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OSI is abbreviated for Open System Inter connection.

This model was developed primarily by ISO and was approved as international standard IS -7498 in 1983. It is called open system inter connection because it deals with connecting open system i.e. the systems that are open for communication with other systems. It is also referred to as seven layer model because it consists of seven separate but related layers.

We can keep in mind the name of different layers by phrase Please Do Not Touch Stevs Pet Alligator.


The Functions performed By Various Layers

1. Physical Layer

b. c. d. e. f.

Physical characteristics of interfaces and media Representation of bits Data rate Synchronization of bits Line configuration Transmission mode

2. Data Link layer

a. b. c. d. e. Framing Physical addressing Flow control Error control Access control

3. Network layer
a. Logical addressing b. Routing


6. Presentation layer

7. Application layer

It is a result of protocol research and development conducted on the packet switched network and generally referred to as protocol suit.

1. Physical layer 2. Network layer 3. Internet layer 4. Transport layer 5. Application layer