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Covid Update. Answers for curious minds: How's my health, doc?

Covid Update. Answers for curious minds: How's my health, doc?

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Covid Update. Answers for curious minds: How's my health, doc?

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Feb 8, 2021


You are on the verge of experiencing the greatest amount of freedom that you've had in over a year: the freedom to meet friends where you like, and go where and when you like. All thanks to the coronavirus vaccines. Protection that scientists developed at warp speed.


Until that time, though, you'll have to make more decisions than you've ever had to make before, and some of these will be medical decisions. Are vaccines safe? Will they cause infertility? Should you touch that delivered parcel? Can your kids infect you? How long after contact can I expect Covid symptoms? How do you strengthen your immune system? When and which test? Can you deal with Covid yourself, or should you see a doctor? 


While answers are readily found through a quick google search, what you discover may not be entirely accurate. Be careful with "research" information you find on the Internet or social media. In some cases, it can be hard to tell what is true and what is false. In some cases, pandemic information is not based on science or evidence. This book seeks to provide comfort that the information provided is scientific and evidence-based. When evidence is lacking, or unsupported, an opinion is offered. An opinion based on over 20 years of physician practice. 


Enjoy your upcoming freedom. Until then, I hope these answers help keep you safe.

Feb 8, 2021

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Covid Update. Answers for curious minds - Michael Abbo



Answers for curious minds

Dr. Michael Abbo


This book does Not Provide Medical Advice

SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing Covid is a new virus. The information about it is changing rapidly. While we have made every effort to update the information in this e-book, there may be contrary or more recent information that will contradict the current content.

The content is informational. It is intended to provide information and occasionally the opinion of a single doctor. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Before making any decisions based on this book always seek the advice of your own physician or other qualified healthcare professional. They will know your personal health history and are best able to give tailored advice.

How to use this e-book?

Curious to find an answer to something? Browse the list of questions and read the ones that interest you. Have fun, while sitting around the dinner table quiz your friends to see if their knowledge matches yours.

For those who want to dig deeper, I have included further reading for more in-depth explanations.

Enjoy and please send me your questions or write me at

Published in May 2020; Updated February 2021.

Copyright © All rights reserved.

Author: Dr. Michael Abbo

Editor: Karolina Kocięcka



This e-book is dedicated to Alison, my sister-in-law, whose questions prompted the writing and whose skepticism of all answers not properly researched authenticated it.

Table of Contents

The virus

The origins of COVID-19?

Virology basics: Did you know?

How infectious is it? How serious is it?


When should I get a test?

Can I get results in 10 minutes?

How accurate is PCR?

Which test will tell me if I have previously had COVID?

What if my Covid test is persistently positive – weeks after illness?

School/workplace tests – are they accurate?

Are thermal cameras/thermometers reliable screening tools?

Do you support mandatory immunity passports?


Do vaccines work?

In your opinion, should I get vaccinated?

Are Covid vaccines safe?

I have had Covid. Can I avoid vaccination?

Will the vaccine alter my genetic information?

Does the vaccine cause infertility?

What are my vaccine options?

Russian and Chinese vaccines. Trustworthy?

What advice would you give vaccinated elderly vulnerable parents?

How long will it take to build immunity after the vaccine?

What is known about the UK/South Africa/Brazil mutations?

How long will vaccine protection last?


After contact, when can I expect symptoms?

How long is home quarantine (Covid symptoms)?

How long is home quarantine (no Covid symptoms)?

Can you get Covid twice?

Feeling sick?

When calling a doctor, what information is helpful?

Should I ask for steroids/monoclonal antibodies?

Which is true regarding loss of smell/taste?

Can cough medicine worsen Covid?

What temperature is considered a fever?

I purchased a pulse oximeter to check my oxygen level. What is a normal oxygen level?

I feel slightly breathless. What should I do?


Am I at high risk?

How do they treat severe Covid?

DO NOT RESUSCITATE. What am I agreeing to?

What does DNI stand for?

What is long COVID?

Should I avoid hospitals?

Kids and Covid

Do children transmit SARS-CoV-2?

What are the chances my teenager will end up in the intensive care unit?

What is Kawasaki disease?

Immune system – first aid

Are Black, Hispanic and Asian more biologically prone to Covid?

Is Vitamin D preventative?

ABC’s of strengthening our immune system?

ABC’s of weakening our immune system?

Prevention tips

Hydroxychloroquine – is it a cure?

Hydroxychloroquine – is it preventative?

As a doctor, what surprises you about Covid?

Tips to lessen chances of catching Covid?

Packages – can I catch SARS-CoV-2 from them?

Can I get Covid through my eyes?

What are superspreaders?

Should I distance while wearing a mask?

How risky is train, plane or car travel?

How do I

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