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The Secret Silence Of Backstage

The Secret Silence Of Backstage

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The Secret Silence Of Backstage

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Dec 29, 2020


This book describes my journey from college days to the peak of my professional life. It encompasses major events, experiences, and challenges that came along as I navigated my way through life. My own opinions and views regarding various topics are spread throughout this work.

I have excluded my life details prior to college life for the sake of brevity and relevancy. Each of the seven chapters reflects a major aspect of my life. Writing this book has been a real emotional experience for me.


The first chapter, 'The Beginning of it All', revolves around my college days. Here, I throw light on my time as a student at the renowned Amiruddaula Islamia Degree College. Readers will learn about my propensity for contemplation and how it helped me shape my life.

In the first chapter, I have discussed the stereotypical attitudes of society regarding career choices. There is also a criticism of the very much prevalent rote learning method among Indians. The chapter ends with me graduating from college and spending time in introspection.

The next chapter, 'Discovery of my Forte', discusses the time after my graduation. It discusses how I found my way to Event Management and realized it to be the forte of my life.  I have pointed out the important role of reading in this discovery.

In the second chapter, you will find the mention of HBN Events. This has been one of the milestones of my career. Readers will find plenty of motivation while reading this chapter.


'Concern for the Downtrodden' is the third chapter. As you can easily judge from the name itself, the chapter expresses the soft corner in my heart for the poor and underprivileged people of society. The chapter discusses the role of Innovation Welfare Society in providing high-quality education to underprivileged children.

Moving on to chapter four, 'Love for Sports and Fitness', you will realize my seriousness for good health promotion in the society. Here, I have highlighted the immense importance of sports in our lives. The chapter contains mention of the annual athletic event launched by me, known as the Lucknow Health Run.

Chapter five is 'Fascination with Journalism'. It shows how I became involved with journalism, ultimately launching my own media outlet – BHN News. I have also shared my views about the importance of media in this chapter.


The sixth chapter, 'The Harsh Realities of Life', would hopefully fill you up with confidence to deal with adversity. Reading it, you will find inspiration to deal with the harsh situations of life.


Finally, I end my book with 'The Philosophy of Life'. I have clearly expressed my philosophy towards life in this chapter. Besides, I have also explained why it is so essential for everyone to have a philosophy of life.

The reason for writing this book is that I consider my life affairs quite comprehensive and rich. So, I felt an obligation to share them with the world. I hope youngsters find this work beneficial and take valuable lessons from it.

Dec 29, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Mohd Badar, is the Founder and Director of HBN Events Pvt Ltd., is creating an impact in the industry with the help of his 10+ years of experience in dynamic global corporate and customer events. He founded Innovation Welfare Society NGO in 2011 to impart quality education to those deprived of it. Also being conscious about the state of women in this country he is given to work for women empowerment with the help of programs to enlighten them The multi-talented man cannot just keep his hands to the professional front but unleashes his calibre as a health enthusiast where he organises Lucknow Health Run #runforyourhealth Marathon in Lucknow. He believed in the idea that the fit India mission could only be achieved if we work hard on building a community. When other see you train and cross that finish line, someone will follow your lead and start running Media is the backbone of any democratic country. It is a reflection of the community at large. Realizing its immense importance for society, He developed a strong interest in media and journalism. He is the Editor in Chief at this reputable web news channel BHN NEWS. As such, He was able to get a real taste of what the realm of media and news channels is all about. Here's presenting our most prestigious industry initiative called the HBN EVENTS ACADEMY which is founded by Mohd Badar He is all set to bring a ray of hope in the lives of the youngsters by introducing the HBN Events Academy in Uttar Pradesh   Being filled with entrepreneurial spirit, Mr Badar plays a wide array of responsibilities from all his venture. Not just standing on the forefront but he takes utmost interest and is profoundly dedicated in monitoring the internal activities as well all areas thrive under his skilful guidance.  

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The Secret Silence Of Backstage - Mohd Badar



The Beginning of it All

Discovery of my Forte: Event Management

Concern for the Downtrodden

Love for Sports and Fitness

Fascination with Journalism

The Harsh Realities of Life

The Philosophy of Life 

The Beginning of it All

Let us begin our talk from my college days. The year was 2007 and I was studying at the historical Amiruddaula Islamia Degree College. It is an old renowned college affiliated to the University of Lucknow.

I have always been a very curious fellow. Often intrigued by the realities of life, I used to spend a lot of time thinking. Actually, I still to this day spend enough time pondering over the realities of our world.

You may have often heard people lament that sitting around cerebrating is a negative trait. I strongly disagree with such ideas and notions. Let people understand that thinking and pondering over matters is one of the greatest virtues of humanity.

Contemplating is one of the gateways to success. If you possess this trait, dear readers, never let go of it. Whoever loses this habit actually loses the rope of greatness.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, my curiosity led me to take interest in a variety of disciplines. However, as I reached college, I became more and more drawn towards the field of Biology. Eventually, I applied for the Bachelor of Applied Science programme.

Zoology is an area of Science that has a fascination of its own. Most Indians opt for Science considering one of the two purposes only- Medical Science and Engineering. It is as if the 0scope of Science is limited to these two options only.

The truly sad state is that our society pre-assumes one’s career choice based upon the subject choice. It is as though your fate has already been decided. I hated such stereotypes back then, still do.

Science is a field with a humongous level of scope.

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