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Who's Screwing You?

Who's Screwing You?

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Who's Screwing You?

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Feb 9, 2021


Welcome to Stoicism, a philosoher king's gift to the modern world.  Do you ever feel like the world is spinning out of control?  Do you want to find some calm in the storm?  This book aims to help anyone that needs the tools to slow things down and recover some sense of sanity in a world that seems to be run by lunatics.  I have included very personal moments from my own life because this book doesn't mean anything if it can't be applied to everyday life.

Feb 9, 2021

Informazioni sull'autore

Jamie Allen is a regular guy.  He has a family, a dog, and a broken cat that can't seem to do regular cat things. He lives in Canada and probably always will.

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Who's Screwing You? - Jamie Allen


Welcome to Stoicism

I HAD A PROBLEM THAT no one could help me solve until I made a friend that died like 2000 years ago (I’ll tell you more about that later). I’m surprised we got along so well, to be honest. Here I am a regular middle-class guy from small town Canada, and he was literally the most powerful man in the universe in his time. I think what makes the friendship work is he isn’t a dick about it all.

My friend is Marcus Aurelius, emperor of Rome, ruler of the known world, and Stoic

heavyweight. His words and insights travelled through time to meet me at a point in my life where I had

to make some changes or I would lose my wife, my kids, and my mind.  It was through Marcus (we’re on

a first name basis these days) that I found what I needed to see what was wrong with my life and how to

smarten up.

He’s hard to get a hold of these days, but if I could talk to him for just a few minutes, I would

thank him for writing down his thoughts day after day all those years ago.  He probably didn’t think he’d be helping people in a world he could never have imagined so many years in the future, but here I am telling you about him.

nd it’s not just Marcus. The man keeps some pretty high-end company from a philosophical

perspective. I’ll introduce you to some other fellas as we go along, don’t worry. We’re here to talk about how a philosophy called Stoicism helped me stop being a douche and turn myself around before I lost

what really mattered to me. After we talk about me and my long dead friends for a bit, I’ll show you how they can help you, too.

The good news is you don’t have to be on a self-destructive train to Shitsville to get the benefits of Stoicism. If you’re in a rut, disenfranchised with life, carrying a low-level disgust with the way your life is heading, these old fellows can help you see what’s wrong, and how to fix it.

You can be a Stoic, too! For just $29.95 you get a fancy membership card, a t-shirt that tells

everyone you’re a Stoic, and a license to act like a vegan cross-fitter!  You can become an irritating social crusader and try and make everyone think and act just like you!

Just kidding.  Thankfully, none of that is true. In fact, my favorite part about being a Stoic is that

it’s entirely individual. I have learned a ton of valuable information about life, about the problems we all


encounter in life, and how to deal with life, no matter what’s happening around me. It’s also pretty close

to free.

There are some books you can read. Or not. There are lots of free online resources a google search away, on YouTube, or wherever you search for content these days. This book is a brief

introduction to this philosophy as well as a practical guide to getting you on your way to a better life. I encourage you to read as many books as you can find on it, watch as many videos as you can find, and visit as many sites as you can find to learn as much about Stoicism as you can.

I have filtered out a bunch of the stuff that I find doesn’t have much practical use and given you

a few actionable tenets to apply. You can jump right in and apply all the things in here today, and you’ll

see a difference almost immediately. However, there’s a decent chance you’ll burn out, screw up a

bunch of things in your life in the name of Stoicism, and end up hating me and this philosophy as a


Please don’t do that. Instead, have a read and learn some things. Pick something you can apply

right away and stick with it for a few days. Then add something else and bit by bit, you’ll make some

huge changes. It takes time and it takes some discipline to change course, but I promise you, it’ll be

worth it.

I hope you enjoy this book, and on behalf of me and my friend Marcus, welcome to Stoicism. You’re my friend now, too.


This is the Chapter the

About Me

SO, YOU MAY BE ASKING yourself why we’re here.  What made me want to write a book about a bunch of long dead Mediterranean philosophers? We’re here because these dusty old fellas saved my marriage, and in many ways, they also saved my life.

Not long ago, I was a different person. That sounds dramatic, but I can’t really describe it any

other way. On the outside, I was pretty calm and easy going, but what no one saw (except my poor wife) was that I was boiling underneath that façade.

I didn’t even really know it on a conscious level. I would meander through my days like most people, and think nothing of it, but sometimes a storm would start brewing.

Imagine a dark storm cloud above your head being all moody and oppressive. Somehow it

seems heavy, like

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