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Browsing from SAP

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Browsing From SAP

Applies To: All version's of SAP.

This Document is intended for all who is working in SAP. This document explains step-by-step procedure for which we can browse INTERNET through SAP. We can say like this will be just like an Internet Explorer.

Generally we will be browsing internet from Internet explorers and other software's like Mozilla, Google Chrome etc. But we can even browse internet through SAP. For this purpose a program is been created and it's name is SAPHTML_DEMO1. With this we can create a transaction code and from that we can browse internet.

Procedure to Browse Internet from SAP

Step-1 - Create a Transaction Code
For this Go to Transaction code SE93 and give transaction code name as ZBROWSER and click on create.

Step-2 - Give the Following Parameters

Transaction Text - Browser Program - SAPHTML_DEMO1 Selection Screen - 1000 Under GUI Support Select all the 3 Check box of SAP GUI for HTML, JAVA and Windows.

After giving all the parameters SAVE, CHECK and ACTIVATE the transaction code

Step-3 - Executing the Transaction code

Now go to SAP Easy Access Page and give the transaction code as ZBROWSER and press enter.

After pressing enter screen as shown below will be displaying in that enter the URL which you want to access and press enter.

And Press enter giving the URL we can see as below