, Virginia. dist Church and Pine Grove
daughter, Hester 0 . Garsteck, She is survived by two Men's Organization.
brothers, Luther Dulaney, Wil- daughters, Connie Jewell Shif- Mr. Arbogast spent the last
son A. Dulaney, and sisters, flett, Harrisonburg, Virginia; years of his life in Good 8a*
Emma Waugh and Zelna Du- Mary Lee Smith, Broadway, r^rit*ȣ Forae in Belington.
laney Virginia; one son, Del ton
Surviving her are two sons, Wayne Arbogast, Dun more; He was married to Roxie
Jack Armstrong, of Buckeye, eight grandchildren; 3 sisters, Phillips June 4,1927, in Mar-
Dale Armstrong, of Marlinton; Ruth Carroll, Grottoes, Vir- linton, who survives. AD2 Daniel Lee Arbogast
daughters, Mrs. Thelma L. ginia, Ida Snead, Stuarts Draft, One sister, Edith Marie, wife Everett and Betty Arbo-
Conners, of East Hartford, Virginia, Crystal Simmons, of of the lateC. E. Flynn, pre- gast, of Cass, received
Connecticut, Mrs. Helen Gil- Weyers Cave, Virginia; three ceded him in death. Her daugh- word from the Department
lam, of Marrow, Georgia, broth- brothers, Keith Irvine, of ters are Evelyn Sutton and of U. S. Navy on Tues-
ers, Cary Dulaney, of Hillsboro, Grottoes, Virginia, James Ruth Riley. A lot of cousins, day, April 25,1978, inform-
John Dulaney, of New Smyrna Irvine, and Ralph Irvine, nephews and nieces survive. ing them of the death of
Beach, Florida, James Dulaney, both of Mt. Crawford, Virginia. their son, AD2 Daniel Lee
of Minnehaha Springs; sisters, Funeral services were held Ruszin-:-Arbogast Arbogast.
Mrs. Blanche Patterson, of Wednesday morning at the The marriage of Miss The word was sent to the
Stowe, Ohio, Mrs. Grace Leach, Chapel of the Lindsey-Har- Pamela Sue Arbogast, Navy Station at Sugar
of Rupert, Miss Lottie Dulan- risonburg Funeral Home. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grove and a Chief from
ey, Mrs. Laura Bush, both of Burial was in East Lawn Richard P. Arbogast, of there accompanied by Rev.
South Charleston; 24 grand- Memorial Gardens, Harrison- Baltimore, Maryland, to Gregory Lewis, notified the
children; 13 great-grandchil- Paul Matthew Ruszin, Jr., parents.
dren. burg,
son of Paul Ruszin, Sr. and Dan was killed Monday,
Services were held Sunday Miss Mary Lee Arbogast f
the late Mildred Ruszin, afternoon, April 24, 1978,
afternoon in the VanReenen of Baltimore, Maryland, at 4:15 P. M., while on
Funeral Home Marlinton, with _ M i s s Mary Lee Arbogast, of took place October 27, duty. He and two co-work-
the Rev. Sherman Markley offi- 8 Churchville Avenue, Staun- 1979, at the Patronage ers were inspecting an air-
ciating. Burial was in the ton, Virginia, died Thursday, Mother of God Church in plane engine. The engine
Armstrong Cemetery at Buck- February 2, 1967, at King's Arbutus, Maryland. The had been in storage and the
eye. Daughters' Hospital. Rev. John Danilak perform- section around the engine
She was a daughter of the ed the ceremony. The Wed- was in two sections, one
Anna Arbogast \S late Jerry and Elizabeth Puff- ding Song and other John hoisted about three feet
Mrs. Anna Arbogasv"Dur- enbarger Arbogast, of High- Denver selections were pro- above the other. The top
bin, died Wednesday, August land County. vided by guitarist, Larry one fell causing instant
23,1978, in an Elkins hospital Miss Arbogast was known Joynes. death to Dan. He was sta-
after a long illness. quite well in Upper Pocahon- tioned at the U. S. Naval
Born August 11, 1900, she tas County. A^- Base, Rota, Spain.
was the daughter of the late Survivors include three sis- Rev. P. W. Arbogast
He was born November
Minor and Hester Jane Van- ters, Mrs. Florence Lewis, of Reverend Pearl Washington 13, 1948, and resided in
devender. Charleston, South Carolina, Arbogast, 88, died Thursday, Cass until after he graduat-
Survivors include her hus- Mrs. Margie Grogg, of Middle- June 27, 1968. fA^^jL ed from Green Bank High
band, Dixie Arbogast; two brook, Virginia, and Mrs. Hes- Born March 24, 1880, at School. He was with the
daughters, Mrs. Maxine Crom- ter Arbogast, of Staunton, Crabbottom, Virginia, he was class of 1967. On April 2,
er and Mrs. Joanne Currence, Virginia; also surviving are a x son of che late Aretus Phelps 1968, Dan and a close
both of Durbin; eight sons large number of nieces and md Maggie Elzeda (Tracy) friend, Robert D. Wade, of
Vere, of Cleveland, Ohio, Har- nephews. Vrbogast. Cass, entered J;he Navy.
vey, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, Funeral services were held J He attended Mountain Lake After basic training they
Arnold, of Belgar, Pennsyl- at one o'clock Saturday after-1 ark, Maryland, schools. Ad-
vania, David, of King George, noon, from the East Chapel of nitted into West Virginia were assigned to different
Virginia, and Green, Paul, the Hamrick Funeral Home! Conference in 1914; Deacon schools and they were to
Danny and Henry, all of Dur- ! at Staunton, Virginia, by the) 1927; and Elder 1929. Re- see each other once while
bin; a sister, Mrs. Mona New- Rev. 1 tired September 25, 1949. He on leave at home and a
Paul Good, pastor of the
man, of Baltimore, Maryland; Brush Run Mennonite Church taught organ, piano, orchestra, couple of times as they
two brothers, Jim and Lee crossed bases.
Vandevender, both of Frank- of Durbin. Burial was in the and band. Author of gospel In 1970 Dan was mar-
lin; 51 grandchildren and 21 Grass, Blue Grass Cemetery at Blue songs. ried to the former Maria
Virginia. He was first married to Fan-
great-grandchildren. nie Lillian Nicholas, of Cr&b- Fernandez Rodriguis, of
Services were held at two bottom, Virginia, July 18,1905, Spain.
p. m. Saturday in the Frank Whitmans Stanley P. Adamson, 41, of and his second wife, Tressie In March 1971 they came
Church of the Nazarene with was killed Saturday O. Ball, July 13, 1947. home, along with the body
the Rev. Roy Williams and night, December 4, while bitch
hiking near Alpena, when be Their children are Merle W., of their son, David Scott
Rev. David Rittenhouse offii- was Leota M., Elizabeth W., Ruth Arbogast, who is laid to
bating. Burial was in the fam- car was hit by a passing car. The rest at Arbovale.
ly cemetery in Durbin. meeting a tractor trail- P., Lucille V., and Anna Lee, In addition to his par-
er when the driver saw Adam- and Jesse W. He was the uncle
of Mrs. Nola Shears, Arbovale ents and wife, he is sur-
son in his lane of traffic. vived by one son, Jose, 8,
Surviving are two sisters, Funeral services were held and two daughters, Linda,
Grace Turner, of Cass, and Sunday afternoon in the New-
burg M e t h ^ ^ Church ' 10, and Yvette, 6. They
Ruby June Stimeling, of Mar- the Rev, " reside with their mother at
linton* bur1' m ^ ^ g ^ | f l B B | Avendia De Putacion #19,
Puerto Do Santa Maria,
Arbogast Infant Willie Alderman / $ J A M E S G< A D D W G T O N
=E Willie Howard Alderman, 8 1 , James G. Addington was born on J
Mrs. Henry Alderman ^
Helen Marie Arbogast one "Vernie Belle Alderman, 25, wife
Of Huntersville, died T u e s d a y , r u n e 5, 1878 and died at his home in H
day old infant daughter of April 12, 1966, at his home. Cass, on November 4, 1940 at the of Henry Alderman of Dyer, died
Helen Maxine Arbogast of
" Durbin, died Thursday, May He was a member of tillage of 62 years, 4 months a , d 4 - ^ ^ ^ ^ J ^ ! ^ j ^ { n L ^ |
IOOF Lodge at Marlinton anrdays. home following a sudden illness.
E 8,1980, in an Elkins hospital. H She was born May 3, 1919, in'
T Survivors include two broth- the Minnehaha Methodis He leaves to mourn, his wife and
ers, Archie Ray, and Roy Lee, Church, a lifelong resident o' five children, Mrs. Norman Shari>, ^ I Braxton county, a daughter of,
- both at home, and the grand- Pocahontas C o u n t y , WOOdsmai-Clover Lick; Mrs. Clarence Seabolt, hJohn M and Susie Seabolt Smith.,
_ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman ] farmer and carpenter of Bergoo; Mrs. Paul Brake of Cass; Services were conducted Feb-
Turner, of Durbin, Mr. and Survivors include his wife?iro»uV and Eugene at home and ruary 26, at 2 p. m., at the Upper
-Mrs. Ted Turner of Onegoand Obie Clarkson Alderman, anr m a ^y friends and relatives. One sonl~ glade church by the Rev. A. B.
_Mr. and Mrs. Harper Wolfe, _a brother, Johnny Alderman.and one daughter preceded him to Coakley and interment was in the
_of Green Bank. Harrisonburg, Virginia. the grave. Gum cemetery at Upperglade,
- Mr A d d ton liked by all Surviving besides the husband
Services were held Saturday, The funeral was held at 2 7 ; , »^ ?
- a t 2 p. m. in the Turner C e m - p . m , Friday in the Minneha-; wno k n e w him>
' |-[are five brothers, four of whom
- S H * ? ^ P * 8 ! ? 1 1 ! 1 t h e Rev * -ha Methodist Church with Rev. 1 _ j _ ^ - . 1— 1 a e in the armed service, Roy,
Eddie Kyle officiating. Sherman Markley in charge, ^Ray, Oscar and Hendle Smith,
T T ~I
T "Burial was in the family ceme Al put SO nUi(la.C^^"*ll A u i d r i d ^ ^".andOris Smith of Upperglade.
Mrs. Fannie Andriek >far.s, riitu ai her liomts <i.t A]so surviving are fiye sisters,
I tery at Douthard's Creek near Onoto <>u Tuesday morning, January
Mrs, Fannie E. Andriek, 83, _Minnehaha Springs. 30, 1940 She had been in failing Mrs. Hazel Hickman and Miss
[rf Elizabeth, Wirt County, health for a nu'nber of years, arid her Roxie Smith, both of Parkersburg,
Med Friday, January 21,1977, Late Auldridge J dearti wa^ rioc unexpected. t On Wed- and Edith, Pearl and Gay Smith,
ifter a short illness. nesday her body was buried m the all of Upperglade.
She was a member of the Lake Auldridge, aged 57 years," Waugh graveyard on Indian Draft, —Webster Republican
Slizabeth" Unit^"Methodist died on--Saturday^ February 23,- the »dv c-j being cjndueted froup the
]hurch, the Rebekah Lodge, 1957 at bis home m Seebert. On Edray chuich by her pastor. Rev. I 1 I l T li£
ind a charter member of the Monday afternoon the funeral II H. Skaggs — Andrew Hamilton Alderman v?
Womens' Christian Service. was held from the Methodist- theMrs
c h u r c h b hls
Auldridge was a daughter of — Andrew Hamilton Alderman,
late Samuel arid lUiiza Tomlit son
Surviving are her husband y pastor, Rev. Willis. Casseii, of back Alleghany. Or a 78, of White Sulphur Springs.
Iar^e family only two members re- died Tuesday November 1,1966
Jvah Harper, Marlinton, Mrs ?Ter* Pal0t* "J Mountain View Ceme- main, Mrs George Baxter and Mrs —»n a Clifton Forge, Virginia,
Helen Harris, of Elizabeth; ^ Marlinton. i Mary A n Tallman. hospital after a long i'lness.
About tifry years ago she became Born August 31,1887, in Po-
lalf brother, William McClain, Surviving are his father, G. 0 u e w l , e of
rf Akron Ohio- half sisters Auldridge; his sister, Dr. Lillie* j . George A. c Auidridge. ] cahontas County, he was s
Minnesota, Mrs! Zana Park, and his brother Leonard Auld- was a life Jong member of the Metho- _| and Hester L. Pyles Alderman.
)t Davisville, Mrs. Hazel Rada- ridge, of Prince. dist Church. He was a retired farmer and
»ugb, of Mineral Wells, Mr*. X LL Cecil I "I attended the Methodist Church
[sabelle Hall, of Sun City, Anderson Mrs. Neva Adams ^n He was a World War veteran
Arizona, four grandchildren; - ig ^ ^ b "on^September ndcn i:
? 22, » p and a member of the American
Mrs. Neva Ellis Adams, 63, Legion Post 125 and Moose
;wo great grandchildren. 1997, at his home in Bound Brook, =L= died Wednesday, June 11, l _ Lodge.
Services were held at two New Jerscv fVATi 1969, in an Elkins rest home.
touted £U?J?a £' ^ uChurch
. ? j Methodist Eli abet
l with
.u ^ He
. C o r p s dserved in the Anny
^ Medical -r, .„ , ^ TW,.™ —IA nSurvivors n i e K e r n include his wife,
uring World w n md K B 9 « n i a Q n ?5 0 l ! T a H ? \ ^ Z r Alderman; three
be Rev. Charts Wilkinson, w o r k e d f o r Research Cottrell from L^ntire b e r 2life
6 v inP ?Pocahontas
' ^ ^ ' ^ ^Coun-
; ^ 5 ^ s o n s , and 16 fegrandchildren,
entire life in Pocahontas Coun- _% /
the Rev. Ruby Wilkinson and< 1953.1978 ty and was a member of Wan- T• * , T h . e f ^ e P a * w a 3 held Thurs-
Rev. Wilbert Stinespring offi-- He is survived by his wife, An- less Methodist Church. = S « y » _ t h e Shanklm Funeral
i t i p L ^ ? ^ . i ! 2 S M ! l 1 P i f i --§eneta Lopa Anderson; daughter, I Survivors include one son,* Chapel at White Sulphur
ph Cemetery, Palestine.
Susan B - t . - W * . | _ R S J I T H S S S . of C a i ^ i K i J ^ ^ E r ' l u ^ i
Enoch Auidndgi Jersey; son, David Anderson, of T~*wr»*iqfprs Mrs Mabel Thomo- xT b n e P h e r , d -J® charge. Burial
. , , p .. . , . ., Frankfurt, uermany;
i-ranKiurt, Gennany; brotfter,
brother, Uick
Dick _U or>nl ^„nH^ Mr? ^ RPPHP' ^ Cassellc S _ i ,v v ' »^0 ' " ^" ^ "^' ^ g n^a n y^ iviemon
^ ^
of Raltimore. Maryland: seven 6,^ark, at Lowmoor, Virg
1980, in Allegheny Regional J Mr. Anderson was preceded in JL- grandchildren and
' ^anHphildren and one one great-
great *"• .?«"• I
Hospital, Lowmoor, Virginia, de a t h b y h i s parents> ftajpe, md grandchild Annie Blanche Adkison
after a long illness. Georgia Anderson, a brother, .. Services were held Friday Miss Annie Blanche Adkison
in Wallace
1 Born at Seebert, he was th« Paulver Neal Anderson and a son, eal Chapel in Arbovale with ber 1, 1864, and Wallace Funer- was born at Buckeye, on Novem-
Neal and died April 8,1944
f«on of the late Jasper and Lena AUen Anderson. °Rev. Coy Matthews in charge Aged 79 years, 5 months, and 1
McCoy Auldridge. Mr. Anderson was buried in and burial was in Hosterman days She was the daughter ot
• Survivors include a s i s t e r / B o u nJd Brook ' Cemetery. Able and Francis Hughes Adkison
-Trudie Fuller, of Frankford, I I ,[. I and the last survivor of her lath-
^nd several nieces and neph« Mrtp A. W. Arbuskto er's family. She was the sister
Mrs, A; W. Arbuckte, of Mrs Minnie Anderton of Blake Adkison, Mrs. Amanda
ai Funeral services were held Maxwelton, died Tuesday, Jan^ r Mrs Minnie Cromer A_nderton, LUndia of. California, and and Mrs.
Sunday, at 2 p. m. in the Jack uary 14, 1975, ia the Green- of Philadelphia, a^fed 563 years TNettie Weiford Clark of M ™ ;
i. Wallace Funeral Home brier Valley Hospital at Fair- died at the home :.f her ppa a ' e n £ ^ h e is survived i>y $ - u , ^
^Chapel in Lewisburg. Burial lea/ _Mr and Mrs Harvey Cromer of J nieces and nephews.
vas in Oak Grove Cemetery She was the wife of Alex Cheat Bridge, on Monday, No- P During the last years of her lite
- n Hillsboro. ArbuSkfe, who survives, her v e m b e r 15, 1943, after a ,-ong she made her home with her com
and another of Thomas Alex J illness, On Wednesday after- Jin, John Buckley, of Buckeye
Mrs. Martha Alderman Arbuckle, Mrs. Virginia Lewis noon, her body will be laid to until a few months before ho
Mrs Marf-ha Sharp Alder- and Lockhart Arbuckle. -rest in Bethel cemetery on B a c k | ^ a t h ' ^ n » h e w a s n w v ^ t o » j
lan, 60, widow of Ri,^e Alder- Services wilt be held at 2:00 Alleghany, the funeral being con-Uome of her nephew, Blake V\ ei
lan dipd parlv Tnesdav, Jan- p. m. Thursday at Clifton ducted by her pastor at the Dur-
BTV 20 1970. in the Pocahon- Presbyterian Church, Max- -bin Mnfhodist Church. She is Tford, in Elkins. < *
ts Memorial Hospital. welton. .survived by her 'husband, ber+was t On Monday morning her bod
Funeral arrangements are parents and a number of brothers was laid to rest in the family pk
"and sisters. , at the Lower Church at Buckeye
icomplete as we go to press.
f t h e service being conducted b
<?^ Rev. James
1 C.
I Wool. \ I
Bewey Ward Adkison His doctors expected him to NEAL P. ANDERSON • Osborne Cleve Alderrxfen,
Dewey Ward Adkison live six months longer than 62
Neal P. Anderson, 25, taxi' driver » of Minnehaha Springs, died
vas born June 27, 1924, he did. The cause of death o* Mientown, Pa., was killed in an Saturday, April 17,1982, in
X Seebert, to Thrasher was mononucleosis, con- automobile accident near the PendJe- * n E , k m s hospital after a Short
md Fannie Williamson Ad- tracted in the hospital. illness, , ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ _ _
tison, the fourth of six He is survived by his ton-Highland county line early Wed- Born June 4,1919, at Min-
:hildren. wife, children, one broth- nesday morning and two other occu- nehaha Springs, he was a son
pants of the car, Miss Lillian Scott,
He attended schools in er and three sisters: Wil- of York Springs, Pa., and Mahlon of the late Jacob and Maggie
Pocahontas County and liam, of Detroit, Michigan, McEmory, of Allentown, are patients Rider Alderman.
graduated from Marlinton Jeanette, of Elkhorn City, in R. M. Hospital. Miss Scott is suf- Mr. Alderman was a coal
High School in 1942. Kentucky, Genevieve, of fering from a probable fracture of miner and a veteran of World
He was a navigator in the Glen Jean, and Ann of the leg and arm while McEllory suf- War II.
Naval Air Corps and rose Hillsboro. fered only minor injuries. Survivors include a daugh-
to the rank of Lieutenant He was preceded in The trio was returning from Poca- ter, Patricia- Kerns, of Hills-
J. G. After his discharge death by his parents and hontas county where they had left boro; a stepson, Dwain Wil-
from the Navy he attended one brother, Staff Sergeant Mrs. Anderson and little daughter cox, of Parkersburg; a step-
and graduated from Mar- Charles W. Adkison, of for a visit at her husbands home at daughter, Marcelle Ryder, of
shall College at Hunting- Shreveport, Louisiana. ! Lobelia, when the accident occurred o Marlinton; three sisters, Ver-
ton, with a degree in busi Funeral services were Mr. Anderson was a nephew of Mrs. lis May and Lillie Wright, both
held in Gadsden Methodist ; P. C. Curry, of Marlinton. of Hot Springs, Virginia, and
ness engineering. Geneva Summerfield, of Davis;
While attending college Church December 3, 1977. Pendleton Times
six grandchildren.
he met and married Betty His body was flown to Mr. Anderson was a son of Mr.
Pennington, from Hunting- Huntington and a second I and Mrs. Harper Anderson, of Lo- a sister, He was preceded in death by
ton. They have five chil- service was held December ' belia. He is survived by his parents Virgie Allender.
dren, Barbara Joan Robin- 4, at Forest Lawn Chap- I and his two brothers; also by his Services were held Tuesday,
son, of Marietta, Georgia, el with burial in Forest wife and little daughter at 11 a. m. at the VanReenen
William, of the U. S. Navy, Lawn iwu Cemetery.
v,cure.~*,. ,. on Saturday afternoon, his body Funeral Home by Rev. Rob
Thomas, of Auburn, Don- Dewey leaves a host of \ w a s l a i d t 0 res t in the Hill Cemetery e r t Higgins. Burial in May
ald, of Anniston, Alabama, friends and relatives to near Lobelia. Chapel Cemetery.
and Debra, at home. mourn his untimely death
' \ "tfivian Jane Anderson y Mrs. Annie Lee Allen
Dewey has worked for Mrs. Annie Lee Allen, 81,
the United States Govern- William A. Anderon, Sr. V Vivian J ane (Susie) Ander-
William A. Anderson, Sr. son, age 20, of H27 Steelton died Thursday, August 16,
ment and for Sylvania in 1973, in the Ronceverte hospi-
their plants in West Vir- 44, of Marlinton, died Satur Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland, tal after a long illness.
ginia, Pennsylvania, Flor- day, June 17,1978, in an auto (formerly of Cass) died sudden-
Survivors include five daugh-
ida and Alabama. He and accident above Minnehaha i y July 31,1966. ters, Mrs. Bessie Rose, Fairlea,
his family have lived in Springs ^^M Surviving her are her grand •
Mrst Irene Cain, Marlinton,
Huntington, Warren, Born at Mou - G The GSbert ^fVb n ovalf one son", Mrs! Elizabeth Lawrence Bal
Pennsylvania, Clearwater, Virginia, Februai
Flqrida, and Gadsden, Ala- was the son of R •son, Warren, Baltimore, three sis- timore, Maryland, Mrs. Peggy
r ***« Tna Mae Wilson, I Kilduff and Mrs. Betty Phillips,
' bama. Sr., of Covingt' „ gmia, Lenora Moekousky, of Bel- both of Edgewood Maryland;
Thev had decided to and the late Flossie An-
QtQ /
ramD Maryland, and Frances four sons, Robert andI Clar-
make Gadsden their per- derson. c £ £ , oi Baltimore, Maryland; ence, both of Fairlea George
manent home, had bought He was a veteran.
and were remodeling a Surviving, in addition to twS brothers. Jack of Pali- of Edgewood, Maryland, and
??e*Park New Jersey, War- Sidney, of Roanoke, Virginia;
house up on a high lis father, are his wife, Jo Ann,
wooded hill in the suburbs, two children, William A. An- r S Jr Baltimore, Maryland, one sister, Mrs, Flora Sanford
lerson, Jr., and Kathy An- F n n ^ l S s were held of Rainelle; one brother, Bun
when tragedy struck in the erson, and five step-children, *tthP Charles 0. Zeiler Fun- Hanna, Fredericksburg, Mary-
form of a malignant brain Tom and Roger Dickenson, of Sral Home in Baltimore, Mary land; 31 grandchildren; four
tumor—astro-gfioblastoma keen Bank, John, William S with interment in Oak great grandchildren and one
Grade ffl. md Richard Allen Dickenson, Lawn Cemetery. great great grandchild.
Dewey had brain surgery at home, and Mrs. Bertha Ann Out of town relatives attend- She was a lifelong resident
November 1, 1976/ and Wolfe, of Cass; two brothers, in* Mrs Anderson's funeral of Greenbrier County and was
walked out of the hospi-, Roy Anderson, Jr., of Minne- wire-Mr. and Mrs. Clay Lam- a member of the AF Presby-
tal one week later with- haha Springs, and Clarence h i t c em Lambert, Herold terian Church at Fairlea.
Anderson, of Marlinton; a sis- T.mhPrt all of Arbovale; Mr. Services were held Sunday,
out help—a miraculous re- ter, Mrs. Anna Gale Terry, of
covery from the surgery Virginia; three half brothers, an? Mrs- Junior Lambert at Wallace and Wallace Funer-
itself but the surgeon had Wayne and Randall Anderson, Twrr« i n h v Pearl Anderson, all a l Home in Lewisburg with
been unable to remove of Covington, Virginia, and rf M a r ^ Jack Lam- Rev. A. K.Whiteside and Rev.
all of the tumor. Gordon Anderson, of Marlin- I r B e s New Jersey Oren Baldwin in charge. Bur-
He received chemo- ton, two half sisters, Mrs. Mil- and Cretes lambert, Salem ial was in Rosewood Cemetery
therapy about every six lie Forbes, of Covington, and New Hampshire
weeks. It made him very Mrs. Shirl Fry, of HotSpiings;
ill for a couple of days. He one grandchild. Mrs. Matilda Kiner Anderson died
lost his hair, but tfrdn'k Services were held Tuesday 28, her at home at Woodrow, November
1925, aged 76 years. She was
lose his sense of humor- afternoon at VanReenen Fu- twice married, her first husband
he said he looked just like neral Home by the Rev. Clyde haying died several years ago. She
Kojak. He went back to Gum with burial at Mountain leaves her husband and four children
work, and appeared to be Grove, Virginia. to mourn their loss. They are: Mrs.
fine—even drove to Florida Sarah Sharp, Ed Kiner, of Woodrow,
for a vacation in July. Henry Kiner, of Holly and Daniel
Kiner, of Diana. Mrs. Anderson
In August his medication was a member of the Methodist
made him so ill that he had church. Funeral services were con-
to stop taking it and his ducted at the Nazarene church. Her
check-up showed that it remains were laid to rest in the
hadn't helped, the tumor White grave yard.
was growing moderately. Asleep in Jesus, blessed, peaceful
From August until his sleep
. death on December 1, he From which none ever wake to weep
A $telg*bor.
i^«r* Krmtft with nneumonia.
Rev. Norman Alderman Corbin W. Andrick Sr. Charles Arbogast Sr.
Rev. Norman Hayes Alderman, Corbin
^_„u:~ W. w Andrick Sr., Q7.
AnHri^v Sr 97, of CharlesWayneArbogastSr.,58,of
Charles Wavne Arbogast Sr.'
age 72, of HuntersviUe, died in the Buckhannon, died Friday, Nov. 21, Valley Head, died at 6:53 p.m.
Pocahontas Memorial Hospital on 1997, in St. Joseph's Hospital. Wednesday, Nov. 12, 1997, in Ruby
Thursday, July 30th, 1987. Mr. Andrick was born Feb. 2,1900, Memorial Hospital at Morgantown,
at Lillain, W.Va., a son. of William where he had been a patient since
Norman was a lifelong resident Aldirie and Nora Belle Pitman Nov. 10. He had been in failing health
of Beaver Creek. He made his Andrick. since August and his condition had
living as a carpenter, farmer, and He was twice married: first to Ber- worsened in the past two weeks.
state road worker. nice May Andrick, who preceded him Mr. Arbogast was born Aug. 24,
1939, at Valley Head, a son of Bur-
He served his country in World in death and second to Lorna Depoy ton Arbogast and Sena Vandevender
War II, assisting in the liberation of Andrick, who also preceded him in Arbogast, who survive at Valley
Europe from D-Day until the death. Head.
Surviving are one daughter, Mary He was formerly married to Laura
surrender of Germany. He always E. Emery, Alliance, Ohio; two sons, Blankenship Tiffner, who preceded
remained a patriot and a soldier in John L. Andrick, Hyattsville, Md., him in death in 1995.
his heart. and Joseph R. Andrick, Buckhannon; Also surviving are a longtime com-
As a minister of the gospel he 21 grandchildren and 29 great-grand- panion, Catheryn Spiva, Valley
served Cummings Creek Victory children. Head; one daughter, Mrs. James
Chapel for many years, as janitor, He was also preceded in death by (Peggy) Clark, Fort Valley, Va.; one
carpenter, Sunday School teacher, three sons, C.W. Andrick Jr., James sister, Mrs. Charles (Phyllis) Sharp,
H. Andrick and Paul W. Andrick; two Valley Head;.eight brothers, Fred,
song leader and pastor. brothers, Russell G. Andrick and Mike, William and Ashley Arbogast,
Preceding him in death were his Joseph H. Andrick; and three sisters, all of Valley Head, Charlie Arbogast,
parents, George F. and Nevada Nellie Andrick, Anna Clark and Eliz- Mingo, Mitch and Chuck Arbogast,
Susan Alderman; two sisters, Edith abeth Stalnaker. both of Monterville, and Gene Arbo-
Dean and Ruby Hill Sheets; three Mr. Andrick was a conductor for gast, Nettie, W.Va.; one grandson,
brothers, Clive, Teddy and I ail B & O Railroad for 42 years. He was Greg; five granddaughters, Brenda,
Alderman; and one grandson, C ad a member of Brotherhood of Rail- Amanda, Heather, Kerri and Cassie;
road Trainman and attended Inde- and several nieces and nephews.
Alderman. pendent Rock Church. He was preceded in death by two
Surviving him are two sc as, sons, Charles Wayne Arbogast Jr. and
Norman Lee Alderman and Keith Timothy W. Arbogast; and one broth-
Alderman, both of Marlinton; and-, er, Pete Arbogast.
four grandchildren; two foster sons, Kenneth Wayne Arbogast Mr. Arbogast was owner and oper-
Eddie Bennett, of Mountain Grove, Kenny Arbogast, 20, of Frost, ator Q£C & W Trucking Company of
died Saturday evening, August 20, Valley Head. He attended the Valley
Virginia, and Mark Bennett, of 1988, following a three-wheeler Head Calvary Assembly of God
Marlinton; one foster daughter, accident. Churchy
Amber "Bambi" Waybright, of Born in Staunton, Virgina, Forrest W. Arbogast
Franklin, and six foster Forrest W. Arbogast, age 95,
February 16, 1968, he was the son of Marlinton, died September 26,
grandchildren. of Linda Bussard Arbogast and 1997, in Pocahontas Memorial
Services were conducted • Wayne Arbogast. Hospital.
Sunday, August 2, at 2 p. m. at the He was a graduate of The son of William A. and
Cummings Creek Victory Chapd, Pocahontas County High School, Bertha J. Galford Arbogast, he was
by the Rev. Norman Lee Alderman Class of 1987, and was employed bom at Dunmore, July 25, 1902.
and Rev. Wilbur Reynolds. Burial at Hooke Bros. Lumber Company Mr. Arbogast left Pocahontas
was in the Kellison Family in Monterey, Virginia. at the age of 16 and moved through-
Kenny had made his home with out the west, working on the rail-
Cemetery in Watoga Park. road, as a carpenter, mechanic,
Tom and Sue Herold of Frost for
the past six years. mason, rancher, and had a creamery,
Dallas Charles Alderman
Dallas Charles Alderman, 83, He was the grandson of the late studied accounting at night and
of Hot Springs, Virginia, died Fe- June and Viola Bussard, of ^tired as a bookkeeper in Arizona.
Marlinton, Delton Arbogast, of He was a 32nd Degree Mason, had
bruary 17,1998.
Mr. Aldennan was born in Po- Monterey, Virginia, and the late his 50 year pin, and was a former
Mary Irvine Arbogast. Master of Glen Canyon Lodge #59,
cahontas County, a son of the late
Bedfotl W. and Willa McComb Al- Surviving him are his mother, F & AM, in Page, Arizona. He
dennan. Linda Arbogast, of Harrisonburg, returned to Marlinton about ten
In addition to his parents, he Virginia; his father, Wayne years ago.
Arbogast, of Ashland, Virginia; one Preceding him in death were his
was preceded in death by his first parents; three sisters, Hazel Gum,
wife, Elsie DePreist Alderman, six sister, Sarah Martin (LuLu), of
Harrisonburg, Virginia; and one Dilley; and Lambert, and Norma L.
brothers and one sister. two brothers, Harry and
He is survived by his wife, Ire- brother, Delton Shawn (Spanky), George Arbogast
do Perry Alderman, three brothers, of Ashland, Virginia. He is survived by one brother,
Calvin Alderman, of Citrus Services were held Tuesday, William Arbogast, of Smithfield,
Heights, California, Walter Alder- August 23, at 2 Church
United Methodist p. m. atby Frost
Kevs. Virginia; four sisters, Doris Dilley,
man, of Minnehaha Springs and Dave Rittenhouse, Norman o f Charleston, Mary Galford, of
Woodrow Alderman, of Bloomery- Alderman and Virgil Shrader, with GGreen r e e n BBank,
ank SSarah
a r a h HHively,
ively oof
two sisters, Mabel Rider, of Mar- burial in the Mount Zion Cemetery. Knoxville, Tennessee, Arline Self,
linton and Levia McLaughlin, of of Falmouth, Virginia.
Mt. Sidney, Virginia. Service was held Monday at
Inteiment was at Emory Chapel VanReenen Funeral Home, Marlin-
Cemetery at Falling Springs, Vir- ton, with Earl D. "Butch" Michael
ginia. officiating. Burial was in Wesley
35 Chapel Cemetery, Dunmore.
Nema Adkison Lettie B.Adams Bernie Forest Alltnan
Nema McClure Adkison, age Mrs. Lettie Birchfield Adams, Bernie Forest Allman, 75, of
86, of Hillsboro, died Thursday, 71, of Slab Fork, died Monday, Hillsboro, died June 12, 1987, at
April 6, 1995, at her home from March 7, 1988, at the Beckley
Hospital. Alleghany Regional Hospital at
She was a nursing assistant and Born April 7, 1916, at Low Moor, Virginia, after a long
a member of Marvin Chapel United ; Hotchkiss, she was the daughter of illness.
Methodist Church. the late Thomas and Mary He was a lumberman and a
The daughter of Lyman and McKinney Birchfield. veteran of World War II.
Myrtle Adkisson McClure, she was Mrs. Adams was a cook, a Survive him are his sisters,
born July 9, 1908, on Stephen former employee of Denmar State j Connie Cari and Ollie Shines, both
Hole Run Road, near Mill Point. Hospital, and a member of of Portsmouth,, Virginia, and Reva
Preceding her in death were her Hotchkiss Missionary Baptist
parents; a son, Carl Paul Adkison; a Church. Williams, of Lewisburg; brothers,
daughter, Creola Adkison; three She was preceded in death by & C. Allman, of Ronceverte, and
brothers, Morgan, Lonnie, and two brothers, Herbert and Homer Cfecil Allman, of Sandusky, Ohio.
Darrell McClure; and three sisters, Birchfield, and one sister. ; Graveside service was held at 2
Hazel Packett, Glenna Buzzard, Survivors include her husband, p. m. Monday at Riverview
and Rita Loan. Bufford Adams; a son, Randy Cemetery at Ronceverte by the
Survivors include her husband, Adams, of Slab Fork; a sister,
Hazel Fraley, of Midway; and one Rev. Jack Wallace.
Willie Adkison; eight children,
Luana McPherson, of Manassas, grandchild.
Virginia, Drema Jackson, of Services were held Thursday at Clarence Alien
Buckeye, Paulmer Lee Adkison, of 1 p. m. at the Hotchkiss Missionary Clarence M. Allen, 75, of
Falls Church, Virginia, Freeman Baptist Church by the Rev. Ed Lewisburg, died Monday,
Adkison, of Buckeye, Edna Short, Harris. Burial was in Sunset November 2, 1987, in Greenbrier
of Rhoadesville, Carolyn Carter Memorial Park at Beckley. Valley Hospital at Fairlea after a
and Dottie Shinaberry, of long illness.
Manassas, Virginia, and Patsy Born March 6, 1912, on Droop
Mrs. William Akers Mountain, he was the son of the
Mason, of Madison, Virginia; three Ethel Agnes Akers, 78, of
brothers, Norman McClure and late Gailey S. and Annie L. Hannah
Buckeye, died Wednesday, Allen.
Herbert McClure, of Marlinton, and November 23, 1988, in Pocahontas
Lloyd McClure, of Greenville, Mr. Allen was an Army veteran
Memorial Hospital following a 3f World War II, and was retired
California; 27 grandchildren and 30 ^heart attack.
great-grandchildren. from the Aberdeen Proving
She was a member of the Grounds in Aberdeen, Maryland,
Services were held at Campbelltown United Methodist
VanReenen Funeral Home at 2 p. after 26 years of service as an
Church. electrician. He was a member of
m. Sunday by Godfrey Tate, with Born at Clover Lick June 2,
burial in Oak Grove Cemetery. the Liberty Baptist Church.
1910, she was the daughter of John Surviving him are his wife,
Memorial gifts may be made to Henry and Ettie Jackson Higgins.
Hospice of Greenbrier Valley. Jeanette Hancock Allen; a son,
Her parents, two sisters, Larry L. Allen, of Lewisburg; a
Grace Hill and Aileen Fertig, and daughter, Mrs. Regina Vaughan, of
Mrs. Ruth W. Addleman three brothers, Guy, Carl and Chillicothe, Ohio; a stepson, Randy
Mrs. Ruth Wiant Addle- Harry, Higgins, preceded her in Duncan, of Baltimore, Maryland; a
man, 77, of 1529 Clark Road, death/, brother, Sidney Allen, of
Charleston, died February 17> '•^Mrviving her are her Lewisburg; five sisters, Betty
1987, in Memorial Divison, husband, William D. Akers; four Phillips, Peggy Kilduff and Lizzie
CAMC, after a long illness. sons, Donald Akers, of Buckeye, Anderson, all df Edgewood, '
She was a retired medical Paul Akers, of Flanders, New
technician, a graduate of West Maryland, Bessie Rose, of
Virginia university. Jersey, Kermit Akers, of San
Francisco, California, and Leslie ITewisburg, and Irene Cain, of
Mrs. Addleman was the Marlinton; and four grandchildren.
wife of Willard A. Addleman, Akers, of Benton City,
formerly of Marlinton. • Washington; two daughters, Marian Services will be held at 11 a. m.
Services were held Friday Beatty, of Amherst, Ohio, and Thursday in the Memorial Chapel
in Charleston by the Rev. Shirley Riddle, of Deming, New of McCraw Funeral Home in
James Norton, with Mexico; 23 grandchildren and 22 Lewisburg by Pastor Larry Dean,
entombment in Tyler Mountain grandchildren; three brothers, Ellet with burial in the Rosewood
Memory Gardens Mausoleum. Cemetery at Lewisburg.
Higgins, of Clover1 Lick, Jim
Higgins, of Las Vegas, Nevada,
apd DaaJ3i£gins, of EvartsviUe,
Indiana; and Wanda Peterson, of
Phoenix, Arizona.
Services were held at 2:00
Sunday afternoon in the
Campbelltown United Methodist
Church by the Rev. Nolan Turner,
with burial in Mountain Views
Cemetery. • ••

Leale Anderson
Charles S. Alderman
C. Buell Agey
Leale F. Anderson, 88, of RD C. Buell Agey, 90, of 23 Gum St.,
Charles S. Alderman, 48, of Buckhannon, died Thursday, Dec. 4,
4, New Philadelphia, Ohio, died Tridelphia, died Monday, October
Sunday, June 28, 1987^ in his 1997, at St. Joseph Care Facility.
31, 198£, in Morgantown from a Mr. Agey was born April 6, 1907,
home. heart attack. at Norfolk, Va., a son of Hoite and
Born at Lobelia, he was a Son Born at Minnehaha Springs Florence Norton Agey.
of the late Charles and Jane Sharp October 3, 1940, he was the son of He was married in 1932, to Made-
Anderson. Selma MacPherson, of Star Route, line Spence Agey, who preceded him
He attended Otterbein United1 Marlinton, and the late Sam in death in 1987.
Alderman. Surviving are one daughter, Char-
Methodist Church and was a retired In addition to his mother, he is
home builderl lotte Milbauer, Minneapolis, Minn.;
survived by his wife, Darlene two grandson, Joseph Milbauer, Dal-
His wife, the former Tossie E. Ryder Alderman; eight children, las, Texas, and Michael Milbauer, St.
Gibson, died in July, 1985. Christopher, Benjamin, Roy, Isaac, Cloud, Minn.; one granddaughter,
Surviving are two sons, Leale Jody, Aaron, Angel, and Diane Lisa Jenkins, Clinton, N.J.; and one
G. Anderson, of New Philadelphia, Alderman, all of Tridelphia; six great-grandson, Derek Jenkins, Clin-
and Willie S. Anderson, of El grandchildren; ten brothers and ton, N.J.
sisters, Morris Alderman, Mr. Agey was a member of the
Paso, Texas; a sister, Mrs. Leta Parkersburg, Robert Alderman, Franklin Lodge No. 7 AF & AM. He
Neil Gibson, of Covington, Delray, Lorraine Alderman, was an honorary member of the Buck-
Virginia; 11 grandchildren, 20 great- Jackson, Michigan, Mary Alice hannon Lions Club. He was a gradu-
grandchildren and 7 great-great- Turley, Colorado, Alvonia Smith, ate of Peabody Conservatory of
grandchildren. A son, two Salamaca, New York, Lottie Revis, Music and received a master of music
daughters and two grandchildren are Craigsville, Virginia, James from Cincinnati Conservatory of
deceased. Alderman, Delray, Bernard Music. Received first PhD in Music
Alderman, Plymouth, Washington, Theory in the U.S. from Florida State.
Services were held Wednesday He was employed at West Virginia
Donald MacPherson, Wayne,
at 2 in Naylor Funeral Home1 in Michigan, Betty Martin, Minnehaha Wesleyan College from 1946 until
New Philadelphia with Rev. Roy Springs, and Douglas MacPherson, 1974, where he was professor emer-
D. Young officiating. Burial was Richmond, Virginia. itus and chairman of the music depart-
in Ridgecrest Meihory Gardens at Services were held at ment. He edited and arranged the
Dover, Ohio. VanReenen Funeral Home at 11 a. State Song "West Virginia Hills. He
m. Friday, November 4, with co-authored the book "In The Pine,"
burial in the Alderman Cemetery. a collection ballads and folk songs.
He attended the First United
Vera Moore Andres Methodist Church.
Mrs. Vera M. Andres, 80, of Mrs. Mary K. Anderson
Rowland ^eights, California; died Mrs* Nahnie Mary Kershner
March 6, |^$9|after a long illness; Anderson, 91, of Fairlea, died May
. She was bdrii August 6, 1908, 9, 1987, in Greenbrier Manor Gail Auldridge
at Stony feqttom, the daughter of Convalescent Home after a lbng Gail Auldridge, 83, of
the late Elite &id Eva Moore. Four | illness. Lewisburg, died Friday, January 1,
brothers and two sisters preceded She was a member of Mount 1987, in a Lancaster, Ohio,/
her in death. Her lite husband, hospital.
Zion Methodist Church.
Paul Andres, died in 1978; '** He was a member of the
Surviving her are her son, Jack Born June 5, 1895, on Lewisburg United Methodist
O. Moore, with Whom'she had Droop, she was the daughter of the Church and the Methodist Men.
made her home the past year; five late Andrew and Felicia A graduate of West Virginia
grandchildren, Robin and Jofrn Seldomridge McCoy. . University, Mr. Auldridge taught
Moore, of Perris, California^ Jack, Mrs. Anderson was preceded vocational agriculture in southern
II, of Chin,? Hills, California, iii death by hdr two husbands, West Virginia; he was retired as a
Bambie Dander, of San Clepiente, t Wallace P. Kershner and Emery E. soil conservationist with the U. S.
California, and Julia Moore, of Department of Agriculture in
Roland Height; twt> Anderson, and tnree stepchildren,
Summers and Greenbrier counties.
great-grandchildren, Jack, KL and Bland and Sterling Kershner, and He was a member of the Lewisburg
John Moore, of Chiho Hills, Veda Dower. Lions Club.
California; one sister, Kathrya Surviving her are a daughter, He was born in Mill Point July
Faudree, of Covingtori, Virginia; Mrs. Agnes • Simmons, of 14, 1904, the son of Sandy B. and
two brother rOkey Moore, of Lewisburg; stepdaughters, Mrs. Emma Jane Smith Auldridge.
Charlestorirand Floyd Moore, of Verdie May, of Lewisburg, Mrs. His wife, Lora Hale Auldridge,
ArcadtefFlorida. ,<>.,, ^ in 1985, and a sister, Lucy,
Hazel Cochran, of Hillsboro, and
Sh£wa£ a©raduate^t)tiliilsboro preceded him in death.
High School and lived most of her Mrs. Grace Strangeland, of Ponca Surviving him are three
adult life in Covington, Virginia. City, Oklahoma; sons, Clyde daughters, Ann Ralston, of Logan,
Prior to living with her'son she Kershner, of Droop, Roy Kershner, Ohio, Carolyn J. Walsh, of
lived ^in South Daytona ^Beach, of Fairlea, Wallace Kershner, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and
Floridi, for 17 years, Tallahassee, Florida, John Sandra L. Higgins, of Lakeland,
v *The body was cremated &nd the Kershner, of Ashland, Kentucky; Florida; four grandchildren, two
remaips will be int^e^.ain*, 11 grandchildren and 13 great- stepgrandchildren, and one
Alleghany Memorial' T&rk ih great-grandchild.
grandchildren. Service was held at 11 a. m.
^Covington, Virginia. $:{&,
Services were held at 2 p. m. Tuesday at McCraw Funeral Home
Tuesday at Wallace and Wallace in Lewisburg by Dr. Lawrence
Funeral Home in Lewisburg by the Sherwood, Jr., and Rev. Greg
Rev. Homer Stewart, with burial Blevins, with burial in Oak Grove
in Greenbrier Memorial Gardens, Cemetery at Hillsboro.
37 Lewisburg.
Delia V. Armstrong Cynthia Kay Mills Ayers
Delia Virginia Badgett Pennington Cynthia Kay Mills Ayers, age Lelan Cameron Arbogast
Armstrong, 73, of 42 Baxter St., 35, of 566 Vail Road, Pikeville, Lelan Cameron Arbogast, 89,
Elkins, died at 1:45 p.m. Friday, Dec. North Carolina, died Wednesday,
5,1997, in Ruby | of Fulks Run, Virginia, formerly
December 10, 1997, at Wayne 'of . Pocahontas County, died
Memorial Hos- Memorial Hospital.
pital,, where she A native of Alexandria County, ^onday, June 1, 1987, at Liberty
was admitted on Virginia, she was the daughter of House " Nursing Home in
Tuesday, Dec. 2. Andrew "Buddy" and Alice Under- Harrisonburg, Virginia, after a six
She had been in wood Mills, of Middletown, Vir- mdhth illness.
failing health for ginia. She taught school for 11
the past year, but Born November 9, 1897, in
years and was presently serving as Pocahontas Cpunty,' he was the
death was unex- assistant principal with West
pected. son of Aridus and Margarette Tracy
Greene Elementaiy School in Snow
Mrs. Arm- Hill, North Carolina. Arbogast.
strong was born She was a graduate of Mary He had lived in Fulks Run for
May 25,1924, at ARMSTRONG Washington College with a B.A. in 18 years. He was a member of the
Randolph County, a daughter of the Music and Elementary Education,
late Ora Clarence and Annie Harris United Methodist Church and a
Livingston Weese. she also graduated with a Master's retired employee 6f Neff Lumber
She was married three times: first degree in Elementary Education and Company in Broadway, Virginia.
to Avin Badgett, who preceded her in School Administration* and Super-
vision from East Carolina Universi- He is survived by his wife,
death; second to Odis D. Pennington, ty. In 1995 she was the North Car- Polly Stone Arbogast; three
who preceded her in death in March olina Principal Fellowship recipi- daughters, Mrs. Crystal P. Corbin,
1959; and third to Russell A. "Bus" ent. Mrs. Ayers was a member of
Armstrong, who preceded her in Linville, Virginia, Mrs. Ruby G.
death on Feb. 2, 1991. Phi Beta Kappa, Mu Phi Epsilon Dickinson, Matthews, North
Surviving are seven sons, Tom (Music Honor Society), Kappa Carolina, Mrs. Mae K. Barkley, of
Badgett, Alvin Badgett and Derris Delta Pi (Education Honor Socie-
ty), Alpha Phi Sigma (Scholastic Fulks Run, Virginia; one son,
Badgett, all of Elkins, Layton "Dan" 1
Honor Society). She has member- Lincoln C. Arbogast, of Charlotte,
Weese Pennington, Harrison Pen- ship in professional organizations North Carolina; 12 grandchildren,
nington, Carman Pennington and in Association for Supervision and
Frankie Pennington, all of Elkins; 21 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-
one daughter, Penny Badgett Fa^yvley Curriculum Development, National great-grandchildren.
Kalenak, Aliquippa, Pa.; one step- Education Association, North Caro- Services will be at 2 p. m.
daughter, Judy Pennington Roy, Dal- lina Association of Educators, and
North Carolina Council of Teacher Thursday at Wallace and Wallace.
las, Texas; one sister, Edna Louise of Mathematics. Mrs. Ayers Funeral Home,iri Arbovale by Rev.
Bodkins, Elkins; 23 grandchildren, received several professional awards Gary Barkley and Rev. Larry
12 great-grandchildren and several such as 1995 Dillard School Math
nieces and nephews. Myers, with burial in Arbovale
She was also preceded in death by Teacher of the Year, 1993 Dillard :Cemetery.
one daughter, Mary K. Pennington; School Teacher of the Year and j ;:y Friends may call from 12 to 2
two sons, David Badgett Jacob and Math Teacher of the Year, and 1992 v
Dillard School Staff Development on Thursday.
Lester Denny Badgett Fawley; three Award.
half sisters, Laura Isenhower, Bessie
Henry and Helen Yeager; one broth- Mrs. Ayers was a piano teacher Leo A. Arbogast
er, Noah Herbert Weese; and three and was an accompanist for Sey- Leo A. Arbogast, 76, of
half brothers, Edgar Livingston, Her- mour Johnson Air force B.ase Newport, Pennsylvania, formerly
man Weese and one infant brother. Children's Choir for several years. of Durbin, died January 26, 1988,
Mrs. Armstrong was a former cook She was an active member of Sey- at his home.
at Memorial General Hospital and mour Johnson Air Force Base , He was born on July 5, 1911, in
had worked for various Elkins area Chapel. Durbin, the son of the late James
families in housekeeping and child- Funeral services were held Sat- and Fannie Emma Phares Arbogast.
care. She was also a senior citizen urday, at 10 a.m. from Seymour i Mr. Arbogast served as a forest
paper carrier for several months. She Johnson Air Force Base Chapel ranger while in West Virginia. He
was a homemaker and a member of with Chaplain Vic Toney and moved to Pennsylvania in 1951 and
the Elkins Church of the Brethren. Chaplain Jan Dashner. Services retired in 1976 from the engineering
were held Sunday at 2 p.m. from department of the Polyclinic
Cummings Creek Victory Chapel Medical Center in Harrisburg, Pa.
with Rev. David Rittenhouse with
burial in Beaver Creek Cemetery, He is survived by his wife, the
Hunters ville. former Avis I. Wimer; three
In addition to her parents she is daughters, Mrs. Sara Shutt, of
survived by her husband, Newport, Mrs. Dorothy Doukas, of
T/Sgt.Robert Andrew Ayers, II; White Plains, Md., and Mrs.
daughter, Lisa Anne Ayers, of the Arlene Dorman, of Duncannon,
home; sister, Tamra Jeanne Mills Pa.; one son, James N. Arbogast,
Ott, of Stephens City, Virginia; of Plain Dealing, La.; nine
and her maternal grandmother, Dol- grandchildren; one sister, Mrs.
lie Underwood, of Marlinton. Ruth Reichly, of Lewisburg, Pa.;
Memorials may be made to and one brother, John P. Arbo-
West Greene School, 303 Kingold gast, of Marlinton.
Blvd., Snow Hill, North Carolina, Funeral services will be held on
28580 or Northwest Elementary Saturday at 2 pm at the Garman
School, 1769 Pikevilte-Princeton Funeral Home, 606 N. Front
Road, Pikeville, North Carolina, Street, Liverpool, Pa., with burial
27863. in the Bucks Valley Cemetery in
*3 £
Neil Arbogast
Neil Arbogast, age 84, of Kenneth Wayne Arbogast Mrs, Mary Faye Arbogast
Aydlett, North Carolina, died Kenneth Wayne Arbogast, 20, Mrs. Mary Faye Thomas
Monday, April 11, 1988, after a of Frost, died Saturday evening, Arbogast, 52, of Valley Head, died
long illness. August 20, 1988, on the Paddys Monday, April 27, 1987, in West
Funeral services will be held at 5 Knob road when his three-wheel Virginia University Hospital at
p. m. Thursday in the Sharon all-terrain vehicle rolled down a hill
United Methodist Church by the Morgantown. She had been in ill
and struck a tree. health with a heart condition and
Rev. Susan Moore. He was a welder and attended
Burial will be at 4 p. m. Friday, Frost United Methodist Church. had had heart surgery.
in the Ruckman Cemetery near Mill The son of Wayne Arbogast and . She was a member of the
Point. Linda Bussard Arbogast, he was Methodist Church. t
A native of Pocahontas County, born in Staunton, Virginia, on Born at Slatyfork June 14,
he was the son of the late Henry February 46, 1968. 1934, she was the^ daughter of
Frank and Josephine Ann Tallman Surviving him are his mother,
Arbogast. Hunter and Ruth Simmons
Linda Arbogast, of Harrisonburg, Thomas. Her parents, a brother,
He was a self-employed painter Virginia, and his father, Wayne
in Norfolk, Virginia, for 35 years. Arbogast, of Ashland, Virginia; his George Hunter Thomas, Jr., and a
He was a Sergeant in the U. S. stepmother, Mable Arbogast; a sister, Lela Underwood, preceded
Army and had served 15 years in sister, Sarah Martin, of her in death.
the Merchant Marines. Harrisonburg, Virginia; a brother, Surviving her are her husband,
Surviving him are his wife, Delton Shawn Arbogast, of Howard S. Arbogast; a daughter,
Mary Lee Twiddy Arbogast; a son, Ashland, Virginia; a step-sister, >Jancy L. Dilley, of Monterville;
Mike Arbogast, of Aydlett; two Pam McCarty, of Ashland,
sisters, Mrs. Boyd (Lucille) Dilley, ^lir^sons, Geofge Lee, Thomas,
Virginia; two step-brothers, Kyle kikwater, Howard • Artogast/ Jr.f
Buckeye, and Miss Madge Lee McCarty, of Mill Gap,
Arbogast, of Hillsboro; a brother, Virginia, and Carl O. McCarty, of Estil LeRoy Arbogast,' and Hayes
Quade Arbogast, of Canvas; and Dunmore. A/Arbogast, all of Valley Head;
two giandchildren. Services were held at 2 p. m. two grandchildren; a brother, Estil
The family requests no flowers. Tuesday in the Frost United Thomas, of Pennsylvania; and two
Memorial donations may be made Methodist Church by the Revs. sisters, Delia Lee Sharp, of
to Neil Arbogast Memorial Fund, Dave Rittenhouse, Norman Marlinton, and Hazel Sharp, of
c/o Mike Arbogast, P. O. Box 77, Alderman, and Virgil Shrader, with
Aydlett, NC 27916. Green Bank.
burial in the Mount Zion Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers the family Services will be held at 2 p.
suggested donations to the Frost m. Thursday in VanReenen Funeral
Jesse Lynn Arbogast Home by the Rev. Kenny
Jesse Lynn Arbogast, age Fire Department.
42, of Durham, North Stevenson, with burial in Gibson
Carolina, died of a heart attack Cemetery on Elk.
Tuesday, December 23, 1986,
in the Duke Medical Center.
He was employed at Mrs. Florence C. Arbogast Burrell Franklin Arbogast
Burrough Wellcome Company Mrs. Florence C. Arbogast, 77, Burrell Franklin Arbogast, 74,
as an environmental of Millboro, Virginia, died of Buckeye, died Tuesday, October
technician. Saturday, September 3, 1988. 27, 1987, near his home of an
Born August 10. 1944, at apparent heart attack.
Bergoo, he was the son of She was born in Pocahontas
Cleo and John Herbert County October 27, 1910, a • Born December 8, 1912, at Mill
Arbogast. daughter of John and Maggie Point, he was the son of H. Frank,
He made his home with his Nelson Abean. and Josephine Tallman Arbogast.
mother at 920 S. Mineral Her husband, Fred Arbogast, For 13 years he worked on
Springs Road, Durham, North died September 26,1986. steamships, retiring with a captain's
Carolina. Survivors include three license. He bought a farm, added
Other survivors include two to it through the years, and was still
brothers, Herbert Dale Arbo- daughters, Mrs. Mildred Breeden,
gast. of Arbovale, and of Staunton, Virginia, and Mrs. doing some farming until his death.
Clifford G. Arbogast, of Betty Haddix and Mrs. Nancy He had natural musical ability
Maine; and three sisters, Patty Clark, both of Millboro; two sons, and could play several instruments.
Levy, Lee Summit!, Missouri, Fred, of Charlottesville, Virginia, Survivors include his wife,
Betty Sebert, Alexandria, and John Arbogast, of Millboro; Alice Ruckman Arbogast; brothers,
Virginia, and Penny Eskridge, three sisters, Mrs. Bessie Rhoades, Neil Arbogast, of Aydlett, North
Melbourne, Florida. of Jamestown, Pennsylvania, and Carolina, and Rev. Quade
Graveside funeral services Mrs. Pat Peezik and Mrs. Leonard Arbogast, of Canvas; sisters, Miss
were held on December 27 in Madge Arbogast, of Hillsboro, and
the Oak Grove Memorial Blair, both of Greenville,
Gardens by the Rev. Bobby Pennsylvania; 10 grandchildren; Mrs. Lucile Dilley, of Buckeye; six
Dolinger. and three great-grandchildren. nephews and one niece.
Services were conducted at 3 p. Services were held Friday at 2
m. Monday at Windy Cove p. m. at VanReenen Funeral Home
Presbyterian Church Cemetery by in Marlinton with Rev. Ronald Ray
officiating. Burial was in Ruckman

WardJ.Ashford DIED
Ward James Ashford, 72, of Arlene B. Arbogast Julia Ann Duncan Auldridge, wid :
Princeton, died Friday, September Arlene B. Arbogast, age 80, of ow of the late James Auldridge, died
Hillsboro, died Saturday, December at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
9, 1988, in Pocahontas Continuous 20, 1997, at Marlinton. P. L. Carter at Onoto, on Friday,
Care Center after a long illness. She was a member of Marvin February 3, 1933, after a short illness
He was a retired district Chapel United Methodist Church. Her age was ninety-three years, two
conservation engineer for the U. S. Born April 12, 1917, at Wato- months and rive da vs. having been
Department of Agriculture and ga, she was the daughter of the late born November 28, l^.-.V. On Satur-
served in Fayette j and Mercer Dennis and Elizabeth Simmons day afternoon Tier funeral was con-
Counties for 32 years. He was also Dunn. ducted from the Stony Creek church
director of Mercer County flood by Rev. T. H. Taylor, assisted by
She was the widow of Ralph Rev. O. IS'. Miles; buriaJ in the Coch-
control for ten-years. ) M. Arbogast. Also preceding her ran cemetery.
Mr. Ashford was a member of in death were her parents, three
K*$t United Methodist Church*, brothers, John J., Dan, and Mike Mrs. Auldridge was a daughter of
the Ute Henry and Martha Baxter
Prfa^eton, and a former member of Dunn; and three sisters, Jane Tot- Duncan, of Stony Creek. On Octo-
Mercfcjr County Farm Bureau and ten, Rose Waymire, and Ruth Grif- ber 28, 1866, she became the wife of
Rotary Club. He was a graduate of fin. the late J a p e s Auldridge. To this
West Virginia Unviersity and an Survivors include a son, union was born one child, Mary S.
Army veteran of World War II. Samuel M. Arbogast, of Marlinton; wife of P. L, Carter.
Surviving him are his wife, a daughter, Delores J. Waugh, of Thus ends a long, busy and useful
Woodsie Elliott Ashford; a son, Manassas, Virginia; two sisters, life, spent- in service for others.
Craig Ashford, of Frost; a Anna Mae Totten, of Hillsboro, and Down to the end, Mrs. Auldridge re-
.daughter, Mary Ashford, of Madge Raloff, of Portland, Oregon; tained her mental and bodily strength
grandchildren, two step- to a remarkable degree. All her life
Princeton; mother, Norma Marshall she was a christian, making a public
AShford, of Green Bank; a sister, children, said seven great- profession of her faftn and joining
Mrs. Anna Mae Elliott, of Green grandchildren. the Methodist churgfe rn the year
Bank; a brother, William. F. Funeral services were held on 18(U. The occasion yv is a great meet
Ashford, of Huntington; one Tuesday, December 23, at 11 a. m. ing held in the Old Log CAv-VctVon
granddaughter. at VanReenen Funeral Home by the Stony Creek by a Rev, uiY. Neal. Of
Services were held at Seaver Rev. Roy Gwinn, with burial in the many .stalwart t o u n g people who
Funeral Home, Princeton, with the Ruckman Cemetery. then took their stancl qnlr 000 re-
mains, the venerab) Samuel B.
Rev. Clifford Schell officiating. Moore of Edray.
Graveside services were held at 3
p. m. Monday at the Arbovale Naomi V. Arrington
Cemetery. Naomi V. Slaven Arrington,
age 78, of Dunbar, died Monday,
October 5, 1998, at Glenda's
y Rev. Meade R. Atkinson Personal Care Home, Cross Lanes,
The Rev. Meade Randolph after a short illness.
Atkinson, 82, of McKenney, She was a former manager at
Virginia, died October 13,1987. Catherine's Dress Shop and
He was a former educator and Embee's. She was a member of
retired pastor of Ebenezer McKinnon Presbyterian Church,
Community Church in Warfield, Tyler Mountain, where she was an
Virginia. He was pastor of Oak Elder, Youth Leader, and Sunday
Grove Presbyterian Church in School teacher. She also was a
Hillsboro from 1929 to 1932. He Dunbar Seniorof Dunbar Woman's Club,
Citizen Choir, and
also was a former pastor of Pocahontas County Alumni
Lafayette Presbyterian Church in Association. She also served as a
Norfolk. For fifteen years he had volunteer for Kanawha Hospice
served as principal and teacher in Care.
McKenney and then for six years Mrs. Arrington was a native of
was headmaster of Brunswick Cass, born March 17, 1920, the
Academy. daughter of John and Eleanora
He is survived by his wife, Davis Slaven.
Grace C. Atkinson; two daughters, Surviving her are three sons,
Martha A. Hartwell, of Colonial David R. Arrington, of Cross
Heights, Virginia, and Sarah A. Lanes, Melvin H. Arrington, of
McMillin, of Fredericksburg, Orlando, Florida, and Richard F.
Virginia; and two sons, John Pryor Arrington, of Poca; a daughter,
Atkinson, HI, of Fredericksburg, Eleanor A. Swan, of Dade City,
Virginia, and Meade R. Atkinson, Florida; two brothers, William
Jr., of Mocksville, North Carolina. "Bill" Slaven, of Akron, Ohio, and
A graveside service was Howard Slaven, of Stow, Ohio;
conducted October 15 at Concord three sisters, Patricia Rexroad, of
Presbyterian Church in Rawlings, Port Charlotte, Florida, Barbara
Virginia. J^ .«$ Crist, of Cass, and Carol Lycans,
of Scarborough, Maine; twelve
grandchildren and five great-
Service will be Thursday at 1 p.
m. at McKinnon Presbyterian
Church by the Rev. Edward J.
Thompson, with burial at
Grandview Memorial Park, Dunbar.
H. Carl Ashworth
Robert W. Atkinson H. Carl Ashworth, age 88, of Louise Sharp Arbuckle
Robert Wix Atkinson, 80, of Durbin, died Sunday, July 19, Louise Sharp Arbuckle, age 73,
Bedford, Oregon, died April 2, 1998, at Alleghany Regional of Lewisburg, died July 9,1998, in
998, following a long illness with Hospital after a long illness. Ruby Memorial Hospital at
mphysema. Mr. Ashworth was a member Morgantown, following a long
He was the son of Camuel L. and Elder of the Liberty illness.
ind Mabel Walkup Atkinson. The Presbyterian Church and was past Born May 13, 1925, in
amily moved to Washington state president of the Senior Citizens of Marlinton, she was the daughter of
n 1925. Pocahontas County. He was a the late J. Wilbur and Alvira
Mr. Atkinson served in the U. member of the Lions Club, was Virginia Cooper Sharp.
». Navy during World War II. Fol- with WVMR Radio for ten years, Mrs. Arbuckle was a member of
owing the war he went into the on the MTA Board of Directors, a Clifton Presbyterian Church at
awmill logging business, first in member of the Cherry River Navy, Maxwelton and a life member of
Vashington and then in Oregon, and a retired supervisor with the the Women of the Church. She
le later worked as a lumber buyer Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. served in various offices of the
or Japanesefirmsin the northwest. Born March 16, 1910, at Women of the Church and served as
Survivors include four Huntington, he was the son of the church organist for many years.
laughters, Patricia Boltman, late Bernard H. and Lesta Frances She attended Marlinton schools
Salem, Oregon, Robin Perkins, Duncan Ashworth. and was graduated from the
Portland, Oregon, Joyce Campbell, He was preceded in death by his Greenbrier College for Women.
Sresham, Oregon, and Roberta first wife, Mabel Clay Ashworth; a Preceding her in death was a
Viscott, Cape May, New Jersey; daughter, Deloris Nicely; and a brother, James Robert Sharp, of
jleven grandchildren; and six great- brother, Charles Ashworth. Marlinton.
grandchildren. Surviving him are his wife, She is survived by her husband,
He was preceded in death by Pearl Hevener Ashworth; a son, H. T. Alex Arbuckle, and two sons,
lis parents, one brother, James Earl Carl Ashworth, Jr., of Huntington; James A. and R. Davis Arbuckle,
\tkinson, and one sister, Anna two step-sons, Timothy Hevener, all of Lewisburg.
Walkup Peterson. of Durbin, and Randall Hevener, of Funeral services were held at 2
His ashes were scattered in the Parkersburg; four grandchildren, p. m. Sunday, at Clifton
acific Ocean by the U. S. Coast four step-grandchildren, one great- Presbyterian Church at Maxwelton
juard. grandson, and two step-great- by the Rev. Elizabeth McNair
grandsons. Ayscue. Burial followed in Clifton
Funeral services were held Cemetery, Maxwelton.
Wednesday at 2 p. m. by the Rev. Memorial donations may be
Cameron H. Astin Donald Curry at Wallace and made to Clifton Cemetery
Cameron Hoover Astin, age 87, Wallace Funeral Home in Arbovale. Association, P. O. Box 31,
f Marlinton, died at home on Burial was in the Gum Cemetery Lewisburg, WV 24901.
imday, December 6,1998. on Back Mountain.
Mrs. Astin was a member of the Frank Abies
ampbelltown United Methodist Frank Abies, age 89, of Horn-
hurch. er, Lewis County, died August 25,
Born June 10, 1911, at Slaty Robert L. A u Id ridge 1998, in Sunrise Care Nursing
ork, she was the daughter of the Robert Lee Auldridge, 93, of Home.
ite George C. and Berta Alderman Lewisburg, died January 28,1998, He was a retired miner and
[oover. at a White Sulphur Springs family attended Jennings Run Church of
She was the widow of the late care center following a long illness. God.
[enry C. Astin. He was born on August 12, He is survived by nine sons,
Others preceding her in death 1904, at Gap Mill, Virginia, the son Thomas Abies, William Abies,
•rere two sons, William Henry Astin of Asa Watson and Catherine Charles Abies and Dale Abies, all
nd Robert Lee Astin; nine sisters, Simmons Auldridge. of Horner, John Abies and Roger
iyrtle Victor, Velma Heavener, Mr. Auldridge was a veteran of Abies, both of Weston, Eugene
Matilda Webster, Grace Craddock, the U. S. Navy and served on an Abies, of Roanoke, Carl Abies, of
•aster Craddock, Emily Jackson, aerial survey of the Orinoco River Dry Fork, and Michael Abies, of
Elizabeth Pritt, Bessie Arbogast and in Venezuela. After leaving the Ireland; three daughters, Martha
Catherine Hoover; three half-sisters, Navy in 1931, he worked as an% Stump and Charlene Allen, both of
4ary Smith, Annie Hooke, and electrician for the Newport News Weston, and Carol Riffle, of Buck-
idith Weatherholt; one brother, Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Com- hannon; two sisters, Susan Abies,
3illy Hoover; and one-half-brother, pany in Newport News, Virginia, of Gilmer, and Edna Abies, of
burton Hoover. and the Monongahela Power Com- Pocahontas; 32 grandchildren; and
Survivors include six daughters, pany in Monterey, Virginia. 10 great-grandchildren.
vfayona McLaughlin, Helen He lived in Lewisburg since Service was held Thursday, at
fcellison, Dinah Hefner, and Suzie 1971. He was a member of the Old 10 a.m„ at Morris Funeral Home,
Lipme, all of Marlinton, Frances Stone Presbyterian Church, a 59 Jane Lew, by the Rev. William
Buzzard, of Richmond, Virginia, and year Mason with the Highland Hoover. Burial was in Jacksonville
Polly Goldizen, of Beverly; sixteen Lodge No. 110 AF&AM, a mem- Cemetery.
grandchildren, twenty-three great- ber of Royal Arch Mason Chapter
grandchildren, and one-great-great- No. 18 in Covington, Virginia, and
grandchild. was the last charter member of the
Funeral services will be held at 2 Monterey Lions Club.
p. m. Thursday at VanReenen He is survived by his wife,
Funeral Home by Sam Felton and Glema Long Auldridge.
the Rev. Jay Hicks. Burial will be
in Mountain View Cemetery.
Memorial gifts may be made to
Campbelltown United Methodist
Nora G. Arbogast
Nora G. Arbogast, age 84, of
Dunmore, died Wednesday, March
24, 1999, in Nicholas County
Nursing Home at Richwood.
Mrs. Arbogast was a Methodist
and active in her church by singing
and participaing in services and
She was born February 28,
1915, in Petersburg, the daughter of
the late William Cecil and Emma
Susan Graham Calhoun.
Her husband, Theodore Jen-
nings Arbogast, is deceased. Others
preceding her in death were three
sisters, Gladys Heavnor* Jessie Har-
mon, and Annie Leach, and two
brothers, Charlie and Bill Calhoun.
Survivors include a daughter,
Beverly A. Nottingham, of Dun-
more; two sisters, Leona Shell, of
Scherr, and Minnie Kimball, of
Petersburg; a brother, Hugh Cal-
houn, of Petersburg; four grandchil-
dren, seven great-grandchildren, and
one great-great-grandchild.
Funeral services were held Fri-
day afternoon at VanReenen Funeral
Home by the Rev. David Ritten-
house, with burial in the Dunmore
Memorials may be made to
Nicholas County Nursing Home.
T. Nelson Brady Frank Allen Bennett Rev. Joshua Buckley * ;
Mrs Jesse Beverage Frank Allen Bennett, 45, of
^ Tillman
^ ^ ^ ^Nelson _ ^ ^ Brady,
^ ^ 74, ofr Tuesday, April 23,1901, this!
s. E m m a Lillian Lantz B e v - Becky's Creek, near Huttonsville, Durbin,died Tuesday, January
venerable and widely known;
erage, was born February 18th, died Wednesday, April 26, 1961, _ 26, 1971, at an Elkins hospital
citizen of our County died at'
LbJ5, at Blue Grass, Virginia, in the Davis Memorial Hospital * following injuries sustained in
i he home of his son, John, near
md de^i trted this life on Sepiem- in Elkins. Death was attributed a truck wreck near Elkins.
Buckeye, in the 92nd year of
)er20, 1954, aV, the age of 5 9 _ t o stroke
He had lived in Durbin since his age. The infirmities of
fears and seven months anu ;vo- _ ^ ^ ™
Born at Brady, Pocahontas October, 1970, but prior to age so advanced, aggravated
lays. T
November 23, 1887, he that had been a resident of by influenza are the apparent
On July 2, 1913, she was united was 2 ? * n a* y son of the late Clark and Alesia, Maryland, for 21 years. reasons for his decease.
n marriage to Jesse Beverage, l ^ n d a T r i e T &ad"y. He was a He was a paint contractor. \ Mr. Buckley is a lineal de-
.ho survives To this union was- t j r e d g c h o o l t e a £ h e r , having Survivors include his wife, scendant of Joshua Buckley,
& 7 l ^ S , r , h ° s j & S : ' " * * * 42ye_arsi„. R ando l p t Mrs. Frances Bennett; four the pioneer of Buckeye, coming
and Pocahontas Counties; he wa daughters, Linda, Donna and there from the lower valley
Ipril 17, 1920, at the age of eight a member of the Mingo Metho^ Kimberly Bennett, all at home,
nonths and 26 days. The eight ist Church. previously to the Revolution
^ ^ ^ ^ j—and Mrs. Shelia Rexrode, of between 1770-75. For more
surviving children are, two dau-
ghters, Mrs. Glen Hefner, of Mar- Surviving are his wife. Mrl1—Durbin; three sons, Jsmes, than fifty years Rev. Joshua
inton, and Viola, at home; and Malcena Channell Brady; c and Frank A. Jr., both at home, Buckley was a preacher
Becky's Creek; three daughters" and
^ David Bennett, with the in the pale of the M. E. church
;ix sons, Howard, of .Marlinton;
ECenny, of Rich wood; Paul, of by a previous marriage, Mrs.- U. S. Army in Ohio; three sis- and a staunch promoter of the
Vlarlinton; Carl, of Richwood; Rean Beale, of Mingo; Mrs. Gold- ter«, Mrs. Betty Galford. of same, having been among the
L«ake, of Baltimore, Maryland, ie Sharp, of Valley Head; Mrs. Dunmore, ^ Mr?. ^ ^ ^ ^Gladys
^ Van- original members of the Poca-
tnd Roscoe. of Marlinton. Theodore Rose, of Brevard, North devender, of Bartow, and Mrs. hontas branch of that worthy
Carolina, and one stepson Carl Hazel Hise, of College Park, denomination. He has prob-
She is survived by eighteen Channell, of Elkins; two stepdau- Maryland; two brothers, Paul ably officiated at as many if
grandchildren imd also a brother, ghters, Mrs. Rose Phillips, of Dear- Bennett, of Durbin, and Ar- not more marriages than any
^ee Lantz, and a sister, Mrs. born, Michigan, and Mrs. Carl thur Bennett, of Frank, and minister that ever lived in our
Jetty Gum, both of Monterey, Ware, of New Market, Virginia; two grandchildren. County. The sincerity of his
Virginia. four half brothers, Emory Ware, of piety was never questioned,
Funeral services were held
For many yearsshe was a mem- [Marlinton; Vernon Ware, of Cass; Saturday monrng in the Wal- his honesty above suspicion,
>er of the West Union Methodist Guy Ware; and Cameron Ware, lace and Wallace Funeral and his sense of honor very
Church. both of Ohio; three half sisters, Home Chapel at Arhovale by elevated, for he would do what
The funeral was conducted at Mrs. Mertie Swisher, of Cass, and the Rev. David Rittenhouse, he deemed right at the peril
;he West Union Methodist Mrs. Ella Buzzard, of Frost, and. with burial in the Bennett of his life.
Church on Wednesday afternoon Mrs Minnie Everman, of Cumber- Cemetery at Frank. John Buckley, Jr., of Buck-
R 2:00 p. m., with Rev. R. H. land, Maryland; four grandchild- J I L I I 1 eye, Mrs. Asa McNeill and
Skaggs and Rev. G. S. Barrett ren, and eight great-grandchildren Mrs. Ulysses McNeill, of Sut-
Dfficiating. Burial was in the Funeral services were conducted Mrs. Harding Bankhead
'on, Mrs. William McNeill and
Cochran Cemetery on Stony Friday afternoon in the Mingo ^^&^ Mrs. Frances Hill Bankhead, Mrs. Joseph Adkison, of Upper
Creek. Methodist Church with the R e v . ~ 77, died Monday, February 13, Swago, Rev. Mrs. Boggs of
Arnold Bickel and the Rev. Acie "*" 1984, * in *—•—
— Contin
™-«-- the M. P. Church, Mrs. Lum
Rev. Barry Blackbrst Bryant officiating. Interment in uous Care Center after a long Silva and Mrs. Thomas, of
Rev. Harry Blackhurst, aged the Mingo Cemetery.
illness. Buckeye, are his living children
86 years, of Cass, died on Satur- SYNOPTIC OBSERVATIONS
She was a member of the "Mark the perfect man and
ifay, November ' 24, 19567" He United Daughters of the Con- behold the upright, for the end
had been hospitalized since a fall John Bear federacy and attended the of that man is peace." The
two weeks ago." On M o n d a y , | John Trimble Bear, 72, died Grace Episcopal Church in writer honors his memory as
afternoon, the funeral was held Tuesday, night, March 2 9 , — 2 Elkins. an esteemed personal acquaint-
from the Cass Methodist Church 4 " 1977, in the Pocahontas Me- She was the widow of Joseph ance and Christian brother for
hv Rev. Herbert Parks and R e v . . morial Hospital, from cancer, Harding Bankhead, who died in more than fifty years.
Ed Thomas. Interment in the just a very short time after be- — 1962. They made their home in W. T. Price
Family'plot in the Arbovale Ceme- \ ing moved here from the Uni- Elkins for many years. (This is a reprint for Mrs.
tery. ' versity Hospital at Charlottes- Born September 22, 1906, in Edna McNeil Kellison of Den-
The deceased is survived by *r ville, Virginia. Marlinton, she was the daugh- , .
bis wife, Lula Burner Blackhurst He was born at Churchville, ter of the late Frank R. and r , r n a r > 1
ird their eleven children: Mr: - L Virginia, September 17, 1904, _ _ Delia Edgar Hill. Two broth- J J ' I ^ ^
Mice Falls, of Traverse City,'* Y o the son of John T. and Nannie i ers, Richard and Frank Hill, ^ Samuel Harry Baxter
Michigan; Mis. Elizabeth M c - 5 * i Martin Bear; two brother, j - ^ ~ncj a sister, Elizabeth Hill M Samuel Harry Baxter, 32, oj
jaughiin, of R o m n e y ; Allen, 01 James and Hoover, preceded SO I Wallace, preceded her in death. __ Rt. 1, Marlinton, died Friday,
rhecdore, and Warren, of Cass; RC him in death. Qy nil
T< ^ ^ ^ _ « „ B her- ^are
Surviving ^ ^ ^three
^ _ February 24, 1984, following a
Henry, of Belle; William, of Mr. Bear, who worked for SUN! daughters, Delia Edgar Bank-" sudden illness. A
tand; Victor, of Meadsville, many years with the Pocabon-- head, of Great Falls, Virginia, - He was a heavy equipment
%nnsylvania; Harold, of Willis- ^ ^ tas Telephone Company, and Frances Swift, of Vienna, Vir mechanic with Pocahontas Con-
on. South Carolina; Homer, of ^1* Telephone U t i l i t i e s , was! ginia, and Jean Joran, of struction Company and a mem-
5uyon, Texas; and Francis, of an elder in the Marlinton Houston, Texas; three s i s t e r s , - ber of the Presbyterian Church.
.ouisa, Virginia. Also, b y 4 l J O F Presbyterian Church where CM* Margaret Hill and Rebecca ^Born
^ ^ at^Marlinton
^ ^ ^ ^ November
^ ^ ^ ^
6w\ Hill, of Marlinton, and Martha _ 27, 1951, he was the son of
randchildren and 21 great-grand STCSI he also served as an assistant
hildren. f=£— Sunday School Superintendent, Hill Clutter, of Sarasota, Flor Clyde Moore and Mary Robert-
and was a member of the Ma- ida; and four grandchildren. son Baxter.
The deceased was born in E A F
sons, Marlinton Lodge / Funeral s e r v e s were held at In addition to his parents, of
]ngland, and was brought to
^merica b y his parents at an Surviving him are his wife, 1 p. m. Wednesday by Dr. Marlinton, he is survived by a
arly age. Fif:y-two years ago Mrs. E d n a May Bear, and a — Eugene TenBrink in St. John's" brother, James E. Baxter, of
e came to Cass, where he has 1 son, John T> Bear, III; a broth- Episcopal Church, with burial-Marlinton, and two sisters,
nee resided. Fur more than er, Albert, of Churchville, and in Mountain View Cemetery. Margaret Ann Baxter, of Los
xty year,s Mr. Blackhurst was a a sister, Mrs. Myrlin Taliaferro, In lieu of flowers contribu- Angeles, California, and Bon-
of Chapel Hill, North Carolina
nnister in the Methodist Church. tions may be made to the nie L. Noah, of Woodbridge,
Thus .is noted the passing of a Services will be held at one Pocahontas Continuous Care Virginia.
seful, outstanding life, given p. m., Friday, by the Rev. " Center or St. John's Episcopal Services were held at 2 p. m.
rgely in the service of others. Richard Newkirk with burial Monday afternoon in Van-

in Mountain View Cemetery. Reenen Funeral Home Chapel
by the Rev. Wallace Dora, with
It* burial in Mountain View Ceme-
ft'rs. Clyde E. Byrd Asa Bailey l U l O l M.M1A

Mrs. Maude E. Hamrick Byrd, Mrs. Frances Hill Bankhead,

Asa E, Bailey, Sr., 89, of 77, died Monday, February 13,
aged 49 years, died at her home Marlinton, died Friday, No-
in Huntersville, Saturday night, vember 8, 1974, in Denmar 1984, in Pocahontas Contin-
March 5, 1955. Death was at- State Hospital after a long uous Care Center after a long
tributed to cancer and followed a illness. illness.
two-year illness. She was a member of the
A retired farmer, Mr Bailey
Mrs. Byrd was born at Clover was a member of the Sinking United Daughters of the Con-
Lick, March 28, 1905, she was Creek Baptist Church and a federacy and attended the
the daughter of the late Bernard 50 year member of the IOOP Grace Episcopal Church in
B. Hamrick and Susan Meeks Lodge at Newberne in Gilmer Elkins.
Hamrick, of Cass. She was a County, where he formerly She was the widow of Joseph
member of the • Cass Methodist; lived. Harding Bankhead, who died in
Church and the Marlinton Chap-* His son, Asa Bailey, Jr., is 1962. They made their home in
ter Daughters of America. manager of the Marlinton Elkins for many years.
Surviving are her husband, A & P Store. Also surviving Born September 22, 1906, in
Clyde E. Byrd, of Huntersville; are other sons, Roy of Weston, Marlinton, she was the daugh-
three sons: Lieutenant Command- Albert of Warrenville, Illinois, ter of the late Frank R. and
er Harold E. Byrd, of Norfolk, daughters, Mrs. Phyllis Half- Delia Edgar Hill. Two broths
Virginia; Jack A. Byrd, of Mar- hill, of Arizona, Mrs. Clella ers, Richard and Frank Hill]'
linton, and Airman Richard E. Copeland, of Chicago, Illinois, and a sister, Elizabeth Hill
Byrd, with the United States Na- Mrs. Mary Stout, of Volga; Wallace, preceded her in death/
vy, at Chincoteague, Virginia; 14 grandchildren and 34 great- Surviving her are three
three sisters, Mrs. Mary Shiflett, grandchildren. daughters, Delia Edgar Bank-
)APT. RICHARD BROWN of Glen Burnie, Maryland; Mrs. hea^, of Great Falls, Virginia,
Lilly Blackhurst, of Rand; Mrs. Service and burial were in
AY. and Mrs. Guy Brown and Genevieve Gum, of Cass; and Glenville. Frances Swift, of Vienna, Vir-
8. Richard Brown, hayerecciv- three brothers. Page Hamrick, of ginia, and Jean Joran, of
a message that Captain Rich- Lewisburg; Fred Hamrick, of Lonnie C. Burns Houston, Texas; three sisters,
[ Brown was killed in action Cass, and Woodrow Hamrick, of Lonnie C. Burns, 87, of Hills- Margaret Hill and Rebecca
>r Belgium on January 1. Pre South Charleston. Also surviving boro. died Saturday, February Hill, of Marlinton, and Martha
»usly they had received a mes- are nine grandchildren 22, 1975, in Denmar State Hill Clutter, of Sarasota, Flor-
;-e that he was missing in ac-
ida; and four grandchildren.
The funeral was held at the Hospital at Beard after a long Funeral services were held at
n. Cass Methodist Church, on Tues- illness.
Detain B'-own had received day afternoon, with Rev. Ralph Born at Little Valley, Vir- 1 p. m. Wednesday by Dr.
i promotion and was awarded a Malcomb, of the Hinton Metho- ginia, July 10, 1887, he was a Eugene TenBrink in St. John's
ver oak leaf cluster to the air dist Church, officiating, assisted son of the late George C, and Episcopal Church, with burial
>dal in a ceremony juat a few by the Rev. Okey Cooper, Jr., of Mary Etta Trainer Burns. in Mountain View Cemetery.
Hiths ago, with Brig. Gen. O. Green Bank. Burial was made He was a retired merchant. In lieu of flowers contribu-
Weylancl, commanding general in the Arbovale Cemetery. tions may be made to the
Survivors include three sons, Pocahontas Continuous Care
the Nineteenth Tactical Air
William H. Bennett Ralph H. Burns, of Hillsboro, Center or St. John's Episcopal
jinmand presenting the award
CSM (ret.) William H. Ben- Fred C. Burns, of Marlinton, Church.
or meritorious achievement in
nett, 55, of Newport News, and Claude W. Burns, of Mc-
mbat flights."
Clung, Virginia; one daughter, Susan H. Bailey
At that time he had completed Virginia, died April 12, 1978, Mrs. Virginia Ross, of Way-
> sorties in his plane ^Virginian" at Walter Reed Army Medical Susan H. Bailey, 54, of
Center. nesboro, Virginia; thirteen Marlinton and Pineville, died
P-47. He was a flight leader iu\ grandchildren and several great Saturday, January 7,1984, in a
,e fumed "Pioneer" tighter He was born in Harmon and grandchildren.
)mber group of the 9th Aii retired from the army in 1977 Beckley hospital after a long
orce. as Post Command Sergeant Funeral services were held illness.
Tuesday afternoon in the Ham- Born July 13, 1929, in Gil-
Captain Brown who was 22 Major at Fort Eustis, Vir- ilton Chapel at Bolar, Virgin- bert, she was a daughter of the
ears of age last August, was t1 e ginia after 33 years of military
ia, with burial in the Bolar late Lloyd and Lydia Lockhart
Dly son Of Mr. and Mrs. Guy service. He was a veteran of Cemetery.
.rown, of Washington Avenue World War II, Korea and Viet- Hatfield.
[e is also survived by his widow, nam. She was a graduate of Con-
Mort Joseph Brown cord College and a retired
'ho was before her masriage, He is survived by his wife,
Mort Joseph Brown, 73, of! home economics teacher, hav-
liss Mary Switzer, of Clitton Gisela Tiebe Bennett, and his Minnehaha Springs, died at his i
'orge. three daughters, Patricia S. ing taught in Baileysville and
Bennett, Mrs. Kathleen A. home of an acute heart attack Pineville High Schools for 32
Prior to going into the service, on Monday, January 25, 1965.
e was employed in the office of Massie and Mrs. Jane B. years. She was a member of
he J. A. Shumaker Company.— Strohm, He is also survived by Born August 30, 1891, he the Pineville United Methodist
3ovington Virginian. five sisters, Mrs. Anna was a son of the late Myles Church.
Davis, Mrs. Marie Braitsch, and Eliza Jane Brown. Surviving her are her hus-
Captain Brown is the grandson] Mrs. Mable Roscoe, Mrs. Vir-
If Mr. and Mrs. EL H. flrimES ginia Seely, and Mrs. Hazel Surviving are his children, band, Billy Ray Bailey, Super-
one son, Newman Brown, of intendent of Pocahontas Coun-
)f Dun more, and a Greathouse; three brothers, Pennsylvania; three daughters,
Sirs. Glen Wausrb*? ty Schools; two sons, John
Jefferson Bennett, Paul Ben* Miss Retha Brown, of Cali- Bailey, of Saulsville, and Glen
William Brock nett and George Bennett. fornia, Miss Jessie Brown and Bailey, of Barboursville; three
Memorial services were held Mrs. Alline Rogers, both of sisters, Flossie Smith and Ruby
William Brock, agfed 45 years,! Baltimore, Maryland; one sis-
lied suddenly and unexpectedly in Fort Eustis Memorial Chap- Thompson, both of Gilbert, and
ter, Mrs. Ivy Brown, of On- RuthtSnodgrass, of Johnstown,
)f a heart attack at his home in el on Monday, April 17, at 10 tario, California, and five grand
Dunmore, on Tuesday afternoon, a. m. Private interment serv- children. Ohio; and three grandchildren.
Dctober 7, 1952. ices were held at the family Services were held at 1 p. m.
cemetery in Bartow. Funeral services were held Wednesday in the Pineville
As this paper is printed there Thursday, January 23, in the
is no announcement as to the fun- The family suggested that United Methodist Church by
memorial donations be made Wallace and Wallace Chape) the Rev. A. A. Angle, Jr., with
eral service, pi ndinsr arrival of a in Lewisburg by Dr. John W.
son in the Navy. However, the to the American Heart Asso- entombment in Blue Ridge
Hollister. Burial was in the
-erviee will be held at Dunmore, ciation. Meadowbridge Park in Balti-
Memorial Gardens Mauso-
with intermeut at Monterey. leum. -
more, Maryland.
The deceased was a son of
George H. and Lucy Hill Brock.
Mo. married Miss Cornelia Brat-
v mmmm vijruc u. uudddiu
'/ 4. «. Duzzaro .* mrs. na?ry Bussard ^
Another World War I Veteran Jarrett Gayle (Jack) Buz- Mrs. Edith Alberta Ervine
Buzzard, Jr, zard, 66, of M i n n e h a h a Bussard, 84, of Minnehaha
has answered the call of Taps in -Springs, diedJThursday, April
the passing of Clyde Given Bus-1 Springs, - ^ ^ ^ ^ ^died
^ ^ ^ Tuesday
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^morn-
^ ^ M r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M
sark, Sr., on September 1, 1946,, ing, August 14,L1979, in Memo- ) g V I 9 6 *, in Den mar Hospital
in the Veterans Hospital, Moun- rial General Hospital, Elkins. it^BoBeard ^ ^ ^ ^after
^^^ a^ long
^ ^illness.
STAl ber 28 J920, he was the son of Jtain'Horae^^^ fennessee^at 'which He was a construction work-I e m ™ r at 2 9
|PRES! Mrs. Beulah Stokes and thi
place he had been confined since er.a member of the Metho- IT J E? j ^ \ she was a
late Harry W. Buzzard, Sr. July 7th. Prior to that time Mr I dist Church and Moose Lodge dauebter 01 the late George
He was a member of the Sec- Bussard had been a patient in the 1465( - Mack and Elizabeth Ervme.
- ond Presbyterian Church, was Veterans Hospital, Oteen, North Rnm of Vmat Tnno 15 - S h e w a s a member of the
formerly employed by tht Carolina, for eleven years. He Born at rrost, June ID, Mpfhnrtisi- rtinrr.ii
Wayne Manufacturing Corp., was fifty-three years of age. Mr. 1913, he was the son of the . Metnodist Church.
- was a member of the Waynes* Bussard served his country in late Harry F. and Edith Er- » Preceding her in death were
vine Buzzard. A daughter, -*f w o , brothers, Hubert and CJif-
_ boro American Legion Post the first World War as sergeant Constance Anne Douglas, also. A4°™ n n a LErvine, and one sister,
island a veteran of World in the Service Park Unit M.T.C. preceded him in death. ea
-Warll. and was engaged in the battle of Surviving him are his wife,\ Survivors include her bus-
- Surviving him in addition to Nantillois Sector October 4th to Virginia Burns Buzzard, two-band, Harry S Bus/ard, of
_ his mother, are his wife, 12th; Argonne Meuse Offensive, •ons, David Gayle Buzzard, of-Wilhamsville, Virginia; four
Mrs. Marguerite Beverage and St. Juvan November 1st to Lancaster, California, and ;<>ns. {arrett G.; Bussard, of
- Buzzard; one daughter, Mrs. 6th, Argonne Muse offensive. Stephen Buzzard, of K. I. Saw-' Minnehaha Springs, William
_ Hugh C. (Karen) Dunn, of He never fully recovered from ill yer A. F. B., Michigan; a-g. Bussard, of Silver Spring,
Conyers, Georgia; two broth' health contracted during his ser- daughter, Joyce Mullens, of Maryland Mack R. Bussard,
- ers, Frank Buzzard, of Waynes- vice in France. Neola; eight grandchildren and "AOrlando, Florida and James
_ boro and Larry Buzzard, of Mr. Bussard was the son of the three great-grandchildren;- - Bustard, with the Mer-
Richmond, Virginia; one sister, late William A. Bussard and three brothers, William, Hy- J?hant Marines; two daughters,
" Mrs. Margaret B. Bostic, of Sudie Eider Bussard and was born attsville, Maryland; James and ™ r s - Beatrice Newman, of
- Waynesboro; and two grand* in Bolar, Va., March 21, 1893. Mack, Orlando, Florida; and -Chula Vista, California, and
children. jf In 1917 Mr. Bussard was mar- two sisters, Beatrice, San -Miss Madeline Bussard, of
Funeral services were held 'ried to Miss Annie Dever. To Diego, California, and Made- Washington, D. C; one broth -
" at 2 p. m. Saturday in McDow this union four children were line, Washington, D. C. "er- M y f l Ervine, of Marlinton;
- Funeral Home with the Rev. born. Frances lone, Katberine
Ralph Piland officiating. Sue, Mary Jeannette and Clyde Services will be held at two ^ ^ ' J f ' w ^ V S "
M, m. Thursday in VanReenen - £ g ^ g , * «£; J J g
Interment was in Riverview Given, Jr., all of whom survive, j Funeral Home by the Rev.
" Cemetery. together with his mother Mrs "Clyde Gum with
Sudie Bussard, of Baltimore, Md, Ith burial
It" mont, Mrs. Thelma Hicks, of
burial at W e b s t e r springs, and Mrs.
Riv. E. Clyde Bussinf (by and a sister, Mrs. Lola Baxter of Minnehaha Springs.
Madge Kramer, and eleven
. Rev. Ellis Clyde Bussard, 67, Tarpon Springs, Florida. randchiliren and seven great-
of Ravenawood, was dead on For a number of years Mr. ' Hailen L. Buzzard grandchildren.
arrival at a Ripley hospital "~~-"7. Bussard was engaged •K,*-X"-"«2«»'-."*—~
in.;i>usiness Harlen L. Buzzard, 54, of runerai Funeral services were M held
t Wednesday night, July 9,1975. in Marhnton, W. Va.Vat which Silver Spring, Maryland, died3 nday afternoon in the Van-
He had suffered from a heart place he was a member of the Friday, April 28, 1972. in aReenen Funeral Home Chapel
condition for several years.

Presbyterian Church. His family Silver Spring hospital follow- t,y t D e j j e v Sherman Markley
He was a retired minister of DOW reside iD Washington, D. C, ing a short illness. with burial in the Mountain
-r— the United Methodist Church, r l , s l a B l
• havino wrvnH in GM»-I,T Bulla' His last rites were conducted
' '""*s» were ixmuucteu i_>ui n on. I* «»*vw .»*..«- — ~j , — Cemetery.
Born at Huntersviile MayView
' w B o S K'n..S waitt hArlington National Cemetery 1, 1917. he was a son of R o d - ^ \
-Gd^h^l^L^ fu11
military honors. TboViiey Buzzard, or Beard, and Mrs. Myrtle Buzzard <&f
_[_ from Concord College and was closes the honorable life record of the late Esta Alderman Buz-* zard, Mrs. Myrtle Frances Buz-
a good citizen. X X zardi 85, of Frost, died Satur-
a member of the Masonic Lodge day, December 23, 1978, in
at Huntersviile. f6-?-*JL JEMIMA BUZZARD
L.J i He was employed a s a b u s r
Memorial General Hospital in
. driver in Washington, D. C. m Elkins, after a long illness.
f~ m t SUrV V rS
i ? l nClUd
I £ 3 Wj!f' H Mrs. Jemima Alice Alderman Survivors include his wife,* 1
I1 Mrs. Reta Rexrode Bussard; U Buzzard , 96 , I died Thursday Mrs. Buzzard was a mem-
two daughters, Mrs. Margaret [Jnight, June 13, 1957 in the Poca- " Mrs. Alta Martin Buzzard;^ ber of the Frost United Meth*
E. Scites of Ravenswood, and hontas Memorial Hospital. Death - one son, Ronald, at home;- odist Church. . -
LJ ^Mrs. Mary R. Thompkins,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_bjwas of attributed to complications _ three sisters Mrs Vera Beahm,"
bnaker Heights, Ohio; three sis- jand she had been in the hospital "of Waynesboro, Virginia; Mrs. fl = Born August 9, 1893, in
ters, Mrs. Eva McCollam, of nsbut one week. - Lola Workman, of Marlinton, Nelson County, Virginia, s}*e
*j Bluefield, Mrs. Bessie Chestnut, She was one of the oldest na- • and Mrs. Polly Gardner, of was the daughter of the late
of Maysville, Kentucky, and ,Stives of Pocahontas County. She Clover Lick; four brothers," Howell and Josephine Fitz-
^ Mrs.
^ ^ ^ ^Kathleen
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^Keliey,
^ ^ ^ ^ ^of^ ^Hunt-
^ ^ ^ ^ ^as
^^ i member of the Hunters- * Waldo and William Buzzard, - gerald. Her husband, Marion
jersville, and three granddaugh-l ville Methodist Church. She was _ both of Huntersviile; Hubert A. Buzzard, and their daugh-
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ " b o r n Nov. 21, 1860, ^
ter*l in^ ^Hunters-
^ Buzzard, of Key West, Florida" ter, Blanch, preceded her in
!Ejville, the daughter of Mr. and " and Arnold Buzzard, of Wes- - death. /
Services were held Saturday
afternoon ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^M ^a r^ ^ ^n ^ ^ ~ M r s . Soloman Alderman. ton. She is survived by a daugh-
n^oHiwiofS A - ^ , l » t o a ^ M r s > B u z z a r d W as the widow Funeral services were held ter, Mae Mace, of Fairfield,
United M e t h o d i s t ChurcLl With ^ o f J o s e p h H . Buzzard, who pr§- I Tuesday afternoon in the Wa!- Virginia, and two sona, Bland
jj^Kev, L>. Keith Clark in charge. Reeded her in death in 1939. lace and Wallace ^Funeral - D a v i 8 ( of R ockport> T e x a s ,
TI «N burial Was in M o u n t a i n V i e w Survivors include three sons, Home Chapel at Rainelle.. and Hunter Buzzard, of Frost;
Cemetery a t M a r l i n t o n . Rodney, and Edwin, Huntersviile; Burial was in the Walla, e Me- eight grandchildren and fifteen
— Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCol nfnd ^ g^an" ^ ^ ' ^ H d
morial Cemetery at Clinton- greatgrandchildren; a brother,
lam, of Bluefield. brother-in- ^°T,I T'^ Mrs. n/°T
and Odie ville. Manley Fitzgerald, Fairneld,
— law and sister of Rev. E. Clyde ] 2 ^ b e aMarlinton; n d Mrs
' 024d l e grand-
Sue Virginia, and two sisters, Ollie
jchildren; 15 great-grandchildren; Hogg, Virginia Beach, Vir-
Bussard, and Mrs. Sewell Wood land l McComb '
20 great-great-grandchildren. ginia, and Lillian Campbell,
ward, of Maysville, Kentucky, Funeral services were conduct- §tuarts Draft, Virginia.
Mrs. Don MacDonald, of Hoi* ed at 2 p. m. Sunday a t the Services were held Wedne
Jywood, Florida, and Mr. and of jHuntersville Methodist Church by day at the Frost United Metfa
Mrs. Kenton Chestnut, Jr., Ithe Rev. Lowell Legg. Burial was odist Church by the Rev
Colonial Heights, Virginia, in the Huntersviile Cemetery. Clyde Gam and the Rev.
nieces and nepnews, were hera Phillip Mace, with burial at
for the funeral of Rev. Bussard, Frost.
on Saturday.
J I -1 I )
Marlinton Barber Killed 9 Mrs. Susan Bussard ^ g tiarence ft. DUMHIIU • --^
Mrs Susan Alman Bussard, Clarence A. Bussard, aged 60 Mrs. Kate G. Broyles, 73, of
In Automobile Accident aged 90, died in Middletown, years 4 months and 7 days, of Marlinton, died Saturday, July
James Buzzard, 34, of Hunters- Ohio, on Monday, March 25, Frost, died on Saturday, May 28, 1»1978, in Davis Memorial
ville suffered injuries which led 1963, at the home of her grand- 1955. He had suffered a parale- Hospital, at Elkins, after a
to his death several hours later son, James A. Baxter, with tic stroke. long illness.
when his car apparently went out whom she had made her home Born December 18, 1904, at
On Monday afternoon the
of control and turned over on for the past 23 years.
funeral service was held from Olover Lick, she was the daugh-
State Route 39 about three miles Mrs. Bussard was born at New Hope Church by his pastor, ter of the late Mr. and Mrs.
east of Marlinton. The accident Frost December 21, 1873, the jR \ J. w. Pugh, assisted by George Ray.
occurred Sunday evening at about daugherof Charles Wilson and |Rev. C. E. Winkler and Rev. She was a member of Mar-
6:30 as Buzzard was driving in Margaret Matilda Rider. She 'w. E. Hamilton. His body was linton Presbyterian Church
the direction of Marlinton. He was the widow of William laid in the family plot in Moun- and the Eastern Star of Mar-
was alone in the car at the time Andrew Bussard, who died in tain View Cemetery. linton.
and, so far as has been deter- 1898. Their four children, who
The d e d w a s t h e s o n of Surviving are two sons, Luth-
mined, there were no witnesses also preceded her in death, M r s Madeline £hinaberrj er Plyler, of Durbin, Calvin
to the wreck. Prom the tire marks were Clyde G. Bussard, Edwin B u s s ? r d and th late p ^ Plyler, of Bartow; daughters,
on and along the highway it has Lester^Bussard, Lola M. Bax- A - Bussard. His brother is Mrs. Helen Mycka, of Denver,
been deduced that the car went ter and Wanda lone Bussard. C h a r l e s Bussard, of Deerfield, Colorado, Mrs. Mary Francesx
out of control on a slight curve She is survived by a brother, Virginia; his sisters are Mrs. Beale, of Annandale, Virginia;
left the pavement, swerved to the John W. Rider, of Marlinton, Lucy Moore, of Dunmore; Mrs. eight grandchildren; 12 great-
right and back to the left, travel- and two sisters, Miss Lilly Rb Clara Ware of Marlinton. He grandchildren.
ing along the berm. When the car der, of Marlinton, and Mrs. married Miss Ena Shrader, who She was preceded in death
came back on the pavement, it Anna Curry, of West Point, survives. Their daughter is Mrs. by her husband, Oren E. Ply-
turned over and rolled about 300 Virginia; eight grandchildren, J. M.Collins, of Baltimore, fyfary- ler and daughter, Sue Ann Ply-
feet down the middle of the high- and twelve great-grandchildren land. Surviving also are four ler, three brothers, one sister,
way. Buzzard was thrown out of One brother, Harry Brad- grand children. and second husband, Walter
the car, apparently, about 60 feet ford Rider, and three sisters, .Thus is noted the passing of a Broyles.
from where the car finally came Grace Rider, Lucie Rider, and prominent business man and an Services were held Mon-
to a stop. Kate Rider preceded her in outstanding citizen. day in the VanReenen Fu-
Jamie Abdella, Bob McComb death. neral Home, with the Rev.
and the Rev. Charles Yoho were Mrs. Bussard was a member j , J. M . Bear Richard Newkirk officiating.
among the first to reach the scene of Mount Carmel Methodibt James Martin Bear, 69, died in Burial was in Mountain View
of the accident. While Rev. Yoho Church. , the Pocahontas Memorial Hospi- Cemetery.
stayed with the injured man, Mc- Services will beheld at two ital Thursday afternoon, October ' Cecil Boggs
Comb went for a doctor and Ab- o'clock Thursday afternoon at j12, 1961. Death was attributed
della hurried to Marlinton for an Smith Funeral Home by the to a heart attack. Cecil Boggs died Wednebu
ambulance. Buzzard lived for Rev. George McCune, with March 15,1987, in the Denmai
Born December 7, 1891, at
nearly nine hours after being burial in Mountain View Ce- Churchville, Virginia, he was a Hospital Funeral service wi*
admitted to Pocahontas Memorial metery. be Saturday, at 2:00. p. m.
I son of the late John T. and Nancy
hospital. 4 James Buzzard j t^ Martin Bear. He came to Mar- Richard H. Balzer
A son of Rodney W. and the , Jimmy Buzzard, 24, of Wal- linton in 1914 and was associated Richard Herman Balzer,
late Esta L. Alderman Buzzard, dorf, Maryland, drowned Sun- with the telephone business here of Hillsboro, died Saturda
the victim had maintained a bar- day, June 22, 1975, while swim until he retired following the sale March 11, 1967, in the Poc
ber shop, known as "Jimmy's", in ming in the Chesapeake Bay. of the Pocahontas Telephone hontas Memorial Hospitalafte
the First National Bank building His body was recovered Mon- Company in 1958. He was a a short illness.
[in Marlinton for about three day. past president of the West Vir- He was born in Lydershagan
years. He is survived by his wife ginia Telephone Association. Germany, December 22, 1902
Born at Lexington, Virginia
'and three children. July 22, 1950, he was a son of Mr. Bear was veteran of World He came to the United State
Henry Hunter Buzzard and i War I, an elder of the Marlinton in 1921, and became anatura
, Mrs. Albert Bussard v grew up near Dunmore at the | Presbyterian Church and was ized citizen in 1926.
Mrs. Ella I. Bussard, 72, of home of his grandmother, Mrs. assistant S u n d a y S c h o o l I Mr. Balzer was a member (
Huntersville, died Thursday, t Myrtle Buzzard. Superintendent for many years. j the Oak Grove Presbyteria
April 6, 1972, in the Kings He was a member of the Marlin- I Church and was elected Deacc
In addition to his father and
Daughters Hospital at Staun- grandmother, he is survived by ton Lodge, Ancient Free and Ac- I on April 23, 1944, and o
on, Virginia, of an apparent his wife, Glory Hanes Buzzard, cepted Masons, and a Past Patron j dained and installed on Ms
eart attack. of Marlinton Chapter No. 97, Or- j 14, 1944; he served faithful
a son, Timmy, 6, two sisters, der of the Eastern Star.
Born at Mingo in 1900, she Sara Jane and BIy Ann, and j as a Deacon, Church Treasur
Mr. Bear has served as Chair-
as a daughter of the late Mr. his mother, Irene Sorrows Buz- man of the Pocahontas County [and Sunday School Teach
d Mrs. Floyd Ware. j zard, of Clinton, Maryland, and Selective Service Draft Board \ as long as his health permitte
He was a member of the Hi!
She was a member of the several nieces and nephews.
Methodist Church. Services and burial were in since 1940. j boro Masonic Lodge No. 1
Waldorf, Thursday. Surviving him are his wife, Mrs. ; AF & AM and Hillsboro Cha
Survivors include her hus- Minnie McClune Bear; one sister, ! ter Order of the Eastern Sb
band, Albert I. Bussard; three Mrs. Margaret Taliaferro, of He was a retired custodian
>ons, Albert L. Bussard, of Mrs. Lawrence Bussard
Newport Richey , Florida,
2 & ^ , Cranford, New Jersey; and three the Federal Prison Camp
s.Halh^^ John T. Bear, of Mar- Mill Point.
Wallace Bussard, of Wilmmg- about 34 years, died oo Monda.v linton; A. C. Bear, of Churchville,
on, North Carolina, and morrintf, S e p t e m b e r 28tb, 1958, Virginia, and the Rev. Hoover Survivors include his wi
FJoyd E. Bussard, of Alex- from injuries received a few hour* Bear, of Fayetteville, North Mrs. Letty O. Balzer; onedj
andria, Virginia; two brothers, before in an au torn bile* wreck on Carolina. ghter, Mrs. Jack R. (Mari<
Jameron and Guy Ware, both K i a p p s Creek at R u c k m a n Run Hunter, of Richmond, Virg
bf Barberton, Ohio, and one sis- A n o t h e r occupant of the car. Funeral services were held Sun- ia, two grandchildren, Cynt
ter, Mrs. Minnie Whittman, of H a r r y B u s s i r d , of F r o s t , was se- day afternoon in the Marlinton B. and Richard R. Hunl
Ohadsworth, California. verely injured. He is btii># Presbyterian Church by the Rev. both of Richmond, Virgil
Funeral services were held treated in the P o c a h o n t a s Me- W. E. Pierce, with burial in the and one brother, Bernard I
Sunday afternoon at the Frost >i m c r b l Hospital. Mountain View Cemetery. izer, of New York City.
United Methodist Church by T h e deceased was the wife o Funeral services were 1
the Rev. Ezra Bennett, with j L a w r e n c e Bu?sard, of Mountain Monday afternoon in the (
burial in the Mountain View | Grove. She is survived by four Grove Presbyterian Church
Cemetery at Marlinton. children. She was a n a t i v e o the Rev. Harry Painter ^
burial in the Oak Grove C
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ - • • - > • - .

1*46. etery at Hillsboro.

Mrs. Howard Barlow Mrs. A. C. Barlow
Mrs. Ava J. Barlow
Mrs. Anna Patterson Bar- Mrs. Effie Moore Barlow was
low, 96, of Marlinton, died born October 21, 1873, and de- tear Onoto, Jane
Mrs, Ava Barlow was born
on June 15th, 1886,
Wednesday, April 22, 1970, m parted this life on Friday, Sep- nd passed away
the Pocahontas Memorial tember 4, 1959, in the Pocahon- j er home, Thursday, in her sleep at
Hospital after a long illness. tas Memorial Hospital following 1961, at the age of 74 May years,
Born July 25, 1873, in Hunt- a long illness. months and 3 days. She was a

V ersville, she was a daughter of

the late Dr. S. Pruyn Patter-
son and Elizabeth Campbell
Mrs. Barlow was the daughter daughter of the late George C.
of the late Samuel B. and Mary and Rachael Duncan Moore.
Ann Moore. On November 20,
l p 95, she was united in marriage in On July 3,1918, she was united
marriage to Ballard D. Barlow,
Mrs. Barlow spent most of t \. C. Barlow. who preceded her in death in
her life at Huntersville. £ \e is survived by her husband, £957.
Mrs, Barlow was a member A. C. Barlow; and four children, She is survived by tlierr one
of the Huntersville Presby- Mrs. Harry B. Hill, of Charleston, son,
terian Church, and was a Samuel H. Barlow, of Dunmore, two Ralph sisters,
M. Barlow, at home;
Miss Mary Loretta
charter member of Hunters- Guy P. Barlow and Ivan N. Bar-
low, both of Marlinton. She was Moore, of Elkins, and Mrs. Flora
ville Order of the Eastern Star. Jordan, of Marlinton; also sev-
She was preceded in death by I! preceded in death by two children,
her husband, Howard Barlow. Robert Barlow and Hazel Barlow. eral nieces and nephews. She
Also surviving are a sister and was preceded in death by a sister
Survivors include one daugh- a brother, Mrs. A. 0. Baxter and I and three brothers.
ter, Miss Helen Barlow, of S. Reid Moore, both of Marlin- Mrs. Barlow lived all her life in
Marlinton. ton; seven grandchildren and the community where s}qg was
Funeral services were held three great- grandchildren. born. She was a good Christian
Friday afternoon in the Van- Mrs. Barlow was a life-long woman and attended the; Stony
Reenen Funeral Home Chapel member of the Edray Methodist Creek Presby#riai\ <
by the Rev. Willis Cornelius Church. Funeral services were /held in
with burial in the Mountain Funeral services were held Sun- the Stony Creeji Pre§fbyterian
View Cemetery at Marlinton. Church /on Sati tfternoon
j1 day afternoon at the Edray Me- assist-
/—% thodist Church by the Rev. Ezra j bjKhe >&ev. W
Mrs. Margaret Moore Barlow ed W the Re Bennelt.
Bennett and the Rev. Herbert] i Mountain
Mrs. Margaret Moore Barlow, Pennington, Jr., with burial in Burial was ma>
aged 86 yeas, died at her home near the Edray Cemetery. View Cemetery.
Woodrow on Friday, December 27, With us her name shall live
1940, of the infirmities of age. Through long succeeding years
On Sunday afternoon her body Embalmed by all our hearts can: Fred Barlow \/
was laid to rest in the Cochran cem- give, Fred Barlow, 72, of Akron,
etery on Stony Creek, the service O-ur praises and our tears. Ohio, died on Thursday, March
being conducted from West Union 1, 1968, in an Akron hospital
Church by her pastor, Rev. R. H. following a heart attack.
Skaggs. Born at Edray April 28,
Mrs Barlow was a daughter of the Mrs. Austin Barlow 1895, he was the son of the late
late Samuel and Nancy Beal Moore,, Mrs. Linda Rebecca Barlow, John E. and Morella Smith
of Marlin Mountain Of her father's 28, of Marlinton, died Satur- Barlow.
family of four sons and seven daugh day, November 8, 1969, in iie was married to the form*
ters there now remains one, Mrs, the Duke University Hospital er Nelle McNeill, on April 1L
Annis McLaughlin of Browns Creek. in Durham, North Carolina,
The deceased was the widow of
after a three month illness of He -had lived ; in Akron,
the late Wesley Barlow. They are leukemia.
survived by their daughter, Mrs. Ohidffor the past 45years.
Ollie Barlow. Born in Petersburg, March Survivors include his wife,
24, 1941, she was a daughter Mrs. Nelle McNeill Barlow;
of Sampson and Gladys Goldi- one son, Rev. Fred M. Barlow,
Mrs. Mabel Barlow zen. one daughter, Mrs. Robert
Mrs. Isabel Taylor Barlow, Survivors include her hus* (Betty) Hare, and two broth-
56, of Meadville, Pennsylvania, band, Austin Barlow; three ers, Clarence L. and Henry
died at her home after a long ill- sons, Burton, Randy and Kev- Barlow, boch of Marlinton.
ness on Thursday, May 2,1963. in Barlow, all at home; her par- Funeral services and burial
She was a member of the ents, Mr. and Mrs. Sampson were in Akron March 4.
Green Bank Methodist Church. Goldizen; one sister, Mrs. Shir-
Survivors include a son, Ber- ley Biller. of Finksburg, Mary- John Barlow, aged 40 yea,
lin Lee; her mother, Mrs. Nelia land; seven brothers, Donald died ona Monday, June 25, '1944*
Goldizen, of Hamlin; Bob, a te lon
Taylor, of Green Bank; four /
/ u . ^ lingering illness.'
brothers, Rodney Taylor, of James, Fred, Jack, Larry and « " s Paper is printed, the time
Marlinton, Forrest Taylor, of Paul Ray Sampson, all of Mar- of the funeral has not been an-
Huntersville, Bmmett and Lew linton. nounced; awaiting word from a
is Taylor both of Dunmore. Funeral services were held brother, Henry, who is in the
Tuesday afternoon at the Army.
Funeral services were held
Sunday afternoon in the Wes- Beard Heights Church of God The deceased was a son of the
ley Methodist Chapel at Green near Marlinton by the Rev. late John E. and Marella Smith
Bank with the Rev. R. J. Henry Bailey and the Rev. Barlow, of Edray. His sisters
Harshberger in charge. Bu- Larmen Woriey with burial in arc Mrs. Frank Young and Mrs.
che Cochran Cemetery near Ha m Burns; his brothers are
rial was in the church cemetery Clarence, Feed, Page and Henry
Page Dameron Bariow. aged 66 S. I. Barlow W. A. Barlow
irominent Marshall County physician Samuel Isaac Barlow, aged 82, William Anderson Barlow, aged
cc imbed at 5 o'clock, on Thursday died Sunday, February 7, 1960, 88 years, died at the home of his, February 23, 1939, at the in the Pocahontas Memorial Hos-
Reynold? Memoriil Hospital at Glen- daughter, Mrs. Allen Sharp, at
dale. He had been in failing health pital. He had undergone an Onoto, on Wednesday morning,
?h\2e November and was removed to emergency operation on Wednes- January 18, 1955. He had been
the hospital on Tuesday. day, in his usual good health, but
Services were held from the resi He was born at Huntersville suffered a fall on Tuesday. On
dence on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 April 7, 1877, the son of the late Friday afternoon the funeral was
o clock, conducted by the Rev. Minor Amos and Mary Poage Barlow, held from Edray Methodist
Sprague, of the McMechen M. E and had lived all his life at Hunt- Church. The ministers were
Uhurch. Interment followed in Bel Rev. E. H. Flaniken, Rev. G. S.
montOounty Memorial Park. ersville.
Dr. Barlow was born at Edray, Po Mr. Barlow had been a mem- j Barrett and Rev. Don Taylor.
cahoLtas county, on February I, 1873, ber of the Masons for sixty-one His body was laid in the family
. the son of the late Henry and Nancy years and also a member of the plot in Edray Cemetery.
Casseii barlow. He attended public Huntersville Chapter Number The deceased was a son of the
schools there, later entering the Hills 120 of the Order of the Eastern late Henry and Nancy Cassell
boro Academy. Star. Barlow., Of his father's family
He received his medical instruc- there remain his brother, Dr. A.
tion at the medical col.oge in Rich- Surviving him are his wife, Mrs. j
mond, Virginia, and the Baltimore Mabel Gum Barlow; eight child* C. Barlow, of Marlinton and his
VlHiical College from which he re- jren, Mrs. Madeline McCombof sister, Mrs. Effie Peck, of Hunt-
0Q j yG d his degree in 1895. He served j Huntersville, Mrs. Myrtle At- ington.
as interne at Che Paltimore Lying-in kins of Baltimore, Maryland,) He married Miss Ella Frances
l-Ioso1ta3 Mrs. Nell Shrader and Mrs. Louise j Silva, who preceded him 32 years
,xii:er wards he entered general McNeel, both of Hillsboro, May- ! since. Their sons are Glen and
practice \v Upshur county and later nard Barlow of Syracuse, New Ira, of Charlottesville, Virginia,
located at Martinsburg. York, Mrs. Lucille Burns of Mar- and their daughter is Mrs. Allen
In 1902 he moved to McMechen,
j *here he has lived since, becoming linton, Mrs. Juanita Gunther of Sharp, of Marlinton. His two
i one of the county's most prominent' Baltimore, Maryland, and Mrs. grand children are Mrs. Tek Tal-
, physicians Evelyn Williams of Orange, mont, of New Burnswick, New
He was a member of th< staff at j Texas; a grandson, Robert Bax- Jersey, and William Barlow, of
the Glendale hospital and served as i ter, whom he reared; sixteen Charlottesville, Virginia.
surgeon for the Baltimore tid Ohio! other grandchildren; and four! Thus is noted the passing of a
• railroad and the Hitch man Joal * and great-grandchildren. prominent and thoroughly good
f >ke Company. He formerly was Funeral services were held
! urgeon for the Giendale Gas a n d ; citizen. He retained his mental
•Coal Company " i d the Wheeling 1 i Tuesday afternoon in the Hunt- and bodily powers to a remark-
I Trac-ipri Company. He a!so was a ersville Presbyterian Church by able extent. A few weeks ago
i former examiner for the Brotherhood i the Rev. B. W. John and the Rev. he was around and among hisi
! oi B & O. Trainmen and was a past R. S. Pinch. Burial was made friends in town, and only last j
president of the Baltimore & Ohio in Mountain View Cemetery with summer he made a public address i
, R ail road Association. I Masonic rites. of great interest at a large gather-
Dr. Barlow was a prominent breed- ing in his home community.
er of high classed registered Ayrshire Dennis H. Barlow Peace to his ashes.
vcatt^e, being owner of the Birlow Dennis Harmon Barlow, 69,
stock farm which is located near St
Clairsviile, in Belmont County, Ohio. of Route 1, Marlinton, died
Politically he was a Democrat. He Tuesday morning, April 7, W. H. Barlow
as a member of the M E Church 1970, in the Pocahontas Me- William Howard Barlow, 82,
aoa~w^slbmiiated with the Mounds- morial Hospital. well-known farmer and stockman,
vine lodge of E!ks? B P O E 282. He was born November 18, of Huntersville, died September
He was a past president of the 1900, at Onoto, the son of
| Marshall County Medical Society and II, 1957, is the C & O Hospital
! was affiliated with the State Society John Henry and Melinda at Clifton Forge, Virginia, from
and the American Medical Associa- Alice Moore Barlow. injuries received in a truck colli-
tion. A retired sawyer, he was sion on the Browns Creek road
Surviving are his wife, Mrs Grace never married. Monday.
Miller Barlow; a son, Page L Miller, Survivors include two neph- Mr. Barlow was born March
of at. Clairsviile, Ohio; a daughter, 17, 1875, the son of Amos and
Miss Annette Dameron Miller, at ews and one niece.
home; two grandchildren, Neal Le- Funeral services will be held Mary Poage Barlow. He is sur-
Moyne Miller and Page Damerori Friday afternoon at 2:00 p. m. vived by his wife, the former
Miller, of St. Clairsviile: and three in the Stony Creek Presby- Miss Mary Ann Patterson, a
brothers, A C Barlow and Anderson terian Church with the Rev. daughter, Miss Helen Barlow, at
Barlow, of Marlinton, and D b. Bar- Willis Cornelius in charge, home, a brother, S. Isaac Barlow,
IUW, uf Huntiugtofi, and J. ^o":r, and burial in the Cochran !of Huntersville, and a sister, Mrs. j
Mrs Effie Peek, of Huntington—The Harry Patterson, of York, Penh-]
Wheeling News Register. Cemetery near Marlinton.
• sylvania.
Mr. Barlow was a member of |
the Huntersville Presbyterian!
Church, a member of the Hunt ,
ersville Masonic Lodge Number
65, and a director of the First
'National Bank in Marlinton.
Graveside services will be held
Friday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock
by the Rev. E. H. Flaniken at
the Mountain View Cemetery.
Mary Margaret Barlow
Dr. Mary Margaret Barlow, Mary L. Barlow
Ed.D., 62, of Arlington, Virginia, ; Hallie Beverage Barlow Mary L. Barlow, age 63, of
died June 6, 1995, in George Mrs. Hallie Virginia Beverage Buckeye, died in Alleghany
Washington Hospital after a short Barlow, 85, of Orange County, Regional Hospital, Low Moor, Vir-
illness. ginia, on Friday, December 26,
She was born in Dunmore Virginia, formerly of
1997, after a long illness.
August 12, 1932. Charlottesville, died March 28, Mary was a member of the
Margaret was employed by the 1987, in an Orange County Marlinton Presbyterian Church.
General Accounting Office as the Nursing Home. She was born in Frank on Sep-
Affirmative Action Coordinator in She was born January 2, 19Q3| tember 23, 1934.
Washington, D.C. She was also in Monterey, Virginia, the daughter Preceding her in death were her
the Executive Director of the of the late Coe Trimble Beverage parents, Steve and Blanche Moats
National Task Force on Disability. Barnasky, a brother, Steve, and a
Her Doctorate degree was earned and Sadie Irene Lightner Beverage, sister, Christiana Warner.
from George Washington and grew up on Knapps Creek in Surviving her are her husband,
University in 1985; she was the Ppcahontas County. She was the Samuel Price Barlow; two sons,
first blind person to earn a doctorate wife of the late William Glenn Price, of Buckeye, and John, of
degree there. She received her Barlow. Broadway, Virginia; and a daughter,
Master's degree from Syracuse Martha Ann, of Enola, Pennsyl-
; Mrs. Barlow was a school vania; and one sister, Helen
University in 1961 and the teacher and* homemaker for many
Bachelor's degree from Marshall Rexrode, of Monterey, Virginia.
University in 1954. years and was a member of the Services were held at 11 a. m.
Preceding her in death were her First, Presbyterian Church, Monday at the VanReenen Funeral
parents, Samuel Henry and Mary Charlottesville. Home by the Rev. Randy Benson,
Margaret Price Barlow; a brother, Surviving her are one with burial in Mountain View
Asa Calvin Barlow, and two Cemetery.
daughter, Nancy Talmont Bruns, of
sisters, Joanne and Nancy Ligon In lieu of flowers, please make
Alexandria, Virginia; three sisters, donations to the Marlinton Presby-
Barlow. Mrs. I. Richard Lovell, Mrs. B. R. terian Church Memorial Fund or
She is survived by a brother, Dickson, both of Roanoke, Pocahontas Memorial Hospital
Samuel Price Barlow, of Buckeye; Auxiliary.
two nephews, S. Price Barlow, II, Virginia, and Mrs. Harry Snider, of
of Lubbock, Texas, and John Fairmont; one granddaughter, Mrs. Mary F. Ball
Calvin Barlow, of Broadway, William Vardeman, of Centerville, Mary F. Ball, age 77, of
Virginia; and a niece, Martha Ann Virginia; one great-granddaughter, Gevena-on-the-Lake, Ohio, died
Barlow, of Lemoyne, Katherine Frances Vardman, and September 6,1998, at her home.
Pennsylvania. She was born June 24, 1921,
one sister-in-law, Mrs. Hazel in Marlinton, the daughter of Char-
A graveside service was held on Dumire Barlow, of Charlottesville,
Sunday, June 11, at the Edray lie W. and Gertrude F. Spencer
Virginia. Adkinson and had been a 52-year
Cemetery by Rev. Richard
Newkirk. Graveside services were held at Geneva area resident
There will be a memorial service Monticello Memory Gardens. Mrs. Ball was assistant man-
on June 24 at 4 p. m. in the ager of the Normandy Develop-
Langley Hills Friends Meeting, ment, Painesville, Ohio, from 1983
Arden J. Buchanan to 1989. She also worked from
6410 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Arden J. Buchanan, age 68, of 1980 to 1983, as assistant manager
Virginia. For directions, please Huntersville, died Wednesday, for Forest City Management.
call (703) 442-8394. October 28, 1998, by accidental She married Hayward P. Ball
Memorial contributions may be drowning at Seneca State Forest. on October 24, 1950, in Fairport
made to Arlington Host Charity, Mr. Buchanan was a heavy Harbor.
Inc., P. O. Box 145, Arlington, equipment operator and a member She was a member of the
Virginia 22210, Attention: Ed of Cummings Creek Victory Chap- Church of the Living God,
Ablard; National Kidney el. Ashtabula.
Foundation, 5335 Wisconsin The son of the late Jess Acey She is survived by her husband;
Avenue, NW, Suite 830, and Orpah S. Ryder Buchanan, he a son, Richard P., of Ashtabula,
Washington, D.C. 20015; was born April 30, 1930, at Moun- Ohio; two daughters, Katherine
Marlinton Presbyterian Church; or tain Grove, Virginia. Hessley, of Geneva, Ohio, and
Pocahonfas Memorial Hospital A brother, Osbourn Buchanan, Charlotte Steimle, of Middleburg
Building Fund. and a grandchild also preceded him Heights, Ohio; seven grandchildren;
in death. a great-granddaughter; a sister, Ann
Surviving him are his wife, Lee Alexander, of Painesville,
Katherine Marie Friel Buchanan; Ohio; and a brother, Kenneth
two daughters, Tana Lam, of Harri- Adkinson, of Buckeye.
sonburg, Virginia, and Melissa She was preceded in death by
Buchanan, of Huntersville; two her parents; four brothers, Charles
sons, Jesse A. Buchanan, of Elton, Lightner, William, Robert Lee and
Virginia, and Calvin A. Buchanan, Clarence Adkinson, Jr.; and a sister,
of Shenandoah, Virginia; three Georgia Marie Adkinson.
sisters, Helen Buzzard, of Mountain Service was held Wednesday at
Grove, Virginia, Esta Baker, of Bal- the Donald E. Walker Funeral
timore, Maryland, and Ilene Home, in Geneva, with the Rev.
Burchette, of Lynchburg, Virginia; James Yeary, of Chesterland Chris-
and two grandchildren. tian Center. Burial was held in
Services were held at 2 p. m. Greenlawn Memory Garden, North
Sunday at VanReenen Funeral Kingsville.
Home by the Rev. Norman Lee Memorial contributions may be
Alderman. Burial was in Mountain made to the family.
Grove Cemetery.
Mrs. Fred Bark « Davis L Barlow
I J. Henry Barlow died of heart
disease at his home near Onnto last Mrs.JNelle McNeill Barlow, 3avis L. Barlow, aged 83 years,
Thursday, July 19, 1923. For some 78, died at the home of her of Bedford, Virginia, died on
time his health has not been of the brother, Jesse McNeill, at Fricky, June 20, 1952. Some
best, but the end came suddenly and Buckeye, early Tuesday. Oc* days before be bad suffered a
unexpectedly. He was past 80 years tober 29, 1974.
of age. His wife preceded him to the stroke of paralysis. On Sunday |
B<>rn February 8, 1896, &t afternoon his body was laid in
grave a number of years ago. She was Buckeye! shVwa's a daughter
a daughter of the late Sroauel Moore, - .. . TiA • ™ - " u n ^ . J ? « « ^ the family plot in Edray Ceme-
of Marlin Mountain. To them were of the late Enoch George and tery, The service was held from
born three - childrer -Mrs. Jacob A n n * Duncan McNeill. the Edray Church by Kev. E.
Townsend, Ballard acru Dennis Bar- Mrs. Barlow was a Baptist. Clyde Bussard and Kev. DOD
low. The deceased was a son of the Her husband, Fred Barlow, Taylor.
late Alex Barlow. Of his fathers
large family there remain three died about six years ago. The deceased was a son of thr
daughters, Mrs. W. W. Sharp and Surviving her are a son, Rev- late Henry and Nancy Cassell
Mesdames Bfindejc, and one brother Fred Barlow, of Chicago t Barlow. His surviving sister is
Mitchell Barlow. M Illinois, and a daughter, Mrs. Mrs. EiBe Peck, of HuntiLgton,
Mr. Barlow was a solid, substantia] Betty A. Hare, of Long Beach" his brothers, Anderson and Asa
man. He was deeply religious, and Mississippi, one sister, Mrs# C , of Marlinton.
for a life time was a member of the r»i«»« n A \r« n ^k«. M *e
Clara DeVaughan, u\,~*.« *
of Hunts He married Miss Lou Moore,
Methodist Church. His body was
buried in the Cochran graveyard Fri- ville, Arkansas and one broth- who preceded him some years
day afternoon, the services being con- er, Jesse McNeill, of Buckeye, since. His second wife was Miss
j ducted by his pastor, Eev. C. A. Services were held at the Florence L»azenby, who survives
' Powers. VanReenen Funeral Home her husband.
Chapel Wednesday night. Ad- Mr. Barlow was a graduate of
Mrs. Frances Barlow ditional services and burial Concord State Normal, and he
were in Akron, Ohio. taught in the Schools of Poca
Mrs. Frances Sharp Birlow, hontas County. la summer he
aged 83 years, died at her home held normal courses in which he
at Verdant Valley, on Sunday, prepared many a teacher..* He
Feb. 19, 1950. bbe had been in Asa Clark Barlow, aged 87,
failing health for some tine. Oo died Saturday, December 15, served two terms as Superinten-
Tuesday afternoon the service wis 1962, in the Pocahontas Me- dent of Schools for Pocahontas
held from the home by Rev. R, morial Hospital. He had been County. Later bo served a term
P. Melton; burial in the Sharp in failing health the past six in the House of Delegates.
cemetery.. months. More than forty years ago,
Dr. Barlow had been a vet- Mr. Barlow moved to Huntington
The deceased was the widow of to engage in business. Some
the late A. Neal Harlow. Their erinarian and farmer in Poca-
children are Mrs. Ruby Cochran, hontas County since early man years since he retired from the
of Roanoke, Va.; and Mrs. Pearl hood. He was born at Onoto, more active duties, and moved to
Brat ton of Bolar, Va. May 29, 1875, the son of the ""Viford, Virginia.
late Henry and Nancy Cassell
Mrs. Barlow was,a daughter of Barlow. His wife, Effie Moore Clarenee A. Birlow
the late Jacob and Elizabeth Mc Barlow, died September 4,1959
Neel Sharp. Albert Clarence Barlow, 81,
Surviving him are three sons, died Friday, September 16,
Samuel H. Barlow, of Dun- 1977, at the Pocahontas Me-
Joan Barlow, aged 12 years, daugh more, Guy P. Barlow and Ivan morial Hospital after an ap-
ter of Mr and Mrs Samuel Barlow, of N. Barlow, of Marlinton; and parent heart attack.
Dunmore, died November 4, 1938, a daughter, Mrs. Harry B.
after a long illness. Burial on Sun- Hill, of Charleston. Mr. Barlow was a retired
day afternoon in the Barlow family blacksmith and a farmer, a
p'ot at Edray cemetery, the service Funeral services were held member of the Methodist
being conducted by Rev. A. B. Willi Monday afternoon at the Ed- Church, and veteran of World
ord assisted by Rev. Mr. Skaggs. ray Methodist Church by the War I.
Rev. C. E. Pierson and the
Rev. Ezra Bennett, with burial He was born August 2,1896,
in the Edray Cemetery. a t Woodrow.
Page Barlow Survivors include his wife,
Mrs. Bertha Hamrick Barlow,
Page Barlow, aged 39 years, C liarles H. Barlow, i one son, Austin Barlow, of
| was killed in an automobile acci- Buckhannon; two daughters,
dent at Huntersville on Frida at Hun tin Mrs. Pearl Ryder, of Marlin-
night, October 17, 1947. The June 5, 1934. For several rrionths !.e ton, and Mrs. Opal Green, of
funeral service was held on Mon- bad been ill with tuberculosis. Tu Frost; three half brothers, Fred,
day afternoon with burial iu me funeri) will be held Th'.irsday after-
m the Kenny, and John W. Burgess,
noon at 2
family plot in Edrajr Cemetery. sal with Masonic hon<'io'clock, at Edray-, anil bur-
all of Marlinton; one half sis*
The deceased was a son of the Mr. Harlow is the son of Mrs. John ter, Mrs. Mary J. Lambert,
late John E. and Morella Smith •Barlow, of Edray. H^ father has Cresaptown, Maryland; 12
Barlow. His surviving-sisters are been dead a number of years He grandchildren and 17 great-
Mrs. Frank Young- and Mrs. is survived by four brothers, Clarence, grandchildren.
Thomas Bokoski; his brothers are F red, John and Page, and two sisters, Services were held Sunday at
Clarence, Fred and Henry Barlow. Mrs. Frank Young and Mrs, Ham 2 p.m., in the VanReenen
^lhe tace sed was a soldier in- Burns.
The deceased was a soldier in the Funeral Home Chapel with the
the last war. He has had employ World War. At the time of his Rev. Wallace Dora in charge.
ment in the lasttbree years in a death he was commander of Pocahon- Burial was in Cochran Ceme-
rubber factory inVkron, Ohio. tas Post, American Lotion. For ery, ^
years he had been a salesman of auto
mobiles. He was a mostiWeable man
Mrs. Leona Baker Elbert Ray Baker
Bessie A. Biker
Mrs. Leona R. Baker, 83, Elbert Ray Eaker, 49, of Mrs. Bessie Brown Raker, of
of Marlinton, died Wed- Rochester, Pennsylvania, was o802 Vaughan, Detroit, Mich-
nesday, February 27, 1980, killed on Tuesday, July 21, igan, died February 14, 1980,
in Pocahontas Memorial 1964, when a crane in a lum- in Oakwood Hospital after a
Hospital after a short ill- bering operation came in con- short iiliness.
ness. Mrs. Baker, a form- tact with a power line and he
received the full electrical shock Born Mard 16,1886, near
er employee of the Po- Arbovale, she was the daugh-
cahontas Times office, lived when he touched the machine |
while either trying to help free ter of Robert J. and Hester
in the Perrine Apartments. Hamilton Brown.
Born February 3, 1897, another worker or to fight the
fire. A graduated! State Normal
at Jacox, she was the College, she taught in Poca-
daughter of James Luther He was born and reared ir hontas County schools.
and Eliza M. Morrison. She West Marlinton (Campbell-
was a member of the Meth- town.) Mrs. Bakei was preceded in
odist Church. Survivors include his wife, death by herhusband, Edward
Surviving her are two Mrs. Dorothy E. Baker, of L. Baker, of Mingo, brothers,
RD 1, Rochester. Pennsyl- Henry and h)scoe Brown, of
brothers, Robert Morrison, Arbovale, aid a sister, Lena
Bel Air, Maryland, and vania; two sons, Edward T
Baker, of RD 1, Rochester. Bright, of Derfield, Virginia.
Lotan Morrison, Johns-
town, Pennsylvania; one Pennsylvania, and Howard G. Survivors nclude one son,
Baker, of Evans City; five Robert, of Alen Park, Michi-
sister, Mrs. Mary Dean, brothers, J. W. Baker, of Em- gan; four daghters, Mrs. Vir-
of Hillsboro; also nieces porium, Elza N., Charles A. ginia McCathy, of Detroit,
and nephews. I Dale and James Baker, all of Michigan, Irs. Rose Lubig,
Services were held in the !1 Ohio; one sister, Mrs. May of Livonii Michigan, Mrs.
VanReenen Funeral Home Call, of Ohio; his mother, Mrs.Beatrice //ugent, of Shreve-
at 11 A. M. Friday by Neely Wooddell Baker, of port, LouWana, and Miss Bon-
the Rev. William Trow- Rock Creek. Ohio, and one aleaBake/at home; fourteen
bridge, Burial was in the grandson. grandchil/ren and thirteen
Kellison Cemetery at He is a nephew of Mr. and great-graidchildren.
Jacox. Mrs. Clark Wooddell, of Mar-< Service were held at Sa-
linton. jewski Fineral Chapel by Rev,
Lonnie H. Baker Juanita erguson. Burial was
Lonnie H. Baker, 67, of Mar- Mrs. Grover Baker intheGand Lawn Cemetery
linton, died Saturdav, March ! Mrs. Dolly JVtildred Baker was in Detrtt.
13, 1971, in the Pocahontas born August 23, 1920, at Frost
Memorial Hospital after along and died on Friday, November
illness. 11, 1960, at Wyandotte, Michi-
Born July 1, 1903, at Fort gan. She %was the daughter of
William and Eva .Davis Penny- Jesse Baker
Springs, he was a son of the Jesse Baker, 83, died at the
late Leslie W. Baker and Sal- backer, of Frost.
lie Thomas Baker. Surviving her are her husband Northeast Ohio, Hospital in
He was a former mill worker. Grover Baker; nine children. January 28, 1963,on
Madison, Ohio, Monday,
after several
Survivors include bis wife, Patricia, Jerry, Janet, Jame^,.
Grover, Jr., Johnny, Mary, Mar-j flnonths of illness.
Mrs. Oleta. Baker; one brother,
Leslie W. Baker, Sr., of Punta tin. and Phillip; three brothers/ He was born in Preston
Gorda, Florida, and one sis- Lloyd Pennybacker, of Minne-; County, November 1, 1879,
ter, Mrs. F. T. Banton, of haha Springs, Issac and Samuel' and lived for many years in
Fort Springs. Pennybacker, both of Southgate, Campoelltown.
Michigan; also four stepchildren. He was preceded in death
Funeral services were held by two sons, Homer, who died
Tuesday afternoon in Mary's Daniel Baker in infancy, and Sergeant Eddie
Chapel Church near Slatyfork Baker, who died at Fort Ben-
by the Rev. Willis Cornelius Daniel Baker, aged 88 years,! ning, Georgia.
and the Rev, A'fred Gum, died December 1, 1942 atCbur D'.
with burial in the Gibson Alene, Idaho. On last Wednes- He is survived by his wife,
Cemetery. day his body was buried in Oak the former Neely Wooddell;
Grove cemetery at Hillsboro. He one daughter, Mrs. May Call,
'is survived by four daughters of Painesville, Ohio; six sons, •
and three sons; John of Crabbot Wilbert Baker, of Emporium, j
torn; Charles of Renick, Henry Pennsylvania, Ray Baker, of1|
of Gap Mills; Mrs LouiseBarkley ZeSienople, Pennsylvania, Elza
of Crabbottom; Mrs Rosa Mullen- Baker, of Rock Creek, Ohio,
ax, of, Hintersyille; Mrs Lizzie Charles Baker, of Perry, Ohio,
Rigg'fejH&a, Mrs .Anna Mercer of Dale Baker, of Akron. Ohio,
Idaho. and James Baker, of Paines-
ville, Ohio.
Funera1 services were con-
ducted Thursday afternoon at
» the Paine Funeral Home in
Orwell, Ohio, with burial in
the Harts Grovt Center Ceme-

Orville W. Barnette Leonard John Barnett
Orville Warren Barnette, 92, Mrs. 0. W. Barnett \/^
Leonard John Barnett, 25,
of Clover Lick, died Tuesday, died at Holcomb, near Rich* Mrs. Emma Newton Poage
February 12, 1974, in the Po- wood, as the result of a slate Barnett, 85, of Clover Lick,
cahontas Memorial Hospital fall in coal mines on Thursday, died Sunday, November 12,
after a few days illness of March 14, 1^63. 1967, in the Pocahontas Me
pneumonia. He was born at Sutton, on morial Hospital after a long
He was born at Rockcastle, June 27, 1937, a son of George illness.
Jackson County, November and Delphia Barnett, of Mace. Born at Clover Lick Febru-
17, 1881, a son of the late Mr. He served with the United ary 6, 1882, she was a daugh-
and Mrs. Asbury Barnette. States Army from 1954 to 1957 ter of the late John Robert
He was first married to Jen- Most of his work since then Poage and Elizabeth Sharp
ney Osbourne, who died in the has been in the coal mines. Poage.
early 1900's. He thtn married Survivors include his wife, She was a member of the
Emma Poage Barnette who Mrs. Edna Barnett; a son, Methodist Church.
died November 12, 1967. A Leonard, Jr., three years, two Survivors include her hus-
son, Robert, and a daughter, daughters, Sheila, two years, band, Orville W7arren Barnett;
Pearl, also preceded him in and Jeannette, five years all at one daughter, Mrs. Betsy
death. home; two brothers, Ralph Poage Barnett Shreve, of Elk-
He was a member of the Barnett, at home, and Robert ins; one sister, Mrs. Rosa Wil-
Methodist Church. Barnett, of Co wen; two sisters, liams, of Marlinton, and four
Mr. Barnette came to Poca- Mrs. Edith Shinaberry, of grandchildren.
hontas with the Henderson Washington, D. C. and.Mrs. She was preceded in death
Lumber Company, as a young Thelma Shinaberry, of Clover by six sisters and a son, Rob-
man, moved to Oklahoma in Lick. ert Warren Barnett, who died
1908, and returned to the Funeral services were held in 1949.
farm at Clover Lick in 1935 Saturday afternoon in the Funeral services were held
after the drought during the Elizabeth Chapel Church at Tuesday afternoon in the Smith
"dust bowl" condition in the Tesla, with the Rev. Okey Funeral Home Chapel by the
midwest. Wayne in charge. Burial was Rev. Francis Gum and the
Surviving him are a daugh- in the Barnett family ceme- Rev. Willis Cornelius with bur-
ter, Mrs. J. W. (Betsy) Shreve, tery at Sutton. ial in the Poage Cemetery at
of Elkins. two sons, Brooks Clover Lick.
Barnette, of Clover Lick, and Rev. G. S.&srretl M
Norman Barnette, of Waldron,
Arkansas; eight grandchildren Rev. Greenville Sttarks Barrett, J. Kyle Barrett, Sr.
and five great-grandchildren; aged 52 years, die| on Saturday J. Kyle Barrett, Sr., 74, of Bal-
three brothers, Otho Barnette, afternoon, February 26, 1955. timore, Maryland, died at home
of Fargon. Oklahoma, Arthur i That morning he had suffered a March 31, 1997, after a long ill-
Barnette, of Hometown, and cerebral hemorrhage* while mi!k- ness.
Lovell Barnette, of Rockcastle; iing. On Monday mjorning at 11 Born July 8, 1922, at Droop
two sisters, Mrs. Lenna Cook, 'o'clock the funerau service was Mountain, he was the son of the
of Euclid, Ohio, and Mrs. !! held in the Methcdifet Church by late Lem and Clydie Cutlip Barrett.
O'Deil Stevens, of Rockcastle. Dr. Herbert Parks,(Superintend- He is survived by his wife,
Services were held Satur- ent of Lewisburg District. His* Cora Ann; one son, James Kyle
day afternoon at the Van- | body was laid to reat in the fam- j Barrett, Jr.; and two sisters, Lillie
Reenen Funeral Home Chapel ily cemetery at Kerrock, Wyom- Rehm, of Renick, and Flora Lee, of
by the Rev. -Toward McNeill, ing County. Rockville, Virginia.
with burial in the Poage Cem- The deceased haa been pastor Services were held at Connelly
etery. of the Eclray Methodist Church Funeral Home Chapel, Essex,
the past year. He came from Maryland, with the Rev. Jim How-
the Keyrock Methodist Church. ell and the Rev. Gail Cutlip offi-
William Thomas Barnett, 80, He was born at Wolf Pen, Wyo- ciating. Interment followed in
oi Cass, died Friday, March ming County, August 29th, 1903; Holly Hill Cemetery, Baltimore.
22, 1963, in the Pocahontas the son of the laie John and Au-
Memorial Hospital after a gusta Barrett, j He married Miss Nellie W. Brown
short illness. Cora Privett, o| Keystone. She Nellie W. Brown, age 87, of
and their three children survive. Hillsboro, died August 6, 1998, at
He was the only son of the Their daughter is Mrs. Mary
late Thomas and Dinah Bar- Pocahontas Memorial Hospital after
Btevins, at hoxra; their sons are, a long illness.
nett. He had two sisters, Mrs. Private John YBarrett, of Fort
Lou Sheets and Mrs. Verdie Mrs. Brown was born February
Leonard Wood,) Missouri, and 12, 1911, at Droop, to the late
Collins, who preceded him in Nickie Lynn Barrett, at home.
death several years ago. Oliver and Nannie Simmons Brown
Survivors include several nep- Wiley.
hews and nieces and a host of She was a member of Mt. Oli-
friends. vet United Methodist Church and
was a homemaker.
Services were held at the She was preceded in death by
! Wanless Methodist Church by her husband, Delbert Brown; a son,
the Rev. John Helms, of Arbo- Elton Brown, two sisters, Callie
I vale. Burial was in the Wan- Hill and Eura Wiley; and a brother,
| less^Cemetery at Cass. Hugh Wiley.
She is survived by several
nieces and nephews.
Services were held Saturday at
fa) 2 p.m. with graveside rites at Whit-
ing Cemetery, Droop.
M M . Mi M M Barktoy
Claude L Barkley Oleta Barkley
MM. Ada Maye Barkley, Ruth Oleta Barkley, 71, of
74, of Buckeye, died Saturday, Claude L. Barkley, aged 71
October 11,1980, at the Gold- years, died at his home near Green Bank, died Wednesday,
en Clinic in Elfcins as a result Green Bank on Tuesday after- October 14, 1992, when her Jeep
of injuries received in a car noon, February 12, 1957, after a overturned near Arbovale.
wreck on Friday. short illness. On Friday after- Mrs. Barkley was a member of
noon at 2 o'clock the funeral will the Boyer Church of the Brethren.
B>rn January 20, 1906, in be held from Liberty Church by Born February 20, 1921, at
Pluto, Raleigh County, she Rev J. D. Arbuckle and Rev Ed Marlinton, she was the daughter of
was the daughter of Charlie Thomas. His body will be laid the late Edgar Bowd Wooddell and
and Lucy Bryson. in the family plot in Arbovale Geneva Florence Sharp Wooddell.
Preceding her in death were Cemetery. Five sisters, Ethel Wooddell,
her husband, James Edward The deceased was a son of the Clarissa Wooddell, Ada Vaughan,
Barkley, a brother, James W. late Mr and Mrs Henry Barkley. Alice Hamrick, and Faith Dilley,
Bryson, and two sisters, Mrs. His brothers are Ernest and Wal- and two brothers, Uriah Edgar
Rosie Humes and Mrs. Ida ter Barkley. Wooddell and Melvin Wooddell,
Bowles. preceded her in death.
Mr Barkley mairied Miss Lucy Surviving her are her husband,
Surviving are four daugh- Kerr, who survives. Their chil-
ters, Mrs. Lennie Varner, Dur dren are Mrs Elizabeth Raines, Clifford L. Barkley; two
bin, Mrs. Bettie Lovelace• of Elizabeth; Vere Barkley and daughters, Catherine Osiecki, of
High Point, North Carolina, Mrs Orville Sheets, both of Green Las Vegas, Nevada, and Margie
Mrs. Dorothy Tyree and Mrs. Bank; Mrs Pauline Worstell, of Sue Sparks, of Arbovale; two sons,
Carolyn Conley, of Buckeye; Akron, Ohio; Mrs Odessa Kane, Artie Barkley, of Arbovale, and
four sons, Elmer Patton, Hin- of Cass. Amos Martin Barkley, of Boyer;
ton# Junior Patton, Mill Point, two sisters, Betty Matheny, of
Oscar Ward, Cleveland, Ohio, Green Bank, and Margie Dumire,
and Donnie Barkley, High Mrs. Esther Barkley of Marlinton; two brothers, Porter
Point, North Carolina; two Wooddell, of Frost, and Arch
Mrs. Esther Barkley, 71 for- Wooddell, of Marlinton; seven
brothers, Andy and Quincy merly of Cass, died in Lima Hos-
Bryson, both of Meadow Creek; pital, Lima, Pennsylvania on grandchildren and one great-
one sister, Mrs. Allie Hughes, Friday, August 2, 1P5/. Her grandchild.
of Oak Hill. husband, Cecil Barkley, and one Services were held at 3 p. m.
son, Roy, preceded her in death. Sunday at the Boyer Church of the
Services were held Tuesday, Brethren by the Rev. David
at 11 a. m. in the VanRecnen She was the daughter of the Rittenhouse assisted by the Rev.
Funeral Home by the Rev. late Jerry and Katherine Sim- John Sullivan, with burial in the
Willis Cornelius. Burial was in mons, of Durbin and lived all, Arbovale Cemetery.
tbt Buckeye Cemetery. but the last eleven years of her
life in Pocahontas County.
She is survived by three dau- Mrs Mary Barkley
Mrs. Virginia Barkley
Mrs. Virginia Lucille Bark- ghters, Mrs. Leah Poore, Mrs. Mary Moyer Barkley aged over
ley, 62, of Arbovale, died Sat- Mabel Sandy and Mrs. Gertrude 93 years, widow of the late Cal-
Hamrick, all of Chester Pennsyl- vjn Barkley, died December 24,
urday morning, September 3, 1943, at the home of her son on
1977, in a Weston hospital. vania; six sons, Granville, of
Friars Hill; Ed., of Bqpke}re, and Browns Creek. On Sunday af-
Born October 29, 1914, at Stanley, James, Hevvie and ternoon her body was laid to
Durbin, she was the daughter Dewie, all of Chester Pennsyl- rest in the Dilley cemetery. The
of the late Howard and Nan- vania; nineteen grandchildren service was conducted by Rev.
nie Scruggs Burner. and five great-grandchildren. J. W. Pugh.
Mrs. Barkley attended the Funeral services were held Mrs Barkley was a native of
Brush Run Mennonite Church Wednesday afternoon at the Pendleton county. Forty-five
and was a member of the Sen- Wanless Church near Cass, with years of her life was spent in Po-
ior Citizen Club. cahontas county. She is surviv-
burial in the McCloud Cemetery., ed by three sons and two daugh-
Surviving are her husband,
Thurl Barkley; three daugh- ters, William, of Massillon, Ohio;
ters, Mrs. Linda Monk, Arbo- Claude, of Elkins; Lee of Dun-
vale, Mrs. Louise Carr, and Cecil Barkley more; Maude Spencer, of Bartow
Mrs. Shirley Hevener, Durbin; and Sadie Simmons of Pennsyl-
Cecil Barkley,, aged 68 years, vania. Two sons preceded her
a son, Roger Barkley, Hamp- died at his homo in Cass, on Sat-
ton, Virginia; three sisters, several years ago. Also surviv-
uyday, March 25, 1944. On Tues ing are two sisters, one brother,
Mrs. Leona Beckett, Balti- day his body was laid to rest in
more, Maryland, Mrs. Verlie thirty-one grandchildren, thirty-
the Oliver cemetery. five great-grandchildren and one
Mullenax, Arbovale, and Mrs. Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Euna Barkley, of Frank; two great-great-grand child.
brothers, Forest Burner, of Esther Barkley; three daughters, Mrs Barkley had been a devout
Durbin and Leroy Burner, of Mr. Leah Hamrfek and Mrs Ger- Christian woman and will be
Lansdale, Pennsylvania. trude Ratcliff, both of Pennsyl- missed in her community.
vania; and Mrs. Malul Simmons, I cannot say and I will not say
Services were held Tuesday of Cass, and seven sons, Granville That she is dead, she's just away
at 2 p. m. in the Brush Run of Huntersville; Ed ancSfeBewey, With a cheery smile and a wave
Church with the Rev. Paul at home; and Re , James, Stanley
Goode and Rev. David Ritten- of the hand,
and Huey Barkley, all in t h e She has wandered into an un-
house officiating. Burial was armed service.
in the Arbovale Cemetery. known land
Think of her still as the same I
She is not dead, she is just away.
J. W. P.
Mrs. Lee Barkley * < Edward Barkley (J^
. Mrs. Maude Barkley, 79, of Mltcttell Jesse Barrett
Edward Lee Barkley, 85, of Mitchell Jesse Barrett, 75, 2
<:ass, died Saturday, Novem- Cass, died Tuesday, May 1,
ber 1, 1969, in the Memorial months and 12 days, of Droop,
lb73, in the Pocahontas Me- died suddenly of a heart at-
general Hospital at Elkins morial Hospital after a long ill
after a long illness. tack, Sunday afternoon Au-
ness. gust 15, 1965, after a long ill-
She was a member of the He was a lifelong resident ness.
Alexander Memorial Presbyter of Pocahontas County, a mem- He was born June 3. 1890, at
lan Church at Stony Bottom ber of the Liberty Presbyterian Ronceverte, the son of the late
and had been a lifelcng resi- Church at Green Bank; a Abraham J. Barrett and Mar-
dent of Pocahontas County. farmer and a woodsman. tha S. Cochran Barrett.
Survivors include her hus- Survivors include one son, He leaves to motfm his loss
band, Lee Barkley; one step- Clifford Barkley, of Green his widow, Viola Wickline Bar-
son, Clifford Barkley, of Cass; Bank; four grandchildren and rett; one daughter, Martha
one sister, Mrs. Blanche Lyt- four great-grandchildren. lane Zell, of Eagle Rock, Vir-
toti, of Stony Bottom, and ginia, and one son, Bobby G.,
one brother, Jess McCalpin, Funeral services were held
Friday afternoon in the Liber* Mitchell, and Darrell Barrett,
of Pocahontas County. of Hagerstown, Maryland; two :
ty Presbyterian Church by
Funeral services were helc the Rev. Thomas E. Hender- brothers, John D. Barrett,)
Tuesday afternoon in the Alex- son, with burial in the Arbo- Clintwood. Virginia, Harper H.
ander Memorial Church by vale Cemetery. Barrett, Minnehaha Springs:
the Rev. Thomas Henderson a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Gar-
with burial in the church cem- Willie Barkley rett, Clifton Forge, Virginia;
etery. Willie Barkley, 63, of Cass also many nieces and nephews.
. died at his home Wednesday Preceding him in death were'
March 20, 1968. Death was one sister, Ethel M. Rexrod^
Mrs. Lee Barkley in 1954. and a brother, Emery
attributed to a heart attack. A. Barrett, 1 month and 10
s. Amy Lee Wood Barkley, He was born March 5, 1905.
aged QS years, wife of Lee Bark- days ago.
ley, of Cas3, died on Tuesday, Survivors include two sisters, Mr. Barrett was a devout
February 3, 1953. She had been Mrs. Grace Turner, of Cass, Christian man, a wonderful hus
ill for many months. On Thurs- and Mrs. Ruby JuneStrymlin- band and father, who loved
day afternoon hor body will be ing, of Huntsville, and two his family and neighbors and
laid in the family plot in the Ar- brothers, Stanley Barkley, of will be sadly missed by all who
bovale Cemetery; the service be- Cass, and Fred Barkley, of knew and loved him. He was a
ing held from the Cass Presby- Bath, Maryland. member of the Methodist
terian Church by her pastor. Rev. Funeral services were held Church.
Mr. Bowman. Saturday afternoon in the Cass He worked and traveled ex
Mrs Barkley is survived by Methodist C hureh by the Rev. tensively^ through 28 states,
feer husband and their son, Clif- Hobart Hedrick. Burial was I Old Mexico and Canada, buf
ford; also four grandchildren. in the Laurel Hill Cemetery at lived many years on Droop
The deceased was a daughter of Whitmer. I Mountain. He served in the
the late James and Nancy Wood,! United States Army and was
of Lur&y, Virginia. ERNEST BARKLEY i veteran of World War I.
In 1912 she became the wife of Earnest Barkley, 79, of Durbin Funeral services were held
Lee Barkley. Since then she has died Monday, February 15, 1960, Wednesday afternoon at the
been a resident of Cass. at his home after a long illness, Mount Zion Methodist Church
he wag a retired carpenter. on Droop by the Rev. Arthur
Surviving are three daughters, Fait with burial in the Old
Mrs. Hufie Barkley Mrs. Laura Louke of Baltimore, j Droop Church Cemetery.
Mrs. Rufie Barkley, 93. of Miss Vula Barkley of Hershey,
Green Bank, died Thursday, Pa., and Mrs. Sudie Slayton of Gilbert Barrett
December 2, 1971, in the Po- Durbin; three sons,.. Floyd and Gilbert S. Barrett, 66, of
cahontas Memorial Hospital Grover of Huttonsville and Ron- Buckeye, died Friday, May
after a long illness. ald of Steven®, Va.; two brothers, 28, 1965, at. his home from an
She was a lifelong resident Robert of Arizona and Walter of apparent heart attack.
of Pocahontas County. Timberville, Va. He was born February 15,
Mrs. Barkley was a mem- No funeral prraneements are 1899, at Spice, a son of David
ber of the Liberty Presbyterian available ^t press time. and Sarah E. Adkison Barrett.
Church at Green Bank. He was preceded in death by
Survivors include three dau- one infant daughter, Judith
ghters, Mrs Helma Sheets, of Ann, one sister, Emma Brown,
Green Bank, Mrs. Pauline and one brother, Hollie Barrett
Wostell, of Akron, Ohio, and Survivors include his wife,
Mrs. Odessa Kane, of Cass, Mrs. Cleo Barrett; one sister,
and one son, Vere Barkley, of Mrs. Laura McNeill, of Droop,
Green Bank. one brother, Thomas Barrett, of
Funeral services were held Marlinton, and a half brother,
Sunday afternoon in the Liber- Lem Barrett, of Droop.
ty Presbyterian Church by Funeral services were held
the Rev. Thomas Henderson, Sunday afternoon in the Mt.
with burial in the Arbovale Zion Church by the Rev. Ezra
Cemetery. Bennett, Burial was in the
Morningside Cemetery at Ren-
bo) ick.
Thomas B. Barrett Emery A. Barrett
Glasco B. Barrett
Thomas B. Barrett, 76, of Emery A. Barrett, 73, of.
Marlinton, died Thursday, De- Glasco B. Barrftt, 70,
cember 28, 1967, in the Poca- of Buckeye, formerly of Ham- Droop, died on Monday, July
lin, died Wednesday, Decem- 5, 1965.
hontas Memorial Hospital alt- ber 24,1969, in the Pocahontas Born May 21,1892, at Beard
er a long illness. Memorial Hospital. he was a son of the late Abra-'
Born at Spice, July 5, 1892, He was retired from the ham Jessie and Martha Susan
he was a son of the late David Frigidaire Company of Day- Cochran Barrett.
and Sarah Barrett. ton, Ohio. He was a member of the Me-
He was a member of the Born at Griffithsville ^on thodist Church and was a
Church of God, a retired farm- June 19, 1899, he was the son farmer.
er and a member of the Amer- of the late Harvey and Florida One sister, Mrs. Ethel M-
ican Legion Post No. 50. Hager Barrett. Rexrode, preceded him in death-
He was preceded in death He attended the Methodist Survivors include one sister,
by two brothers, two sisters, Church. Mrs. Elizabeth H. Garrett, of
and two half brothers.
Survivors include his wife, He is survived by four Clifton brothers,
Forge, Virginia; three
John David Barrett,
Mrs. Nellie Irene Barrett; daughters. Mrs. Lucille Bever- of Clintwood,
four sons, William Barrett, of age, of Buckeye, Mrs. Mil- H. Barrett, Virginia, of
Many, Louisiana, Frank Bar- dred Wy song and Mrs. For^t
rett, of Edray, Leland Barrett, Curry, Hamlin, and Mrs. Paul Springs,"
and Mitchell Jessie
of Beard.
stationed with the Army in DeTarnert, Barboursville ; a
son, Glasco, Jr., Hamlin; two Funeral services were held
Korea, and Paul Barrett, of Wednesday afternoon at the
Marlinton; three daughters, sisters, Mrs. Gracia Ballard, of
Mrs. Anna Hammons and Mrs. ^oranol, Ohio, Mrs. Eula Smith Funeral Home by the
Ruth Rider, both of Marlinton, Tewart, of Wfmirgton, Ohio; Rev. James Kerr with burial
and Mrs. Opal Cook, of Sha- and a brother, SOas, of Ham- in the Old Droop Cemetery.
ron; one sister, Mrs. Laura lin ; 10 grandchildren arid 1
McNeill, of Beard, and 17 great grandson.
, Albert N. Baxter
grandchildren. Services wfre heldSaturda^
December £ 7 / i n Hamlin, a t ' Albert Neal Baxter, 88, of
Funeral services were held
Monday afternoon in the Smith the Koontz Funeral Chapel Marlinton, died Friday, Sep-
Funeral Home Chapel by the with the Rey% Resell; AdBn& tember 21,1979, in Pocahontas
Rev. Masters with burial m officiating^ .Burial was in, the Memorial Hospital after a
Oak Grove Cemetery at Hills- Miller Cemetery at Sweetland, short illnes.
He was a retired auto me
boro. chanic and a member of Whites
Chapel United Methodist
Nelle Barrett Church and the Masons.
Harper Barrett
Mrs. Nelle Elizabeth Mc- Harper Barrett, 72, of Min- Born November 24,1890, at
Laughlin Barrett, 70, of Star nehaha Springs, was dead on Woodrow, he was a son of the
Route 1, died Wednesday, arrival at the Pocahontas Me- late Samuel and Mary Neal
November 29,1978, in the Po- morial Hospital, Thursday, Baxter.
cahontas Memorial Hospital, August 1, 1968. He had baen Surviving him are one son,
after a long illness. in illhealth the past three years Carl, of Columbus, Ohio;
She was a member of the An electrician, he was em- daughters, Mrs. Opal Cooper
Methodist Church. ployed at Denmar State Hospi- and Mrs. Bertia Mae Kirby,
Born January 7, 1908, near tal before his illness. He was both of Columbus, Ohio, Mrs.
Huntersville, she was a daugh- a member of the Minnehaha Myrtle Sullivan, of Hyatts-
ter of the late Balpbor and Springs Methodfst Church and ville, Maryland, Mrs. Betty
Myrtle Co.e McLaughlin. a Mason. Weller, of Chillicothe, Ohio; 11
She was employed at Den- Born at Beard. October 16, grandchildren; six great-grand-
mar State Hospital for several 1896, he was a son of the late children.
years. Abraham and Susan Cochran Services were held Monday
She was preceded in death Barrett. His wife is the for* at 2 p. m.# in VanReenen Fu-
by her husband, Harper Bar- mer Nell McLaughlin. neral Home with the Rev.
rett, two sisters, Flora Mc- Surviving him are his wife, B. B. Mitcham officiating.
Laughlin and Elva Grace Lock- one brother, John Barrett, of Burial was in Mountain View
ridge, a half sister, Mary Kel- Clintwood, Virginia, and one Cemetery.
ley, and one brother, Lonnie. sister, Mrs. Frank Garrett, of
Surviving are a foster sister, Hagerstown, Maryland.
Mrs. Florence Terry, one niece,
Dorothy Hess, of Elkins, two Funeral, services were held
nephews, Lyle and Lonnie Mc- Sunday afternoon in the Smith
Laughlin, Jr., of Baltimore, Funeral Home Chapel by the
Maryland. Rev. Sherman Markley with
burial in the McLaughlin Cem-
Services were held Saturday etery, with Masonic graveside
morning in the VanReenen rites.
Funeral Home by the Rev.
Clyde Gum with burial in the
McLaughlin Cemetery on
Browns Mountain.

bo •
Adam 0 . Baxter Frank Baxter, aged fifty-nine Mrs. Bessie J. Baxter
years, died at his home near Mrs. Bessie J. VanReenen
Adam O. Baxter, aged 19 year i Edray ^ Friday night, August
died at his borne in Ma Hint on., Baxter, 80, of Route 1, Mar-
11, Y. ..J, following a lingering linton, died Monday, Septem-
early Tuesday morning", Febru- illness.
ary 12th, 1952. He had been i ber 14, 1970, in the Pocahon-
On Monday afternoon his body
failing health a number of years, was laid to rest in the family tas Memorial Hospital after a
but his passing was unexpected plot in the Edray cemetery. The long illness.
On Thursday afternoon, at 2 funeral wes held from -the resi- Born January 3, 1890, near
o'clock the funeral service will be dence by his pastor, Rev. J. C. Marlinton, she was a daugh-
held from the Marlinton Presbj - Wool, D. D. ter of the late George and Ora
lerian Church by his pastor, the Pall bearers were Clark Baxter, Jane Curry VanReenen.
fc?v. R P. Melton, assisted by Walter Shafer, WTard Barlow, She was a member of the
the Rev Don O. Taylor, rvf the Allen Sharp, Gay Sharp, George Methodist Church. ) ^ ,
Vfarlinton Methodist Church. H s H. Waugh. She was preceded irfdeath
b >dy will be laid to rt*st in tne Mr. Baxter is survived by his by one son, Neal, Jr.; one sis-
family plot in Mountain View wife, Mrs. Bessie Moore Baxter, ter, Nettie, and two brothers,
Uemetery. also by his brother, Adam O. Ernest and William.
The deceased was a son of the Baxter; by his sisters, Mrs. Bir- Surviving her are two chil-
late George and Sarah Ann Bax- die Sleafc Mrs. E. C Smith, Mrs dren, Carl Baxter and Opal
ter, rfels survived by four sis Elmer Duncan, Mrs." Fred Priteh- Cooper, both of Columbus,
ters: Mrs. Bessie Pritehard, of ard and Mrs. Charles Knox. Ohio; six grandchildren, five
Danmore; Mrs Mabel Smith, of The deceased was a son of the great-grandchildren; four sis-
Clay; Mrs. My-rtle Duncan, of late George and Margaret Cassell ters, Mrs. Mamie Moore, Mrs.
Cass, and Mrs EJith Knox, of Baxter. Mae Morrison, Mrs. Mary
Cannelton. Thus is noted the passing of Sharp, all of Marlinton, and
Mr. Baxter mirried Miss Lena one of the outstanding citizens Mrs. GraceSmith, of Mont-
Moore, who survives. Tneir chil- of Pocahontas county. Follow- gomery; two brothers, Roy
dren are: Mrs. Kathleen Minnich, ing in the footsteps of his father, VanReenen and Theodore Van-
of Huntington, and Mrs. Janet he became a civil engineer. For Reenen, both of Marlinton.
the past twelve years he had been
Woodyard, of Rockland, Ohio, connected with the State Road Funeral services were held
Mr Baxter was a leading citi- Department. For the past sev- Wednesday afternoon in the
zen of Pocahontas County. He eral years he had been engineer Marlinton Methodist Church
was a Civil Engineer and was for Road District No. 8, with by the Rev. Maynard Craw-
was outstanding in his profes- headquarters at Elkins. This ford, with burial in the Moun-
sion. For many years he was district is composed of the coun- tain View Cemetery.
with the West Virginia Pulp and ties of Randolph, Tucker, and
Paper Company, at Cass. Pocahontas.
In his time Mr. Baxter had
also served the public as county
surveyor, road engineer and road Henry Clark Baxt
superintendent of Pocahontas Henry Clark Baxter, 49, of
County. Marlinton, died Sunday, Feb-
Kate Moore Baxter ruary 5, 1967, in the Pocahon-
Mrs. Kate Moore Baxter agec n> Mrs. Nettie Baxter ]/ t a s Memorial Hospital after
75 years, widow of the late Charles Mrs, Nettie N . VanReenen several weeks' illness from a
[Baxter, died on June 3, 1948 Baxter, 80, of Marlinton, died heart condition. .
[She had been an invalid for man: Friday, February 9, 1968, at Born at Woodrow, June 14,
! years. the home of her sister, Mrs. 1917, he was the son of Mrs.
On Saturday her body was lai* Alva Moore, in Marlinton. M a r g a r e t Baxter VanReenan
to rest in the Cochran cemeter, She had been in failing health tnd the late W. Elmer Baxter.
on Stony Creek, the service bein for several month?. He was a member of the
conducted by Rev. R. H. Skaggs Born October 21, 1887, she E d r a y Methodist Church, and
and Rev. R. H. Crawford, froi was a daughter of the late was the owner of the C and E
West Union Church. George and Jane Curry Van : Market in Marlinton.
The pill bearers were: War Reenen. Her husband, Levi Survivors include his wife,
| Barlow, Porter Sharp, Guy Bai Baxter, preceded her in death. Mrs. Ethel P. Baxter; his
1 low, Walter Shafer, Harry Keen Surviving are three brothers, mother, Mrs. Margaret Van
and Dennis Barlow. Roy, William H. and Theodore Reenan, and two stepdaugh-
The flower bearers were, Mre VanReenen, all of Marlinton, ters, Mrs. Gilda Atas and Mrs.
Arnold Burns, Leone Moore, Bei and five sisters, Mrs. Mamie Betty E. Kmett, both of Oden-
ty Moore, Mrs. Clark |Baxtei Moore, Mrs. May Morrison, ton, Maryland.
Mrs. Ward Barlow, Mrs. Allai Mrs. Mary Sharp and Mrs. Funeral services were held
Sharp, Mrs. Porter Sharp, Mrs Bessie Baxter, all of Marlinton, Wednesday afternoon at the
Guy Barlow, Betty Braham, Mel and Mrs. Grace Smith, Farm- West Union Methodist Church
I lie Alderman, Edith VanReenen ville, Virginia. by the Rev. James Shank, the
Mrs. Sam VanReenen, and Mrs Funeral services were held Rev. Harry Drake and the
'Harry Keene. at 2 p.m. Monday in the West Rev. Fred Walker with burial
Mrs. Baxter is survived by he Union Methodist Church with in the Cochran Cemetery.
son, Clyde Baxter. B' v ~~ the Rev. Francis Gum and the
daughter of the late ^>... Rev. Noel Davis in charge
Susan Beverage Moore, with burial in the Cochran
brothers are John, Theodore ai Cemetery.
E. C. Moore. ^_
George Preston Baxter
George Preston Baxter, aged Mrs. J. W. BaxterP^ Mrs. Bessie K. Paxter •
84, of Edray, died in Den mar Mrs. Margie Patterson Baxter, Mrs. Bessie K. Baxter, widow
State Hospital Thursday. Decem- aged 80 years, of Charleston, died \of the late Frank Bax>*r, of.Ed-
ber 3, 1959, after a long illness. on Saturday morning, March 26, ray. departed this life 0% Friday,
He was a farmer and a mem- 1949. A few days previously, she 'December 26, 1947. She ^ A h e i
ber of the Edray Methodist had suffered a broken hip and daughter of Mary Ann and Sam-
Church, where he had been a other injuries in a fall. uel Br.vson Moore, of Edray.
song leader and active in church She was united in marriage to
On Monday afternoon, her boJy Frank C. Baxter on November 15,
work. was buried in the family plot in 1911.
Born June 18, 1875, at Edray, Mt. View Cemetery. The service
he was a son of the late William wa9 by Kev. Roger P. Melton, Her funeral was conducted on
H. and Martha Gay Baxter. pastor of the Marlinton Presby- Sunday afternoon by Rev. R. H.
terian church. Skaggs from the Edray Methu-
Surviving him are his wife iist Church, of which she was a
Mrs. Icie Hansford Baxter; a M r \ Btxter was the widow of member from early childhood and
sister, Mrs. Stella Shanahan of the Lie J. Willis Baxter, who to which she contributed of her j^
Marlinton; a daughter, Mrs. L. preceded her in death nearly musical talent in a large measure
G. Rumford of Bushong, Kansas, twelve years since. Their son is it one time. Interment was in
and a son, George P. Baxter, Jr., Gordon C. Baxter, of Charleston. the Moore Cemetery by her bus
of Washington, D. C. She was a daughter of the late band. The pallbearers were Al-
Funeral services were held Sat- iDr. S. P. and Elizabeth Campbell len Sharp, Walter Shafer, Ward
urday afternoon in the Edray Patterson, of Huntersville. Her Earluw, Gay Sharp, Billy Evans
Methodist Church by the Rev. sister is Mrs. W. H. Barlow. and Clark Baxter. Flower girls
Ezra Bennett and the Rev. James -The deceased was a faithful were Mesdames Walter Shafer,
0. Shank, with burial in the Gay | christian, a life long member of Bobert Gay, Elmer Baxter, Clar
Cemetery at Edray. [the church of her fathers, the vnce Moore, Jack Smith, J Z.
j Presbyterian. - * h~son, Ward Barlow and Claik
Ralph Baxter Baxter*
Ralph Ford Baxter, 49, of She was a descendant of long
Ruth Kellison Baxter
Baltimore, Maryland, former- Hues*of pioneer families.
Ruth Kellison Schoolcraft
ly of Marlinton, died Wednes- She "*s survived by three sisters,
Baxter, 62, died Sunday, Sep- Mesdames A. C. Barlow, A. R.
day, October 29, 1969, in Bal- tember 4,1977, at her home on
timore after a short illness. (jay and A, O. Baxter, and one
Beaver Creek. brother, S. Reid Moore. She is
Born June 28, 1920, he was She was a member of the
a son of the late James Lee he first of her father's family to
Methodist Church. •>e called.
and Lola M. Buzzard Baxter. Born on Beaver Creek May
He was a W7orld War II Her friends were legion. A
2,1915, she was the daughter home lover, hers was a beautiful
veteran and worked for a num- of the late Claiborne and Mary constructive life.
ber of years with Bethlehem Alderman Kellison.
Steel Company, ( ^ ^ " M u i y daughters have done vir-
She is survived by a son, tuously, but thou excellest them
Survivors include two broth- Burl Dawson Schoolcraft, of
ers, Robert L. Baxter, of Wes- Marlinton; six grandchildren;
ton, and James F. Baxter, of two brothers, Merritt Kellison, '"Give her of the fruit of her
Middleton, Ohio. of Hillsboro, and Earl Kellison, hands;
Funeral services were held of Alexandria, Virginia] and And let her own works praise her
Sunday afternoon in the Van- three sisters, Peggy Grubbs in the gates "
Reenen Funeral Home by the and Sally P. Kellison, both of Fast, as the rotting Seasons bring
Rev. Maynard Crawford with Huntersville, and Norma P e hour of fate to those we love,
burial in the Mountain View Mikesell, of Prescott, Arizona, pearl that leaves the broken
.Cemetery at Marlinton. Services will be held at 2 string
p. m. Thursday in the Van Is set m Friendship's Crown
MRS. MARGARET BAXTER Reenen Funeral Home with above.
As this paper goes to press the burial in the Beaver Creek As narrower grows the earthly
word comes of the death of Mrs. Cemetery. chain,
Margaret Cassell Baxter aged 87 the circle widens in the sky,
years at the home of her daughter, these are our treasures that re-
Mrs. Charles Knox, at Connelton, on main,
Wednesday, October 30, 1940^ very But those are stars that beam on
early in the morning. high.
On last Friday night she had suf-
fered a stroke of paralysis.
While no arrangements have been
announced for the funeral, it will
probably be Tursday afternoon.
Mrs. Baxter was the widow of the
late George Baxter. Her children are
Frank Baxter, Mrs. Fred Pritchard,
Mrs. Elmer Duncan, Mrs. Charles
Knox, Mrs. E G Smith. Her step chil-
dren are A 0. Baxter, Mrs. H. A.
Slear and Mrs George Shafer

Ruth Beverage Baylor Gilbert Barrett
Gilbert S. Barrett, 66, of Beth Barrell
Ruth Beverage Baylor, of King, Beth Hawkey Barrell, age 90,
North Carolina, died Wednesday, Buckeye, died Friday, May
28, 1965, at: his home from an passed away Saturday, June 7,
July 6, 1994, following a long 1997, at the Masonic Home, Utica,
illness. apparent heart attack.
New York. Formerly of Hillsboro,
Mrs. Baylor served for He was born February 15, she had resided in Herkimer, New
thirty-eight years as an L899, at Spice, a son of David York, for the past five years with
elementary-middle school teacher in and Sarah E. Adkisori Barrett. her daughter.
West Virginia, Virginia and He was preceded in death by Beth is survived by one son,
Maryland. She was living in one infant daughter, Judith Renn Tolman, of Homer, Alaska,
retirement in North Carolina at the Ann, one sister, Emma Brown, and daughter, Liz Skinner, of
time of her death. and one brother, Hollie Barrett Herkimer; three granddaughters and I
Mrs. Baylor was born April 5, Survivors include h's wife, two grandsons, and one
1928, near Bartow. She was the Mrs. Cleo Barrett; one sister, great-grandchild. ShQ^ was
daughter of the late Bessie and Mrs. Laura McNeill, of Droop, predeceased in 1991 by her
Harper Beverage. She graduated one brother, Thomas Barrett, of husband, Joseph Barrell, her
from Green Bank High School in Marlinton, and a half brother, daughter, Sarah Webb Barrell, in I
June 1946. Lem Barrett, of Droop. 1979, as well as her sisters and
Mrs. Baylor is survived by her brothers: Jean Blakemore, Margie
husband, William Frank Baylor, Funeral services were held
Sunday afternoon in the Mt. Fisher, William Hawkey, and
Jr., at home; two sons, Andrew E. Richard Hawkey.
Baylor, of Nice, France, and Frank Zion Church by the Rev. Ezra
Baylor, of Westminster, Maryland; Bennett, Burial was in the Born in Bergin County, New
one daughter, Beth Beverage Morningside Cemetery at Ren- Jersey, on September 14, 1906, to
Baylor Propst, of King, North ick. William and Margaret Stevenson
Carolina; two brothers, Woodrow Hawkey, Beth moved to Boothbay
W. Beverage, of Valley Bend, and Marceline Ball Harbor, Maine, where her family
Boyd H. Beverage of Durbin; one Marceline "Dubbie" Dilley Ball, operated the Smiling Cow Gift'
sister, May Frances Bilyeu, of age 70, of Marlinton, died Shop. Later she helped Rob
Melbourne, Florida; and one Wednesday, May 28, 1997, at Sagendorph start Yankee magazine
granddaughter, Rebecca Ryanna home after a long illness. and remained there for several
Probst. She was born at Marlinton May years, publishing The Country
25, 1927, the daughter of Vincey Dance Book also during this time.
F. and Bessie McElwain Dilley. After marrying Joseph BarrelWBe
William E, Bare Surviving her are her husband, moved to Pomfret, Connecticut,
William E. Bare, 52, of Es- er "Pat" Ball; a daughter, where she taught Latin and English
sex, Maryland, formerly of Jacqueline P. Butler, of Marlinton; at Pomfret School during World
Auto, in Greenbrier County, a son, Keith "Bo" D. Plyler, of War II.
died Monday. July 12, 1976, Elkins; stepdaughter, Alicia Mays, Later at Beloit College, Beloit,
after a long illness. of Rockville, Maryland; brothers, Wisconsin, Beth tutored E. S. L.
He is survived by bis wife, Vincey "Sonny" Dilley, Jr., of students and started the Volunteer
Alois; son, Chester; daughters, Marlinton, David E. Dilley, of Tutoring Service as a literacy
Brenda, Carol Bare, Mrs. Wen- Brain tree, Massachusetts; sisters, outreach in the community.
dy Lowes, Mrs. Janet Bowles; Margaret Reynolds, of Marlinton, Retiring to West Virginia in
two grandchildren, of Essex, Marian Green, of Boca Raton, 1970, Beth was instrumental in
Maryland; mother, Jeston Florida; two grandchildren, six establishing the Hillsboro Public
Bare; brother, Gilbert Bare; step-grandchildren, and one Library, in promoting reading, and
sisters, Mrs. Audrey Bostic, step-great-grandchild. in bringing recycling to Pocahontas
Mrs. Zenah Fogue3, of Renick; Services were held at 2 p. m. County. She was a regular
Mrs. Reba Bostic, of Seebert, Saturday at VanReenen Funeral contributor to The Pocahontas
Mrs. Ruth Long, White Sul- Home by the Rev. David Times and odier publications.
phur Springs, Mrs. Maire Es- Rittenhouse. Burial was in Friends and relatives are invited
ler, of Michigan. Mountain View Cemetery. to attend a memorial service on
Services were held at one June 28 at 1 p. m. at the Applegate
p. m. Friday at John G. Con- Louise M. Banton & Day Funeral Home, 102 West
nelly & Sons Funeral Home by Louise M. Banton, 73, of i, Ilion, New York 13357.
Rev. Miller. Burial was in Painesville, Ohio, died April 10, ' In lieu of flowers, contributions
Oaklawn Cemetery, Maryland, 1995, at Cleveland Clinic Hospital. in Beth's memory may be made to
Mrs. Banton was a former drug the Nature Conservancy, P. O. Box
store employee and member of 65, Keene Valley, New York
Baby Bailey Painesville Senior Citizens Center. 12943.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Bailey Born January 20, 1922, in
had an automobile accident in Cass, she lived in Durbin before Ruth Barnes
Oregon, where they live, on moving to Painesville 43 years ago. Miss Ruth Barnes died at her
Saturday and their four-month Survivors include her husband, | home at Oak Hill on Tuesday
old son, Brandon Emmett, Herbert; a daughter, Kay (Norm) morning, August 26, 1947. She
was killed. Emmett was hos- Dukarm, of Fairview Park, Ohio; a 'had been an invalid for a number
pitalized with a concussion brother, Julian McLaughlin, of jof years. On Wednesday her
and his wife was suffering from Washington, D. C ; and two I body was brought to Marlinton
shock. The grandparents are grandchildren. for interment in the family plot
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bailey, Her sister and two brothers are in Mountain View Cemetery.
who now live in Elkins. deceased. The deceased was a daughter of
Services were held April 13 at Mrs. Cora Barnes and the late W.
Spear-Mulqueeny Funeral Home by H. Barnes, of Clover Lick. Rer
the Rev. Gerald D. Kalb of the sisters are Mrs. Beryl Bumgardner
Painesville United Methodist and Mrs. G. Steele Callison.
<3f) Church.
David Barnes Mrs. Hiram J. Barnes J" MRS. E!I\ BAUS7
David Preston Barnes, 90, of Mrs. Mintie Susan Barnes, Mrs. Ella Bailey, of Hin^u
Marlinton, died at 1:15 P M., 81, of Marlinton, died Satur- aged 61 years, died early .Thurs-
Monday. December 22, 1958, in day, August 9, 1969, in the day morning, January 12th, 1955,
the Denmar State Hospital. Pocahontas Memorial Hospital in Hinton Hospital where shenad
Death was attributed to pneu- after a long illness. been receiving treatment for the
monia. He had been an invalid' Born at Watoga August 12, past week, bhe had been in ill
for six years. 1887, she was a daughter of health for the last 18 months.
Mr. Barnes was a retired far- the late William Henry and Funeral services were conduct-
mer. Born in Greenbrier County Rebecca McComb Evans. ed oh Sunday afternoon at the
January 17, 1868, he was the son She was a member of the Madams Creek Methodist Church
of the late Hiram and Frances Buckeye Presbyterian Church. by her pastor, the Rev. Ralph
Neff Barnes. Her husband, Hiram J. Bar- Malcom, assisted by the Rev.. W.
Survivors include h's wife, Elo- nes, died in 1950. M. Wills and Dr. H. P. Hackney.
ise Kee Barnes, and four daugh- Survivors include five daugh- Nephews served as pall bearers.
ters, Mrs. Glenn'a Hayes, of Mar- ters, Mrs. Edith Barrett, of Mrs. Bailey was born in Sum-
linton, Mrs. Pearl Burns, of Hot Marlinton, with whom she liv< d mers County, near Hinton, the
Springs, Virginia, Mrs. Mary for 20 years; Mrs. Betty Cole- daughter of the late Newton and
iThacker, of Baltimore, Maryland, man, Mrs. Evelyn McKinnty, Al c^ Yfoang Waddell. and had
i and Mrs. Grace Hayes, of Tuc- Mrs. Arbutus Pinson and Miss lived practically her entire life in
son, Arizona. Florence James, all of Montgo- that county. She was* a member
The funeral was conducted at mery; one son, Harry James, of of the Madams Creek Methodist
the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. Ma- Montgomery; one sister, Mrs. Church. She was married to the
son Hayes, near Marlinton, at Pearl Ray, of Baltimore, Mary- late Frank Bailey, who preceded
2 P. M. Wednesday with the Rev. land, and one brother, John her in death ij 1949.
Herbert Pennington, Jr. in charge, Evans, of Alexandria, Virginia. The deceased is survived by a
assisted by Rev. Ezra Bennett. Funeral services were held foster son, William May, of Way-
Burial was in Mountain View Tuesday afternoon in the Van nesburg, Pennsylvania; three bro-
Cemetery, with the Smith Funeral Reenen Funeral Home Chapel thers, Edward Waddell, of Beck-
, Home in charge. by the Rev. Donald Wood with ley, and Alva and'James Waddell,
burial in the Buckeye Cem- of Jumping Branch, and twj sis-
Thomas Barb etery. ters. Mrs, Mae Lightner, of Mar-
linton, and Mrs. Hazel Cook, of
Thoix-ns Lester Barb, age 79, of Gunnison, Utah.
Cass, died on Wednesday, July Mrs. Bailey was well known in
15, 1959,, in the'Pocahontas Me- James Bare
morial Hospital after a long illness. James Malcolm Bare, 36, of I Marlinton, na ring visited her sis-
Fairlea, was found dead at his ter, Mrs. Lightner, here on num-
A retired farmer and woods- hunting camp nea* Neoia on Sat- erous occasions and also spending
man, he was a member of the day,*Deeemb 3, 1960, from a the past summer here with her.
Cass Methodist Church. He bullet wound in the head. Ap-
moved to Cass from Mingo eight parently he had been trying to
years ago. Mrs. Effle Baughman
unjam his gun when it fired ac- Mrs. Effie Nancy (Hannah)
Surviving him are his wife, cidentally.
Mrs. Alma Hevener Barb; two Baughman, 85, of Mingo, for-
Mr. Bare was a member of the merly of Marlinton. died Thurs
daughters, Mrs. Louella Skid- Salem Presbyterian Church, Lew-
more, of Valley Head, and Mrs. day, November 12 1964, at
isburg Volunteer Fire Depart- the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Mary Lazuka, of Cleveland, Ohio; me./:, Lewisburg Junior Cham-
seven sons, Huling Barb with the Elsie B. Kramer. She had
her of Commerce, and was a life-, been ill for several years.
Army in France, Golden Barb long ? v>sident of Greenbrier Coun-
with the Air Force in Washing- She was born November 17,
ton, D. C , Clinton Barb with the £y. 1879, at Slaty fork, a daughter
Air Force in Florida, Donald Surviving him are his wife, Mrs. of the late Sheldon and Martha
Barb with the Air Force in New Betty J. Bare; two daughters, Moore Hannah.
York, Herbert Barb, of Washing- Brenda Bare and Barbara Bare; Her husband, John Baugh*,
ton, D. C , Dennis Barb, of Min- his parents, Mr..and Mrs. Char- man, preceded her in death on
go, and Howard Barb, of Mar- les Bare, of Organ Cave; two
step-children, Charles H. Burns, August 12. 1960, also one son,
linton; seven sisters, Mrs. Jane and Carolyn-S. Burns, both at Clarence Baughman.
Bankhead, of Webster Springs, home; four brothers, Charles Bare Survivors include three dau-
Mrs. Nora Detamore, of Hacker of Hinton; Merle Bare, of Texas; ghter*, Mrs. Elsie B. K>amer,
Valley, Mrs. Rowena Walkup, of Alfred Bare, of Marmec, and Wil- of Mingo, wi'h whom she re
Richwood, Mrs. Aca Coffield, of lie Bare, of McArthur, Ohio; sided, Mrs. Virginia Cooper,
Reynolds Station, Kentucky, Mrs. three sisters, Mrs. Dwight Car- of Elkins, and Mrs Gladys
Sylvia Kinney, of Belington, ter, of Ronceverte; Mrs. Robert Joyner, of St. Petersburg,
Mrs. Natal Jones, of Clarksburg, D
loggej, of Covmgtan, Virginia, Florida; one son, Harry Baugh
and Mrs. Maudie Dean, of ai 1 Mrs. Herbert Pennington, of man, of Mingo; one brother,
Lorentz; two brothers, William Marlinton. Lee Hannah, of Slaty fork;
Barb, of Montrose, and Jess Barb, seven grandchildren, and a
of Buckhannon; and fopctsen . Funeral services were held foster son, Jackie, of Baltimore,
grandchildren. Tuesday afternoon in the Salem Maryiari3~
Funeral services were held Sat- Presbyterian Church at C-gan
Cave with the Rev. J. Wilson Funeral services were held
urday afternoon in the Cass Me- Rowe in charge. Burial was in Sunday afternoon at the Mingo
thodist Church by the Rev. C, the church cemetery. Presbyterian Church by the
E. Potts, with burial in the Min- Rev. Acie Bryant. Burial was
go Cemetery at Mingo. in the Hannah Cemetery near
(7o~) Marlinton.
Mrs. Katie L. Montgomery Batten Mrs, ivaBarnewali Mrs. Guy Bambrick
Mrs. Katie L. Montgomery Mrs. Iva McCutcheon Barne- Mrs. Beatrice Hattie Bam-
Batten, aged 42, died Thurs- wall, age 85, died Tuesday, bteck^e, of Star Route, Mar-
day, January 18, 1962, at Cov- November 27, 1979, at Davis linton, died Wednesday, Octo-
ington, Virginia, after a long Memorial Hospital after a short ber 15, 1980, at home, after a
illness. illness. long illness,
Mrs. Batten was born at Born July 1, 1894, in Nicho- Born July 3, 1904, she was
Covington, Virginia, in 1920, a las County, she was a daughter the daughter of the late Rev.
daughter, of the late R. J. and of Howard and Effie Anderson W. T, and Laura A. Lantz.
Annabelle Wilhelm Montgo- Sbomo. Mrs. Bambrick was a mem*
mery, and was a member of A graduate of the DeSales ber of the United Methodist
the Covington Baptist Church Heights Academy in Parkers- Church, and a retired business-
and Women of the Moose. burg, she was a charter mem- woman.
Survivors include her hus- ber of the Webster Springs Two brothers, Herbert and
band, Randy Batten; a son, Woman's Club. Herman Lantz and a sister,
Ronald Batten, at home; a Survivors include four Blanche Flowers, preceded her
daughter, Mrs. B. G. Wal- daughters, Mrs. Marjorie Ka- in death.
ton, of Covington, Virginia; node, of Green Bank, Mrs. Survivors include her hus-
three brothers, Everette, Rich- Jeanne Britton, Manhassett, band, Guy Bambrick; a son,
ard and James Montgomery, New York, Mrs. Martha Waite, Lantz Arthur, of Parkersburg,
all of Covington, Virginia; five of Arlington, Virginia, and step-daughter, Mrs. Betty Lou
sisters, Mrs. Gertrude Sharp, Mrs. Rachel McCutchan, of Tompkins, of Charleston; a
of Emporia, Kansas; Mrs. Sa- Annapolis, Maryland: five brother, William Lantz, bf
die Noble, of Covington, Vir- sons, John, of Summers*!!'!!*?, Jacksonville, Florida; three
ginia; Mrs. Flossie Tucker, of Leonard, of Charlotte, North sisters, Mrs. Hetty Bays, of
Richmond, Virginia; Mrs. Vera Carolina, Clark, of Gaithers- Beckley, Mrs. Olive Smith, of
Sharp, of Frost, and Mrs. Vir- burg, Maryland, Robert, of Portsmouth, Virginia, and
ginia Holcomb, of Alderson. Grandview, Washington, and Mrs. Virginia Ellenberger, of
Al Smith McCutcheon, of Ak- Gardenia, California; six grand-
Funeral services were con- ron, Ohio; 26 grandchildren
ducted Saturday morning in children and one great-grand-
and 19 great-grandchildren. child.
the Loving Funeral Home Cha- She was preceded in death by
pel with the Rev. Ryburn T. Funeral services were held
one child, Rebecca McCutch- Saturday at 11 a. m. in the
Standi and the Rev. W. 0 eon, and husbands, Dr. L. C.
Ragsdale in charge. Burial VanReenen Funeral Home with
McCutcheon and William G. the Rev. B. B. Mitcham offi-
was in Monticello Memorial Barnewall.
Park, near Charlottesville, Va. dating. Burial in Beaver Greek
Services were held Friday Cemetery.
at 1 p. m. by the Rev. Thom-
Mrs. Herbert Banton as Henderson, Rev. David
^Mr Trs. Peachie Summers Ban- Rittenhouse, and Rev. Eddie John C. Batkins
ton, 84, of Durbin, died Thurs- Kyle in the Liberty Presbyte- John C. (Ted) Batkins, 75,
day, April 16, 1970, in the Me- rian Church. of 227 Hudson Street, Raleigh,
morial General Hospital at Burial was in Arbovale Cem- North Carolina, died Sunday,
Elkins. etery. February 2, 1969.
She was born May 21, 1885, Any Memorial donations to He was a member of the
at Lewis burg. be made may go to the Poca- Barton Heights Methodist
She was a member of the hontas Memorial Hospital Church in Richmond, Virginia;
United Methodist Church and Auxiliary or Arbovale Ceme- he was a conductor for the Sea-
lived at Durbin for 55 years. tery Association or charity of board Coast Line Railroad,
Her husband, Herbert Ban- donor's choice. having retired in 1963 after 47
ton, died in 1960. years of service, a member of
Harvey Lee Barker tne Order of Railroad Conduc-
Survivors include four dau- tors, a member of Francis S.
ghters, Mrs. Janet McLaugh- Harvey Lee Barker, 60, of
Cass, formerly of St. Albans, died Packard Lodge No. 630, A. F.
lin, of Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- and A. M. in Norlina, North
vania; Mrs. Violet Schmitz, of Monday, August 21, 1995, in
United Hospital of Clarksburg after Carolina, and a member of the
Washington. D C : Lillian Scottish Rite Bodies and the
Banton, of Baltimore, Mary- a long illness. He was employed in
the construction business as a Acca Temple in Richmond,
land, and Mrs. Mabel Lewis, Virginia.
of Beverly; three sons, Harry drywall worker.
G. Banton, of Durbin; Her- He is survived by his wife, Survivors include his wife,
bert Banton, of Painesville, Wanda; a daughter, Ginavee Mrs. Jettie Smith Batkin?,
Ohio, and Jack W. Banton, of Barker, of Augusta, Georgia; sons, (formerly of Dunmore), one
Columbus, Ohio, and one sis- Harvey Lee Barker, Jr., and Victor daughter, Mrs. Ben F. Ellis,
ter, Mrs. Nettie Hefner, of Barker, both of Savannah, Jr., of Raleigh, North Caro-
Rupert, and one brother, Arch Georgia, Howard Barker and lina, one son, Ernest Batkins,
Taylor, of Maryland. James Barker, of King George, of Richmond, Virginia, five
Virginia; brother, Bob Barker, of grandchildren and two great-
Funeral services were held Kingston, North Carolina; and four grandchildren.
Sunday afternoon in the Unit- grandchildren.
ed Methodist Church by the Funeral services were held
Services were held Thursday, Wednesday at Joseph W. Bli-
Rev. Willis Summers and the August 24, at 11 a.m. at Casdorph
Rev. David Rittenhouse, with ley Funeral Home Chapel in
& Curry Funeral Home in St. Richmond, Virginia. Burial
burial In the Arbovale Cem- Albans, with Rev. Frankie Russell
etery. was in the Riverview Cem-
officiating. Burial was in the Lacy etery with Masonic Rites.
Cemetery in St. Albans.
( % ;
Mike J. Barnaskh^ Mrs. Gertrude Blanche Barnasky Mrs Annie L. Bailey died suddenly
&l her home in Fairlawn. Covington,
Mike J. Barnasky, 75. of Mrs. Gertrude Blanche Bar- Virginia, at 10:30 a. m Wednesday,
Cleveland, Ohio, formerly of nasky, 66, of Frank, died Wed- >mber 27, 1939. She was the
Frank, Pocahontas County, nesday, January 13, 1965, in widow of the late fticbard Henry
died Monday, January 10, an Elkins hospital. Elenry Bailey who died February 13, I
1972, in Cleveland, Ohio. 1934 After her \ usband's death •
She was a life long resident Mrs Bailey moved from her home at
He was born May 2, 1896, in of Pocahontas County. Stony Bottom to Covington to reside.
Russia, and lived 39 years at Survivors include her hus- Mrs Bailey was born July 12, 1871
Frank, where he was employed band, Mike Barnasky; three She was a nember of the Epworth
by Howes Leather Company. daughters, Mrs. Mary Barlow, Methodist Church in Covington.
His wife. Mrs. Blanche Bar- of Dunmore, Mrs. Helen Kex- Surviving are the following child-
nasky, preceded him in death rode, of Blue Grass, Virginia, ren: Mrs. George Chapman, Mrs
in 1965. and Mrs. Christina Warner, at Calvin Mann and Earl Bailey, of Cov-
Survivors include one step- home; one son, Stephen Barnas ington; Mrs Carl Mason, Painesville.
ky, of Marlinton; three sis- Ohio; and James Bailey, of Akron.
son, Stephen Barnasky, of Ohio. A sister, Mrs. D L. Beverage,
Marlinton; three stepdaugh- ters, Mrs. Virgie Wolford and of Stony Bottom, also survives.
ters, Mrs. Herman (Christenia) Mrs. Hallie Rankins, both of Short services were held at her
Warner, with whom he made Durbin, and Mrs. Gladys home on Friday at II a. m ; by her
his home in Cleveland. Ohio, Roush, of Clarksburg; two pastor, Rev. Bergdoll, assisted by
Mrs. LeRoy (Helen) Rexrode, brothers, Arthur White, of Rev. Coffey of the Granberry Memor-
of Bluegrass, Virginia, and Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, and ial Church, and Rev. Cousar, .of tl
Mrs. Samuel (Mary) Barlow, Ralph Moats, address unknown: Presbyterian Church. Services wer-
of Buckeye. and seven grandchildren. continued at the Alexander Memorial
Church, at Stcny Bottom, at 3 p ID
Funeral services will be held Funeral services were held by her pastor, assisted by Rev. Pharr.
Thursday afternoon in the Saturday afternoon in the Th- remains were laid to rest in the
Wallace and Wallace Funeral Church of the Brethren at Dur cemjtery at Stony Bottom.
Home Chapel by the Rev. bin by the Rev. Paul S. Good
David Rittenhouse, with bur- and the Rev. David Ritten- Calvin Sailor ^/
ial in the Arbovale Cemetery. house. Burial was in the Ar- Calvin Bailor, 89, of Durbin,
bovale Cemetery. died Wednesday, May 19,
Emit F. Bark \S 1965, at home after a long ill-
Emil F. Bark, 11, of Waynes- ness.
boro, Virginia, died May 25, Mrs. Mabe! K Jarcrof!
| He was a member of the
1976, in the University Hospi- Mrs. Mabel Kennison Ba ~ Church of God at Durbin, and
tal, Charlottesville, Virginia, croft, 70, died Thursday, May ; a retired woodsman.
of a heart attack. 15, 1975, in the Greenbrier Val- Survivors include his wife,
He was born in New York ley Hospital, after a short ill- iMrs. Josephine Simmons Bail-
City, New York, April 24, ness. or; six daughters, Mrs. Flor-
1905, a son of the late Eric and She was a member of the ence DeHaven, Mrs. Bessie
Mary Anderson Bark. Methodist Church and Rebek- DeHaven, and Miss Ernes-
Mr. Bark was a veteran of ah Lodge. tine Bailor, all of Durbin; Miss
World War II, and was a retir- Born at Lobelia, March 22, i Janet Bailor, of Weston, Mrs.
td employee of the Westing- 1905, she was a- daughter of the Etta Bailor, of Summersville,
house Corporation, Bloomfield, late W. W. and Rachel Hill and Mrs. Gladys Martin,
New Jersey. Kinnison. of Mill Creek; one son, William
Survivors include his wife, Survivors include her hus- Bailor, of Mill Creek; three
Ruth Vint Bark, a sister, Mrs. band, Thomas E. Barcroft, one brothers.. Clyde, Leff, and Nin-
Albert (Helen) Rossback, of son, Donald E. Barcroft, of nie, all of Clearfield, Pennsyl-
Toms River, New Jersey, and Hurricane; three daughters, vania; two sisters, Belle, of,!
one niece. Mrs. Sylyia Wilkerson, of Colorado., and Phoebe of Clear-
The funeral was held Thurs- Carey, North Carolina, Mrs. field, Pennsylvania; twenty-
day, May 27, in McDow Funer Dorothy Simmons, of Droop, three grandchildren, and eleven
al Home Chapel conducted by and Mrs. Lynda Register, of great-grandchildren.
Rev. Scott Hutton. A grave- Colonial Beach, Virginia; one Funeral services were held
side service was held at 11 ;S0 brother, W. W. Kinnison, Jr., Saturday afternoon at the
a. m. the following morning at of Scott Depot; two sisters Mrs. home by the Rev. David Rit-
Arbovale Cemetery in Arbovale, Nellie Hill, of Mechanicsburg, tenhouse and the Rev. J. H.
Pennsylvania; and Mrs. Grace Snedegar. Burial was in the
Hooks, of Gettysburg, Pennsyl Arbovale Cemetery.
vania; nine grandchildren and
Charles Bare, Sr. one great-grandchild.
j Charles Somler Bare, Sr., 84. Services were held Sunday
of Organ Cave, died Thursday at the Hillsboro United Metho- Fjrd H. Bash
August 1,1974. ' dist Church with Rev, Kyle Ford H. Bash, of Route 1, Box
Survivors include his wife: Sawyers in charge. Burial was 326, Bel Air, Maryland, died sud-
three sons; three daughters, in Emmanuel Cemetery. denly on April 24, 195). He was
one of whom is Mrs. Nan the husband of the former Doro-
Pennington, of Franklin, Penn- thy Sprouse, of Dunmore. She
sylvania, formerly of Marlin- and their five children, Linda,
ton. Sandy, Marilyn, Beverly, and
Ricky, survive.
Services and burial were in
Bel Air, Maryland.
Esther Stella Barkley Harry Banton Thomas Barcroft
Esther Stella Barkley, 68, of Harry G. Banton, 63, of Thomas Eugene Barcroft,
Blue Grass, Virginia, died Sat- Durbin, died Saturday, July 81, died Tuesday, June 20,
urday, January 28,1984, at her 15,1978, in Durbin of an ap- 1978, in Pocahontas Memo-
residence. Miss Barkley had parent heart attack. He was a rial Hospital after a long ill-
been ill with diabetes for many World War II veteran and ness.
years. lifelong Durbin resident where Born in Brownsville, Tennes-
he was a member of the Dur- see, November 29, 1896,
She was born April 27, 1915, bin United Methodist Church
in Highland County, the daugh- he was a son of the late John
and the Veterans of Foreign Abner and Martha Kelso Bar-
ter of the late Walter and Wars. He was employed by
Louise Baker Barkley. She had croft.
Howes Leather Company for A retired surface miner, Mr.
been a housekeeper of Mrs. 38 years, retiring in 1977. (£
Virgie Nicholas, with whom she Barcroft was a member of the
made her home, for about 50 Surviving are his wife, Violet; United Methodist Church and
years. daughter, Mrs. Barbara J. Independent Order of Odd
She was a member of the Wilfong, of Woodbridge, Vir- Fellows and a World War I
Central United Methodist ginia; three sisters, Mrs. Janet veteran.
Church at Blue Grass. McLaughlin, of McKees Rocks, Survivors include one son,
Surviving her are two broth- Pennsylvania, Miss Lillian Donald Barcroft, of Hurricane;
ers, Roscoe Barkley, Fulks Banton, of Glen Burnie, Mary- three daughters, Mrs. Sylvia
land; Mrs. Mabel Lewis, of Wilkerson, of Raleigh, North
Run, Virginia, and Thurl Bark- Beverly; two brothers, Her-
ley, of Arbovale; three sisters, Carolina, Mrs. Dorothy Sim-
bert, of Painesville, Ohio; Jack mons, Droop and Mrs. Lynda
Medie Young, of Bartow, Elsie of Columbus, Ohio; 2 grand-
Wimer, of Waynesboro, Virgin- Register, of Colonial Beach,
children. Virginia; one brother, Paul
ia, and Jennie Reedy, of Sing- Barcroft, of Birmingham, Ala-
ers Glen, Virginia; and a num- Services were held at two
p. m. Tuesday in the Durbin bama; one sister, Mrs. Frances
ber of nieces and nephews. Davis, of Memphis, Tennessee;
Services were conducted at 2 United Methodist Church
with the Rev. William Trow- nine grandchildren and two
p. m. Tuesday at the Central great-grandchildren.
United Methodist Church in bridge and the Rev. David
Rittenhouse officiating. Burial Services were held Saturday,
Blue Grass by the Revs. Joseph in VanReenen Funeral Home
Struck and Gary Barkley. was in Arbovale Cemetery.
Chapel at 10 A. M., with the
Burial was in the Blue Grass
Rev. Jack Arbuckle officiating.
Burial was in the Emmanuel
Wilbert C. Barb r <• Cemetery.
Mrs. Lida Bartholomew WilbertC. Barb, 7 3 M C a s s ,
Mrs. Lida McNeel Bartholo- Mrs. Dorothy Bartell
died Tuesday, November 7, Mrs. Dorothy Elizabeth Bar-
mew, 89, of Hillsboro, died 1972, in a Morgantown hospital
Friday, February 24, 1984, in tell, 64, of Cass, died Wednes-
following a short illness. day, May 26, 1976, in Davis
the Pocahontas Memorial Hos- Born at Blue Sulphur Springs*
pital after a couple days' ill- Memorial Hospital, in Elkins.
he was a son of Mrs. Martha She was a lifelong resident of
ness. Couger Barb and the late Pat- Cass and a member of the
She was born June 9, 1894, rick Barb. town council.
near Hillsboro, the daughter of He lived in Cass seven years Surviving: daughters, Mrs.
Samuel E. and Mary Beard and was a member of the Unit- Lauretta Radtke, of Summers-
McNeel. ed Methodist Church in Cass. dale, Virginia, Mrs. Patricia
Mrs. Bartholomew was a Mr. Barb was a member of Lay ton, of Richmond, Virginia;
member of the Oak Grove UMW and a retired miner. sisters, Mrs. Virginia Mace and
Presbyterian Church [longest Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Garnette White, both of
time member], and a Life Susie Cassell Barb, of Cass; Cass; eight grandchildren and
Member of the Women of the one son, Hay ward Barb, of El- four great-grandchildren.
Church. kins, two stepsons, Sheridan Services were held Saturday
She was preceded in death Moats, of Novato, California, afternoon in Cass United Meth-
by her husband, G. B. Bar- and Harry Moats, of Cass, two odist Church, with the Rev.
tholomew, a brother, J. Moffett sisters, Mrs. Jack Snider, of Kenneth Montgomery officia-
McNeel, Sr., nephew, Samuel Akron, Ohio, and Mrs. Russell ting. Burial was in the Wade
E. McNeel, and niece, Mary Stalnaker, of Elkins, two broth- Cemetery at Mill Gap, Virginia.
McNeel Hilleary. ers, Woodford Barb, Mill Creek
and Cecil Barb, of Valley Bend,
Surviving her are a nephew, 17 grandchildren and 2 great- Harry Basil
J. Moffett McNeel, Jr., of grandchildren. Harry Basil, of Elkin?, died
Hillsboro, a niece, Nancy Mc- March 12 1974, after a two
Neel Edwards, of Lillian, Ala- Funeral services were held
Saturday afternoon at the Wal year illness. He was a lifelong
bama; 12 great-nieces >and resident of Elkins. He was
great-nephews and 13 great- lace and Wallace Chapel at
Aibovale with Rev. Kenneth married to the former Twila
great-nieces and great-great- Calhoun. They have two sons,
Montgomery in charge. Burial
nephews. was in the Arbovale Cemetery. Bill, 18, and Jon, 12.
Services were held Monday Mr. Basil is a brother in law
at 2 p. m. in the Oak Grove of Mrs. Gorden Dtlley,of Hunt
Presbyterian Church by the ersville and Charles Calhoun,
Rev. J. D. Arbuckle, with of Marlinton.
burial in the Oak Grove Ceme-
tery. -^_ (2V
Fenton Banks Mrs. Nancy Barnett Mrs. Ruth K. Bartlett
Fenton Banks was born in Po- Mrs. Ruth Katherine Dunn
Mrs. Nancy Eartha Lindsay Bartlett, 69, of Portsmouth,
cahontas County in 1887, and died Barnett. 82, of Duninore, died-
at his home at Mill Point, tin Fri- Virginia, died Thursday, May
Friday, February 3, 1967, in 5,1977. A native of Watoga,
day 28, 1951. He bad been in the Pocahontas Memorial Hos-
'ailing health for some time. she was the widow of Beverly
pital after a long illness. E. Bartlett. She was a member
Fe was united in marriage to
Eiiu Cawford io 1911. To this 9, Born at Dunmore, February
1884, she was a daughter of
of First Friends Church.
is born one daughter, Mrs the late John M. and Sarah Survivors include four daugh-
Grace (iibson,.of Cleveland, Ohio ters, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Amos,
M. Lindsay. Mrs. Elsie 6. Stokes and Mrs.
Mr. Banks is survived by his She was a member of the
wife, daughter, five grandchildren New Mary L. Mathison, all of Ports
and three greatgrandchildren; Hope Methodist Church mouth, Virginia, and Mrs. Gar-
also one sister, Mrs. Myrtle Bold Survivors include her hus- net G. Cummings, Crewe;
OB, of Cass. sj?d u host of other band, Anthony Barnett; Oift three sons, Marvin B, Griffin,
Norfolk, Virginia, Jack E.
relatives and friends. son, John Barnett, of Baltic
lore, Maryland, and two dau- Griffin, Portsmouth, Virginia,
A few days previous to his k
ters, Mrs. Sarah Shinaberry, and Ralph John Griffin, Staun-
passing he expressed to bis pas- Huntington and Mrs. Orpha ton, Virginia; four sisters, Mrs.
tor, Kev. J.oaSpscm, that he had Richardson, of Dunmore. Madge Rolif, Washington, Mrs.
made peace wito Goc!, Jane Totten, Buckeye, Mrs.-
Funeral services were held Anna Mae Totten and Mrs.
W. G.Barncwall " Sunday afternoon in the New
Arlene Arbogast, both of Mill
William G. Barnewall, 88, of Hope Methodist Church by Point; a brother, Mike Dunn,
Green Bank, died in an Elkins the Rev. B. B. Mitcham and Buckeye; 19 grandchildren and
hospital Tuesday, December the Rev. R. B. Rittenhouse two great-grandchildren.
12. 1967. £ _ , with burial in the Lindsay
Survivors include his wife, Cemete y. Funeral services were held
Mrs. Iva McCutcheon Barne- Saturday in Sturtevant Funer-
wall; a son, Dr. Gordon, of Mrs. Josie Virginia Bailor Q^_ al Home with burial in-Green-
Denver, Colorado, and a grand Mrs. Josie Virginia Bailor, lawn Memorial Gardens.
child. 83, of Durbin died at her Nita W. Babir
He was a member of the home Monday, October 31, Nita Walker Baber, 83, died
Episcopal Church and a veter- 1966. Sunday, March 20, 1983, at
an of World War I. She was a member of the home near Hillsboro, after a
The funeral will be held at Church of God and bad been long illness.
2 p. m. Thursday- in the Wal- a resident of Durbin, for fifty Born July 8,1899, in Sum-
lace and Wal!ace Chapel in Ar- years. mersville, she was a daughter
bovale, with Rev. Thomas Survivors include one son, ot the late Hiram and Ida Hicks
Henderson in charge. Burial William Bailor, of Mill Creek; Walker.
will be in the Arbovale Ceme- six daughters. Miss Janet Bai- Her husband, Lewis Bab?r,
tery. lor, of Weston, Mrs. Florence preceded her in death.
DeHaven, Miss Ernestine Bai-
i—, | 'i ' "HiW IIIM
lor and Mrs. Mary DeHaven, Mrs. Baber was a member
Mrs Paul Barrett all of Durbin; Mrs.Etta Barb, of the Order of Eastern Star
and a retired merchant. She
9A A- J ^ ! r b y R y d e r B arrett, of Renick and Mrs. Gladys
operated grocery stores in
Martin, of Mill Creek; twenty
• n/r i. *'9 1962 » a t her home two grandchildren and four- Richwood and Craigsville, and
teen great-grandchildren. was a Presbyterian.
HI health for many years. Survivors include two daugh-
Funeral services will be helc ters, Jean Monroe, of Pickens,
Services will be held f hurs- Thursday afternoon at 2:00 p
at rh- a R eri T£ H t w o °'c,°ck in. at the home with the Rev South Carolina, Georgia Legg,
at the Beard Heights Church David Rittenhouse and th( of Lewisburg; two sisters, Opal
o| God by the Rev. Parker Rev. Joe H. Snedegar in charge Taylor and Altie Carter, both
Meters and the Rev. Bernard Burial will be in the Arbovah of Summersville; two broth-
» een, with burial at Hillsboro. ers, William Walker, of Sum-
Cemetery. mersville and Ernie Walker, of
Ohio; and three grandchildren,
Services will be held Thurs-
Rev. W. W. Bain Dr. Maggie Ballard day^ 1 p. m., in the Collins
Dr. Margaret Byrnside Bal- Funeral Home C h a p e l
News is published in a Rich- lard, of Monroe County, re-
mond paper of the death of W. at Ricbwood, with the Rev.
W. Bain, D. D., at his home near tired medical doctor and his- Jack Arbuckle officiating.
Crewe, Va, on December 18, 1948. torian, died Saturday, Sep* Burial will be in the Walker
He suffered a heart attack. His tember 25,1976, in a Charles- Memorial Park Cemetery in
uge was 72 years. He is survived ton Hospital. Summersville.
by his wife, Mrs. Cleveland Davis Dr. Maggie was well known
Bain. For a number of years Dr. throughout the State for her
Bain was pastor of Liberty andi talks on the life of the pioneers Steve N. Barnasky
Baxter Presbyterian Churches in and making lye -soap at the Ddrbin—Steve Nick Barnasky,
Pocahontas County. craft fairs. She attended many aged 63 years of Frank, died on
travel expositions also since re- Tuesday, August 14, 1951. On
tiring to Union after a medi- Friday the funeral was held from
cal career in Maryland* the Brethren Church by his pas-
tor, Rev. A. E. Byrd.
& )
fil Joe E. Baylor j Louis Bauer died in the Montgom-1 F. A. Bennington
I ery Hospital on Monday, January 11,
JoeETBaylor, 34, ofDurbin, 1925, of cancer of the stomach. His Floyd A. Bennington, 67,
died Tuesday, August 6, 1968, age was 61 years. He was buried at Flushing barber and civic lead-
in the Davis Memorial Hospi- Mt. View Cemetery on Wednesday er, died Thursday, January
tal at Elkins. afternoon. Mr. Bauer came to Po- • , 1965, at the Barnesville Hos-
He was a lifelong resident of cahontas from Pa., over twenty years pital. He had operated Ben-
Pocahontas County. ago with the Campbell Lumber Com- nies Barber Shop in Flushing
pany. For the past few years he has
Survivors include his step- worked at Ray wood. He is survived or 45 years. He was born at
father and mother, Mr, and by one son Edgar Bauer, and two Tiock Hill, near Flushing, Ohio,
Mrs. Howard Dehaven; one daughters. February 11, 1897, and was aj
brother, Terry Baylor, of member of the Flushing Chris-
Frank; one sister, Mrs. Nancy Roy Bambnck tian Church. Mr. Bennington
Howe, of Mill Creek, and two Roy Bamrick, 89, of Hunt- served on the village council
aunts, Mioses Janet and Ernes- ersville, died Thursday, June for eight years and was chief I
tine Baylor, with whom he 22, 1978, in Denmar State of the volunteer fire depart-1
lived. Hospital after several year's ment for 13 years.
Funeral services were held illness. He was active in Masonry)
Friday afternoon at the home Mr. Bambrick was a mem- being a member of AF&AM.I
by the Rev. David Ritten- ber of Mount Zion Methodist Lodge 298, Order of Easter!
house with burial in the Arbo- Church, a retired salesman and Star, Valley of Cambridge!
vale Cemetery. a 56-year member of the Consistory, Aladdin Temple
American Legion. Shrine and thk White Shrine
Carter E. Ballard The son of George and of Bellaire. He was also a
Carter E. Ballard, 73, of Mantie Grimes Bambrick, he member of the K. of P Lodge
Marmet, died of a heart at- was born at Green Bank De- at Holloway.
tack at his home Monday, cember 13, 1888. He never Surviving are his widow,
September 8, 1969. married, n ^ Mrs. Margaret Bennington;
Services were held Wednes- Surviving him" are a brother, one daughter, Mrs. Betty John-
day. Guy H. Bambrick, Star Route, en of Reseda, California; one
Mr. Ballard had been com- Marlinton, and a sister, Hat- stepdaughter, Mrs. Jean Gil-1
ing to Pocahontas for over tie K. Bambrick, Route 2, lingham; four grandchildren;
thirty years hunting and visit- Marlinton, and two nieces, two brothers, Ernest, of Gna-
ing the Walter Graham family Betty Lou Tompkins, of denhutten and Harold of
at Buckeye. Charleston, and Margaret Mc- Uhrichsville; one sister, Mrs.-
Grath, of Grand Island, Ne- Leona Ridgeway, of Uhrichs-
braska, ville.
Services were held Sunday Services were held Monday
Rose Mary Light Barker at 2 p. m. at the Christian
Rose Mary Light Barker, age afternoon at the VanReenen Church, Flushing, and burial
44, of Green Bank, died June 18, Funeral Home by the Rev. in Rock Hill Cemetery, Flush-
1997, at home after a long illness. B. B. Mitcham, with burial in
She was a registered nurse in the the Mount Zion Cemetery.
emergency room at His wife is the former
Columbia/Raleigh General Hospital Mrs. Marvin Beavers Margaret Sharp, of Minnehaha
in Beckley, a certified emergency Springs.
Mrs. Gloria Sharp Beavers,
room nurse, a member of the 35, of Fort Knox, Kentucky,
National Registry of Paramedics, formerly of Mill Point, died Marvin Eugene Beaver
and a Pocahontas County volunteer Thursday, May 6, 1971, after Marvin Eugene Beaver, 39,
paramedic. She was a Baptist. suffering a cerebral hemorrhage of Fort Knox, Kentucky, died
Born January 18, 1953, in Oak ay, April 12f 1974.
Hill, she was the daughter of berBorn 20,
at Mill Point, Novem-
1935. she was a daugh- His wife, Gloria Sharp Bea-
Clifford Light, of Gatewood, and ter of the late Elmer Meade ver, died in 1971.
the late Evelyn Marie Pritt Light. Sharp and Frances Oscar Sharp Surviving him are one son,
Surviving her, in addition to her Rick Beaver, and one daugh-
father, are her husband, Dwayne Survivors include her hus- ter, Debbie Beaver.
W. Barker; three daughters, Robin band S. S. G.Marvin Beavers;
Funeral services were held
Marie Drake, of Burnsville, Amber one son, Rickie Beavers, and Monday at the VanReenen
Nicole and Hollie DeAnne Barker, one daughter, Debbie Beavers, Funeral Home by the Rev.
both at home; two sisters, Shelia both at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Kyle Sawyers, with burial in
Stone, of Oak Hill, and Shirley one sister, Mrs Lucien Bryant, the Ruckman Cemetery.
Fink, of Gatewood; and two of Louisville, Kentucky, one
brothers, Clifford W. Light of brother, Leo Lane of Flagstaff,
Northport, Alabama, and Alfred D. Arizona, also, her foster moth-
Light, of Buhl, Alabama. er, Mrs. Grace Turner, and a
Dr. J. a Belzer, of Pittsburgh, a
Services were held at 2 p. m. on host of relatives and friends. dentist well known In Pocahontas
June 21 at Dodd-Payne-Hess Funeral services were con- county, was seriously injured in an
Funeral Home in Fayetteville, by ducted at the Marvin Chapel automobile wreck last Thursday even
the Rev. Hayward Lough. Burial Church, of which she was a ing, and died in St. Joseph Hospital,
followed in Gethsemane Memorial former member, Sunday after- Pittsburgh, death resulting from a
Gardens at Oak Hill. noon by the Rev. William fractured skull Interment in the
fvTarkley, with burial in the Catholic Cemetery at Ronceverte on i
Ruckman Cemetery. /Ss-r&
John Henry Berry, 55, of George N. Bero, Sr. Mrs. Newell Bero
Buckeye, died Monday, June George N. Bero, Sr., 64, of Mrs. Georgia Mae Gibson
11,1979, of a heart attack in 74 Oxford Drive, ' East Hart- Bero, of East Hartford, Con-
the Pocahontas Memorial Hos* ford, Connecticut, died Satur- necticut, and Hollywood, Flor-
pital. day March 2, 1963, at Hart- ida, died Friday, August 22,
A retired coal miner, he was ford Hospital. 1969, in Hollywood, Florida.
born March 14,1924, at Berry- He was born December 17, Born and reared in Poca-
town, the son of W. Raymond 1898, in East Montpelier, Ver- hontas County, she was the
and Rose Adkins Berry. mont. He was employed as an daughter of the late Frank and
Survivors include his wife, assembler for the Pratt and Rosa Belle Gibson.
Betty Oscar Berry, a son, John Whitney Aircraft, Eist Hirt- She was preceded in death
Lee Berry and stepson, Henry ford, for 23 years. He was a by her husband, Newell Bero;
Lake Berry; six brothers and member of the Friendship one son, James Bero; two sis-
sisters, Oakey and Jim Berry, Hockanum Methodist Church ters, Roma Caton and Ruth
and Mrs. Rose Staton, all of of East Hartford, a member of Gibson, and one brother, Carl
Beckley, Mrs. Virginia Hall the Orient Lodge 62, AF and Gibson.
and Mrs. Pearl Carter, Leslie, AM, of East Hartford, and a Survivors include two sons,
and Mrs. Mary Surbaugh, past patron of Good Intent George Bero, of Newport News,
Long Branch. Chapter 17, OES, of Glasten- Virginia, and Carl Bero, of
Services will be held at two bury. East Hartford, Connecticut;
p. m. Thursday in the Van He leaves his wife, Mrs. nine grandchildren; two sis-
Reenen Funeral Home, with Georgia Gibson Bero; three ters, Mrs. J. B. Showalter, of
burial in the Ruckman Ceme- sons, James Baro of New Brit- Slatyfork, and Mrs L. M. Mc-
tery. — ain, George Bero, Jr. of Charles Laughlin, of Fort Pierce, Flor-
ton, South Carolina and Carl ida, and one brother, George
Miss Ella G. Berry Bero of ThompsonviUe; a bro- R. Beale, of Belle.
ther, Edward J. Bero of New- Funeral services were held
Miss Ella G. Berry, aged 88 ton, Massachusetts; a sister,
years, died at her home at Dun- Friday morning in Rose Hill
Mrs. Matheson, of Northfield Funeral Home Chapel at
more on Monday, April 1957. Falls, Vermont, and seven
On Thursday, her body will be Rocky Hill, Connecticut.
grand children.
laid to rest in the New Providence
Church Cemetery, Raphine, Vir- Funeral services were held James F. Bero
ginia. Tuesday at 2 p. m. at the
Rose Hill Funeral Home, Elm James Frederick Bero, <
The deceased was born at Mid- Street, Rocky Hill. Burial was New Britain, Pennsylvani
dlebrook, Virginia, a daughter of in Rose Hill Memorial Park, died Saturday, October 2.
John R. and Denisa Fulton Rocky Hill. 1964, in East Hartford. Born i
Berry. Wilke^-Barre, Pennysylvani
Relatives called to East he lived in East Hartford 1
Hartford, Connecticut by the years, moving to New Britai
Kiss Minnie H. Berry death of Mr. Bero were: Mrs. 11 years ago.
Dunmore—Miss Minnie H. Barney Showalter and Carl
Berry, aged 85 years, died at her | Gibson, of Marlinton; Mr. and He was employed nine yeai
home in Dunmore on Monday, ! Mrs. Ralph Beale and son, as a payroll auditor for th,
November 14, 1955. On Thurs- Pat, Mrs. Lawrence Mc Laugh- Providence Washington Insur-
day afternoon her body will be lin and Mrs. Sidney Cline, of ance Company of Providence,
laid to rest in New Providence Charleston. Rhode Island. An Army vet
Church Cemetery, near Lexing- eran of World War II, he was
ton, Virginia. a member of the South Con- j
srregational Church of New
Branch W. Beal I Britain and the Daskam Lodge, j
Wil iam G. Bensen
j Branch W. Beal, ag-ed 66 years, AF&AM of of Glastonbury.
Word was received of the death !died on Thursday night, Januury I He leaves his mother, Mrs.
of William G. Benson, age 60, in % 1947, at his home in Charles- | Georgia Gibson Bero, of East
Richmond, Virginia, on Friday, ton, following an extended illnoss. | Hartford; his wife, Mrs. Lil-
May 23, after a long illness. On Saturday afternoon his rx>dy ! Han Fosgrau Bero; three sons,
He was a former resident of was laid to rest in the Gibson Kenneth Paul Berp, Robert
Cass and a brother of the late Cemetery on Elk, the funeral be- Edward Bero and Richard
Mrs. E. W. Ruckman, of Knapps ingr held from Mary's Chapcr. Fames Bero; a daughter, Miss
Creek. The deceased was a native of Po- Susan Bero, all at home; two
He was born at Vanderpool, cahontas County, a son of the late mothers, George N. Bero, Jr.,
Virginia, the son of the late James George Beal, of Dry Branch of )f Greensboro. North Carolina
and Jennie Gibson Benson. Eik. His brothers are Rev. W. rand Carl E. Bero of Enfield.
Surviving are his wife, Gretchen sister,S. Mrs.
H., D., and J. M. Beal; his The funeral was Tuesday
Alice Hinkle. He is at 2:30 p. m. at the Rose Hill
Williams Benson, of Richmond, survived by his
Virginia; three daughters, Wini- M. McLaughlindaughter, and
Mrs. L. Funeral Home, Rocky Hill,
fred, Betty and Barbara, and George Ralph Beal; by his son, with the Rev. Thomas Barber
one son, William G. Benson, Jr., step daughters, Mrs. G. N. two officiating. Burial at Rose Hill
all of Richmond, Virginia, and a and "Mrs. J. B. Showalter Bero Memorial Park, Rocky Hill.
half sister, Alice Crummett, of his step-son, Carl Gibson. and
Fort Defiance, Virginia.
Services and burial were held
Monday in Richmond, Virginia.

B.B. Beard <2l Carl G. Beard i
19T0M0B!LE ACCIDENTS Brown Buren Beard, 85, of Carl G. Beard, aged 66 y e a r s , ]
Bartow, died Sunday after- died a t his home at Hillsboro, on I
Harry Franklin Beard, aged 25 noon, April 6, 1969.
}ears, and .lames Melvin Loudermilk, T h u r s d a y , F e b r u a r y . 3 , 1949. He
##ed 22 years, were fatally injured in
A lifelong resident of Poca- bad been in failing health f o r '
an a'Utomocile wreck at Marvin Chap- lontas County, he was the son j several years. On S a t u r d a y af
•eh, near Millpoi.-it, Saturday after* 3f Josiah 0. Beard and Eve- ternoon his body was laid to rest
noon, October 28, 1933. Both young line Madora Yeager Beard, a in the MclNeel cemetery. T h e fun-
men suffered fractured skulls,, and descendant of two pioneer fam eral service was held from the
l o t h died a few hours later at the ilies of Greenbrier and Poca- home by Rev. Rofref P . Melton,
Pocahontas Memorial Hospital. In hontas Counties. of the Marlinton Presbyterian
passing a loaded truck, the car grazed
vj hub. This caused the car to leave Mr. Beard served in public C h u r c h assisted by Rev. A. J .
ibe road. I t struck a fence post and office m Pocahontas Count* S c h r a d e r of the h i l l s b o r o Metho-
tell hack upon the unfortunate young for many years, having been dist C h u r c h .
men. assessor, sheriff, and a mem- Mr. Beard is survived by his
On Sunday afternoon, the funeral ber of the County Court for two d a u g h t e r s , Misses Martha and
of Mr. Loudermilk was held from the twenty-five years. Always J a n e t P>eard. An i n j a n t son,
Hillsboro Methodist Church by his active, he still helped farm Charles E d ^ a r , died in 1918. His
pastor, Eev. Mr. Reynolds. Burial this past summer.
in the McNeil graveyard at Buckeye. wife, Mrs. I r e n e Callison Beard,
He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Survivors include his wife, preceded him within a year.
Eena Kelley, and two sisters, Loy Mrs. Nellie Blanche Gum T h e deceased was | son of the
and Thelma. His father, William Beard; one daughter, Mrs. late E d g a r and L a c y McNcel
•dermilk, died some years ago. William (Jessie Brown) Powell, Beard. His sister is Mrs. Z S.
On Mondoy afternoon the funeral of Bartow; one sister, Mrs. S m i t h J r . , of Marlinton.
of Mr. Beard was conducted from the Don Harper, of Elkins, and
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Beard was one of the j
O. € . Beard, at Hillsboro, by his pas
three grandchildren. p r o m i n e n t and best citizens of
tor, Rev. Maiiin Curry. Burial in Funeral services were held the G r e e n b r i e r Valley. He ad-
the Oak Grove Cemetery. He was Tuesday afternoon in the Bar- hered to the Church of his fath-
the only child of his parents. He is tow Methodist Church by the ers, the P r e s b y t e r i a n , and for
survived by his wife, who was Miss Rev. David Rittenhouse with years he had been an officer of the
Louise Barlow, daughter of Isaac burial in the Arbovale Cem- old Oak G r o v e C h u r c h .
rlow, of Huntersville. etery. The hymns he request-
ed were surig by his grand-
^j Mrs. B«it ltd Jtaa Btard
daughter, Jane Beard Powell, Dewey R. Beard
accompanied by her sister,
Mrs. Beulah Jean Beard. 72. Ann Brown Powell. Pallbear- Dewey R. Beard, 60, of Green
of Marlintoo and Beekley, died ers were his six nephews,, ville, Penns lvania, died in a
Saturday, December. 27,1975. Ralph Monroe Arbogast, Ar Veteran's H ispital in Pittsb ur^h,
in Pocahontas Memorial Hos- jile Chapman Arbogast, Nun Pennsylvania, August 30, 1958,
pital after six months' illness (ey Beard Snedegar, Bean of a heart attack following a long
with cancer. Kerr, Moro Beard, and Mrs illness.
She was a member of the Beard's nephew, Dale Gum. a Mr. Beard was an accountant
member of the Presbyterian
Methodist Church/ church, Masonic Lodge, and the
Her husband. Julian Lynn Mrs. Brown Beard JVIOCOG Lodge.
Beard, and a son. Ross Beard, Mrs. Nellie Blanche Gum Hewas born at Green Bank on
preceded her in death. Beard, 94, of Bartow, widow of March 23,1898, the son of the la e
Born at Buckeye March 17, Brown B. Beard, died-Monday, Leslie and Ruby Ralston Beard.
1903, she was the daughter of March 27,1978, in the Poca- Surviving him are his w fe, Mrs.
the late Knotty and Mary hontas Memorial Hospital. Katheryn Fisher Beard; two sor,
Kellison Weiford. Born February 3, 1884, at Donald R.Beard of Decatur,
Survingher are three sons; Green Bank, she was the Georgia, and Dr. Authur P. Beard,
Ralph Beard, Dallas. Pennsyl- daughter of Robert Noah and of Schenectady, New York; six
vania, Ray C. Beard, Chesa- Barbara Ann Riley Gum. grandchildren; one brother, a: d
peake, Virginia, and Guy Beard, Mrs. Beard was a lifelong seven sht3rs Mrs. Bertie McLaug
Foxx, Arkansas; twenty grand- resident of Pocahontas County him of Folloasbee, Mrs. Halle
children; and four great-grand- and a member of the Bartow Nottingham of Grenville, Mrs.
children; three brothers, Stew- United Methodist Church since Mildrea B.Armstrong of Charles-
art Weiford, and James Wei- 1912. ton, Mrs. Wawa Gilmore and
ford, of Beekley, and Fred Wei- She is survived by one daugh- Mrs. Josephine Myers, of Dur-
ford, of Buckeye, two sisters, ter, Jessie Beard Powell, three biii; Mrs. Jeanne Irons, of Wes!
Vesta Holly, of Marlinton, and grandchildren, and two great- Palm Beach, Florida, and Mrs.
Georgia Carpenter, of Buckeye, grandchildren. Bonnie Brooks, of Marlinton. A
Services were held Tuesday sister, Mrs. Lillian Kerr, and a
Services will be held Thurs- brother, Leslie Beard, Jr., pre-
afternoon in. the VanReenen day at 2 pm in the Wallace and
Funeral Home by the Rev. Al- ceded him in death.
Wallace Funeral Home Chapel
feed Gum, wilh burial in the by the Rev. David Rittenhouse Funeral services were held
Ruckman Cemetery. with burial in the Arbovale Tuesday afternoon, in Durbin at
Cemetery. the home of his sister, Mrs. Ro-
bert Gilmore, by the Rev. Philip
Newell, with burial in the Arbo-
vale Cemetery.
Joel P. Beard H. W Beard
Joel P . Beard, of Hillsboro Henry Washington Beard, aged
L. Q. Beard Dies From | died Monday, May 2, 1966, 56 years, died at his home in
Injuries .Received In in the University of Virginia Hillsboro on Friday, November
Hospital, Charlottesville, Vir- 9, 1951. He had been in failing
A Tractor Accident ginia, after a short illness. health for seme months. On Sun-
He was the son of the late day afternoon, the funeral service
Leslie O. Beard, of G r e e n b a n k Dies M. Lee Beard and Emma Clark was held from Oak Grove Church
In E l k i m Hospjial S a t u r d a y Morn* Beard. He was born March by Dr. Lloyd Courtney and Rev.
in or F r o ! ^ Injuries Received F r o m 115, 1892, and lived all his life Drury Jones. His boJy was laid
T r a c t o r Accident October 30th. in the Hillsboro community to rest in the family plot in Oak
where he took active part in Grove Cemetery with Masonic
ird, of Greenbank, a community life. He was a honors.
foreman of the Pocahontas Conost- ruling elder in the Oak Grove Thus is noted the passing of
ruction Company, died at two-four- | Presbyterian Church for many one of our most useful and prom-
ty o'clock, Saturday morning, in I years. inent citizens.
the City dns, of in- He is survived by his wife, He was a son of the late Mat-
on Friday, October Mrs. Mamie Cackley Beard; thew L. and Emma Clark Beard.
30th, when he was run ovoer by a two daughters, Mrs. John He married Miss Lucy McLaugh-
j live-ton tractor while working on the (Mary Frances) Stulting, and lin just 32 years, Lc^ing a day of
hich he was Mrs. Hubert (Virginia Lee) his passing. Their children are
ing, near Eglon, in Preston Oallison, and the following William Sherman and Robert Lee. .
! county. grandchildren, Richard Lee Also surviving him are three
Mr. as born at "Traveler's. i Suiting and Ann Stulting grand daughters.
Repose," a hostlery famous in Civil I Plunkett, Joel, Carolyn and Of his father's family there re-
war days, near Bartow, on April 14, Jane Callison; two sisters, Mrs. main his brother, Joel P. Beard j
1874. He was a son a Josiah Osborne Harry (Eva) Fehrle, of Phila- of Hillsboro and three sisters,
Beard and Evelyn Medora (Yeager) delphia, and Mrs. Arden Mrs. Mary Johnson of Covesville,
Beard, and on June 12, 1897, was (Leeta) KilUngsworth, of Mar- Va.; Mrs. Eric Clutter of Hills-
united in marriage te Ruby Mae Ral- linton. Also several nieces boro; Mrs. A. G. KilUngsworth
ston, daughter of John Henry and and nephews. jf Marlinton.
Sara Patience (Hamilton) Ralston, The funeral services will be
Bath county, Virginia. To jt>
Mr. Beard attended West Vir-
held Thursday, May 5, a t ginia University. He was a farm-
union, eleven children were born, ten 2:00 p. m. at the Oak Grove er of large affairs, especially as a
whom survive. They are as fol- Presbyterian Church with the stockman. He served his county
Rev. Harry Painter in charge. as assessor and for some years he
Dewey Ralston Beard, Bealingr- Burial will be in the Oak Grove was Field Representative of the
ton; Mrs. Lyle McLaughlin, Follaas-
Cemetery. Federal Production Credit Asso-
bee*; Mrs. Layke Kerr, Hartsford, ,
ciation of Baltimore.
Pa.; Mrs. Mack H. Brooks, Cass;
j Mrs. Sterle Nottingham, Jamestown, Mrs. Joel Beard In religion, the deceased was a
Pa.; Mrs. Oran McLaughlin, Dun- Mrs. Mamie Ruth Cackley member of the Church of his
imore; Layke Monroe, Wawa, Jose- Beard, 94, of Hillsboro, died on fathers,
'the Presbyterian. He
ne, and Jean, at home.. Leslie Saturday, July 9, 1983, in took a leading part in Church
nsift0Vng j r aged three years, pre- Greenbrier Valley Hospital work as a Ruling Elder and Sun-
c e d e d his father to the grave, Sept- after a long illness. day School Superintendent.
ember 15, 19-. She was a homemaker, a Mr. Beard also took active and
Mr. Beard is also survived by his member of the Hillsboro Exten- leading parts in fraternal, civic and
mother, Mrs. Evelyn Yeager Beard, sion Homemakers Club, a farm organizations, both local and
three brothers, Trby R., of Arbovale, member of the Oak Grove state wide.
Brown B., of Bartow, and Samuel Presbyterian Church, and an Edward Ross Beard
: Monroe, of Arbovale, three sisters, Honorary Life Member of the
1 Edward Ross Beard, 45, of
Mrs. W. N. Snedeger, of Elkins, Mrs,. Women of the Church. Chesapeake, Ohio, was killed
Walter Arbogast, of Millpoint, and
Born at Mill Point on Novem- Monday, September, 8, 1975,
JTKrs. Don Harper, also of Elkins, and 1
| by six grandchildren.
ber 2, 1888, she was the in a tractor accident.
Approximately two thousand peo-
daughter of Franklin Lee and Born March 9, 1930, in
ple were present at the funeral.
Virginia Nottingham Cackley. Beckley, he was the son of
t i c h took place from the late home, Her husband, Joel Penick Beaulah Weiford Beard, of
one o'clock, Monday afternoon. Beard, and a brother, William Beckley, and the late Lynn
The services were conducted by Harvey Cackley, preceded her Beard.
the Rev. D. McD. Monroe, who was in death. He was a tool and die maker
[assisted by the Rev. J. D. Marshall, Mrs. Beard is survived by repairman in Huntington.
i and interment followed in the Arbo- two daughters, Mrs. John Surviving hira, in addition
j vale cemetery, with the burial rites [Mary Frances] Stulting, of to his mother, are seven
| in charge of Smith and Son, of Mar- Charlottesville, Virginia, and children and one grand-
linton. Mrs. Hubert [Virginia Lee] child; three brothers, Ralph
Mr. Beard had been' associated Callison, of Hillsboro; five Beard, of Dallas, Pennsylvania,
with road construction work for a grandchildren and three great- Hay Beard, of Chesapeake,
number of years, and was compet- grandchildren. Virginia, and Guy Beard, of
ent and efficient foreman. Besides Funeral services were held Flag, Arkansas.
' the ^members of his family, and oth- Tuesday afternoon at 3 p. m. in Funeral service were held
| er relatives, he leaves a large circle the Callison home by the Rev. Monday in VanReenen Funeral
i of friends who will regret his death, J. D. Arbuckle, with burial in Home by the Rev. Jack Ar-
i and v to Green- Oak Grove Cemetery. buckle, with burial in Oak
I bank distr Grove Cemetery at Hillsboro*
g|HI Mathew Lee Beard
Mathew Lee Beard, aged 85 years, JOSIAti UWUKNE BEARD James E. Beard
James Edward Beard, aged 45
die i Thursday, May 12, 1938, after a In the death of Josiah Osborne
long illness. On Saturday afternoon Beard at his home at Greenbank, years, died Saturday morning,
his body was buried in the family West Virginia, on January 28,* 1924, December 13, 1958, from a shot
graveyard on the plantation west of Pocahontas county and this section gun blast in his chest. Apparent-
[lillsboro. The funeral was conduct of the State lost one of its substantial ly he was putting the gun in his
ed from the home by his p.istor, Rev. and influential citizens. .He was truck when it accidentally dis-
E Knight, of the Oak Grove Presby- born at Lewisburg, West Virginia, charged. He was preparing to
terian Church. April-29, 1847 and thus at his death go to Jerryville, in Webster
Thus is chronicled the passing of was *76 years 8 months and 29 days of
one of our most promintnt citizens age. Surviving him are his wife,
County, to set up an office there
nd one of the best men Pocahontas Eveline Yeager Beard, daughter of for the Beckley Coal and Coke
bounty ever produced. lie was a son the late John Yeager, and seven Company, by whom he was em-
of the late William T and Mary Mc- children, Irb. Leslie and Monroe of ployed as a bookkeeper.
Neel Beard. His brother, Edgar, Arbovale, Sheriff Brown B. Beard, of Born April 8,1913, at Hillsboro,
died many years since. He married Bartow, Mrs, W. N. Snedegar, and he was the son of the late George
Miss Emma Clark, daughter of the Mrs. Don Harper, of Elkins and and Grace McCarty Beard.
late Sherman Clark, who preceded Mrs. W. A. Arbogast of Morgan-
him January i, 1919. Their surviv- town, also ons sister, Mrs He is survived by his wife,
ing sons are Henry, Assessor of Poca- Elizabeth Burner, of Durbin and one Lillian Hook Beard.
hontas County, and Joel; their daugh- half-sister, Mrs. Virginia Chapman, A veteran of World War II,
ters, Mrs J. 0. Johnson, Mrs Eric 1 of Rich wood. Six children preceded he served in the Navy's Construc-
Clutter and Miss Leeta. A son, j him to the grave, Blanch, Fannie
M. L. Jr., died about 16 months ago: ] Cleveland, Arthur, Joe, Quade, Mrs. tion Battalion. He was a mem-
another son, Earl, met death by Bertie Clark and Mrs. Ruby Eyeli m ber of the American Legion, Vet-
drowning in the Blue Hole, near Hills- ^Kerr. There are thirty-three grand eran of Foreign Wars, and In-
boro, on January 4, 1924, and their children and two greatgrandchildren. dependent Order of Odd Fellows.
oldest son, Sherman, died when a Mr. Beard has been in failing He was a member of the Mar-
student in Hampden Sydney College health for some weeks. Everything linton Methodist Church where
in 1911. that medical skill and careful nurs- I funeral services were held M Miday
In his veins coursed the blood of ing could render was given but he
such pioneer firs . families as Beard, | afternoon by his pastor, the Rev.
gradually grew weaker. The funeral j Herbert Pennington, Jr. Burial
McNeel, Edmiston, Poige, Wallace service was conducted at the home
and Warwick, and it can be truly on Wednesday, January 30, at ten
was in the Oak Grove Cemetery
sM his life fulfilled the high tradi o'clock by his pastor, Rev. L. S. I at Hillsboro.
tions of such fine ancestry. Shires assisted by Rev. M. D. Monroe,
Mr Beard was the largest individu- after which he was lain to rest in the Ryce S. Beard
al land owner and the heaviest tax- Arbovale cemetery. The large crowd
payer of this county. A lasting in attendance at his funeral regard- Ryce S. Beard died July 11,
memorial to his broad vision and puL- less of the very severe weather was 1957, in Hopemont Sanitarium
lic spirit is the Hillsboro High School an evidence of the high esteem in after a long illness. He was born
Its establishment in no s Lall part which he was h d d by the citizens of January 11, 1901, a son of the late
was due to his efforts and influence the county. Forrest and Rachel Clark Beard.
as member and president of the Lev- When only sixteen years of age
els District Board of Education. To
Mr. Beard volunteered for service in He is survived by his wife, Odell
the last year of his life he took an
the Confederate army and served his Ware Beard, and six children;
active and intelligent Interest in pub- Carl, of Perry Point, Maryland;
lic affairs. Only last summer he took country faithfully until the close of
a promiment place in the state co:i the war as a member of Company D , Edward, of the U. S. Army; Arn-
vention of farmers at Jackson Mill. Fourteenth Virginia Cavalry. At old, Richard, Lillian and Howard,
In religion, Mr Beard wis a u*em the opening of the campaign of 1864 all at home. Also surviving are
tier of the church of his fathers, th the Fourteenth" was in Greenbrier three sisters; Mrs. Laura Weiford,
Presbyterian. He took an active par and Monroe counties. They were of Parkersburg, Mrs. Clara King,
in of The Kingdom, and ordered to Staunton to join the forces of East Port, Maryland, and Eda
supported liberally all its causes As trying to oostrttct or delay Hunter Beard, of Charleston; and three
a Ruling E der he was prominent in onhi s march to Lynchburg. General
John McCausland. now living in brokers; Luther, of East Port,
the affairs of his congregation and in Clarence and Forrest; of Hillsboro.
the courts of his church Mason county was in command of the
While a man of big affairs, taking Brigade of Cavalry of which the Funeral services were held on
the place of leader in civil, business Fourteenth was a part. They did July 13 at the E. U. B. Church at
good service in the task assigned
and religious life of t.b£ counts, i
them. The regiment saw its hardest Junior, with interment in the
would remember my ^er»i!e kinsman Trinity Cemetery.
ii the man of the kindiy, understand- service in the Valley Campaign of
ing heart; who met the great of the that vear under Early. After beat
earth on equal footing, yet deferred ing Hunter at Lynchburg and pursu
ing him as far as Salem, Early set out DIED
to the feelings of a child; whom
wealth did ,ol make proud, nor hon- down the Valley to threaten Wash- Josiah Paul Beard, a^ed 62 years,
ors spoil, nor personal sorrow and be ington. They crossed the P o t o m ^ of Hillsboro, died October 0, J935,
reavemenc • robitter. and defeated General Lew Wallac^ | after a short illness of double pneu
Monocacy. For a while this » s w « monia. On Friday afternoon his
quite a severe battle. The , g * J ? body was buried in Oak Grove ceme-
^eenth took an active part in i g^cg; tery, the funeral being conducted
=a number of ? ts men. Ttisj | * , . = " from the Presbyterian church by his
on, got in fr ^ o i ^ ^ ^ pastor. Rev. Marlin Curry,
had to retire The deceased was a son of the late
east works occ Moffett and Nannie Crouch Biard
K h t ' s c c r p s from Grant, Of his fathers family there remain
front of Richmond. The one son. G. C Beard and three daugh
was with McCausland W
ters, Mrs Mary McNeel, Mrs Pearl
ed Chambersburg_ an<- Nickeli and Mrs Grace Irvine
He is su/vived by his wife, wlv
was Miss Grace Kinnison and I
sik children. Lynn Beard, Mrs L>
Price, Mrs Nan Cooper, Mrs Pt r
McMillion, Er.hel, Annette and Paul.
( ^
Neil H. Beard Miss Mayo C. Beard SAMUEL MONROE BEARD
Neil H. Beard, of Sharon, Miss Mayo C. Beard, 62, of Samue 1 Monroe Beard, son of
Pennsylvania, died Friday, July 8, Beard, died instantly of a heart Josiah Osborne Beard and Eve-
1994, in Clepper Convalescent attack while visiting friends in sine Medora Yeager, was born
Home, in Sharon, age 63. ,'Marlinton Friday, November near Green Bank, M a r c h 25,
Mr. Beard was born October 16, 15, 1963. 1886, and died at his home at,
1930, in Green Bank, the son of Miss Beard was a beloved Green Bank. Friday, November
Merle M. and Madeline M. Hollen 24, after a long illness, aged 64
teacher in Pocahontas County yean, 7 months, 29 days.
Beard. schools, having taught for forty
A 1948 graduate of Sharon High years in various schools. At On June 5, 1912, he married
School, he earned a degree in the time of her death she was Mary Brown. To this union four
electrical engineeringfromwhat is a teacher in Hillsboro Graded children were born: Dorr Fenton
School. Beard, at home; Elisabeth Hev-
now Youngstown State University ener, of Sharon, Pa.; Nell Lo-
in 1956. She was honored as a County raine Mullenax, a n d Margaret
Before retiring, he was an "Teacher of the Year" a few Monroe Offutt, of Arbovale; also
electrical engineer for years ago. Miss Beard was three grandchildren, all of whom
Westinghouse Electric Corp., active in the work of Beard survive. He is also survived by
Pittsburgh, from 1956-1983. He Chapel of the Oak Grove Pres- one brother, Brown B. Beard, of
attended First Presbyterian Church, byterian Church. j Bartow; his twin sister, Margie
in Sharon. Beard Arbogast, of Millpoint,
He was a Korean War Air Force Born August 23, 1901, she and sisters, Nellie Bly Snedegar
veteran. was the daughter of Richard and Wilma Beard Harper, both
Mr. Beard was a member of Free M. and Bessie E. Dysard , of Elkins.
and Accepted Masons Abalon Beard. A brother, Kyle N. j Funeral services were held at!
Lodge 657, Bellevue, Beard, of Beard, survives her., I t h e family residence Sunday,
Pennsylvania. Funeral services were held | November 26, at 2 p. m., with
Surviving him are his mother, Sunday afternoon in the Oak the Rev. Quade Arbogast in
Sharon; and one brother, Patrick A. Grove Presbyterian Church, of charge, assisted by Rev. A. L.
Hermitage. which she was a member, by Tenney a n d Rev. H. Graham
His father preceded him in death. I the Rev. J. I. Prather and the Keyes. His grand-niece, Yvonne
Memorial contributions may be I Rev. Owen Lee. Burial was in Gilmore, s a n g "Jesus Saviour
made to the American Cancer ! the Oak Grove Cemetery. Pilot Me," a n d " T h e Lord's:
Society, 19 Jefferson Avenue, Prayer."
Sharon, PA 16146. Mrs. Leslie 0. Beard Interment followed in the Ar-i
E l k i n s - - - M r s . Ruby Mae Ralston bovale cemetery.
Active pall bearers were Lake
J. L. Beard * Heard, aged 69 .years, widow of Beard, Beard Kerr, Argil Arbo-
Julian Lynn Beard, 60, of the late Leslie O. Beard of Green- gast, Warren B r o w n , Forrest |
Portsmouth, Virginia, died in bank, died io an E l k i n s hospital Burner, and Vere Barkley.
Norfolk, Virginia, on Sunday on W e d n e s d a y n i g h t J u n e 29, Mr. Beard was an honest ana"
December 9, 1962. 1949, following- a brain hemor- sxemplary citizen. T h e highest
Born at Hillsboro January rhage, On S a t u r d a y afternoon ;ribute that can be paid to him.
26, 1902, he was the son of the funeral way held from the is expressed in the poem by
Mrs. Grace Kinnison Beard M y e r s home in D u r h i n by her Sam Walter Foss, "That he lived
of Sylvester, and the late Colo- pastor, Rev. G r a h a m K e y s and by the side of the road and was
nel Paul Beard. Rev. Mr. S a w y e r . Burial in the a friend to man."
Arbovale cemetery.
He is survived by h;s mother;
four sons, Ralph Beard, of T h e deceased was the widow
Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania; of the late Leslie O. Beard, who Chris R. Beard w i
Ray Beard, of Portsmouth, preceded her in death a b o u t six- Chris R. Beard, 73. of Lewis-:
Virginia; Ross Beard, of Wins teen .years since. T h e y Were the burg, died Saturday, March 14, j
ton Salem, North Carolina; p a r e n t s of eleven children, ten of 1964, in the C & O Hospital at
and Sp 5 Guy Beard, of Fort whom s u r v i v e ; Dewey R., Ber-' Clifton Forge, Virginia.
Kno'x, Kentucky; one brother. tie M c L a u g h l i n , Lillian C. K e r r , He retired in 1951 as a rail-
Paul Beard, of Washington, D. J Bonnie L. Brooks, Hallie Notting- road agent, where he had been
C.; five sisters; Mrs. Lucille ham, L a y k e , Mildred Armstrong", employed for 42 years.
Price, of Sylvester; Mrs. Nancy W a w a G i l m o r e , J o s e p h i n e Myers, Mr. Beard had lived in Lew-
Cooper, of Strickney; Mrs Jeanne Irons. isburg for eight years and was
Pearl Miller, of Shinnston; Mrs. Beard was a d a u g h t e r of a member of the Old Stone
Anneite Beard, of Huntington; the late J o h n H e n r y and Sarah Presbyterian Church and was
and Mrs. Ethel Wallace, of Patience H a m i l t o n Ralston, of a ruling elder emeritus.
Oak Hill. McDowell, Virginia. She vas a Survivors include his wife,
Funeral services were held [life long m e m b e r of the P r e s o y - Mrs. Miitie F. Beard; two dau-
i Wednesday in the Oak Grove ! terian C h u r c h . ghters, Mrs. Wilma B. Sheets,
M'terian Church at Hills- of Oak Hill, and Mrs. Ruth B.
^ Rev. J. I. Prather, Dr Walter C Beard, a^ed 80xyears,
Jennings, of Frank, and one
m the Oak Grvvi a son of the late Dr. Samuel Beard, grandson.
died at the home of his brother, Satn Funeral services were held
uei Beard, in Lewisbur^, Sunday. Tuesday afternoon in the Wal-
May 28, 1939, after a long illness. lace and Wallace Funeral Home
Burial in the family plot in the ceoi in Lewisburg by the Dr. Rob-
tery at the Old Stone Church on Tues
day afternoon. For fifty years Dr. ert Pfrangle. Burial was in the
Beard had practiced medicine in Al Arbovale Cemetery.
derson. retiring in 1934, He is sur
rived by his brother, Samuel, and
his fsfcer, Miss Emma Beard.
Ray C Beard
Ray Cameron Beard, 51, of Hits Annie A. Beard 1 / Mrs. W. W. Beard
Chesapeake, Virginia, died Mrs, Annie A. Beard, 827 of Mrs. Minnie May Beard, aged
Wednesday, March 21, 1979, Becklev, died Wednesday, Jan- 72, of Clarksburg, died in the
in a Portsmouth hospital. uary 26, 1972, in Raleigh Gen- Broaddus Hospital at Philiopi,
He was a native of Wert eral Hospital following a short c i Sunday, March 29, 1959, fol-
Virginia. He was shipfitter in* illness. lowing an extended illness.
spector at Norfolk Naval Ship- Bom in Hightown. Virginia, She was born January 15, 1887,
yard, where he worked 33 November 26, 1889, she was in Kansas. She was the daugh-
years. He was a Marine Corps a daughter of the late Newton ter of the late Thomas and Mar-
veteran of World War II. He and Lucy Woods. garet Loretta Smith Archer.
was a member of Court Street She was a member of the Surviving are her husband,
Baptist Church, member of Beckley First Baptist Church William Yvarwick Beard; three
Portsmouth Moose Lodge 898, and was a housewife. daughters; Mrs. Page (Minnie
and assistant scoutmaster of Survivors include three s ons, Merle) of Lost Creek, Mrs.
B oy Scout Troop 215. Jojin G. Beard, Jr., and Joe Charles (Vivian) Evans of Salem,
Surviving are his wife, Ella W. Beard, both of Becklev, Oregon, and Mrs. Frank (Evalyn)
U. Beard; two daughters, Mrs. and James C. Beard, of Mul- Bennett of Fairbanks, Alaska;
Gail L. Montgomery, of Ports- lens; one daughter, Mrs Ralph two sons, W. E. Ody of Bremer-
mouth, Virginia, and Miss (Alice) Wbitener, of Annan- ton, Washingtr , and Eugene Ooj
Lynette Faye Beard, at home; dale, Virginia; one sister, Mrs. of Oraville, California; two broth-
a son,' Donald R. Beard, of Mary Wood Maynor, of May- ers, Oliver Archer of Spokane,
Chesapeake; two brothers. nor; ten grandchildren, and Washington and Gilbert Archer
Ralph J. Beard, Dallas, Penn- two great-grandchildren. of Tacoma, Washington, and ten
sylvania, and Guy W. Beard, grandchildren.
Funeral services were held Mrs. Beard was a member of
of Leslie, Arkansas; and a Fridav morning in the Beck-
granddaughter. ley First Baptist Church by the First Presbyterian Church of
Funeral services were held Dr. Kenneth Swank, with Clarksburg and tl.3 Robinson
Friday, in Snellings Funeral graveside rites in the after- Bible Class of that church.
Home Chapel, at Portsmouth noon in the Arbovale Ceme- Funeral services were held Vv cu
by Dr. Wilbur L. Kersey. Boy tery at Arbovale. nesday, April \ at the Davis Fu-
Scouts of Troop 215 were pall- neral Home in Clarksburg by
bearers. Burial was in Green- Dr. Paul E. Francis. Interment
Thaiaas L Beard j was made in tho Brdgapurt Ceme-
lawn Memorial Gardens.
Thomas L. Beard, aged 67, died tery.
at his home in the Levels on Sat-
Qy MM. Mlitii t, imi urday, January 20, 1945. Two Mrs. T. L. Beard
Mrs. Mittie F. Beard, 86, of days before.his death he suffered Mrs. Mary Kincaid Beard, age
Bartow, died Friday, February a stroke of paralysis. On Tues- 74 years, of Mill Point, died in
10, 1978, in Pinecrest Hospi- day afternoon the funeral was the Greenbrier Valley Hospital
tal, Beckley, after a long ill* conducted from the home by his at Ronceverte on Thursday, June
ness. pastor, Rev. J. K. Fleming of 11, 1959, after a short illness.
the Oak Grove Presbyterian
Born September 29,1891, at Church; interment in MciNeel cen\ Born at Frankford February 15,
Hematite, Virginia, she was a etery. 1885, she was a daughter of the
daughter of the late Alec and late Dr. James and Alice White
Nettie King Hardbarger. Mr. Beard is survived by his Kincaid. ^er^husband was the
Mrs. Beard had lived in Vhiry Kincaid Beard. late Thoma^e£p#ard.
and their son, Carl, of the Unite!
Lewisburg for fifteen years be- States Navy, somewhere in the Surviving^hS^ire a son, Carl
fore her illness. She was a South Pacific. Also by his cluugrh^ George Beard, of Raleigh, North
member of the Old Stone ters, Mrs. Cecil Ferguson, Mrs Carolina; three step-daughters,
Church at Lewisburg, Albert Covington and Mrs. Leo Mrs. Cecil J. Ferguson, of Hunt-
Surviving are two daughters, Ruck man. ington, Mrs. Lee Ruckman, of
Mrs. Wilma Sheets, Oak Hill, Mr. Beard was ; son of the late Marlinton, and Mrs. Albert Cov-
and Mrs. Ruth Jennings, Bar- Edgar and Lucy McNeel Beard. ington, of Washington, D. C ;
tow, and a grandson. His brother is Carl G. Beard, of and two sisters, Miss Edith White
Graveside rites were held Hillsboro; and his sister, Mrs. Kincaid and Miss Byrna Kincaid,
Monday at 2 p. in, in the Ar» Zed S. Smith, Jr., of Marlinton. both of Frankford.
bovae Cemetery with Rev* Funeral services were held Sun-
Jack Arbi2ckte &-charge* Mrs. Georgia Callison Beard day afternoon in the Oak Grove
Mrs. Georgia Callison Beard, Presbyterian Church at Hillsboro
aged 70 years, wife of G. C. Beard by the Rev. J. K. Fleming and
died at her home in Hillsboro. the Rev. Horace T. Allen. Burial
Wallace Warwick Beard, the She hr.d been in failing health for was in the McNeel Cemetery.
seventh child born to Josiah and many months.
Rachel Poague Beard, was bora De
cember 13, 1838 and departed this Mrs. Beard was a daughter of
life after a brief illness caused by a the late Thomas Callison, of Lo-
fall, July 8, 1926, having reached the cust Creek. Her mother's name
venerable age of 87 years, six was Miles. She became the wife
months and twenty-five days. Upon of G. C. Beard, who survives.
I the outbreak of the Civil War Mr, Their son, Frank, preceded his
! Beard joined the Confederate forces mother in death some years ago.
' and served throughout the war
i Returning from the war he took up The funeral was held from the
j the life of a farmer and stock raiser, home on Wednesday afternoon, |
Ifirston Greenbrier River at what is by Eev. R. D. Marshall and Rev.
I Beard station and afterward at his J. K. Fleming. Interment in the
cemetery at old Droop Church. •®o
way c. Beard Mrs. Grace K. Beard W. W. Beard
Ray Cameron Beard, 51, of William Warwick Beard
Mrs. Grace Kinnison Beard, of Lost Creek, formerV•Ivof
Chesapeake, Virginia, died 87, died Monday, November
Wednesday, March 21, 1979, Hillsboro, died Monday, Mlarch
28. 1966, at the home of her 21, 1966, in a Clarksburg hos-
in a Portsmouth hospital daughter, Mrs. LUCHIP Pn'cp.of pital after a long illness.
He was a native of Weat Sylvester, ^ft^r a long illness.
Virginia. He was shipfitter in- Born at Beard, February 7,
She was nm-e^ed in dpath 1880, he was a son of the late
spector at Norfolk Naval Ship- by her husband, Paul B^ard.
yard, where he worked 33 Wallace W. and Prudence Hut-
years. He was a Marine Corps Survivors include five dau- ton Beard.
veteran of World War II. He ghters. Mrs. Nanov Cooper r*f He was a retired farmer ai
was a member of Court Street Twilight Mrs. Ethel WH]?oe, forestry service worker,
Baptist Church, member of of Oak Hill, Mrs. Pearl Miller, His wife, Mrs. Minnie M
Portsmouth Moose Lodge 898, of Clarksburg, Miss Annette Beard, preceded him in death
and assistant scoutmaster of Beard, of Charleston. ? n d
Mrs. Lu<»il'e Pri^e, of Sylvester; Survivors include one dau<
B oy Scout Troop 215. ethter, Mrs. Page Ferree, o!
one son, Paul Peard, of Fair-'
Surviving are his wife, Ella fax. V'reinia; 11 grandchildren Lost Creek, and one sister,
U, Beard; two daughters, Mrs. and 26 great-grandchildren. Mrs. Ada Kruser, of Oak i ale
Gail L. Montgomery, of Ports- California, and one grandson
mouth, Virginia, and Miss Funeral services were h^ld Jeffrey Warwick Ferree.
Lynette Faye Beard, at home; Wednesday afternoon in thf, Funeral services were hel<
a son, Donald R. Beard, of Oak Grove P r e s b y t i a " Chur- Wednesday afternoon in th
Chesapeake; two brothers, ch at Hillsboro by the Per. j Oak Grove Presbyterian Chur-
Ralph J. Beard, Dallas, Penn- Leonard Maddy. PUHPI was ch at Hillsboro by the Rev.1
sylvania, and Guy W. Beard, in the Oak Grove Cerretery a< ' Harry D. Painter with buria
of Leslie, Arkansas; and A Hillsboro. in the Oak Grove Cemetery,
Funeral services were held Miss Annette Beard Josia** ^ o o d s Beard was born Jun
Friday, in Snellinga Funeral Miss Annette Beard 58 of 16, 1856, at Hillsboro, West Virgioi,
Home Chapel, at Portsmouth rnd died here after a brief illness
by Dr. Wilbur L. Kersey. Boy 7 1972 J ^ d ^ M e m b e r viarch 6, 1933. aged 81 years, eigh
Scouts of Troop 215 were pall- mni-oiVr' n - the T h ° m a s Me- nonths and twenty days. He spen
Hospital after lis childhood and youth in his nativ
bearers. Burial was in Green-
lawn Memorial Gardens. §B£ *»«« Hate. At the age ot 21 years
;ame to Tipton, Iowa, and starte
Ct ber 3l 1 9 1
mZrn Z > ^ at arming. He was married Octobe
Fred Beard . i Hillsboro, she was a daughter 8,1889 to Anna Kisher at Wheat
of the late J. Paul and Grace itid, Iowa. After living there tvi
J a m e s F r e d e r i c k Beard, aged I Kinnison Beard. ears they moved to Kossoui
M years, died a t his home in Ron ! RISJK
£ a m e mber of the ; unty. Iowa. He came to Spriri
c e v e r t e on F r i d a y , M a r c h 5, 1943 /alley in 1931; the year followin
Hillsboro Presbyterian Church is wife c'iad. His son Leo died
He had been an invalid for m a n y
years. On S u n d a y afternoon fu- e r sM res <r Lr Ui nC^I IV d e p f o. u r •ta-
tkers, nfancy, but five children survive
jrale of Irvington, Miss Mima,
neral service was conducted from Sylvester, Mrs. Nancv Con Cherokee. Glen of Spring Valley,
t h e h o m e by his p a s t o r , Rev. R. Per, of Winston-Salem y No??h tester of Mendota, Iowa, and Mr
b. M c C l u n g ; i n t e r m e n t i i t h e Mith Henderson, of Lincoln. Nt
family plot in t h e H u n t e r s v i l l e Services were held at 1 1 a m . We
c e m e t e r y . T h e pallbearers were Mil2? k 0 ? , i , u. a n d . M
™- Ann .itsday from in- Jorris Funeral Hon
Modern W o o d m e n — C h a r e s A. conducted by Rev A, H Mauman
bharp,, J a c k Richardson, J T Songs were sung by Mr and Mrs L<
Mason, J . W . Mason, F o r r e s t en Terbust, accompanied by Mrs H
b h a r p and Calvin W . P r i c e .
Funeral services were held vlathison. Interment was nude in
Saturday afternoon in the IrVingion, Iowa. MH
M r Beard is survived by his Armstrong Funeral Home
wife, t h e f o r m e r Miss B*fcn
J a c k s o n , and t h e i r son Noel. « e v- W. Howard Gwinn Jr Mrs. Nannie Crouch Beard died at
. T h e deceased was t h e son of •Run.I was in the AtkinJ & £
he late J o h n J . and M i n e r v a ir home at Beard, Pocahontas coun-
*t Naoma. on Sunday, January 10, 1926. For
j fcdmiston Beard. H e was reared b
few days she had been ill with
| at Huntersville. H i s father was
clerk of t h e P o c a h o n t a s C o u r t s ve eumonia. Her age was about 79
, ars. Burial at the Oak Groye
j tor years. 3meteTV; the service being conduct-ct-
I by L oastor, Rev. J. C. Johnsoi
Mrs. . -d was the widow of ti
iafce Lieut mt Henry Moffett Bean
who died nearly forty years ago, $
(Their children are Mrs. Maiy Me-
Neeland Mrs. W. L. Ervih, of IJlUsh
boro, Mrs. French Nickell, of Bon-
ce verfce. R M., J. P. and G. C. Beard.
j Two sons, Jacob W. and Harry, pre-
/ ceded their mother to the grave.
Mrs. Beard's maiden uame was
j Crouch, SL .*£ember of a prominent
family of Randolph coun ty. She WSLS
' an exceptional woman and the world
is the better for her having lived in
it. All her life she was a devoted
:&7) christian and a member of the church
of ! er fathers, the Presbyterian. W•
Mattie Catherine Beverage died at
Neal Beverage t h e Marlinton Hospital March 13.
Woodrow W. Beverage 1924, aged 20 one month and 28 days.
Lawrence Neal Beverage, She was the daughter of Jacob (de-
Woodrow W. "Woodie" 81, died Friday, October 1,
Beverage, 78, a resident of Valley ceased) and Nancy A. Beverage who
1976, in the Pocahontas Me- is now Mrs. Nancy A. Sharp. She
Bend, passed away Tuesday, morial Hospital. leaves her mother, three brothers—
August 22, 1995, in the Davis Mr. Beverage was a retired Adam, Cllfwson and Lee," and four
Memorial Hospital, Elkins. farmer and blacksmith and sisters—Mrs. Owen Kellison, Mrs. E.
Mr. Beverage was born was a mtmber of the West G. Galford, Mrs. Arnott McNeill and
September 11, 1916, at Bartow, a Mrs Milburn Sharp. All were pres-
Uniou Methodist Church. ent at her funeral which was con-
son of the late Harper and Bessie
Rexroad Beverage. He was bom at Onoto, Au- ducted at her mother's home on Sat-
gust 81,1895, the son of Uriah urday the 16tih by her pastor, Rev.
He was married to Doris W. and Virginia B. Townsend N. S. Hill of the M. E. Church, and
Snyder, who survives at Valley Beverage. her body was then taken to the home
Bend. grave yard on the head of Stony Creek
Also surviving are one son, Preceding bim in death were near Onoto, where her deceased fa-
James W. Beverage, Atlanta, his wife, Annie Lange Bever- ! ther was buried thirteen years ago.
Georgia; two daughters, Pamela L. age; three brothers, George Mattie was preparing herself for use-
Beverage, Harrisonburg, Virginia, Amos, Howard Wade and | fulness. She had completed the free
Charles A. Beverage, and a school course and had attended high
and Penelope "Penny" Patton, of sister, Mrs. Lucy F. Davis. school one year, but on account of
Morgantown; two grandchildren. failing health and an operation for
Also preceding him in death Survivors include a daugh- appendicitis ^ie g up going to high
were six brothers and five sisters. ter, Thelma B. Allen, of Tam- school this year and decided to be a
Mr. Beverage was a graduate pa, Florida, a stepdaughter, trained nurse, so she was in training
of Green Bank High School and Mrs. Pearl Lanier, of North in the Marlinton Hospital. i$he had
Carolina; a brother, William begun her work of training eight
was a veteran of World War II Frank Beverage; three sisters, months ago,tand Drs. Solter and Yea-
having served in the U. S. Army Rosa E. Sharp, Slatyfork, ger of the Hospital, and Miss Flack,
during the Italian, Daisy Ann Gay, of Gallipolis, superintendent, say she. was making
Algerian-Moroccan and Tunisian Ohio, and Bertie A. Beverage, a r^coM breaker %s a nurse The
Campaigns. He was awarded the of Marlinton; and two grand- aurses and patients in the Hospital
Purple Heart with one Oak Leaf give her the greatest praise for being
children. kind, and affectionate and always
Cluster and the Bronze Star. Funeral services were held ready and willing at her post of duty.
He received his B. S. degree in Tuesday afternoon in Van- The superintendent and nurses did
agriculture from West Virginia Reenen Funeral Home by the all they could to show respect after
University in 1948. He worked as a Rev. Ezra Bennett and Rev. her death. They also sent many
soil scientist for the U. S. Alfred Gum, with burial in the beautiful flowers. The people in gen
Department of Agriculture, Soil Cochran Cemetery. eral did everything t h a t could bs
Conservation Service in Elkins for J done to show thei/ respect to this
26 years. He was appointed Survey i much beloved girl. Mattie was a
Supervisor for the Tygart Valley j Sunday School scholar since child-
Mrs. Neal Beverage hood. She was a lover of music and
Soil Conservation District for the I had learned both vocal and instru
northern half of West Virginia. In Mrs. Anna Lucy Lange Bev-
erage, 79, of Mirlinton. died | mental. She made a profession of
1971, he was selected to serve as a religion at the age of twelve years
soil scientist with the Agency of Saturday, April 28 1973,in the
Davis Memorial Hospital in I She had a bright prospect but we
International Development on a : crust t h a t our loss is Heaven's gain.
demonstration project area in India. Elkins. She had had a bad She is gone, our precious Mattie,
He had also worked on many heart condition for a long time. To the realms of peace and love
special projects as a soil scientist Born at Marlinton June 11, !
I She is gone just over yonder,
during his career. After serving a 1893, she was the daughter of To t h a t blessed home above.
training period at Weston in Lewis the late John W. and Mary E. A Friend.
County, he was transferred to Lange.
Elkins where he spent the next 26 She was a member of the
years except for three or four Methodist Church. Brian Keith Beverage
special assignments. Four brothers, Elliott, Han- fant son of Mr. and Mrs.
During his time in India, he son, Wallace and William ,h Edward Beverage, of
gave training to four groups of soil Lange, and one sister, Lucy »riinton, W. Va. was stillborn
scientists and others from different Armstrong, preceded her in jesday, October 21, 1975, in
parts of India. He left India with a death. tcred Heart Hospital in Rich-
modern soil survey report for the Surviving her are her hus- ood, W. Va.
10,000 acre project area. band, Lawrence Neal Bever- Surviving are maternal grand
Mr. Beverage was a member of age, and one daughter, Mrs. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl
the Valley Bend United Methodist Pearl Lanier, of Piedmont, Sutton, of Huntersville, W. Va.,
Church, Tygarts Valley Lions South Carolina. and paternal grandparents are
Club, West Virginia Association of Funeral services were held
Professional Soil Scientists, the Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Beverage,
Wednesday afternoon, in the of Marlinton, W. Va.
W VU Alumni Association and was VanReeten Funeral Home
a member of the Randolph Lodge Graveside services were held
Chapel by the Rev. Ezra Ben- Thursday afternoon at 2 p. m.
N0.55AF&AM. nett and the Rev. Alfred Gum,
Services were held at 2 p.m. in the family cemetery at Ed-
with burial in the Cochran ray.
Friday at the Valley Bend United Cemetery.
Methodist Church by the Rev.
Carroll McCauley, the Rev, Donald
Fitzwater, and the Rev. Walter
Blough. Burial was in the Arbovale
Cemetery with Masonic rites.
Mrs. Mary Woodsie Beverage
Mrs Jesse Beverage Mrs. Mary Woodsie Bever- Mrs. Goldie M . Beverage
Mrs. Emma Lillian Lantz Bev- age was born February 12, Mrs. Goldie May Beverage*
erage, was born February 18th, 1889, and died Friday, April 3, 68, died Monday, January 26,
1895, at Blue Grass, Virginia, 1964, in the Denmar State 1976, in Bath County Commu-
and departed this life on Septem- Hospital after a long illness. nity Hospital.
ber 20, 1954, at the age of 59 She was born in Randolph She was born in Herndon,
years and seven months and two County, a daughter of the late November 6, 1907, a daughter
days. Thomas and Mary Houchin. of the late Brice F and Hattie
On July 2, 1913, she was united Her family moved to Pocahon- Elizabeth Williams Bailey.
in marriage to Jesse Beverage, tas County when she was five Surviving are her husband,
who survives. To this union was years old, where she spent the Charles Cable Beverage of
born nine children, one of whom, remaining years of her life. Healing Springs, Virginia; two
Walter Lee, departed this life on She was united in marriage daughters, Mrs, Nancy G. Ry-
April 17, 1920, at the age of eight to Walter K. Beverage, Decem- der, of Covington, and Mrs.
months and 26 days. The eight ber 25, 1912. To this union Shirley M. Durvett, Pompano,
surviving children are, two dau- five children were born. Beach, Florida; one son, Char-
ghters, Mrs. Glen Hefner, of Mar- les C. Beverage, Jr., Boca Ra-
linton, and Viola, at home; and Survivors include her hus- ton, Florida; four sisters, Mrs.
six sons, Howard, of Marlinton; band, Walter K. Beverage, Louis Czajkowaski. Mrs. Mar-
Kenny, of Rich wood; Paul, of who now resides with his son, tha Lindsay, Mrs. Louis Way-
Marlinton; Carl, of Richwood; at Stuarts Draft, Virginia, land and Mrs. Ruby^tllen, all
Lake, of Baltimore, Maryland, one daughter, Mrs. Garnet of Baltimore, Maryland; two
and Roscoe, of Marlinton. Hoover, of Detroit, Michigan; brothers, Charles Bailey, Balti-
three sons, Earl Beverage, of more, and George Bailey, of
She is survived by eighteen Man, Carl Beverage, of Keyser Orange, Virginia, and eight
grandchildren and also a brother, and Ward Beverage, of Stuarts grandchildren. One brother
Lee Lantz, and a sister, Mrs. Draft, Virginia, one sister, Mrs. preceded her in death.
Betty Gum, both of Monterey, Lee Bonner, of Webster Springs
Virginia. Services were held Wednes-
brothers, Cecil Houchin, day afternoon from Healing
For many years she was a mem- of Durbin, and Elmer Houchin, Springs, Baptist Church with
ber of the West Union Methodist of South Charleston, and five the Rev. Warren Rollins offici-
Church. grandchildren. ating. Interment was in the
The funeral was conducted at The oldest son died in in- Warm Springs Cemetery.
the West Union Methodist fancy. Attending the funeral from
Church on Wednesday afternoon Funeral services were con- this area were Harry Beverage,
at 2:00 p. m., with Rev. R. H. ducted Monday morning in Mr. and Mrs. WalkeHBeverage,
Skaggs and Rev. G. S. Barrett the Wanless Methodist Church Melinda, Larry, and James,
officiating. Burial was in the of which she was a member by Mr. and Mrs. Olen Fitzgerald,
Cochran Cemetery on Stony; the Rev. Jack Miller. Her Mr. and Mrs Eugene Beverage
Creek. I body was laid to rest in the and Michelle.
MRS. SUSAN BEVERAGE Bethel Cemetery.
A precious one from us has
Los Angeles- -Funeral services
gone, Mrs. Effie Beverage
were held Wednesday, November A voice we loved is stilled.
9th, for Mrs Susan Barnett Bev- j A place is vacant in our hearts, Mrs. Effie Loudermilk Bever-
jerage, aged 76, who died here on age, 96, formerly of Buckeye,
j Saturday following hospitalization Which never can be filled.
lied Tuesday, December 27,
jas result of a heart attack suffered 1966, at the Denmar State
six weeks previous. The Rev. MRS. ETHEL WIMER BEVERAGE Hospital, at Beard.
Vance Herring presided at the Mrs. Ethel Wimer Beverage, aged She was the daughter of the
[rites, which were held in the 40 years, 5 months and 21 days, , late David and Margaret
Chapel of the Chirms, Icglewood : wife of Charles A. Beverage, died Loudermilk, of Frankford.
{Cemetery, where interment was j at her home near Buckeye on Wed-
I made. nesday, February 5, 1941t On Fri- Her husband, Boud Bever-
day her body was buried in the Bev- age, preceded her in death.
Mrs. Beverage is survived by Survivors include two dau-
: her d a u g h t e r s , Mrs. Mabel Cow- erage family cemetery on Stony
herd Moak, West Los Angeles; Creek, the service being conducted ghters, Mrs. Page Davis, of
jand Mrs. Val Sherrill, H u n t i n g - by her pastor, Rev. R. S. Skaggs. Marlinton. and Mrs. Mary
' t o n , W. Va ; and two g r a n d - s o n s , Mrs. Beverage was a native of Loudermilk, of Lewisburg;
E u g e n e L. C o w h e r d , W e s t Los Highland county, a daughter of Mr. three sons, Dan Beverage, of
Angeles, and David F r a n k 1 i n and Mrs. G. W. Wimer of Monterey. Marlinton, Frank Beverage, of
Sherrill of H u n t i n g t o n . Her father preceded her to the Buckeye, and Lee Beverage, of
grave eighteen years ago. Her moth-' Waynesboro, Virginia; twenty
T h e deceased was born at er survives; also a sister, Mrs. Cam- one grandchildren, forty great-
Ston.v B o t t o m , then D r i f t w o o d , eron Rexrode, and a brother, Don grandchildren and two great-
where she resided until two .years Wimer. ^reat grandchild!en,
ago, when she moved to H u n t " The deceased was the wife of Funeral services were held
i n g t o n . She had made her home Charles A. Beverage, who survives. at the Campbelltown Metho-
|in West Los Angeles since last Their children are Anna, Lee, Reba, dist Church by the Rev. Pier-
! April. Mrs. Williard Greathouse, Blanche, son and the Rev. Drake, with
Mrs. Beverage was the d a u g h - Luther and Melvin. burial in the Beverage Cem-
ter of Mr. and M r s . Stephen H o p - For a number of years, Mrs. Bev- etery.
kins B a r n e t t . H e r husband, D&- erage has been a professing Christ-
vid B e v e r a g e , passed away 12 ian, a member of the Methodist
years ago. She was a m e m b e r of Church.
the Oak G r o v e P r e s b y t e r i a n
church of Hillsboro.
Harper Wallace Beverage Charles Aadrtw Biverif •
Charles Andrew Beverage, jV JACOB M. BEVERAGE
H a r p e r Wallace Bev erage, age*
years, eeven m o n t h s and twee
80, of Baltimore, Maryland, Jacob M. Beverage was born Nov.
-two days, died at his hornv.
died March 22, 1978, after a 5th 1845, and died suddenly of heart
3ar Clover Lick, on T h u r s d a y
long illness. trouble, at the home of his son, Kob-
Born September 15, 1897, at ert in Prince Edward County, Virgin-
t o r n i n g , J u l y 12, 1951. F o r sev- ia, Feb. 29, 1920. Aged 74 years 3
ral years he had been in failing: Monterey, Virginia, he was the months and 24 days.
jealth. Burial on Sunday after- son of A. P. and Caroline Sim* Mr. Beverage retired the night be-
noon in t h e Mountain View Cem- mons Beverage. fore in his accustomed health and
tery. T h e funeral service wae On February 21, 1919, be I vigor and in the morning when he
held from the Poage Lane Church was married to Ethel Wimer, failed to rise, his wife attempting to
by Rev. Don C. T a y l o r , assisted of Monterey, Virginia. To this wake him found that his spirit had
union were born eleven chil- taken its flight.
by Rev. Ray\ Hanson. Pall bear- He came to Prince Edward County
ers were: Charles E. F a r m e r , El- dren. He was preceded in a few years ago from Pocahontas
mer B r o w n , \Varren D u n n , Wal death by bis wife, three daugh- County, W. Va. Although com ha-
ter Jovcfc, E a r n e s t Joy-ce and ters, and two sons. bere as a stranger, he soon found
0 . D. W h H e , \ ^ He is survived by four daugh- himself and family among friends,
The deceas&sqis survived by his ters, Mrs. Leonard (Anna) I who realized he was a man of start-
wife, Mrs. E d n ^ B y r d Beverage; Johnson, of Salisbury, Mary- ling worth, a conscientious christian,
land, Mrs. Ernest (Reba) having joired the M. E Church in
one sou, Earl W a l t e r Beverage, early manhood. His body was laid
and two g r a n d c h i l d r e n , Richard Greathouse, of Middle River, to rest in the Presbyterian Cemetery,
Keith Beverage and J o Ann Bev- Maryland; Mrs. Willard (Reta) on Wednesday, March 3rd. The ser-
erage; also a n u m b e r of other Greathouse, of Essex, Mary- vices were conducted by Rev. Geo.
relatives and frienus. land; Mrs. Earl (Blanche) Pa- F. Bell pastor of the Douglas Church.
Mr. Beverage w^s the son of chilis, Sr., of Essex, Maryland; He leaves to mourn his loss; his
the late J o h n A. jand Mary E . the two surviving sons, Luther wife, who before marriage was Miss
Hannah Beverage. and Charles M. Beverage, are Ilachel McLaughlin, one son, Robert;
also of Essex, Maryland. two daughters, Mrs. Savannah Waugh
He was a m e m b e r of the Mar- and Mrs. Lena Gay, with a host of
linton P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h , and In September 1943, he was friends and relatives.
he served as a faithful christian married to Hazel Scott and ''Blessed are the dead which die in
to the end. T h r o u g h the long from this union were born two the Lord. Yea, saith the spirit, that
m o n t h s of suffering his faith uev- daughters, Mrs. Graham (Jean) they may rest from their labors, and
er wavered. His sick room was a Corvin, of Woodbine, Mary- their works do follow t h e m . "
place where t h e presence of the land, and Mrs. Carl (Helen)
Good Shepherd was keenly felt; Rippeon, of Forest Hill, Mary-
He led him by the hand t h r o u g h land. His second wife also pre- Mrs. Edward C. Beverage
the valley of the shadow of deatb ceded him in death. Mrs. Margaret Alice Bever-
into the City of God, His g r t a Mr. Beverage is one of ten age, 90, of Huntersville, died
faith will ever remain a testimon children. He is also preceded Friday, July 13, 1973, in the
to those who are left behind. in death by four brothers and Denmar State Hospital after a
one sister. ten year illness. She was the
His surviving brothers and widow of Edward C. Beverage.
sisters are: Mrs. Clawson Bev- Born at Monterey, Virginia,
Hirry B. Beverap on December 22,1882 she was
erage and Mrs. Lee Beverage,
Harry B. Beverage, 72, died both of Marlinton; Jesse Bev- the daughter of the late Rob-
Tuesday, March 15, 1977, at erage, Campbelltown, Pinkey bert W. and Augusta Bird
his home near Huntersville Beverage, Buckeye; twenty Lightner. ^
from a heart attack. grandchildren; t w e n t y - t w o She was a member of the West
He was a member of the great-grandchildren. minster Presbyterian Church.
Presbyterian Church and a re- Having received Jesus Christ Mrs, Beverage is survived by
tired State Road and Tannery as his Savior in April 1975, twelve children, Cameron Bev-
worker. C*L^ Mr. Beverage shared with his erage, of Marlinton, Bob Bever-
The son of EdWard C. and children, a few days before his age, of Oakland, California,
Margaret A. Beverage, he was death, that he was ready to go. Harry Beverage, of Hunters-
born at Monterey, Virginia, Funeral services were held ville, Cable Beverage, of Hot
January 26,1205. in VanReenen Funeral Home Springs, Virginia, Mrs. Mabel
Surviving him are eleven Saturday morning by the Rev. Reed, of Pomona, California,
brothers and sisters, Cameron Kendall Hatton. Burial was Mrs. Edna Madison, qf Way.
and Walker Beverage, Marlin- in the Beverage Cemetery. nesboro, Virginia, Mrs.Nadine
ton, Robert, Oroville, Cali- Hunter, of Staunton, Virginia,
fornia, Cable, Hot Springs, Walker Beverage, of Marlinton
Virginia, Mabel Reed, Palms, Baby Beverage Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald, Green
California, Edna Madison, Nina Marie Beverage, infant Bank, Mrs. Marguerite Buz-
and Marguerite Buzzard, of daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ros- zard, of Waynesboro, Virginia,
Waynesboro, Virginia, Nad- coe Beverage, of Huntersville, Eugene Beverage, of Buckeye,
ziene Hunter, Staunton, Vir- was born on Monday, January 4, and Mrs. Mildred Mitchell, of
ginia, Helen Fitzgerald, Green 1960 and died on Wednesday, Pomona, California.
Bank, Eugene Beverage, Buck- January 6, 1960. Funeral services were held
eye, and Mildred Mitchell, Sunday afternoon in the Mar-
Pomona, California. The little body was laid to restV
in the family plot in Mountain linton Presbyterian Church by
Funeral services were held View Cemetery with graveside the Rev. Willis Cornelius, with
Friday at the VanReenen Fu- services by the Rev. R. S. Pinch.- burial in the Mountain View
neral Home by Rev. Willis Cemetery.
Cornelius, with burial in Moun-
tain View Cemetery.
W. R. Beverage Harper Beverage ^ Harper Wallace Beverage
Harper Wallace Beverage, aged
Wallace R. Beverage, aged 38, Harper Beverage, aged 76, died I 67 years, seven months and twen-
of Fenwick, Nicholas County, at his home at Bartow Friday, ty two days, died at his home
died on Wednesday, October 3L, August 21, 1959. near Clover Lick, on Thursday
1956, a t his home after a heart Surviving are his wife, Mrs. morning, July 12, 1951. For sev-
attack. On Saturday afternoon, Bessie Rexrode Beverage; four eral years he had been in failing
the funeral service was held with sons, Gray, of Durbin, Clark and health. Burial on Sunday after-
interment in Mountain View Me- Boyd, both of Bartow, and Wood- noon in the Mountain View Cem-
morial Park, ne:*r Summersville. row, of Valley Bend; four daugh- tery. The funeral service was
The deceased was a son of Mr ters, Mrs. Ethel Schwallenberg, held from the Poage Lane Church
and Mrs. Harper Beverage, of Miss Mary Frances Beverage and ! by Rev. Don C. Taylor, assisted
Bartow. He was a miner by oc- Miss Katherine Beverage, all of I by Rev. Kay Hanson. Pail bear-
cupation. Besides his pareats, Washington, D. C , and Mrs. ers wore: Charles E. Farmer, El-
he is survived by his wife, Mar- Ruth Baylor, of Alexandria, Vir- mer Brown, Warren Dunn, Wal-
guerite, and three children, Doug- ginia; one sister, Mrs. Emma ter Joyce, Earnest Joyce and
l a s , Allen and Phyllis Ruth. Al-j Wagner, of Fountain, Virginia; O. D. White,
' so by four brothers and four sis- j thirteen grandchildren, and one
ters; Gray, of Durbin,, Clark and great-grandchild. The deceased is survived by his
Boyd, of Bartow, and Woodrow, wife, Mrs. Edna Byrd Beverage;
Mr. Beverage was a farmer and
of Valley Bend; Mrs. Ethel a member of the Bartow Metho- one sou, Earl Walter Beverage,
Schwallenberg and Misses Mary dist Church from where funeral and two grandchildren, Richard
Frances and Bessie Kathryn, all services were held Sunday after- Keith Beverage and Jo Ann Bev-
cf Washington, D. C ; and Mrs. noon by the Rev. J. E. F'airburn erage; also a number of other
Ruth Baylor, of Silver Springs, -2nd the Rev. R. B. Jarrett. Bur- relatives ar \ friends.
Maryland. ! ial was in the Burner Cemetery., Mr. Beverage was the son of
the late John A. and Mary E,
Hannah Beverage.
DEATHS He was a member of the Mar-
LUTHER FORREST BEVERAGJ? linton Presbyterian Church, and
Cameron B m r a p Luther Forrest Beverage was born he served as a faithful christian
Edward Cameron Beverage, July 7, 1878, and died December 21, to the end. Through the long
78r of Route 1, Marlinton died 1940, after an illness of two weeks. months of suffering his faith nev-
Sunday, October 29, 1978, in On Sunday afternoon the funeral er wavered. His sick room was a
Pocahontas Memorial Hospi- service was conducted by Rev. J. W. place where the presence of the
tal after a lengthy illness, Pugh, from the home of Mr. and Good Shepherd was keenly felt;
A farmer, Mr. Beverage was Mrs. K. B. Wilmoth where the de- He led him by the hand through
a member of the Methodist ceased had made his home since the the valley of the shadow of death
Church and a member of the death of his father. The body was into the City of G^d. Efts grtatj
Masonic Lodge. (?> laid to rest in the Wilmoth Ceme- faith will evTer remain a te^ti^ony
He was born July 21, 1900, tery beside his father and mother. to those who are left beliiod. >/
in Virginia, the son of Edward His father, George W. Beverage Koscoe T. Beverage
C. and Margaret Lightner Bev- was 'born March 17, 1839 and died
erage. His wife, Goldie Shrader July 25, 1910. His mother, Mary Roscoe T. Beverage, 67, of
Beverage, preceded him in Virginia Swadley Beverage, was Knapps Creek, died Saturday,
death. born September 19, 1842, and died May 19, 1973, in a Philippi
March 20, i914 hospital after a long illness.
Surviving him are a son
and two daughters, Kenneth his immediate family, one sis- Born on Knapps Creek May
Beverage, of Dunmore, Mrs. ter, Mrs. Loleta Ann Varner of 15, 1906, he was the son of the
LeannaFriel, Marlinton, and €Iuntersville, survives. late Coe Beverage and Sadie
Mrs. Hertha Sweaney, of Lightner Beverage.
Charleston; 16 grandchildren William J. Beverage He was a member of the West-
and 11 great-grandchil- minster Presbyterian Church;
dren; nine brothers and sisters, William J. Beverage was born the Masonic Lodge and was a
Walker Beverage, Marlinton, January 27, 1891, in Monterey, farmer.
Eugene Beverage, Buckeye, Virginia, and departed this life Survivors include his wife,
Cable Beverage, Hot Springs, on January 14, 1946, aged 54 Mrs. Edith Sharp Beverage;
Virginia, Robert Beverage, years, 11 months and 13 days two daughters, Mary Eliza-
Mildred and Mabel Reed, all Funeral service was held in the
beth and Alma May Beverage,
of California; Edna Madison, funeral home in Princeton, on
Waynesboro, Virginia, Mar- Thursday at two o'clock, P. M. both at home; four sisters,
guerite Buzzard, of Waynes- He was laid to rest in the Prince- Mrs. Hallie Barlow, of Char-
boro, Virginia, and Helen ton cemetery beside his wife, who lottesville, Virginia, Mrs-
preceded him in death 21 years Hazel Lovell, of Baltimore,
Fitzgerald, Green Bank. Maryland, Mrs. Margie Dixon,
Services were held Wednes- ago.
of Roanoke, Virginia, and
day afternoon in Central The deceased is the son of Mrs. Mrs. Charlsie Snider, of * air-
Union Methodist Church by A. P. Leverage and the late A. P. mont, and a niece, Mrs. Ruth
the Rev. B. B. Mitcbam and Beverage, of Marlinton. Dever Roher, of Portsmouth,
Rev. Bernard Skeen, with He is survive I by his three Virginia, who was raised m
burial in Mountain View Cem- children, Billy. Roena and Doro- the Beverage home.
etery. thy, his aged mother, two sisters, Funeral services were held
Mrs. Clawson B ^ e r a g e and Mrs. Monday afternoon at the West-
Lee Beverage, of Marlinton, six minster Presbyterian Church
brothers, Jessie and Charley, of by the Rev. Willis Cornelius,
Marlinton, D. H., of Layland, with burial in the Mountain
Kenton, Martin and Pinkney, of Tr
iew Cemetery at Marlinton.
•k) Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Frsnk Beverage Walter K. Beverage
Mrs. Dennis Beveraje Mrs. Rosie Inez Loudermilk Walter Kyle Beverage, 85,
Mrs. Nona Ethel Davis Bev- Beverage, died Sunday, Sep- of Cass, died Saturday, Janu-
erage, 81, of Rupert, a former 28,1980, in the Pocahontas ary 6, 1968, in the Denmar
resident of Woodrow, died Memorial Hospital. Hospital at Beard after a long
Tuesday, January 6, 1976, in She was a member of the illness
Greenbrier Manor Nursing Baptist Church and wife of He was a lifelong resident of
Home in Fairlea. George Frank Beverage who Cass; a member of the Wanless
survives her. Methodist Church, on Back
She was the widow of Dennis Mountain, a retired farmer and
Haiti)on Beverage, who died The daughter of the late
Matthew and Laura Louder- a member of the Odd Fellows
June 17, 1968. Lodge.
She was a native of Green- milk, she was born at Frank-
ford September 23, 1902. A Survivors include one daugh-
brier County and a member of ter, Mrs. Garnet Hoover,, of
Big Clear Creek Baptist Church son and a brother, Homer, pre-
ceded her in death. Livonia, Michigan; three sons,
in Rupert Earl Beverage, of Man, Ward
Surviving her are four daugh In addition to her husband, Beverage, of Stuarts Draft,
ters, Mrs. Virginia Bos tic, of she is survived by five children, Virginia, and Carl Beverage,
Rupert, with whom she made David Beverage, Buckeye, of Clarksburg; one sister, Mrs.
her home, Mrs, Elizabeth Dempsey Beverage, Hillsboro, Mattie Houchins, of South
Wright, of Jacksonville, Flor* Mary Jaffe, Sunnyvale, Cali- Charleston; five grandchildren
ida, Mrs. Irene McCcmbs, fornia, Louise Beverage, Mar- and two great-grandchildren.
Prince, Mrs. Edith Kincaid, linton and Louze McComb,
of Fredericksburg, Virginia; Huntersville; a brother, Alfred Funeral services were held
two son9, Harry Bever g», of Loudermilk, of Frankford, and Tuesday morning in the Wan-
Richmond, Virginia, and Ran- three sisters, Blanche Miller, less Methodist Church by the
dolph Beverage, of Pittsburgh, Goldie Gabbert and Annie Gil- Rev. J. E. Fairburn with bur-
Pennsylvania; a sister, Mrs. bert, all of Lewisburg; 21 grand- ial in the church cemetery.
Rhoda Criner, of Buffalo; seven children and 28 great-grand-
grandchildren and eight great children.
grandchildren. Services will be held at 10
Services were held January 9 a. m. Thursday in the Van-
in Wallace and Wallace Fuher* Reenen Funeral Home by Rev.
al Home in Rainelle, by the Robert Higgins with burial in
Rev. Boyd Sparks, with burial the Beverage Cemetery,
in Wallace Memorial Cemetery
at Clintonville.
Wilbur Neal Beverage Garland Beyerage
Charles Cable Beverage, Jr.
Wilbur Neal Beverage, 54, of Winfred Garland Beverage,
Charles Cable Beverage, Jr., Concord, N. C, died on Tues-
42, died Thursday, February 52, of Danese, was dead on ar-
day, November 9, 1976, after rival at the Veterans Hospital
12,1976, at his Boca Raton, five weeks of critical illness fol-
Florida home following a bout at Beckley June 22, 1976, of an
lowing surgery. He was the apparent heart attack.
with cancer that first took one son of the late Amos and Em-
of his legs by amputation. ma Beverage of Marlinton. He was a veteran of World
He was a former star ath- War II and a member of Post
A World War II veteran, Mr. 62, American Legion, and Post
lete at Valley High School and Beverage settled in North Car-
was a golf pro and teacher. He 3738, Veterans of Foreign Wars.
olina in 1945 and was employ- He was a plumber.
worked for eight years with ed as a construction superin-
Sam Snead. tendent by the Godley Con- The Beverages are forriier
He was born at Hot Springs, duction Company in Charlotte. residents of Webster Springs
Virginia, July 30, 1933, a son He was a member of Poston - and Marlinton.
of Charles Cable Beverage, Sr., Perkins VFW Post. Born near Marlinton, Octo-
and the late Mrs. Goldie May Surviving are two sons, ber 1, 1923, he was the son of
Bailey Beverage, who died Jan- Michael and Stephen, both of Dan J. and Bertie A. Beverage,
uary 26, 1976. Kannapolis, N. C.; one sister, of Rt. 1, Marlinton.
He is survived by his wife, Gatha Cyr, of Southington, In addition to his parents,
Phyllis Flint Beverage, a son Conn.; three brothers, Clyde he is survived by his wife,
Charles F. Beverage; two daugh Beverage, of Marlinton, Clin- Thelma Williams Beverage; a
ters, Brenda and Christy Bev- ton Beverage, of Elkins, and daughter, Mrs. Beverly Ben-
erage, all at home; his father, Norman Beverage, of Weston; nett, of Fairmont; two sons,
Charles Cable Beverage, of and one grandchild. A half- Danny Beverage, of Ansted,
Ash wood; two sisters, Mrs. brother, Bernard Conley, pre- and John Paul Beverage, of
Nancy Ryder, of Covington, ced him in death. Danese.
Virginia, and Mrs. Shirley M. Funeral services were con- Funeral services were held
Durette, of Pompano, Florida. ducted in the St. Joseph Cath- Friday morning in Dodd and
The funeral service was held olic Church, of which he was a Hurt Funeral Home at Web-
Sunday afternoon from the member, by the Rev. Donald ster Springs by the Rev. Minr
Healing Springs Baptist Church Fearon. Interment was in the ter Lynch. Burial was oil Fri-
with the Rev. Warren Rollins National Cemetery in Salis- day afternoon in the Beverage
officiating. Interment was in bury, N. C. Cemetery near Marlinton.
the Warm Springs Cemetery.
George Frank Beverage Charles Clyde Beale Charles C. Beaie
George Frank Beverage, 80, Funeral services for Charles Charles C. Beale, aged 73, of
of Buckeye, died Saturday,! Clyde Beale, 56, of Dayton, Slatv Fork, died Friday, January
February 19, 1983, in Poca- Virginia, formerly of Valley 22, 1960. in the University Hos-
hontas Memorial Hospital aft- Head, were held at 2 p. m. pital, Charlottesville, Virginia.
er a long illness, December 12, at Friendship He had been in failing health for
He was employed as a fac- Baptist Church near Valley several months. CL^^
tory worker in Maryland for! Head with Rev. Edward Mark- Born at Mingo November 20,
many years. ley, of Mill Creek, and Rev. 1886. he was a son of the late
Kenneth Corley, of Eikins, in Thomas and Mary Jane Smith
Born in Buckeye, May 6, charge. Burial was in the Gib- Beale. He was a member of
1902, be was tbe son of Boud son Cemetery nearSlatyfork.
aid Effie Loudermilk Bever- Mary's Chapel Methodist Church
ige. He died Saturday, December Mr. Beale is survived by his
9, 1972, at Valley Head of an wife, Mrs. Evva Hannah Beale;
Surviving him are two sons,! appparent heart attack.
3avid, of Buckeye, atfd Demp-i two daughters, Mrs. Opal Shaw j
A sister, Opal Shaw, preced- of Buckhannon, and Mies Juanita
sey, of Hillsboro; daughters, ed him in death.
Mrs. Mary Jaffie, of California, Beale at home; three sons, Nor-
Born near Slatyfork, April man Beale, of Mace, Clyde Beale, |
Mrs. Louise Beverage, of Mar- 5. 1916 he was a son of the and John Beale, both of Valley j
linton, Mrs. Louze McCorab, i late Charles C. and Evva Han- Head; two sisters, Mrs. Florence i
of Huntersville; sisters, Mrs. nah Beale.
Mary Loudermilk, of Lewis- Sharp, of Marlinton, and Mrs. \
Mr Beale was employed as Laura Coff of Charleston; three
burg, Mrs. Mitt Davis, of a maintenance man for the brothers, Kenny -Beale, of Mar-
Marlinton; 21 grandchildren; Walker Manufacturing Com- tinsburg, Andrew Beale, of Elk-
27 greatgrandchildren. pany, of Harrisonburg, Virginia. ins, and John Beale, of Charles-
Precding him in death was j He was a U. S. Army veteran ton.
his wile, Rose. of World War II and a mem- Funeral services were held Mon
Services were held Monday ber of the VFW Post, of Elk-
ins. day afternoon in the Slaty Fork
at 1 p. m. in VanReenen Fu- Methodist Church by the Rev.
neral Home with Rev. Robert He is survived by his former Arnold Bickel, the Rev. Acie
Higgins officiating. Burial { wife, Ernestine Wilfong Beale; Bryant, and the Rev. Ezra Ben-
was in Beverage Cemetery. I two sons, Rocky Lane, of Val- ijett, with burial in the Gibson
ley Head and Roger Wayne, of Jemetery. /
| James I. Beveragu Bridgewater, Virginia; one
James I. Beverage, aged about daughter, Mrs. Johnny (Nay-
171 years, died at his home in Two brothers,of Norman
oka) Guthrie, Valley Head;
L. of
Sequim, Washington, on Mon- Mace, and Johnny E. Beale, of
| day, January 18, 1943, after a Valley Head; one sister, Miss Fred A. Beale
(lingering illness of many months. Juanita Beale, of Mace, and Fred Allen Beale, of West Hy-
|Cn Thursday his body was laid to one grandchild, Chad W. Beale attsville, Maryland, aged 54, died
'rest with Masonic honors. The in a Washington hospital on Sat-
deeeased was a native of Pocahon- urday, April 1,1961. Death was
tas county, a son of the late attributed to a heart condition.
Washington and Lydia Beverage
of Swago. His sisters are Mrs He was a son of the lateSamuel
D. L. Loukermilk, Mrs Willis D. and Ena Jane Hamrick Beale,
McKeever and Mrs Winters Me- Let Umisters Beverage
of Mingo.
Neil; his brothers are Boude of; Lee BeveraRe, 79, of Marlin- He is survived by his wife, Mrs.
Swago; Dayton, of Sequim,! ton, died Thursday, December Charlotte E. Beale; two daugh-
Washington, and Joe Beverage, j 27, 1979, in the Pocahontas ters, Mrs. Carol J. Doud and
of North Carolina. Patricia Joan Beale; six brothers,
Memorial Hospital after a long George A. Beale, Rean N. Beale,
Mr Beverage married Miss! illness.
Maud Kee, who survives. He ;and Otha B. Beale, all of Mingo;
Born in Marlinton April 26, I William G. Beale, of Fairmont;
was an outstanding business man,| 1900, he was the son of the
interested in lumbering and j late Jacob W. Beverage and I Porter M. Beale, of St. Peters-
mining. burg, Florida; Ernest G. Beale,
Nancy Kellison Beverage, of Brandy wine, Maryland; one
Mr. Beverage was a mem- sister, Mrs. Bessie Carpenter, of
Mrs. Lucy Beverage died at Mar-, ber of the Campbelltown Mt. Rainer, Maryland. He was
linton on Sunday, November 22, United Methodist Church. preceded in death by two broth-
1925. Some weeks ago she suffered a He is survived by his wife, ers, M. Howard arid O. Freeman
stroke of paralysis, and he? strength i Alice, whom he married in Beale.
had been gradually failing. Her age 1924, and two children, a son, Funeral services-were conduct-
was 67 years. Funeral services were J French, of Arbovale, a daugh- ed a"t 1:00 p. m., April 4, at tbe
conducted from the West Unlcr < ter, Mrs. Juanita Carr, of S. H. Hines Funeral Home in
Church on Tuesday m rning by Rev. j
i Nelson S. Hill. Burial in the Bever- Leivasy; a brother, Clawson Washington, D. C. Intermant
j age graveyard on the head of Dry ' Beverage; and a sister, Mrs. George Washington Memoria*
Creek. Mrs. Beverage's maiden Pearl Burks, both of Marlin- Park, Riggs Rd.
name was Tracy and she was raised ton; eight grandchildren and
on Elk. Her husband was the late ten great-grandchildren.
John Beverage. §he is survived by;
one daughter, Mrs. L. B. Rodgers of i Services were held Saturday
Alderson. Two sons, Preston an 3 I at 2 p. m. in the VanReenen
Remus Beverage, have been dead a j Funeral Home by the Rev.
number of yeaiS. B. B. Mitcham. Burial was in <$3)