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Why You Suck At Social Media Marketing Part 2

Why You Suck At Social Media Marketing Part 2

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Why You Suck At Social Media Marketing Part 2

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Dec 15, 2020


In this book you will learn how to become a famous social media influencer. 

Dec 15, 2020

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Why You Suck At Social Media Marketing Part 2 - Henry Price

Why You Suck At Social Media Marketing

How to create and build your personal brand to become a famous influencer by

using social media.

Part 2


Henry Price

© Copyright 2020- All rights reserved.

The following book is written with the goal of providing information as accurate and reliable as possible. In any case, the purchase of this book takes into account that both the publisher and the author are not experts in the topics covered and that the recommendations or suggestions made here are for entertainment purposes only. Professionals should be consulted as necessary before undertaking any of the actions mentioned here.

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In addition, the information on the following pages is intended for informational purposes only and should therefore be regarded as universal. As befits its nature, it is presented without warranty with respect to its prolonged validity or provisional quality. The trademarks mentioned are made without written consent and can in no way be considered as sponsorship of the same.

Table of Contents



Steps to use YouTube

YouTube and partners

Evolution and improvements in video quality.

Its impact as a platform


Correct use of the Instagram

Instagram and its Filters

Associated applications


How can we use this tool?



DID YOU KNOW THAT SOCIAL networks have become the main marketing medium in the world? Wouldn't you like to manage your personal brand directly and without as much complication as you would in a traditional television channel or paid advertising?

Marketing has always been a fundamental tool when it comes to business. For some years these studies have been deepened even more, having clear patterns that shape and govern marketing in order to improve this tool. In the current era we find digital marketing and social networks, which helps us to promote a product or service that we want to direct to a specific audience. With this tool we can have a better exposure on our sales between companies, and our products will be launched to a large number of people who are potential buyers who can

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