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Raw Weds Wits Travel & Event, Entertainment Management Trayel, Event & Entertainment tt Planner J Consultant & Ev. 4 Y Event Team building and motivation camp Jungle Tracking / Eco Challenge Paint-ball Event & Tournament Family Day Telematch Extreme / Warrior Games Annual Dinner eee eves 1 28 aoe 2 ct Entertainment * Artist performer for any event's function (Malaysia/ Indonesia) * MC @DjJfor any event and function * — Sound system & light (sales, rental) * Professional Photographer for any function Ww E C R E A Tr E N= P>en=< COX Travel * — Travel management - Reseryati icketing (Regional & International) o Hotel/ venue booking - group transportation - Tour Management - Hospitality ‘Management rs Integrated Marketing phd sine 8s / Media coverage - Multimedia P Promotional and Packaging Prin * Training & Developement Services