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Learn It Well: Photography Basics for Serious Beginners

Learn It Well: Photography Basics for Serious Beginners

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Learn It Well: Photography Basics for Serious Beginners

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Apr 25, 2015


Concerning photography, it is the best way to get an idea or a feeling in such a great photo. You need to act like a creator and sometimes as a dreamer, but you need to take more than one step to reach that goal.
This guide is here for you to make you learn everything about the basics of photography, from holding your camera to translating your idea. Always ask yourself some questions before you shoot it, also you will bring what meant by "beauty" in every single photograph. So let's learn it well and get a great push!
Apr 25, 2015

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Learn It Well - Mohab Emad

Learn It Well: Photography Basics for Serious Beginners


Mohab Emad is an Egyptian professional photographer .Born in 1993 in Cairo. This is the first book written by him about photography as he decided to teach people how to use there professional camera and how to setup its settings. He began his photography career since 2011. He started by shooting landscapes, nature like flowers and outdoor portraits.

His common-sense approach to photography and business makes the information he presents both practical and very easy to understand.

You can visit his official page from here:

Copyright © 2015 by Mohab Emad &

All rights reserved.


(I) Introduction

What Actually Photography Means

How it can change your life

Caring about your camera

The Way to a Professional Photographer

Identifying problems

Improve your style

Practice makes perfect

(II) Technical

How does your camera works?!

The mechanism of the camera.

First and second curtain.

Understanding Each Parameter

Shutter speed

Slow shutter speed

Fast shutter speed


Depth of field


Focal length

Different Exposures

What exposure means

Making balance

When to use flash

Why not to use built in flashes

White Balance

Why to adjust white balance

Camera Settings

Picture style

AF operation

-How to focus


Metering modes

Single and continuous shooting

Camera modes


Rules of composition

Tips for a better composition

Questions to ask when taking a photo



What Actually Photography Means

-How it can change your life

Photography or photosgraphos is a Greek word (photos-for light and –graphos for drawing).The first photography camera was created in 1820s with the development of chemical photography.

For me, Photography is the best way to change your view about anything goes around you; it can make your eyes more sensitive to light and contrast of colors, when you go in a walk with your friends in a new place to you that you never went to, you will find your eyes searching about contrast and textures through the walls or paintings or buildings or even the ground that you are moving on then you take your photographs for this new place.

More than that, you will find how photography does change your life and how it builds a sense of order inside you and how you can choose the right colors for your clothes and how you are looking like inside people’s eyes. Also, you will look to people

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