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Focal Muscle Vibration loading Induces Gut Inflammation

Rao V. L. Papineni* and Douglas Vizard. Carestream Health Inc


Inflammatory diseases such as ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, Arthritis and other diseases tend to recruit myeloid cells and result in inflammatory responses such as generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Development of non invasive luminescence imaging approaches is needed in evaluating and quantification of these inflammation responses. We have shown earlier that vibration loading targeted bone binding drugs to specific skeletal sites. Here we determined if the localized vibrations as any effect on the ROS production in the process. Vibration loading, was performed on athymic nude mice- subjecting them to vibration frequency of 70 Hz for 30 seconds each (3 times within a 5 minute time span) at the right thigh region. The early inflammation response ROS activity was monitored real-time in vivo using L-012 (8-amino-5-chloro-7phenylpyridol [3,4-d]pyridazine-1,4(2H,3H)dione), a chemiluminescence reporter, using planar multimodal imaging system. 0.1 ml 1 mg/ml L-012 probe was injected (i.p.) in control and the experimental mice that were subjected to vibration loading. Significant enhancement in ROS activity was observed within 2 hrs of vibration loading predominantly in the gut region of the experimental set. The ROS activity detected as luminescence signals were more than 10-fold higher in gut region of mice subjected to localized muscle vibration loading as compared to that of the control mice. Further, the propagation of luminescence signal diminished faster in the experimental set of mice, compared to the control. This is likely due to the rapid consumption of the substrates- L012 in mice subjected to localized vibration loading. Our results suggest abscopal molecular effects on gut physiological response due to the vibration muscle loading. Although cannot rule out completely the involvement of direct effects of vibration frequency on the gut resulting in the robust inflammatory response.
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