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Kitsune, Little Stories and Legends of Japan
Kitsune, Little Stories and Legends of Japan
Kitsune, Little Stories and Legends of Japan
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Kitsune, Little Stories and Legends of Japan

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The Kitsune of Japanese folklore is at the origin of many stories and little tales very appreciated in the Land of the Rising Sun.

With this book, you will discover how the image of the Kitsune is used both in religious conflicts and to explain the symptoms of an unknown disease.

It is through more than a hundred stories, testimonies and religious facts that you will discover the Kitsune in all its forms as well as through various tricks.

From the gluttonous Kitsune to the duped Kitsune, the fox is not always as cunning as in La Fontaine's fables. Nevertheless, it is respected and revered as much in Japanese shrines as in rice fields.

Sometimes guardian of the rice granary of the Inari deity, sometimes an evil creature capable of controlling the mind or body of its victims, the Kitsune is above all a Yokai that should never be underestimated!

Data di uscita28 nov 2020
Kitsune, Little Stories and Legends of Japan
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    Kitsune, Little Stories and Legends of Japan - kevin tembouret


    Before starting to read this book, I would like to give you some explanations about the Kitsune (fox in Japanese).

    Unlike other creatures such as the Kappa, the Kitsune is an animal to which Japanese animism (Shintoism) has attributed various powers and characteristics. According to regions and stories, the Kitsune is considered a glutton, an evil being or a protector.

    Whether he is the messenger of Inari (deity of agriculture and rice fields) or the mediator between Buddha and the religious, the Kitsune has a presence and authority that are innate. Even when he haunts a spirit!

    In mystic foxes, there is a hierarchy based on seniority and the number of tails that determines age. These elements are linked because from the age of 50, a Kitsune can metamorphose at will. Usually, it will transform into a human or an animal other than a dog.

    From the age of 100, a Kitsune can become omniscient and deploy its full power. The Kitsune is then equipped with 9 tails and it wears white or golden fur.  It becomes venerable against low rank foxes, i.e. Kitsune with fewer tails.

    Through this book, you will notice that Kitsune is also a way to explain an unknown disease, whether mental or physical. In other cases, it is used to frighten unwary children or to explain something rational but not assumed (infidelity, bad meals, selfishness, ...).

    The Kitsune is used in various situations because it can be invisible!

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