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COVID and Post-COVID Recovery: DoctorVee's 6-Point Plan

COVID and Post-COVID Recovery: DoctorVee's 6-Point Plan

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COVID and Post-COVID Recovery: DoctorVee's 6-Point Plan

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Feb 15, 2021


At a time when COVID-19 has gripped our world, forcing us to frantically search for the best ways to survive and thrive, Dr Vishakha Shivdasani shares her 6-point plan to help us accomplish just that.

Using the same principles of healing that have helped thousands of her patients reverse chronic lifestyle diseases, Dr Shivdasani (popularly known as DoctorVee) has developed a new protocol that will show us how to expedite recovery from COVID-19, reduce the chances of post-COVID complications and recover from them. This protocol also works on new COVID strains that are emerging.

Offering practical strategies that are easy to implement, Covid and Post-Covid Recovery is an essential read

Feb 15, 2021

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COVID and Post-COVID Recovery - Dr Vishakha Shivdasani



Start Rebuilding Your Health Today

‘Surviving is not the same as recovery, doctor.’

I was taken aback by this response from a fifty-year-old patient after I congratulated her on her ‘recovery’ from COVID-19.

She looked me in the eye and said, ‘I’ve survived COVID-19, but I’m not the same person I was pre-COVID. I haven’t recovered; I have not fully healed.’

It had already been a month since this patient had tested negative for the severe acute respiratory syndrome–related coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). As a physician, I should think that was enough time for her to be back to ‘normal’ and feeling like herself again.

Well, clearly not.

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. The year 2020 was a washout, a blur for most. Nobody anticipated that the virus would last this long, or that it would pose such an unprecedented challenge to both our health and economy. It is a novel virus, after all, and whilst there is no doubt that we have learnt a lot about it over the last year, it continues to throw curveballs every now and then which keep us medical professionals on our toes.

As a doctor, I have seen the entire gamut of cases, from patients who are completely asymptomatic to those who have unfortunately succumbed to the virus. There is no textbook case or exact guidelines for recovery like we have for malaria, typhoid or even another virus like influenza. Fortunately, statistics show us that the number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 far exceeds that of those who are left with complications or sadly succumb to it.¹

The problem is this. We are seeing a sizeable number of people who have been infected with COVID-19 but can’t seem to rid their bodies of its effects even months later. It is a mystery that has baffled the medical community. Patients among this group may even develop COVID-19 like symptoms and others, weeks after testing negative for the virus. They have been designated ‘COVID long-haulers’ or ‘Long COVID sufferers’. While the medical community is citing growing evidence of COVID long-haulers², peer reviewed journals and textbooks haven’t written much about these cases yet because it’s too soon.

Common symptoms of Long COVID can range from hair fall, skin problems, chronic cough, brain fog, headaches, loss of taste and smell to insomnia, fatigue, difficulty breathing, palpitations, depression, joint pains to blood clots and lung scarring. The list is a long one (also goes to show COVID-19 isn’t just a respiratory disease). While most these symptoms may not kill you, they are definitely debilitating and affect a person’s quality of life.

Long COVID affects all patients, from those with comorbidities to others who are young and healthy. In my practice, I have seen a significant number of young patients who cannot focus at work and now suffer from insomnia. A patient of mine, an otherwise very fit and healthy girl, had a debilitating cough and a flare-up of psoriasis three months after testing negative for COVID-19. Another young patient complains that his stamina whilst working out just isn’t the same even a month after recovery. He cannot exercise because he experiences shortness of breath a few minutes in. Yet another patient of mine, who is middle-aged, obese and an uncontrolled diabetic, has developed pulmonary fibrosis

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