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Spirit: For all humanity

Spirit: For all humanity

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Spirit: For all humanity

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Dec 11, 2020


And by letting go of my obsession with this body little by little, souls have to take control of the animal ego. We are reborn and live for about 100 years as human beings to be matured and to evolve. While it has a body, knowledge would be produced and learned with a sense of discernment. Humans use words to transmit the energy of the soul to each other. The energy of words could hurt or conversely give courage as well. In this way, spirits have been upgraded over time by gathering lots of information through knowledge, words, and surrounding.
The soul stays in the third-dimension as a human with a body, and in the fourth dimension as a god without a body. Through this process of reincarnation countlessly, the spirit has continued to evolve and to be mature like a star radiating light around. Stars that have matured enough begin to benefit the world through a light that illuminates the space. This is the reason the soul develops as it goes back and forth between dimensions.


1. Knowledge
2. Words
3. Non-possession
4. Wisdom
5. Gods
i. Ha-nu-nim
ii. The Law of Grand Nature
iii. The Order of Gods
6. Dimension
7. Sa-sang Constitution
8. Conclusion

Dec 11, 2020

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Spirit - Younjeong Kwak

Dedicated to the last awakened one

 to widely benefit humanity. 


           After Unknown built a large frame, I examined the temporal changes of humans in my second book, Human. Humankind has changed over time along with reincarnation, ties, and age. Then, my third book, Spirit, considers the spatial changes of the soul. Trapped in the human body, the soul can cultivate knowledge and words that can change the world and people. The place where it stays without a body is called the fourth-dimension. As it reincarnates, the physical environment tells its talents and duty. It is called a physical constitution or Sa-sang constitution. Since the spirit is immaterial, it grows to experience spatial changes within a body and creates energy to enrich the universe. 

     When I have dinner with my friend or family in a fancy restaurant, I often think about how many people’s efforts are put into this table. Until this food was served on my table, it was made through the hands of a huge number of people, such as farmers, fishermen, livestock farmers, potters, fabric designers, architects, servers, and chefs, etc. People intend to pursue productive lives for the fellows of this age or futures to be better than now. 

     If so, what have I produced or what will I produce? Until the 30s, we should learn and experience many things by trial or error, so the term production does not fit well. But from the late 30s, some people begin to bring their products. Anyway, in the 40s, I start to think about whether I am contributing to society or whether I am creating something new for future generations. In the meantime, if just consuming a lot of people’s efforts and produce nothing, I definitely owe them and society by doing nothing. 

     Fruitful life here includes all those who take part in producing materials and immaterial as well. If there is something I have realized through my mistakes or failures, bringing it to the world could be productive because it may reduce the likelihood that other people suffer from similar mistakes. Our small foot-prints can come together to become those of giants that can change the future.

December 1st, 2020

Younjeong Kwak


1. Knowledge

        People have actively shared knowledge in the world on the internet since 2000. In the past, some information was blocked to the public due to many reasons. However, we are now able to acquire any knowledge which was only allowed for authorities. It signifies that our soul had been growing in the numerous reincarnations with the development of knowledge and civilization. So, it is aware that the fear or awe of the sun or nature a long time ago results from ignorance. 

      In 21C, people can hold the mass of knowledge if they want. It is as if a star has a gravitational force after collecting the

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