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Spiral Lone Star Quilt: Strip & Paper-Pieced Medallion Quilt

Spiral Lone Star Quilt: Strip & Paper-Pieced Medallion Quilt

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Spiral Lone Star Quilt: Strip & Paper-Pieced Medallion Quilt

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Jan 25, 2021


Create and assemble timeless Spiral Lone Star Quilt! From bestselling author and internationally recognized quilt instructor Jan Krentz, the Spiral Lone Star Quilt, originally published in Lone Star Quilts and Beyond, is now available as a stand-alone pattern pack. This intricate and colorful quilt is fun to create and ideal for perfecting your paper piecing and color placement skills. Don’t be intimidated! The pattern pack includes helpful instructions that will guide you throughout the 30 blocks. The end result is a complex and stunning spiral cherished as a forever masterpiece by every quilter. Visually dynamic medallion quilt simplified with strip and paper piecing techniques Assemble 30 blocks to create a colorful center spiral Learn a new skill! Have a blast piecing together this stunning masterpiece with step-by-step instructions

Jan 25, 2021

Informazioni sull'autore

Jan P. Krentz is an internationally recognized quilt instructor, author, and designer. Jan is the author of 4 books, a DVD (all available from C&T Publishing), and is the designer of the fast2cut Fussy Cutter diamond tools and Quilter's Design Mirrors. Jan lives with her husband, Don, and their family in a community near San Diego, California. Her website is

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Spiral Lone Star Quilt - Jan Krentz


My book, Lone Star Quilts & Beyond, was published by C&T Publishing in 2000. The combined methods of strip piecing, blocking, and assembly have been successful for thousands of quiltmakers worldwide.

One of the most popular patterns in Lone Star Quilts & Beyond is the Spiral Lone Star quilt. I have traveled and taught this spiral design worldwide for more than twenty years. This pattern pack contains the original methods, plus additional tips and tricks from my workshops, to ensure success.

The Spiral Lone Star quilt is not a beginner-level design. However, a quilter who masters the following basic techniques will be successful with their quilt:

    Accurate cutting

    Accurate sewing

    Accurate pressing

    Paper piecing

Best wishes as you create your own Spiral Lone Star quilt!

Spiral Lone Star

Strip sizes: 2¼˝ and 2½˝

Finished center star (tip to tip): Approximately 36½˝

Finished quilt: Approximately 48¼˝ × 48¼˝

This design is guaranteed to spark excitement! Visually dynamic, this graphic showstopper is easier to construct than you would expect! The central star is strip pieced, and the setting squares and corners are paper-pieced on freezer paper. The secondary diamond units are strip pieced with special seam inserts that add sparkle.


¼˝ sewing machine foot and walking foot

Rotary cutter with new blade

18˝ × 24˝ (or larger) cutting mat

Acrylic rulers: 6˝ × 24˝, 3˝ × 18˝, and large quilter’s square 12˝ × 12˝ or larger

Fabrics, precut into strips as recommended on fabric list

Thread to match fabrics

Extrafine permanent marker (such as a Sharpie or an Identi-pen)

Rigid pressing surface, such as an ironing board

Design wall: 2 yards of flannel, felt, or quilt batting

Glue stick or Roxanne Glue-Baste-It

Double-stick adhesive tape

Freezer paper

Extrafine 0.5 mm-shaft glass-headed pins (Important: Treat yourself to a brand new package!)

Seam ripper

Sewing stiletto

Paper scissors and thread snips

Spray starch or fabric finish

Appliqué pressing sheet or parchment paper (when using specialty fabrics)

Heavy template plastic: 1 sheet

Fusible, lightweight woven interfacing: 1–2 yards (if using lamé in the pieced design)

Pump spray bottle, filled with water

Pressing strip

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