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Blood Relatives

Blood Relatives

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Blood Relatives

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Dec 4, 2020


This is a story about five biracial sisters who ran away from one white house that their relatives slaved in and other relatives lived in. Cathryn is the oldest. She spent her life preparing to live in the other White House. There are four other sisters: Gwendolyn, Claudia, Mayvelyn and Evelyn. Claudia and Evelyn are black. They have grown up around people that name-called them. From niggers to white trash. They became a commissioner, senator, mayor, doctor, and district attorney. Raised their children as princes and princesses. It was a grandchild that got the keys to the White House. Now they’re in the White House, where their blood relatives built it for the other blood relatives to work in. Oh yeah, did I mention that the sisters are Republican? The people of United Stated of America voted Cathryn’s grandson for president twice, and after his eight years, the people voted Gwendolyn’s son in for president twice. And then Cathryn’s grandson was voted back in for eight more years. They became royalty.

Dec 4, 2020

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Blood Relatives - Kim L. Simon

Blood Relatives

Kim L. Simon

Copyright © 2020 Kim L. Simon

All rights reserved

First Edition


Conneaut Lake, PA

First originally published by Page Publishing 2020

ISBN 978-1-64628-648-5 (pbk)

ISBN 978-1-64628-649-2 (digital)

Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents

Fast-Forward to June 30, 1966

Fast Forward to the Present Day

This story begins with a young black woman named Maxine and her five daughters—Cathryn, Gwendolyn, Claudia, Mayvelyn, and Evelyn—in Mississippi, 1946.

On Sunday morning, Maxine’s getting the girls ready for church. She always dresses the girls in pretty dresses. Their great-grandmother lives across the road in the big, white house. On Sunday mornings, Maxine will drive the girls over to see Great-Grandma. Cathy, Gwen, and May get out of the car and run in. Dia and Lyn stay in the car. The great-grandmother is white, and she only likes the three white ones. Lyn likes to play with the car windows. Lyn sits down and stops playing with the window.

Mommy, Lyn kept messing with my shoes.

Stop, Lyn!

Okay, girls, let’s go.

Dia is in the back, fussing with Lyn.

Mommy, Great-Grandma said, when Daddy comes back, we all are staying the night.

Cathy, is that right?

She said that, but I won’t be staying.

Me neither.

Gwen, let Lyn sit on the seat.

Why, Mommy?

Because I don’t want the bottom of her shoes dirtying up your dress.

Gwen, is the door locked?

Yes, Cat.

Lyn, sit back.


Lyn, listen to your sisters.

Leroy goes inside the church. Maxine rushes them into the bathroom. She has a bag that her cousin gave her, with boy’s clothes.

Take off y’all dress and put on these clothes.

No, Momma. Gwen was crying.

Gwen, put on those clothes. Maxine cut off all they hair. Leroy, their cousin, was waiting outside the bathroom.

Here, take them.

Girls, you’re going for a train ride. It’s going to be fun.

Did you take the suitcases out of my car?


Remember, listen to Cathy. I have to clean up the bathroom. Make sure they split them among themselves in that station. The big suitcase is for Ty.

Yes, I know. It’s for Tyrone.

Gwen, you can’t keep crying. You not going to get on that train crying.

Uncle Roy, people is going to see me with my haircut and wearing boy clothes.

If the train man see you crying, he’s going to think you’re afraid to ride trains. You and Cat have to be big girls now. Watch over your little sisters. Tyrone is at the train station with two of his friends who are white soldiers. Wearing your military uniform, you get to ride free on buses and trains.

Dia starts crying.

What’s wrong, Dia?

She what Daddy.

We’re going to take this train ride, and you will see Daddy later.

We are going to Daddy?

No, but your dad and mom is coming later.

Uncle Ty, what are we waiting for?

When we get on the train, I want y’all to eat your food. Cat, you or Gwen take May to the bathroom. Dia, you take Lyn to the colored bathroom. Do you have something in the suitcase to play with? He opened the suitcase, then slammed it shut. Quinn, look in your suitcase. Don’t open it too wide. Oh shit. Tell Gust. Gust has a letter.

What do it say?

Okay, she wants us to buy houses in the same neighborhood and raise her daughters together or give them to your mother and let her raise them together. What do you want to do? That’s our train. We’ll talk when we get off. Keep your suitcase.

Blacks can’t sit with the whites.

Quinn and his wife raise Cathryn and have children of their own. Gust goes to get a single mom that works at the diner. He marries her. Gwen and May are older than her little boy. Tyrone buys a house for his mother, big enough for Cathryn, Gwendolyn, Claudia, Mayvelyn, and Evelyn. The other children will stay the night sometimes. Tyrone mother (Miss Pearl) would have all the children over to her house, the neighbors assumed she was the neighborhood babysitter. So she would watch their children as well. Now, they had to pay her. When Cathy turn eighteen, she moved in with Pearline permanently. After Tyrone was killed in the war. Pearl and Cat had taken in the other sisters as well. Cathryn and Gwendolyn would marry at an early age. Claudia grew close to Mayvelyn, and Evelyn would follow May around.

Fast-Forward to June 30, 1966

Dia is pregnant and about to have her baby. She’s driving to pick up her sister May.

May, get in!

"Okay, what’s the rush? You’re pregnant?

Yes, and you are about to deliver this baby.

Dia, I’m not a doctor.

You’re a nurse.

I am in nursing school!

Doctor, nurse. School. That my point.

Dia, this is crazy. Where are we going?

There’s a church farther up.

You wanna have the baby in the church?

No, you’re going to give the baby to the church.

Dia, Dia. Let’s just go to the hospital.

Listen, if the baby is white, I will give him or her away. If the baby is black, no problem.

What! Do you hear yourself? What about the General?!

He don’t know. Nobody knows.

Oh shit! Dia pull the car over.

Come get in the back seat.

What’s in the pot?

Hot water.

Dia—with tears—let’s not do this.

I can’t raise a white child in this world.

Cat or Gwen would raise the baby. Listen, girl, May says, Gloves, where’s the gloves!

I need to push!

No, don’t push. Wait til I say push. Breathe in and out. Do it fast. Scissors.

In the back.

When I tell you to push, hold your breath and push.

Hold my breath?

Yes, take a deep breath and hold it and then push!

Okay, hold on to the back of the seats when your stomach gets hard, that would be it.

I feel like pushing.

Hold your breath

It coming. I can feel it.

Yeah, I got the head. Come on, black. Push, Dia. Come on, one big push. Maybe she just light skin.

I have a girl! Go in the trunk and get the pink basket. Dia’s crying and kissing the baby goodbye. May, where’s the safety pins?

Did you push out the afterbirth? Pour out the water. Catch that shit with that pot. Damn, damn, and more damn. Push, Dia! This stinks. May is throwing up in the pot too.

Her name is Angel.

Yes, I seen Angel on the pink blanket and the blue blanket.

There are males and females named Angel.

How your husband not know you’re pregnant. They are driving back.

And he won’t know I was pregnant. You understand? Nobody, May. He will be coming home for Christmas.

Fast Forward to the Present Day

Two female ex-military snipers get hired at a Detroit precinct. They are welcomed by the commissioner.

Hi, Auntie.

Commissioner Gates.

Yes, right.

Detective Bairly and Detective Potter.


They’re looking at each other.

This is your lieutenant, Lieutenant Davis.

Hello. Straight out of the military?

Yes, sir.

This is no retirement home. Go with Detective Cambel and Detective Evans, stop downstairs at the front desk and get the keys to the car. This is Detective Potter and Detective Bairly.

I’m Bairly. She’s Potter.

Protect and serve!

When you said I was going to meet your aunt?

I’m going to get the keys.

Detective, let me familiarize you with the tech in the car.

Okay, sure.

I got it.

What was that all about?

He was introducing me to a detective car.

Where are we going?

Here this is the address.

We’re going to talk to a witness. A man was killed. Oh yeah, we’re Homicide. Detective Bairly, see my badge?

Where are they?

Detective Cambel knocks on the front door.


It’s a female’s voice.

Is Mrs. Harris in?

The door opens.

Mrs. Harris?

She says, Miss Harris. Who are you?

Detective Cambel and Detective Evans.


Yes, may we come in?

No. Why are detectives knocking on my door?

While the other detective goes around the back.

Look, a man is behind the door with a gun. Get the door open, Potter. Detective Potter, look.

The door was already unlocked.

A man was killed in the parking lot over on M.L. King Street.

Mr. Porter. I don’t know nothing about that!

She slams the door.

The gunman says, Put on your shoes.

My shoes is upstairs.

Well, bitch, go get them!

Detective Bairly says, Don’t move. Before the gunman could grab the lady.

Miss Harris, run to Detective Potter. Don’t!

A shot goes off. Detective Cambel kicks open the front door.

What is this?

A black man is shot dead on the floor. Detective Evans calls it in.

Would you like to answer some questions now? Detective Bairly, is this your work. Did you pull out your gun?


Why not?

Because she had hers drawn. Besides, she ran to me.

Police cars are outside. Police are putting up yellow tape.

Detective Cambel.

This what happen, lieutenant.

Detective Cambel explains what happened to the lieutenant.

I am going to need your sidearm.


Did you question Miss Harris?

She wants protection.

Witness protection?

Yes, sir.

Officer, take Miss Harris to the precinct.

Yes, sir, lieutenant.

At the precinct.

Miss Harris, would you like something to eat or drink?

Well, can I get both?

Chicken or tuna?



Chicken with bottled water.

Yes, ma’am.

Well, she’s in the room looking at mug shots. This is her story. Mr. Henry Porter is the campaign manager for Senator Wynn. Miss Harris works at the campaign office. Mr. Porter was giving her a ride home. They stop at the store to pick up some groceries. All this week they will be working at an earlier time. When she came out of the store, she heard arguing. She looks up. There was an Iranian or Iraqi, an Indian man. That’s the one she heard arguing with Mr. Porter. A white man punched Mr. Porter, he felt. The white man bent down, got up, and jumped in their car and drove off. When she walked over to Mr. Porter, he was lying down with his eyes open. The back of his head was bleeding out on the concrete. She called 911 and ran home. This is him! The white man! Jerry Owens. Look up his last address. Print out his picture. Keep it among in-house. I don’t want to see his face on TV.

The next day. Senator Wynn is at the station.

Hello, Auntie. This is my partner Detective Bairly, and I’m Detective Potter.

Yes, you are. How is it going so far?

We’re looking for suspects, like, why you done it?

As opposed to who done it.

Yes, like the motive.

Is it okay to talk to you about our case? We have a witness in protective custody. Miss Harris, she works at your campaign office. Miss Pat Harris.

Yes, her.

She seen an Indian man, or man that looked like he could be Indian, arguing with Mr. Porter. I would like to talk with Miss Harris. Go get her.

Detective Potter, are you the designated driver or something? Where are you going? We have been driving for a while now.

Yeah, we’re being followed. Don’t turn around. We’re at the house. I am going to the house now. It’s the third car.

Hey, look at the windows on that house.

She’s pointing across the street two houses back.

Yeah, that’s nice. You got ’em?

Bairly is calling the license plates in. A familiar face opens the door.

What’s happening stranger? Is that Small Fry?

Yeah, this is me! More like Hamburger now!

Come in.

This is my partner, Detective Bairly. Where’s Miss Harris?

They’re in the kitchen.

Breakfast smells good. Good morning everyone.

Good morning.

I’d like a cup of coffee.

Cups are by the coffee maker. The window is right here.

Bairly sees a man hiding in the backyard.

Hey, Ant, do you have men out back?

No. There is men out back?

Okay. Ant, take her upstairs.

Hey, Fry, look out the window. Keep the curtains close. Do you see anybody approaching the house?


Detective Potter was looking through the door window.

Hey, there’s a perp coming from the side gate. Do you see the one by the table and chair?

Yeah, on three.


I’m Detective Potter!

One, two, three.

Shots are fired. Detective Potter shoots two bullet holes through the screen door.

I got two of them.

No, you didn’t.

Yes, I did.

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