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@ ‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool' (‘MUST’) MAG Step1 + Step2 + Step3 BMI score Weight loss score Acute disease effect score Unplanned BMI kg/m? Score weight loss in If patient is acutely ill and >20(>30 Obese) =0 past 3-6 months there has been or is likely 185-20 =1 % Score to be no nutritional = intake for >5 days 18.5 5.10 10 Score 2 {nab o obtain heignt and weight feo reverse for srraiveesouenents {nd use of subjective emer, Step 4 Overall risk of malnutrition ‘Add Scores together to calculate overall risk of malnutrition Score 0 Low Risk Score 1 Medium ‘Score 2 or more High Risk oO 2 or more Low Risk High Risk Routine clinical care Observe Treat* + Repeot screening ‘Document dietary intake * Rofer to eiatitan, Nutetonat Hospital ~ weekly Support Team oF implement (Care Homes ~ monthly toca policy Community ~anrualy + itimproved or adequate ‘Improve end increase for speci gros intake =e eineal overall nutitionel rake og. hose 7398 concer: if ro imorovement ‘Monitor ard review cre plan Noises! concern“ falow Hosptal~ woekiy loca palcy Gare Home = monthiy fastens Community ~ monthly Hospital woot * nese ctimenta oro bene Care Home ~ at ast morthy ‘Sexes rom nana Community at lost every Spare ment dot 23 months Al risk categories: * Treat underiying condition and provide help and advice on food choices, eating and drinking when necessary + Record malnuttin risk category. + Record need for special diets and folow local policy Obesity: + Record presence of obesity. For those with underlying corcitions, these are generally controled before the treatment of obesity, Re-esees subjects ented at isk ae thy move Unough care ettings