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Year 8 Control

Pupil Name___________________ Form ___________________________

Pupil Comments:
Level Description of Level Achieve
I have achieved
3B Level Show some
3 4 5 6 7 8 (circle
development andyour level)
Circle the face below to show your level of confidence
organisation of the work. of work within
this unit.
4B Compare your use of ICT with other
methods used outside school of
 
e.g. road crossings.

4B Used ICT based models and
simulations to explore patterns and
relationships and make predictions
abut the consequences of actions.
5B Devised a set of instructions to
generate a sequence of events e.g.
button being pressed at pelican
5B Explore the effects of changing
variables in an ICT based model
(Amber Variable).
6B Developed a set of instructions to
demonstrate an awareness of
efficiency and economy, e.g.
variables to repeat sequences or
6B Discuss the impact of ICT and its
impact on society (impact of using
computers to control road
7C Design ICT based systems with
procedures and variables to meet
particular needs Improved green
input with variables.

7C Developed systems which respond

to events like inputs being presses
8C Design and implement systems for
others to use – Systems that
respond to events using feedback.

Teacher Comment:

Teacher Assessed end of unit Level _____ Signed___________ Date